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ee tia Wirc AS | yy 5 on 0] > E Se Lae arpa ieee See ruc eery CON de ay meee LU aP Le) SEOUL, KOREA PATA BREROO 01 31eh= s]¥OIM BME Ae, See Gee Urn See heme ce Eee Pere re Me mete ap eins ce es PEACE, PROSPERITY, AND DYNAMIC FUTURE MAI BEAR SUTRA F 39 DERI oko ihe ie ae UR oe al a oe eeu Ds er the overall theme and one or more of the sub-themes, Global Research Association Oe Ree CS Le Le ke Co-host Korean Social Science Research Council/ Sea ar recy i lee kes eek OE, Seeley DION Sel De aS, eee Dae EAC MCCS Ise! ik eres ees See tee eEcreoty * ‘The overall theme for the conference is: “Peace, Prosperit of mankind, such as conflicts and disparity, aftermath of the Korean War, Kor and Dynamic Future”, In order to meet the challenges ‘we aim to achieve ‘freedom from fear’ and ‘freedom from want’. In the ’s day to day survival was heavily dependent on foreign aid. Korea therefore have 1 good understanding of the developmental pains and agony. This conference will contribute to the dynamic future of Asia. We welcome Paper/Poster/Exhibition proposals related to the overall theme and one or more of the following sub- themes, in order to encourage interdisciplinary discussions at AFC2018 in Seoul, Korea, ALIREMOF— VE RL, BR, AUTH DIR TH. WME NISC EEL, [RWS OTL REPSOL OMELET, BARRO TRADE AT OMICS HAPLT BELTS, ORME FIER SBME HEL IMLTED, SID RRR GET D7 OLAF SD ERKICE ITSEDENDNET, MICORR BGR RAM, BAIT 7 FRAC ABR SCEMBELOTSH, ea ee Tad Sse as 4 og mec Happine: a Deemed Schedule of Submission and Registration as a Participant [A subrission ot Ful pavers eligi for AF Schelarsins and Best Paper Anards ugh, 2097 Deane tor abstracts submisions ig bie tarA'CSehalsnnps an est Paper Inthe acceptance notes, apacation rocewes or AFC Schlhp arenes February fepsvaten asa patepat 20% scout en tet arch 3, 2028 Deane orf anes engl o Japanese rhe selection 0! BescPapes pl to une, 2998 Gane Reisraton a8 prccinat Cullen te June 30,2018 Release af seein resus Set Paper nar ‘nugst 24 August 25,218 AFC Sehelashins ane est Paper Ana wil be presented dating Scholarships WT BRADIC, OLIVE, ROT FOV DNCILTYY Ser ord eg Cn coy Academic Disciplines *##5295 We welcome papers in the following disciplines: FROMMERITIET. Natural Sciences BE Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Medicine, Agriculture, Engineering, and others WE SWF BE BY LF Zot Social Sciences HB? Law, Politics, Economics, Business, Sociology, Education, and others Se BOR RE A BH TOOtt Humanities AS#iS! Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, History, At, Literature, Linguistics, and others BE RAE IER BR BH tts General Submission of Full Papers, shart Paes, Posters nd Exhibitions Or a att tay 1202 eater sberactsPeneinony a english and lope fo February 28,2018 Deane “orabstracte submissions Before March, 208 Anmouncementot secon eke ofaaeacts Apu 12 Jone 28208 Gere Repsratan as partepat fll eget fe) ay 33,2018 Deadline arene submis fal aapers shor papers othe ita orposterpezeniaonfehtan. Weil censier Raga reracton a Your peseataon ed rece your rsetatin eat the dscine) subtest by Aves 29 anf cee wil be 30 t 890: Sehlaiipaneuncemantsieuced inthe netiestin emai fect. The esdemic Commitee wi anrgune the slctan acu 9y20Daceer 217 we wil cosceie ar 3c of aur preretaton Hive ce nctace8 your ope"by sre 3, 2028 Sehoarship wile isin cach atthe Careranc, 0 ya havea py hereon est Lac pctpnis whe te charge dcenurtedpariepston ‘ee tne ere ae bade by AC arena lige rte seorhip