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001 R U N N I N G W I T H G I A N T S
002 I N C O M P L E T E
003 G I V E U P T H E G H O S T
004 A D I F F E R E N T K I N D
005 T H E R I V E R
006 P U S H
007 O F F T H E R A I L S
008 A D R E N A L I N E
009 L I F E L I N E
010 C A N T S T O P T H I S
011 B O R N A G A I N
012 H O N E S T

Produced by Trevor McNevan & Aaron Sprinkle

Mixed by JR McNeely

P&C 2016 TFK Music Inc.

Marketing and Distribution by The Fuel Music
All Rights Reserved. Printed in the USA.

001 002 003


I can be stupid, but not outrageous No one knows the walls that weve climbed Im a rose thats been raised by wolves
I can be sickness, but not contagious The knots weve untied, the shots that weve fired My thorns are gettin stuck in everything I know
I can be empty, but Im not nameless I have a lot of friends who want what weve made Its so hard when you would bleed for the truth you know
Its the way that You love me, the way that You love me But dont know the pain, the beasts that weve slain But we dont want the truth, we just want control
I can be patient, but Im not waiting Theres a lot of sharks that swim in these waters Im on my own, here we go!
I can be shook up, but Im not shaken They came for your sons, they came for your daughters
I can be angry but Im not jaded If you got a lot of heat, it just makes it hotter Cmon man, put it on me
Its the way that You love me, the way that You love me The blood in this waters makin us stronger If you want it, cause Im sick and tired of all of this
Flaunt it, if you want it, and you can own it
I am not alone here, Im not on my own here No one knows the walls that weve climbed But Im just gonna let it go
I am not alone here, Im not on my own The knots weve untied, the shots that weve fired
Cause I am... I have a lot of friends who want what weve made Ive seen the devil, and Ive met fear
But dont know the pain, the beasts that weve slain I met them both on the road that lead me here
Runnin with giants, everywhere I go Ive met God and I saw life
Its an unspoken alliance, so I can just let go We fight, we bleed And Hes saved mine a million times
Ive been runnin with giants, everywhere I go We live, we breathe Ive met trouble and Ive met rain
Its an unspoken alliance, so I can just let go We fall beneath, were incomplete Laughed with joy and cried with pain
We rise, we fall But now I see, and I believe
I can be outraged, but not a traitor We chase it all That the ghosts that haunt me, have been outhaunted
I can be distant, but Im no stranger We raise it up, Incomplete
I am a target, but without danger Im a long way from way back home
Its the way that You love me, the way that You love me No one sees the pace that we speed Been travelin like a bullet, everywhere I go
I can be strong but, not without weakness The red that we bleed, the scars on our knees It gets harder to reach, when youre in control
I can be helpless, but not defeated Ive met a lot of friends with halos and wings Cause youve either got the money, or its got your soul
I can be cut deep, but Im not bleeding That kiss when they hug, but kill when they sting On my own, here we go!
Its the way that You love me, the way that You love me
No one ever said there wouldnt be waves They never told me that I could be
I feel the pressure of 10 men Sometimes shovels have to dig graves Free from the hate thats inside of me
When the floor cracks, and the walls start movin in Ive burned a lot of matches, tryin to make flames They took my place, took my dignity
I feel the strength thats from within And lips can sink ships, but prayers create change They kept me caged, like an enemy
Kicking down the doors and walls, were comin in!
I wont let this fade away from you But I know now, I can be,
I wont stop until You do Free from the pain thats inside of me,
I wont wait, Ill run when You say move You took my place, gave me air to breathe
Ill stand, and Ill fight for You Opened the cage, and you set me free

004 005 006


I came to set it off Follow me down to the river, hey This world cant hold us, you cant mess with soldiers
To kick in these windows and these doors Follow me out of the woods Theres no cell big enough to hold us
Like a rebel with no pause, Follow me in, to wash away my sins We came to be a wrecking ball to these boulders
Ignite it like a boss The view up heres no good Know this, I aint scared of these cobras
When its on, I stand tall like King Kong Over time, theyve tried to just fold us
If you want me, youll find me in the eye of the storm Follow me down to the river, hey They thought they could mess with this focus
To follow me heres no good But theres no room for these locusts
Like shots fired in the middle of Vegas Im goin in, where the water lives Cause real faiths belief without borders
Roll tide in the middle of the streets Couldnt stop me if you could Hold this
Like a dogfight in a clear blue sky
We fight, with a different kinda dynamite Take me down, to the river We yell, but no one hears
Where the waters clean, and the blood runs red We persevere, as we approach the line
A different kind of dynamite Take me down, to the river We march, for all those fears, that kept us here
Wash me in the water, This time theyre left behind
Dont underestimate me, I run with giants and no safeties Take me to the bottom
You can call me crazy, but keep hating Acting like they dont notice
It dont phase me Follow me down to the river, hey But theyre just mad because they cant mold us
Bring it on, your whole empire vs. my messiah Take a drink, its good Told you never underestimate soldiers
Facin, differed types of Goliaths, takin it higher Heaven knows, where the water flows Cause you can build a thousand walls
The view from heres no good You cant hold us
And the shots ring out
Let the shots ring out like Follow me down to the river bed If we just keep running away
And the shots ring out Into the open waves Well never make it alive
Let the shots ring out like Come and cleanse at the waters edge Until we stand and we fight
And wash the stains away Aim, fire, and blow it away
Were storming enemy lines
Leaving no one behind

This rock cant hold us

Cause the light has shown us
No fears big enough to own us
We were never meant to fit in these folders
Know this, I aint scared of these posers
Over time we all face opponents
They thought they could mess with this focus
They forgot, the end of the climbs the coldest, known as
Lifes a battlefield of moments, hold this

007 008 009


Am I a stranger in the dark? Touch the ceilin, act like how ya feelin Cut me, like those words you throw
Or am I someone you can trust indeed? Gonna rock it till the wheels comes off Console me, when you want control
Am I following too close? And keep it reelin Roll me in those lies youve told
Or am I right where Im supposed to be? No mistakin, people shakin But I wont play these games, no more and...
And soon were gonna break it
Am I a million miles away? Till the last one stands because they cant take it (Dont run and hide, stand up and fight)
Or am I so close I can almost reach? Im feelin like just lettin go
Did I do it to myself ? The rush is like nothing, (Its shaking your mind, with cause and divide)
Or did I really mean what I believe? It gets your blood pumpin Its taking everything I know
When you flip the switch, it comes on (Dont run and hide, stand up inside)
All I ever wanted was the blinding Itll trail you, derail you If the wheels keep burnin
Because all I ever saw was just the name Hammer and nail you Im about ready to blow!
And all Ive ever wanted was to find it To the point where you need to explode
Its time, I finally know just what it means When I get angry, I feel weak
Lets put the pedal to the floor And hear these voices in my head
To go off the rails, to go off the rails Here it comes, lets go Telling me to fall beneath
To go off the rails, to go off the rails Wind it up and let it go Cause theyll make everything ok
Were gonna watch it blow How did I get here?
Am I the fire, or the spark? Everythings unclear
Or am I here to be the room You heat? If you want it, then we got it I never meant to cause you pain
Am I everything You hoped? We wont let up, till we get enough Give me a reason I can believe in
Or was my channel way too hard to reach? Adrenaline overload I need it all this time
Is it more than I can take? If you need it, then we bleed it Send me a lifeline
Or is it everything Ill ever need? Make some room, here comes the boom!
What if I dont know what to say? Adrenaline overload Wave if it makes you look good
What if Im not who Im supposed to be? And we wont let it off And smile when you feel like you should
Theres nothin that can stop it Its hard not to treat this like I could
Until were in the coffin Heaven help me, its overwhelming
If you want it, we got it
So lets get it started
Adrenaline overload

It will stop at nothin

To make you feel somethin
Till you feel like thats what you need
But proceed with caution
Cause you can get lost
And not everything is what it seems

010 011 012


This is war, I spotted 9, maybe 10 Ive tried, but I just cant get out of this They say Heaven is a place where
Mightve missed one by the door Its got me tied like the waves come in All pain is washed away
The grass is high where we roar When this thing hits me, I start it again With no room for all the torment
Sometimes a rebel doesnt make an outlaw Cause I could drown, just by holdin it in Of choices that weve made
I can see them in the distance Im a broken man, saved by grace
Cause anything can happen in an instant I want it, I got it, Im done hittin the bottom Tossed along inside this maze
But now we know why were here I can taste it, Im so close, tired of bein haunted And I am just the question
Nobodys safe, get out the clear Im an addict of habit, dont hide me in the attic To the answer You convey
Im an angel if I can, stay plugged in again
You shouldnt have done it Youve been all the way to broken
Now theres blood in the water Ive been digging in high and low Lost your sense of where to go
You cant stop this thing weve started To find the world I know But love is still the answer
Word of mouth, theres a snake in the garden But I cant seem to find a thing More than hate will ever know
You cant stop this thing weve started Feel stronger now than Ive ever been Its not too late to be rescued
So wont ya let me in? Not too late to let go
Come get it, forget it, even if you wanted I feel like Ive been born again Remember, pain is just an anchor
You cant stop this thing weve started It never had control, and...
Bring it on, like a bomb, even if you wanted Like a time bomb ticking, at the scene of a crime
You cant stop this thing weve started Its goin down if I let it again You give us life and meaning
Blow the roof sky high, like the 4th of July You give us hope, so...
This is war, and when it rains it pours Im all or nothin, if Im lettin it in
So get ready for the encore If I can be honest
Tensions high in the blast off Ive been digging in high and low How come I always break my promises to You?
Shake up the board room To find the world I know If Im not afraid, why am I so scared to move?
Take all the masks off But I cant seem to find a thing Im barely breathing
Cataclysmic, down to business Feel stronger now than Ive ever been And if I can be honest
Theres no fear here, no time for head tricks So wont ya let me in? How come I always end up so far away from You?
Cause now we know why were here I feel like Ive been born again You made me a promise, and Ill always hold it true
Nobodys safe, get out the clear Im not an easy target
Im not an angel in disguise They say Heaven is a place where
You cant knock it, cant rock it Im just a man, that by grace Well walk the streets of gold
You cant stop this thing we started Was given a second chance But shes seen nothing but the concrete
You cant stop it, just get off it Feel like Ive been born again In a world thats left her cold
You cant stop this thing we started Shes been beaten, bruised, and broken
I know what youre thinkin Shes felt pain instead of love
But I just cant fake it, it came alive, now Im overtaken Inside she was an angel
Thought I had it all, till my world was shaken But she just never knew she was
I cant erase it, theres no mistaking

Trevor would like to thank: My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, my rock, my refuge, my strength and my shield. Your refining fire melts away my imperfections daily and allows me to GLOW. Thank you. I give
you ALL the glory, honor and praise. Light shines brighter in the dark. Erin, my incredible wife, for your endless love & support and for weathering the storms and the sunsets with me. I am truly blessed.
Cohen, I love you so much, you are my heart & soul, and I cant wait to meet your baby sister! My parents, you are living examples of Gods heart, and your faith & love, and example will always inspire me.
To my two amazing brothers Scott and Shannon, youre two of my best friends, you both encourage and inspire me daily. To Erin, Struan & Aylish McNevan, love you guys, so thankful for you all! To my
other amazing family the Johnstons, Sandy, Eej, Dane & Tanner, Neil, Mara, Elyse, Evelynn & Will, love you all so much! So thankful to have you in my life! To my band of brothers (& sisters) Joel &
Justine Bruyere, Steve & Aimee Augustine & your amazing family, Andrew & Amanda Welch, Tony & Terri Patoto & fam (truly blessed by your work & friendship), Chad Stirling (the best FOH & TM
in the biz!), well always be family, cheers to another year on this journey together! Our incredible Fuel Music team (Andy Goerlich, Mendy Myers, Doug Truex), appreciate you all so much! Tim Gerst &
Thinkswell (as always, love being in this together, proud of you, man!), Erik Baker at Concrete Marketing, Gary Jay at Landshark & everyone on our incredible radio team! David & Donna DelSesto, Matt
Ingle, Rick Hoganson, Mark Claasen and everyone at Elite Talent Agency, Andrew Goodfriend & everyone at the T.K.O. Agency, to Beverly Fowler, Jack Higginbotham & everyone at PRS Guitars for not
only making the best guitars in the business, but for allowing me to play them! To Derek Eastvelde and everyone at REVV Amplification, you guys are changing the game! Bob Waller & Rocktron, GHS
Strings, you guys are the best! Gregg Steele, Vinny Usuriello, Kayla Riley and everyone at SXM Octane! Thanks for believing in us! Adam Edelstein & Bribiz, Aaron & Karina Sprinkle (& fam) Love you
my man, always enjoy making records with you! JR McNeely at Elm South, youre the best! Always a pleasure! Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Mastering, youre such a beast! Pastor Brian Mahood (& fam),
Rick Kirschener (& fam), & all of our fam at the Church at Selwyn. Thanks for always being an inspiring example of letting God lead, for raising me in a culture that showed me how important it is to
follow that compass, and for always being a safe place. Pastor Charlie & Gina Weir & our family at Gateway Church Franklin, we love you guys! Clyde & Thelma Childers (our church grandparents), Mike
& Sharon Walker (Legendary Coaching & Conflict 2 Profit), Thanks for your unconditional love & support, and for walking this journey with me), Brad Doughty, Dan Fessler, Mike & Carrie Fisher, Mark
& Ivey Childers, Don & Melissa Schleicher, Parlour 3 & Barbour 3 (The best hair/color in Nashville, baby!), Bama, Matt Eaton, Korie Bernard, Nick & Tricia Baumhardt (& fam), Jen & Mike McDow
(& fam), Montana Billings (& the Billings family), I love & miss you every day, brother - until we meet again, Ian Hough, To all my hometown Fam: Jeremy & Melissa (Riley, Carter, Kayla) Keating, Cam
MacDonell, Neil & Janin Sanderson, Danielle Inward, Corey Bowden, Jen & Rob Stroud, Rob Latham, Jeremy Ford, Stefan Eftaxias, Katy Morton, Paul Bennett, Pat McCauley, Jas Dunn, Brio & Bons,
Manny & Mel, We love all of you so much and are blessed to walk life with you! To all of the great bands & road warrior friends out there, you know who you are, thanks for inspiring and sharing the stage
with us! To the entire TFK ARMY worldwide, words truly cant express my love & appreciation for you! Thank you for the opportunity to create and share music, thank you for listening, thank you for shar-
ing the passion for hope in this generation, and for growing this together with us! Were family. See you soon!

Joel would like to thank: Im so unbelievably blessed to be afforded the opportunity to work side by side with such an incredible team of truly gifted individuals. What a privilege it is to create with and be
supported by these genuine hearts and minds. Thank you, love you all. #exhale

Steve would like to thank: God, I give you all the glory and praise for this band and this record, without You, none of it would be. To my Mom, I lost you here in the present, but you are always in my heart.
You were an incredible mother, always with me, and never forgotten, I love you so deeply. My wonderful wife, Aimee, without your thoughtful care and love, there is no way I could travel the way I do. You
play a much bigger role than most will ever know. Thank you to my three beautiful children, Alex, Ella & Kate for the joy you bring me every day. A special thanks to our baby on the way, we cant wait to
meet you - you have brought us so much joy already! Im so excited to see what God has in store for all of you as you learn His ways, and follow the path He has for you. Thank you to my partners in this
crazy world of music, Trev & Jol. You guys constantly reach higher in every way, and encourage me to do the same. Thanks to your fantastic wives for putting up with our schedules and supporting us. Tony
Patoto and the Fuel team, you work tirelessly at building TFK in every way possible, we appreciate all you do and the friendship you give. Thanks to Chad, Andrew, Amanda and our TFK road crew! Thanks
to Yamaha Drums & Sean Browne for supplying me with incredible drums. To Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks & Evans Drumheads for giving me great gear to support my playing and shape my sound
as a drummer. Finally, thanks so much to all the fans of TFK, you guys have blown us away with your support through the years and the different turns we have taken as a band. You guys are incredible and
this record is for you.


Produced by Trevor McNevan & Aaron Sprinkle TFK would like to thanks: Tony & Terri Patoto (& fam), Andy
Mixed by JR McNeeley Goerlich, Mendy Myers, Doug Truex and everyone at the Fuel
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Mastering Music Inc., Mark Claasen & everyone at Elite Booking Agency,
All vocals written, performed & recorded by Trevor McNevan Andrew Goodfriend & everyone at TKO Booking Agency, SL
All guitars written by Trevor McNevan & Feldmann in Canada, REVV Amplification, Jack Higginbotham,
recorded by Phil X & Trevor McNevan Beverly Fowler & everyone at PRS Guitars, Shure Audio, Sennhe-
Acoustic guitars on Honest written by Trevor McNevan sier Microphones, Heil Microphones, all of the great bands weve
& recorded by Aaron Sprinkle had the pleasure of sharing he stage with and have been inspired
Bass guitar written, produced, engineered & recorded by along the way, John Palumbo and Dean Guitars, Bob Waller
by Joel Bruyere @ The Drawing Room, Nashville, TN & Chris Walters @ Rocktron & GHS Strings, Greg Glaser, Eric
Drums created, produced, engineered & recorded by Woodrow & Brittany Brokenshire @ GC Pro, Mario Gauvreau
Steve Augustine at Stringnoize Studio, Grimsby, Ontario and Studio Economik, Sean Browne and Yamaha Drums, Zildjian
All songs 2016 Rawk, Paper, Publishing (BMI/SOCAN), Cymbals, Joe Testa and Vic Firth Drumsticks, David Via and
Buzzer Beater Publishing (SOCAN), Low Huddled Lions Evans Drumheads, Drumdial, John Varvatos, all of the incredible
Publishing (SOCAN) admin by Fuel Music Publishing TFK ARMY worldwide, you guys are the best!!! Your love & sup-
Managed by Tony Patoto at The Fuel Music Management Co port mean the world to us!!! See you soon!!!
Art Direction & Design by Ryan Clark for Invisible Creature
3D Renderings by Andy Maier The two most important days in your life are the day you are
Band Photography by Brooks Reynolds born, and the day you find out why.
Mark Twain