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Libelium White paper

50 Real IoT success stories after ten years of experience in the market
CEO and CTO at Libelium, on IoT challenges after 10 years of market experience

WHO WILL SURVIVE TO THE IOT REVOLUTION, only as cloud service providers or system integrators but
THE BIGGEST OR THE QUICKEST? also as hardware device partners or radio communication
manufacturers. The aim is to offer interoperability in
The growth of the market is going to make it big enough for the whole value chain, from sensors and devices to data
all the players. In fact, we think that there are two types of management in the Cloud. With this aim, Libelium has created
companies. The ones waiting for the winner wireless technology The IoT Marketplace to offer complete out of the box kits.
to emerge and consolidate (something that probably never These solutions allow one to build PoCs that make greater
happens as every year emerge new radio technologies), and deployments possible. With 60 final solutions in this store
the ones making money with real IoT projects today. Libelium nowadays, we are making the IoT a reality.
is in the second group, as we do not expect to be a unique
wireless technology that will conquer the market. There are
many mature technologies ready to make money today, so we AND WHAT ABOUT CUSTOMERS. WHAT DO
recommend not to wait for a winner because there will not
be just one champion. There will always be fragmentation as THEY DEMAND? HOW ARE THEY EVOLVING AS
each technology has its own pros and cons. THE MARKET GROWS?
WHAT IS YOUR PERSPECTIVE OF THE IOT It is necessary to protect customers from the future and from
MARKET CONSIDERING ALL THE PLAYERS? WHAT WILL BE THE IMPACT OF NEW EMERGING themselves. For example: why is important to enable a dual
COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES IN THE IOT? radio in Smart Parking solution? The answer is simple; we do
We are moving in a fast evolving market where game rules are not know what will happen tomorrow in a very fragmented
constantly in motion. The fragmentation of the IoT market is It is remarkable that marketing messages are one year ahead market so lets give customers the chance to test both
a reality to manage at any point in the whole value chain, from of technology that is generating a lot of noise in the market options. If we want to respond our customers demands we
hardware sensors to data analytics, both in geographic areas with a different reality in the back office. The problem here is have to offer transparent and interoperable technology to
and business development opportunities. There is a lack of that those marketing messages may delay sales decisions avoid vendor lock-in in the future. People want to keep their
clarity in terms of the standards and roles in companies. and Proof-of-Concepts needed to make the market evolve. right to change their mind about the elements of the solution
This fact has also provoked a rising demand for a horizontal deployed. Furthermore, enabling customers to change cloud
perspective in a market that needs interoperability, not only platforms in a dynamic way should not be a matter of ethics.
related to the hardware devices but also to the communication CREATING ECOSYSTEM IS ONE OF THE However, a critical point related to Cloud platform services is
protocols, cloud services and the applications developed MARKET TRENDS. HOW ARE YOU MANAGING that sometimes it is difficult to know specifically how they
in any IoT project. At the same time, this is not a market YOUR ECOSYSTEM TO BE A GROWTH LEVER? set rates, where data will be and how they will manage the
for lazy nor impatient people due to the long sales cycles. information. On the other side, everyday our sales managers
The key is being resilient and interoperable. That is why Our approach is that the worldwide IoT players map now is still are finding customers demanding final solutions not for just
Libelium strategy stands on any sensor connected to any a work in progress. Many companies boast to have the most devices or communication protocols. They are searching for
cloud platform through any communication protocol. In this extensive ecosystem to help organizations jump-start their IoT real applications like setting up an alarm system for forest fire
sense, we are focusing all the efforts on having modularity initiatives. But it is not only a matter of quantity or a guidance detections, developing a decision support system based on
right now to upgrade for the future. to label players in the value chain. The real ecosystem worth gas emission levels, installing water management systems
is in offering what the market demands: real off-the-shelf to control quality and reducing consumption or deploying an
solutions that can kick start the deployments. In this way, we alert system to detect pests in vineyards. As long as we are
are extending our IoT value chain by developing a complete able to offer complete solutions, we will be on the correct
ecosystem of partners that are joining our IoT platform not way.

CEO and CTO at Libelium, on IoT challenges after 10 years of market experience

10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, 50 CASE When the IoT started the number of nodes was a key point. WHERE IS SECURITY IN YOUR VALUE SCALE?
STUDIES PUBLISHED, 90 PARTNERS ON Having a 1000 nodes network sounded cooler than a 20 DO CUSTOMERS REALLY APPRECIATE THIS
nodes one. Not any more. So frequently, talking about IoT
YOUR ECOSYSTEM HOW FAR WILL YOUR developments allows us to realize that the main aspect is not
TECHNOLOGY GO? quantity, but quality and accuracy. We do not need massive
Security is a key point for Libelium. The more secure you want
amounts of data; it is a matter of having just the right ones
As Libelium has gained a deeper knowledge in the growing your sensor network, the more complex and costly it will be to
to add capillarity to the professional stations maintaining
IoT landscape, we have realized that the only pathway develop it. For this reason we have added AES 256 libraries for
quality standards. When customers are searching for the
is going from the lab to the reality. In fact, we are putting privacy / confidentiality and also RSA 1024 for authentication
cheapest option, we need to make them understand the value
technology in extreme scenarios: rain forests and even and data integrity. We have even included a HW encryption
of accuracy and scalability that Libelium technology has. We
volcanoes. It is the only way to be aware of market trends circuit in Waspmote to be able to encrypt the information
saw this trend in the last few years because customers have
and to align expectations with customers. This is how without the need of external SW units. However, we do not
demanded calibrated gas sensors, calibrated sound / noise
we come to realize that devices need more accuracy. We recommend to use all this security layers for every single
level probes or even having the possibility to recalibrate the
have incorporated this vision without losing sight of easy application as it can be time consuming and unnecessary.
sensor probes (smart water calibration kits and ions sensors
installation and maintenance. This is also needed to offer First make something that works and is usable, then secure it,
calibration kits).
the simplest and lowest CAPEX solutions and, of course, but be conscious of the process. We find that security should
enabling programming over the air. not be considered just as a check point in a conversation with
customers; regularly they just want to know that technology
is secure but many times they do not use all the levels in the
LIBELIUM IOT PLATFORM IS WORLDWIDE final project. Security for Libelium is a first priority and it is
CERTIFIED. IS THIS FEATURE REALLY something we always recommend our customers to spend the
IMPORTANT IN THE IOT? right time setting it up completely.

Many of the companies who release IoT products never go

for a complete FCC / CE certification. They create hype and FINALLY, WHAT ABOUT FUTURE GROWTH OF
noise with nice prototypes to make PoCs (proofs of concept) IOT? WHAT ARE THE RISKS THAT THREATEN IT?
but never obtain the legal documents needed to validate
their product. Certifications are a serious matter for Libelium, We seriously think that the growth predictions could be
so we have our main lines certified by FCC, CE, IC, RCM slowed down due to the lack of a workforce prepared to
(Australia) and Anatel (Brazil). program 50 million devices that will be connected to the
Internet by 2020. Frequently we highlight the importance of
focusing our efforts on education to guarantee the future of
LETS TALK ABOUT SMART CITIES. HAVE THEY the IoT. In 2020, the market will need 4.5 million developers
EVOLVED TO A NEW IOT PERSPECTIVE? globally. Libelium tries to cover the educational gap that
exists nowadays with The IoT Spartans Challenge, an
Without any doubt deployments in Smart Cities are one of the educational program that offers specific training to develop
most demanded in the IoT sector. Public authorities play a vital skills for future employees. So, do not lose perspective on
role in these projects so political conversations are essential this if you do not want to fight over recruiting the best talent.
to have everyone aligned. Governments are investing in IoT
technology but they also want to know how they are going to
use it and how data is going to be shared and profitable.

SMART ENVIRONMENT WINTER HIGHWAYS............................................5
Monitoring weather conditions and road temperature to make better informed gritting
salt decisions in the UK

SMART ENVIRONMENT MASAYA VOLCANO..............................................6

Predicting eruptions in the Mouth of Hell to save human lives

SMART ENVIRONMENT THAILAND MINE...................................................7

Controlling air quality and weather to strengthen the environmental, social and labour
commitment of the gold mine

SMART ENVIRONMENT PERU RAINFOREST.............................................8

Monitoring weather and water conditions to control climate change in the National
Park of Man in Peru

SMART ENVIRONMENT PANDA RAID RALLY..............................................9

Monitoring climate changes and tracking position in extreme conditions without
suffering any damage or data losing

SMART ENVIRONMENT BEEHIVES............................................................ 10

Reading honey beehives behaviour and monitoring health and global pollination

SMART ENVIRONMENT OPEN SOURCE SATELLITE.............................. 11

Creating the first sensors network in the space controlled by researchers from the

SMART ENVIRONMENT FUKUSHIMA....................................................... 12

Designing a radiation detection sensor board for Waspmote in response to the nuclear

SMART ENVIRONMENT FOREST FIRE...................................................... 13

Detecting forest fire to save human lives and prevent the disappearance of green areas
Monitoring weather conditions and road temperature to make better informed gritting salt decisions in the UK

Description Sensors
Weather and ambient conditions: atmospheric pressure, humidity,
Mayflower Smart Control has been approached by Amey and Hampshire
temperature, anemometer, pluviometer and wind vane.
County Council to discuss the use of smart technology to find a solution
to the use of excessive and unnecessary gritting of roads during cold
The project has been deployed in different locations on a priority 1 Protocols
gritting route in the Winchester area (Hampshire, UK). The pioneering
project, based on Libelium technology, will enable highways maintenance
teams to make more informed gritting decisions based on local weather Cloud
Data gathered by the sensors is visualized in Sentilo platform, based on
Amazon Web Services. This information is useful for making decisions in real-
time and also for future forecasting of weather and road conditions.

Making a go/no decision for gritting services in marginal situations.
Reducing the local authoritys carbon footprint with fewer gritters out on
the roads and man-hours wasted.
Saving money for the council by cutting down the amount of salt needed.

Libelium Insight
Nordic countries in Europe or urban areas at high altitude suffer gritting
problems each winter season. This wireless system, based on smart street
lighting networks from Mayflower Smart Control, can be next projects to
prevent and plan a gritting decision to optimize the service that companies
provide to public institutions.

This is an exciting innovative project that will enable Hampshire County Council to make better use of its
resources; this new approach could lead to a radical overhaul of how we focus on the problem of when to
grit a road, has said Rick Robinson, Ameys Director of Technology.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 5

Predicting eruptions in the Mouth of Hell to save human lives

Description Sensors
Ambient conditions: CO2, H2S, temperature, humidity and atmospheric
Some vulcanologists are currently focused on working with the latest
technology to monitor in real-time everything that happens inside and
outside the crater to predict eruptions. Qwake has trusted Libelium
technology to develop a wireless sensor network in the Mouth of Hell, Protocols
Masaya volcano in Nicaragua.
Masaya is one of the Latin American most active volcanoes with a Cloud
lava lake in one of the craters with 600 m2 dimension that offers an
unprecedented glimpse into the dynamic behaviour of magma plumbing The information collected by the IoT Gateway has been visualized in Predix,
system. Companies have worked in this project to bring the first volcano a cloud-based software platform GE developed for the Industrial Internet. It
online with a wireless monitoring system able to collect, transmit and allows connecting industrial equipment, analyzing data, and delivering real-
store data in real-time. time insights.

Predicting volcano eruptions with a digital early warning system.
Providing a public service with open information by giving access to the
general population and decision makers.

Libelium Insight
David Gascn, Libelium CTO, was a member of the expedition and experienced
in first person the impressive landscape around Masaya volcano: We are
glad to contribute to a project that will help to save million of lives, not only in
Nicaragua, but also in worldwide projects monitoring other volcanoes.

Our team was able to quickly set-up and ensure that data was captured correctly. This allowed us to
focus on solving actual problems related to deploying the sensors inside the crater and bringing the
Masaya volcano online, rather than having to deal with connectivity and underlying data transfer, states Partner
Hugo Nordell, Qwake explorer.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 6

Controlling air quality and weather to strengthen the environmental, social and labour commitment of the gold mine

Description Sensors
Air quality: Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN).
Chatree is the largest and most important gold mine in the country
and is owned by Akara Resources. The Mining Complex is nearly 300 Ambient conditions: temperature.
kilometres far from Bangkok. The mine operators were under pressure
from a community and government regulator that perceives that adverse
impacts are being experienced by the local communities due to their
proximity to the mine.
The innovative EnviroSuite Libelium solution provides the mine operator
with an advanced system to manage risks of impact on the community
and enables them to keep track of any evolving issues using real-time EnviroSuite is the Cloud Platform used
data rather than a perception of unmitigated risks. for data visualization. Through the Air
Quality Module data collected can be
real-time monitored and analysed. The
platform helps companies to reach
operational and regulatory goals, as well
as providing essential transparency for
community relations.

Maintaining a strong environmental management system adjusted to
regulatory and social licenses.
Reducing miners health risks improving and lengthening their working

Libelium Insight
One of the main goals of this project is that it can be replicable worldwide
and also in other metal mines. In fact, similar developments have been carried
out in other projects related to the mining sector in coal and iron ore mines in
Australia with customers such us BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, and Anglo American.

The result of the project has been successful using EnviroSuite with Libelium Sensors to further enhance
our environmental management and bring an even greater level of accountability and transparency to our
most important stakeholders, affirms Greg Foulis, Kingsgate Limited CEO.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 7

Monitoring weather and water conditions to control climate change in the National Park of Man in Peru

Ambient conditions: humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure and
weather station WS-300.
Emission levels: carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), oxygen
(O2), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4), ozone (O3) and air


Information gathered by the sensors is visualized in an own Cloud platform
from RFID Radical Solutions.

Description Benefits
The National Park of Man in Peru is one of the most impressive nature Giving real-time and open information about the rainforest environment
reserves in the world and it is the home of a great biological diversity. to current researchers.
The UNESCO recognized it in 1987 as World Heritage Site and Biosphere Combating against climate change.
Reserve. Nevertheless, this wide range of plants and animals, although
they are protected, are also threatened by climate change.
In order to preserve these and others species, some Peruvian professional
researchers have led a project with the aim to monitor natures behaviour
Libelium Insight
in real time and habitat. RFID Radical Solutions has trusted Libelium Libelium is proud to contribute to help scientists and researchers to figth
technology to gather information from soil, water and air in at least 30 against climate change as it is one of the priorities of the Corporate Social
kilometres of the nature reserve and to connect this data to the Internet. Responsibility of the company. Alicia Asn, CEO of Libelium, states that this
project is interesting to show the capability of Libelium Wireless Sensor
Platform to provide tools to monitor changes in biological conditions.

The sensors installed in this area will monitor the environment of the biosphere, both flora and fauna. Partner
There was a great need to know the different parameters because they reflect natures behaviour. This
scientific data will have a significant useful to the worldwide researcher and environmental communities,
affirms Jorge Camus, engineer of the project.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 8

Monitoring climate changes and tracking position in extreme conditions without suffering any damage or data losing

Description Sensors
Position of the vehicle: GPS every 10-15 minutes.
On 5th March 2016 started one of the hardest and at the same time
craziest amateur rallies in the world: the Panda Raid. It is a seven-day- Ambient conditions: temperature, humidity and ultraviolet radiation.
race through the Moroccan desert. The only essential requirement is to
drive an old Fiat Panda (Seat Marbella in Spain). Protocols
What makes this rally different and tough is its rules. GPS and Internet are
not allowed during the race. In that edition, one member of Libelium Team
took part with his 25 years old Fiat Panda. This vehicle was different to Cloud
any other because it was equipped with a Plug & Sense! Sensor Platform.
Data gathered by the sensors placed on
the top of the car was sent to Meshlium.
The Manager System visualizer showed
a chart about the GPS altitude variation
during 24 hours.

Demonstrating the capability of Waspmote Plug & Sense! Sensor
Platform to monitor environmental changes and car position during the
different extreme stages of the rally.
Proving the resistance and strength of Waspmote Plug & Sense! Sensor
Platform that has the IP67 certification.
Helping Moroccan children with school supplies. Each driver has to carry
in his Fiat Panda 20 kg of school supplies in order to give them to any
school they find along the path.

Libelium Insight
Libelium Waspmote Plug & Sense! Sensor Platform was proved in extreme
conditions and it returned intact, achieving its objectives of environmental
monitoring and checking its resistance. Besides, we were proud because our
workmate finished the race in first position.

Waspmote Plug & Sense! Sensor Platform resisted without problems grab to the Fiat Panda roof rack.
Moreover, all data was collected properly and there were not any rest of materials, nor sand nor water, Partner
which could damage the sensors, affirms Jorge Casanova, Libelium member and winner of Panda Raid

Read the entire article at Libelium website 9

Reading honey beehives behaviour and monitoring health and global pollination

Description Sensors
Hive conditions: CO, CO2, O2, temperature, humidity, chemical pollutants
Honey bees have throughout history been a keystone species, pollinating
(NO2, H2, NH3, Toluene, Isobutane) and airborne dust levels.
an estimated 70 percent of all plants and underpinning almost 30 percent
of the global food supply. Because the viability of beehives is a critical
predictor of the planets future health and agricultural sustainability,
reports of a precipitous decline in the number of colonies around the Protocols
world have stirred considerable alarm.
Students from the University College of Cork in Ireland have developed a
unique platform based on Waspmote technology to monitor, collect and Cloud
analyse activity within the colonies unobtrusively and on a unique scale.
The sensor data collected at the hive is readable on mobile devices, PCs,
smartphones or tablets, and can be integrated into maps or geographic
information systems (GIS), or easily imported into third-party applications or
databases for analysis.

Enabling bee-keepers to get real-time information from hives.
Building a database that enables partners in biology to study pests and

Libelium Insight
If the bee disappeared of the surface of the globe then man would only have
four years of life left. This statement has been generally attributed to Albert
Einstein to explain the vital ecological linchpin that bees have. For this reason,
researchers, environmentalists and public policy makers alike are focused on
understanding bees behaviour to reduce current ebb of productivity.


The project is an exceptional nexus at which long established technologies and bee-keeping practices
meet the latest advances in electronic technology, considered Dr. Emanuel Popovici, the Director of
Embedded Systems Group at UCC.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 10

Creating the first sensors network in the space controlled by researchers from the Earth

Description Sensors
Radiation levels from solar storms: radiation sensors.
On Sunday the 4th of August, 2013, ArduSat aboard a H-IIB rocket was
launched to the Space. It is the first open satellite platform that allows Magnetism levels: magnetometer.
private citizens to design and run their own applications in space is now Light properties: spectrometer.
on its way to the International Space Station (ISS). Object velocity: accelerometer.
Included in the standard payload of the two 10cm x 10cm orbiters Ambient conditions: temperature, pressure and luminosity.
launched, there are several Radiation Sensor Boards designed by Libelium
Ozone layer status and space gas composition: CO2 and O3.
that monitor radiation levels generated by space phenomena such as sun
storms and background activity. This sensing technology acts as a Geiger
counter measuring gamma particles produced anywhere in the space. Benefits
Allowing students to access and control satellites for their science
Measuring temperature changes in the space.
Building a 3D model of Earths magnetic field using the Magnetometer.
Building a spectrograph of Earths Albedo (reflection coefficient) using
the Spectrometer.

Libelium Insight
Our Radiation Sensors were developed
originally to measure radioactivity
levels on Earth. We adapted them
to meet the satellites restrictions
in terms of weight, size and power
control. This launch heralds an era
of personal space exploration. Once
reaching orbit, the ArduSat will be the
first open space platform allowing the
general public to design and run their
own space-based applications.

Were making space exploration affordable and accessible to everyone, with a space platform that
lets the users to innovate. The discover and sharing spirit that inspires open source development fits Partner
perfectly with this aim and makes it come to life, said Peter Platzer, CEO of NanoSatisfi, ArduSats parent

Read the entire article at Libelium website 11

Designing a radiation detection sensor board for Waspmote in response to the nuclear accident

Description Sensors
Radiation levels: radiation sensors.
On the 11th of March, 2011, a 8.9 magnitude earthquake set off a
devastating tsunami that sent walls of water washing over coastal
cities in the north of Japan. Immediately following the earthquake, the
tsunami disabled the power supply and the cooling systems of three of
the Fukushima Daiichi reactors, causing a nuclear accident.
Fukushimas disaster also shocked Spain, and engineers at Libelium
began to think about developing a new sensor board to measure radiation. Benefits
Before March 2011, it was very difficult to find radiation meters on the
market, and almost impossible to find one affordable for most citizens. Helping Japanese people to measure radiation levels in their everyday
Based on this, Libelium decided to develop a radiation sensor shield for life.
the Arduino platform due to its affordability and seeming ubiquity. Giving citizens more informative sources to monitor these levels apart
from those from local authorities.
Getting data in real-time without compromising the life of the security
members by avoiding them to be inside the security perimeter.

Libelium Insight
Thanks to this initiative, anyone may contribute to gather data related to a
wide range of public health hazards where governments and industry have
previously held a near-monopoly on measuring the dangers to public health.
Crowd data sharing, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and different approaches to
this methodology are creating a new scenario to democratize the IoT to create
a better and safer world.

In less than a month, we tested and verified a number of Geiger tubes from different manufacturers, then
designed the board to connect the tube and show the radiation on an LCD screen. As a result, a series
of boards were shipped at no charge to the Tokyo Hackerspace and other working groups in Japan,
explained David Gascn, Libelium CTO.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 12

Detecting forest fire to save human lives and prevent the disappearance of green areas

Description Sensors
Gases concentrations: CO and CO2.
In dry and hot periods, some areas of the Southern Europe and also
Western USA suffer many forest fire. This means countless hectares of Ambient conditions: temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity.
green areas and also urban areas lost, even people who live there. DIMAP-
FactorLink, which under the name of SISVIA Environmental Monitoring
and Surveillance jointly commercialize projects for the environmental Protocols
protection, have developed an integrated forest fire detection system
using Libelium technology.
The covered area is about 210 hectares in the North Spain region, Cloud
comprising the Communities of Asturias and Galicia. The aim was SISVIA created a control panel to show all the
to provide to different organizations of an environmental monitoring info with a graphic interface. The solution was
infrastructure, with capability to have an alert management and to deliver integrated with a GIS (Geographic Information
early warning alarms. System), placing the data on helpful and nice
2D or 3D maps.

Detecting and preventing possible forest fire to send the information to
the fireman to make decisions.
Saving human lives by sending alerts.
Enhancing the environment by reducing pollution emissions and
preserving green areas.

Libelium Insight
The main aim of Libelium is to enhance the world where we are living and this
project is a great example of our mission. Forest fire prevention is allowing
patrols to get alarms before a fire starts and take action. Many lives will be
saved and also entire green areas that will be preserved thanks to this real-
time alert system.

The signal goes to a server which receives it and sends an alarm to the control center in order to warn
that there has been a sudden rise in the concentration of gases and therefore that is probable that a fire
starts, argued from DIMAP, the system integrator company.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 13

SMART WATER IMETLAND.......................................................................... 15
Solving small communities wastewater treatment needs in a cost-effective and energy
efficient way

SMART WATER IWESLA................................................................................ 16

Saving water by improving water efficiency and safety in living areas with a smart
management system

SMART WATER FISH FARMS....................................................................... 17

Controlling water quality in Vietnamese fish farms to reduce the number of lost
animals and improve product quality

SMART WATER SMART MARINA................................................................ 18

Monitoring mooring berths by controlling the sea level and weather conditions in a
touristic port in Greece

SMART WATER WASTEWATER IRRIGATION AREA................................ 19

Preventing environmental impact in wastewater irrigation area for the largest meat
industry in Australia

SMART WATER AQUARIUM......................................................................... 20

Enhancing the measurement of the water parameters of a real aquatic environment in
terms of reliability and frequency

SMART WATER CYCLE MANAGEMENT.................................................... 21

Creating a hybrid sensor network between mobile and fixed nodes irrigating water
quality specific sensors

Solving small communities wastewater treatment needs in a cost-effective and energy efficient way

Description Sensors
Ambient parameters: temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure,
iMETland is a EU Horizon 2020 research project which its aim is
luminosity, wind, puvliometer, anemometer and solar radiation.
unleashing the small community economies potential through innovative
wastewater treatments technologies. Libelium technology has been part Water quality: temperature, conductivity, turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen
of this initiative to control water quality and environmental conditions. (DO), oxidation reduction potential (ORP).
The main requirements for the project have been reading parameters
every 15 minutes; sending information to the Cloud platform; extracting Protocols
data, patterns, alerts and predictions; visualizing all collected and
predicted data; and monitoring wetland behaviour in real time.
iMETland dashboard is based on IDBOX RT,
a set of software components that allows
supervision of wetlands. This platform is
focused on integrating any data source, processing the information generating
logic default and analysing it through different tools.

Maximizing the reuse of water in small or isolated communities.
Minimizing costs of wastewater treatment and the extension of land
needed by 10-fold.
Enhancing end-user autonomy and satisfaction with user-friendly
technologies for monitoring.

Libelium Insight
One of the main features of the initiative is that it can be replicable worldwide
as it has been designed to work under grid-free conditions and has been tested
in four different locations (Spain, Denmark, Mexico and Argentina). It has
demonstrated and raised awareness towards European citizens upon iMETland
approach as a sustainable way to decentralize wastewater treatment.

Exploiting the combination of water sector, energy, ICT and land resources, the project paves the
way to solve small communities wastewater treatment needs in a cost effective, energy efficient and * iMETland project has received funding from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and
environmental friendly manner, has stated Asier Gonzlez, project manager of Aqua-Consult Ingenieros. innovation programme under grant agreement No. 642190.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 15

Saving water by improving water efficiency and safety in living areas with a smart management system

Description Sensors
Water flow: water flow meter sensors and solenoid-based electric valves
The project called iWesla, which stands for Improving Water Efficiency
to control (open-close) the water supply into the living area.
and Safety in Living Areas, is a CPSE Labs funded by the European
Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The consortium
is formed by A-CING, Indra, Novelti and the Universidad Politecnica de Protocols
Madrid (UPM).
The smart water project, based on Libelium technology, aims to develop
and deploy a demand-side cyber-physical system (CPS) to optimize the Cloud
water consumption efficiency and safety in living areas. The solution
Novelti analytic service processes the water consumption information
prototype was tested in UPM Campus Sur and two pilot sites provided by
gathered by FEEP IoT & Big Data Platform Sofia2 based Application, returning
the Municipality of Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid, Spain).
the disaggregated water usage made by
all consumption points in the living area.
The processed information is visualized
in a web application designed and
developed by A-CING.

Saving up to 50% of the water
consumption in living areas.
Reducing potential damages caused by leakages or open taps.
Allowing users to be informed about the water consumption habits
creating an impact on the citizens water consumption patterns.

Libelium Insight
Water and electrical supply are two of the main concerns for public authorities.
The demand of these resources grow as fast as the population in urban areas
so they would become scarcer with the pass of the years. The optimization of
water use and also the water supply network performance allow to cut down
the waste of resources and also the water bill for organizations.

The current rate of growth of the population in cities together with climate change effects requires the
optimization of natural resources usage. The intelligent use of water in smart cities implies engagement Partner
and involvement from the water utilities to the demand side or end-users such as citizens, municipalities
or building management staff, argues Asier Gonzlez, project manager of Aqua-Consult Ingenieros.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 16

Controlling water quality in Vietnamese fish farms to reduce the number of lost animals and improve product quality

Description Sensors
Water quality and conditions: temperature, conductivity, disolved oxygen
Vietnam is one of the main worldwide fish producers and exporters. The
(DO), oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and pH.
main markets for its production are Europe, USA, Mexico and China.
The European Union has already warned the wholesalers to establish
tougher control measures on the quality of fish and also on the farming
PHA Distribution has deployed a wireless sensor network in a Vietnamese
fish farm in Thanh Bnh District with Libeliums Waspmote Plug & Sense!
Sensor Platform. The aim of the project is to monitor in real-time different
parameters to control water quality and prevent some diseases that could The platform used to visualize data is
affect fish in order to improve the quality and quantity of the production. PioT-SW, Pha Distribution own cloud-
based application. It allows to control in
real-time the level of different parameters
and also get diagrams showing their

Cutting down the number of animals lost between 40% and 50%, that
means collecting between 38,000 and 40,000 kilos instead of 30,000.
Improving the turnover of each fish farm at least 12,000 USD every 6

Libelium Insight
Fish farms in Asian countries are setting up IoT systems to guarantee the
quality of their production. The main distribution areas are Europe or the USA
where public authorities have already warned wholesalers to establish tougher
control measures on the quality of fish and also on the farming conditions.
Libelium has added new monitoring parameters to smart water ions application
to detect the main indicators of toxicity created by the own feces of fishes.

Real-time monitoring will allow us to help our end clients to be aware of preventable diseases in order to
save costs in diseases treatment and keep fish in good health before harvesting job as well as manage
fish loss to the minimum rate, has affirmed Tran Vinh Phong, Managing Director at Pha Distribution.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 17

Monitoring mooring berths by controlling the sea level and weather conditions in a touristic port in Greece

Description Sensors
Water quality: pH and oxidation reduction potential (ORP).
One of the major problems for captains of vessels, especially during
Height of the sea surface and to reach the port: liquid level and presence
summer, is the absence of marinas reservation mechanisms. The start-
up SaMMY, financed by the Fiware Accelerator European Commission
Weather conditions: temperature and humidity.
FrontierCities, rises up from this need detected in Greek ports.
Vessels presence and berth positions: ultrasound.
They have developed an application to become the ultimate fellow
traveller for yachters, skippers and marina administrators supporting
e-booking services, navigational and parking assistance features and Protocols
mobile guidance to the nearby coastal areas. The pilot project, deployed
in Patras port yachting area with Libelium sensors, aims to modernize
the operation of marinas monitoring mooring berths, measuring the sea Cloud
water level and observing the weather conditions.
Fiware technologies are used for the
Cloud services and a dedicated agent,
Node.js, for the communication with the
Meshlium. SaMMy application aims to
become a modern communication and
information tool for skippers, crews of tourist vessels and managers marinas.
The application to end-users is offered for free for smart phones and mobile
devices such as tablets with Android or IOS operating systems.

Developing an online contact and reservation mechanism.
Enhancing the comfort of ship passengers from tourist boats.
Providing information on nearby points of interest as well as the
common services of interest for travellers and crews.

Libelium Insight
Nautical tourism market and especially the sector of yachting and marinas
is very dynamic. They contribute decisively to the development of local
economies of Mediterranean countries and Northern European cities.
According to European Commission, activities around yachting generate an
annual turnover of 15 billion Euros providing more than 303,000 jobs.

This way the marinas provide important information to the yachters; the marinas administrators have a
clear view of the status of the berths, improving this way the quality of the services and the scheduling Partner
of the yachting trips, considers Ioannis Kostopoulos, SaMMY CEO.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 18

Preventing environmental impact in wastewater irrigation area for the largest meat industry in Australia

Description Sensors
Water quality: electrical conductivity, temperature and dissolved oxygen (DO).
AJ Bush Meet Manufacturer is the Australias largest and longest
established meat products businesses. The company has two large-scale Soil conditions: soil moisture.
meat rendering plants based in Australia in the cities of Queensland and
New South Wales. Organic wastes from such facilities pose significant
environmental management challenges.
Pacific Environment has developed a project there with Libelium
technology in a wastewater irrigation area as the basis of a real-time Cloud
operational tool to guide management in turning irrigation systems on and
off using soil moisture as a key indicator. Management of soil moisture in The EnviroSuite software platform receives
wastewater irrigation is essential for the protection of groundwater from the data and converts it into powerful
nitrate contamination. monitoring, forecasting and reporting
tools to aid effective management of
operations and compliance processes.
Early results show that the water module
is working as expected.

Reducing the cost of environmental reporting and compliance.
Covering the investment in 18 months due to reduced grab monitoring,
improved labour efficiencies and lab costs.
Getting an early warning system for potential surface water

Libelium Insight
Some organizations are completely committed with sustainability and are
implementing strategies to reach it. Queensland plant is one of Australias major
service rendering plants processing both red meat and poultry by-products and
has been recognized with the National Premiers Sustainability Award. This
project contributes to maintain and reinforce the social commintment of the

It is so much better knowing whats happening in your soils and waterways by getting real-time data Partner
compared to the old ways of sending samples to the lab and waiting for weeks for the results, and not
knowing in the meantime whats going on, comments David Kassulke, Managing Director at AJ Bush.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 19

Enhancing the measurement of the water parameters of a real aquatic environment in terms of reliability and frequency

Description Sensors
Water quality parameters: temperature, pH, electro-conductivity or
Aquariums offer the possibility to study and enjoy these fascinating
dissolved oxygen.
ecosystems without the need for long and expensive trips. Aquariums
are a great educational tool that can raise public awareness about the Ambient conditions: humidity, temperature and luminosity.
need to preserve the lives and habitats of aquatic animals, and make
people aware of the importance of biodiversity.
The Fluvial Aquarium of Zaragoza is the largest of its kind in Europe.
The organization has trusted Libelium technology to automate the
measurement of physical and chemical parameters in the tanks, improving
the reliability and frequency of the data collected, and simplifying the Cloud
tasks of the staff. The majority of animals that live in the aquarium are
extremely sensitive to changes in environmental conditions. It is possible to check remotely all
the data taken by the nodes about
water and ambient parameters in
the Meshlium Manager System.

Taking water measurements several times per hour instead once a day.
Improving the reliability of the data collected.
Easing the tasks of the staff by automating readings.

Libelium Insight
Biodiversity is fundamental to human existence on Earth and, used in a
sustainable way, is an unlimited supply of natural resources providing many
essential goods and services to society. It is closely connected also to the
health and welfare of people and is key to social and economic development.
It is the task of all of us to protect our environment, to act sustainably, to learn
about and to care of the species that make up our essential aquatic ecosystem.

Changes in the optimal conditions of both types of aquatic environments can be detected now in Partner
minutes, ensuring the quickest reaction of the aquarium team. Waspmote Smart Water is the first water
quality-sensing platform that connects to the Cloud for real-time water monitoring, stated David Gascn,
Libelium CTO.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 20

Creating a hybrid sensor network between mobile and fixed nodes irrigating water quality specific sensors

Description Sensors
Water quality: pH, temperature, conductivity oxidation reduction potential
Integrated Water Cycle Management is a way for local water utilities to
(ORP), turbidity, chemical demand of oxygen (DQO) and ammonia.
sustainably manage their water systems to maximize benefits to the
community and environment. Water cycle is vital for any city so it must Energetic efficiency: toroids.
be monitored in order to assure a perfect system performance.
PRETESIC project has been developed by the Institute of Computer
Technology (ITI) in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Protocols
Valencia (UPV) and Telefonica Cathedra, and it has been deployed in the
city of Valencia (Spain). This system is able to monitor water quality by
measuring different environmental parameters and its main advantage Cloud
is to minimize the time required to deploy a wireless sensor network in Data is sent over the Internet to a remote server which stores and treat it. At
a particular area. the same time, workers, who are receiving data in real-time in the mobile unit,
can see this data on their screens thanks to a powerful software. Thus, workers
can know whether the data received is correct or there is a problem in the

Checking that all the elements within the network of sanitary sewers are
working properly.
Detecting possible engines or water pumps problems to save a huge
amount of money.
Reacting against unexpected situations.

Libelium Insight
The deployment process for this project is different from other ones in which
the nodes have a fixed location. In this case, PRETESIC system can be installed
anywhere during some hours and then move to another part of the city to
measure again. The Environmental Control Units can go to different areas
which have some research interest to gather data from these places.


Read the entire article at Libelium website 21

SMART AGRICULTURE KIWI ....................................................................... 23
Developing a smart irrigation system with Sigfox and GPRS connection in a kiwi

SMART AGRICULTURE NURSERY ............................................................. 24

Controlling crops conditions to ensure crops health and to reduce losses

SMART AGRICULTURE MARIJUANA ........................................................ 25

Providing maximum yield in medical marijuana crops to deliver the best quality

SMART AGRICULTURE BANANA ............................................................... 26

Improving banana crops production and agricultural sustainability in Colombia using
sensor networks

SMART AGRICULTURE BARCELONA ........................................................ 27

Saving water with a Smart Irrigation system in Barcelona controlling water flow and
soil moisture

SMART AGRICULTURE TOBACCO.............................................................. 28

Increasing crops quantity and quality and supporting decisions about agricultural

SMART AGRICULTURE ORGANIC FARMS................................................ 29

Predicting measurements and events that could help farmers and agronomists to save
time and money in farms

SMART AGRICULTURE OLIVES................................................................... 30

Controlling fruit fly pest in olives groves and creating a model to predict the diffusion
of flies

SMART AGRICULTURE STRAWBERRIES.................................................. 31

Controlling crops conditions to ensure crops health and to reduce losses

SMART AGRICULTURE COCOA .................................................................. 32

Helping Indonesian farmers to improve production and to face climate change

SMART AGRICULTURE EUROPEAN VINEYARDS.................................... 33

Monitoring multiple environmental parameters in order to avoid pests and optimize

SMART AGRICULTURE GALICIAN VINEYARDS ....................................... 34

Creating a statistical model to predict the appearance of plagues within the vineyard
with wireless sensor networks
Developing a smart irrigation system with Sigfox and GPRS connection in a kiwi plantation

Description Sensors
Soil moisture parameters: watermark.
FAMOSA is an Italian company that works on technology-based support
for agriculture, offering solutions for crop monitoring and management. Environmental conditions: temperature and humidity.
They have developed wireless sensor networks, based on Libelium Fruit size: fruit diameter.
technology, in a kiwi plantation with GPRS and Sigfox to develop accurate
irrigation strategies for farmers.
Kiwifruit is one of the most sensitive fruits in terms of quality which is Protocols
given by size, sweetness and dry matter. In order to reach the best quality
it is essential for farmers to develop a good irrigation strategy to attain
marketable products and to reduce product losses. Cloud
esiFARM platform by FAMOSA allows
to collect information from the sensor
platforms and other information sources
such as georeferenced cameras pictures
or multispectral analysis of satellite
imagery. EsiFARM includes models
to help farmers in decision and alerts
(irrigation, pathogens and maturation).

Comparing the effect of irrigation strategies between Sigfox and GPRS.
Getting a prompt warning about any water stress condition to recover
from a growth deficit.

Libelium Insight
For this project, the company has installed two different wireless sensors to
monitor soil water status to plan irrigation in a kiwi orchard. Data has been
recorded with the same system but information has been transmitted to the
platform by two different wireless connection: GPRS and Sigfox. The final user
has not been aware about the difference between the communication through
GPRS or Sigfox.

Farmers were impressed by the ease of the installation, which proved to be able to give real-time and
comprehensive information in less than one hour of full installation, has argued Massimo Noferini, CEO

Read the entire article at Libelium website 23

Controlling crops conditions to ensure crops health and to reduce losses

Description Sensors
Water quality: temperature, pH, electrical conductivity (EC), Oxidation
Agnov8 has trusted Libelium technology to develop several wireless
reduction potential (ORP) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO).
sensor networks to control crops conditions and to improve yields. The
Water level: ultrasound.
company has deployed a large environmental sustainability project of
Soil and leaves parameters: temperature, soil moisture and leaf wetness.
Camerons Nursery wholesale plant grower located in Australia.
Ambient conditions: air temperature, humidity, luminosity and
The smart system allows to monitor soil, water quality, water storage and anemometer + wind vane + pluviometer.
environmental parameters. Farmers want to control the quality of the
irrigation water and also the fill levels of the dams. In order to optimize
the growth of the plants, the ambient conditions and the soil needs are
monitored to improve crop yields.
Agnov8s multi-tenant SaaS is hosted
on AWS Cloud Platform. Through
the platform any user can access to
each sensor module to review sensor
measurement data based on their

Reducing human error by taking scheduled water quality readings that
have been completely replaced by automated readings.
Improving reliability of the reading by taking more frequent ones, every
15 minutes providing more valuable insights of the daily actions.
Taking decision based on real facts and improving daily work of each farmer.

Libelium Insight
Camerons Nursery has won 13 awards related to sustainability water
management and precision farming from the nursery sector or even the UN.
The deployment of the smart project allows the company to avoid the potential
of any adverse litigation which affects the business as a whole and continue
being a reference as a sustainable company.
Agnov8 with Libelium technology have enabled us to have insight into fluctuations with real-time
evidence in water and greenhouse monitoring. This has empowered our staff to react to specific events
ensuring crops health and reducing losses. We can see exactly what is occurring on farm whether we are
on or off site, concludes Sonja Cameron, Camerons Nursery director.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 24

Providing maximum yield in medical marijuana crops to deliver the best quality product

Description Sensors
Agriculture parameters: solar radiation, leaf wetness and stem diameter.
The legalization of marijuana in various US States, coupled with the
Ambient conditions: temperature, humidity, methane (CH4) and CO2 levels.
emergence of several new markets and continued overall growth on the
Water quality: pH, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and salinity.
medical side could boost overall state-legal cannabis recreational and
Water ions levels: calcium (Ca2+), nitrate (NO3-) or Chloride (CI-).
medical sales between 6 billion US dollars and 11 by 2020.
Medical marijuana plants require the precise balance of light, temperature,
environmental and soil conditions. SensorInsight has been working Protocols
for a medical marijuana operator with Libelium to develop a wireless
sensor network to produce the highest quality of marijuana through the
management and analysis of the entire medicinal marijuana growing Cloud
The platform where the medical
marijuana operator can visualize and
analyze the information is SensorInsight
dashboard. It is a Software as a Service
(SaaS) Platform, built for anytime,
anywhere connectivity. When an object can represent itself digitally, it can be
monitored and controlled from anywhere.

Receiving alerts via email or SMS to make adjustments and to achieve
continuous, optimal conditions for growth.
Auditing the key components of the growth process 24 hours a day.
Savings about 15% and 20% over the next 2 years in terms of water,
electrical supply, chemicals and grow cycle optimization of the

Libelium Insight
In this growing and newly regulated industry, there is additional emphasis on
growers for compliance and transparency, such as the requirement for facilities
to account for each plant on a daily basis. This solution prototypes a low cost
state-of-the-art plant sensor that will tag each plant individually.

This project has been developed to reach Smart Agriculture in medical marijuana plantations by investing
in best practices to provide maximum yield and high quality results that deliver the best quality product in
the industry, has argued Joey Bernal, co-founder and president of SensorInsight.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 25

Improving banana crops production and agricultural sustainability in Colombia using sensor networks

Description Sensors
Fertilizer levels: Ammonia (NH3).
Red Tecnoparque Colombia has developed an IoT network with Libelium
technology to monitor plantain crops in Lembo area, in Santa Rosa de Agriculture parameters: soil moisture, soil temperature, trunk diameter,
Cabal region. The project has been carried out by students from different fruit diameter and solar radiation.
organizations linked to SENA to improve productivity. Ambient conditions: digital humidity, temperature and pluviometer.
This solution lets them know harvesting projection, optimize water usage,
to prevent plagues and diseases, reduce fertilizers consumption and
catalogue soils depending on climate and culture. Redcom Tecnoparque
is also remotely supervising ambient and agronomic variations to
investigate new banana varieties.
The information is visualized in an own cloud-based application for the project
developed by Red Tecnoparque Colombia. The platform is accessible through
any computer and also by a mobile application.

Improving environmental and agricultural sustainability.
Promoting sustainable productivity in plantain crops to guarantee the
safety of the product.
Identifying and characterizing a concrete plantain crops area.

Libelium Insight
Crop flood, decrease of oxygen in the soil, high humidity, low temperatures and
low luminosity cause a lower plant development and a bigger predisposition
to be affected by plagues and diseases. During winter campaign, the great
increase of plagues and diseases makes pesticides vigilance and control
something vital for producers so this IoT solution is solving one of the main
worries for farmers.

This project will allow to obtain knowledge from the crops and also to develop and deploy technology for
agriculture sector as a first step for future researches. Our aim is to upgrade and promote innovation and Partner
competitiveness to all the processes related to environmental and agriculture sectors, considers Jerry
Giovanny Colorado Cano, Consultant of Tecnoparque Nodo Pereira in virtual technology line.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 26

Saving water with a Smart Irrigation system in Barcelona controlling water flow and soil moisture

Description Sensors
Soil conditions: soil moisture.
Councils and governments are conscious about the significance of
improving public areas. Not only to reduce costs, but also to show their
commitment with inhabitants and tourists that visit their cities. Barcelona
is a great example in the Smart Cities field. With different projects to Protocols
ease citizens lives, it has become one of the worldwide references of
innovative and technological developments.
Barcelona Council and Starlab has trusted Libelium technology to work Cloud
on a smart water project to control the irrigation system in Poblenou
The platform where the information is
Park Centre. The deployment is based on sensors technology and
visualized has been developed by two
consists of allowing remote control of the irrigation system to facilitate
departments of Barcelona Council,
the management of the water network.
Urban Services and Computing, that
have worked with Wonderware to
carry out the application which can
be controlled with computers, smart-
phones and also tablets.

Cutting down the municipal water bill near a 25%.
Reducing the use of water and also preventing water leakages or
Easing the daily tasks of municipal gardeners by developing automate

Libelium Insight
This deployment is based on Waspmote OEM sensor platform to give customers
the possibility to develop their own devices. This fact gives the impression of
the versatility of this IoT platform which enables connection with a wide range
of sensor probes that does not have to be from the same manufacturer.

The system optimizes water consumption because it irrigates with the proper amount according to Partner
weather conditions and the plants needs, has stated Cristina Vila, General Manager of Water Cycle in
the city.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 27

Increasing crops quantity and quality and supporting decisions about agricultural operations

Description Sensors
Weather conditions: temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure,
The socioeconomic importance of tobacco in Italy requires a continuous
rainfall, wind direction and speed.
update of technical improvements to rationalize the cultural practices in
Agriculture parameters: soil moisture and leaf wetness.
order to obtain a product of higher quality, but respecting the environment.
High quality depends on cultivation techniques, including chemical
substances that could be toxic for smokers, or specific pedology and Protocols
climatic requirements.
TeamDev, an Italian software company, has deployed Libeliums Waspmote
Plug & Sense! Sensor Platform to collect information localizing weather Cloud
conditions to support farming management. TeamDev has worked with ArcGIS Online is an ESRI geographic
a farmer association on tobaccos monitoring. The project has been platform which collects all data and
deployed in some tobaccos plots located in different geographical defines geolocation in maps. TeamDev has
regions of Italy (Veneto, Umbria e Campania). developed specific software to integrate
this data in a web interface for managing farming that can be considered a
Decision Support System to build predictive models so the farmer only has to
intermediate when is absolutely necessary and just in the right time.

Saving money in terms of the products used and the environmental
Making possible to implement a timely response to pathogen attack.
Supporting decisions about agricultural operations like sowing or harvest
time, timing for treatments and predictive models to spread pests.

Libelium Insight
Monitoring tobacco crops is a perfect example of adopting new technologies
in farming. Among the climatic factors that can affect the crop quality and
quantity, there are others that have particular importance such as air and soil
temperature, availability of water in soil, relative humidity of air and duration
and intensity of lighting. For this reason, it is important to monitor these
parameters in various stages of the entire growth chain of crops.

The installation of each station required two hours approximately. Once the first node was installed, as Partner
the code was already developed, adding new sensors to the platform was easier so each one could be
ready in less than one hour, has stated Andrea Cruciani, CEO and co-founder of TeamDev & Agricolus.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 28

Predicting measurements and events that could help farmers and agronomists to save time and money in farms

Description Sensors
Ambient conditions: humidity, temperature, rainfall, wind speed and
Senseye, a UK software company, decided to develop a project with
organic farmers to increase their crops and to make them sustainable.
The engineer team of the company detected a lack of freely available Agriculture parameters: soil moisture, soil temperature and solar
public data in matter of agriculture issues, so they decided that it was radiation.
necessary to work elbow to elbow with farmers and deploy a sensor Likelihood of pest infestation: nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ammonia (NH3),
network around the country to collect data. carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic components.
This project was deployed in 9 farms located across the UK, from
Riverford Organic Farms in Devon to Spen Farms run by the University
of Leeds. The aim of this project was to be able to capture useful data to Protocols
start predicting measurements and events that could help farmers and
agronomists to save time and money with their farms.
Senseye predictive analytics solution
is used in the smart agriculture, solar
energy and manufacturing industries
to save companies operations and
maintenance costs.

Saving time and money to the agriculture business owners.
Gathering data and developing prediction models in matter of crops yield
or adverse conditions.

Libelium Insight
Farm owners and managers were impressed by the amount of measurements
that could be taken and how capable the sensors were. They also feel relaxed
during the sensors installation in the fields because they were quick and simple
deployments with huge possibilities for their daily work.

The system we developed was to predict parameters that would have effects on crop growth so that
farmers could be warned about threats to their yield, affirms Alexander Hill, co-founder of Senseye.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 29

Controlling fruit fly pest in olives groves and creating a model to predict the diffusion of flies

Description Sensors
Weather conditions: temperature, humidity, rainfall and atmospheric
Olive producers are an essential part of agricultural sector particularly in
Italy and, in general, in southern Europe where they represent a significant
share of the agricultural economy. The olive fruit fly, named Bactrocera
oleae, is a serious pest for olives. The larvae attacks olive fruits and the Protocols
damage caused in the fruit by tunnelling of larvae results in important
losses of the crop.
TeamDev, an Italian software company, has used Libeliums Waspmote
Plug & Sense! Sensor Platform to collect information localizing weather The Cloud service is ArcGIS online, an ESRI
conditions to support farming management. The organization has geographic platform, that collect all the
developed a web platform to collect information about the presence of data and geolocate it in maps. TeamDev
olive fruit fly and to support a timely action and a defence plan. has developed specific software to
integrate this data in a web interface for
manage farming, that can be considered
a Decision Support System (DSS).

Managing critical agricultural operations.
Developing attack alarms and models of fly diffusion in the early stage of
fly spread.
Avoiding pests to increase the quality of production to upgrade the retail

Libelium Insight
For olive crops it is very important to control pests because part of the
production is lost due to premature falling of the attacked fruit. Larvae cause
the damage by the removal of the significant proportion of the pulp which has a
consequence results in reduction in the yield of olives. Each kind of crop could
be affected by a certain kind of pests, so Libelium sensors adapt to this great
demand from customers.

Precision farming has become the future way to manage crops for the continued supply of food within
the ecological, economic and social limits. The ability of these devices to enhance and enable day-to-day Partner
monitoring promises increase agricultural efficiency, explains Andrea Cruciani, CEO at TeamDev.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 30

Controlling crops conditions to ensure crops health and to reduce losses

Description Sensors
Soil conditions: soil moisture.
In the European sphere, Italy is the fourth strawberry producer country
Ambient parameters: temperature.
(around 140,000 tons), on a surface of 3,700 ha, 80% of which take place
Leaf characteristics: leaf wetness.
inside covered spaces. Greenhouses are located in the north-east of the
Emilia Romagna Region, one of the most important horticultural areas in
Italy, both for variety and quality of the products. Protocols
In terms of strawberry production, the common goals of the growers are
to shorten the time between pick and sell and to increase the quality of
the berries. Famosa has worked with Libelium technology to control two Cloud
of the main factors that affect strawberries: air temperature (significant esiFarm receives and aggregates data coming both from wireless systems and
from the coverage of the greenhouse up to harvest) and water irrigation portable instruments. The purpose is to allow instantly check of environmental,
amount (very important both during the first months after planting and physiological and productive parameters and to receive notifications as alert
before harvest). when urgent corrections are needed.

Saving time in hours and work-force farmers to control the crop status.
Reducing costs in money and energy by cutting down the amount of
water daily supply up to the 30% after planting and around the 15%
during harvest.
Decreasing product losses due to the presence of misshapen, plant
collapsed and small fruit and rot, keeping a constant production of
around 40 t/Ha.
Maintaining high and constant quality standards that increase the loyalty
of the consumer and allow selling with a constant price.

Libelium Insight
Developing a decision support system has become something essential for
farmers. They can benefit from the opportunities of precision, ad hoc solutions
for the most critical moments to structure with more confidence long-term
plans. Weather and ambient conditions influence crops and therefore, yields
so making smart decisions based on facts has changed farmers daily works.

Air and water conditions have to be constantly maintained within optimum ranges, in order to avoid loss
of product that otherwise can reach up to the 80% of the yield, caused by the presence of misshapen,
plant collapsed and small fruit, states Massimo Noferini, co-founder of FAMOSA.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 31

Helping Indonesian farmers to improve production and to face climate change

Description Sensors
Ambient conditions: temperature and humidity.
Singapore-based IoT solution provider BioMachines designed a wireless
sensor network system integrating Smart Agriculture sensors to measure Soil electrical conductivity and water content: photo-synthetically active
environmental parameters in the cocoa fields of tropical Indonesia. The radiation (PAR) and soil water potential.
solution collects environmental data from laboratory and field-based
experiments, and facilitates knowledge transfer to cocoa farmers.
The cocoa plant grows in tropical environments, throughout the wet,
rainy regions of Africa, Asia and Central America. According to the World
Cocoa Foundation (WCF), Indonesia is the third largest cocoa producer in
the world. This cash crop is strategically important for the country where
the big business is based on smallholdings and intensive farming: 80- Assigning data collection tasks to field staff directly synchronized to
90% of cocoa production comes from small, family-run farms. their respective tablet devices by on-site research managers.

Libelium Insight
Internet connectivity in rural areas can be unstable. For this reason, a local
server system is also deployed as an interim solution to store information
for task management and field data collection, without incurring data losing.
The collected data is sent to the Cloud when connectivity permits: this allows
the off-site researchers and collaborators across the globe a way to access,
visualize, and analyse the data from the on-going experiments.


Read the entire article at Libelium website 32

Monitoring multiple environmental parameters in order to avoid pests and optimize irrigation

Description Sensors
Ambient conditions: air temperature, humidity and rainfall.
In the vineyard, devastating diseases and pests adversely affect wine
Leaf characteristics: leaf wetness.
grape production and cause enormous economic damages annually.
Soil parameters: soil moisture.
Unfortunately, traditional treatments incur additional costs for growers
and are largely inefficient.
Sensor technology, however, is changing that. Based on scientific Protocols
observation, measurement, and response, wireless sensor networks
enable many new opportunities and innovations in the field of predictive
systems for agriculture. Dolphin Engineering has developed a precision
PreDiVine Elmitel Sensing
farming system in Switzerland with Libelium technology and Elmitel has
deployed a similar project in Slovenia.

Suggesting just-in-time targeted treatments needed to keep vineyards
healthy and profitable.
Enabling to organize monitoring activities that allow growers to prepare
pesticide applications.
Savings in terms of time, money and also emissions to the environment
controlling the use of toxic spraying for pests.

Libelium Insight
Precision Agriculture is one of the areas where cutting-edge technologies like
wireless sensors are bringing new capabilities that solve age-old problems. In
agriculture, information-based systems that were unimaginable years ago, are
improving crop and farm management today easing the daily tasks of farmers.
We found the Libelium Waspmote platform ideal for our purposes because of its flexibility in programming
the firmware and the possibility of adding sensors, based on our changing requirements, said Mauro
Prevostini, CEO of Dolphin Engineering.
Constant monitoring of vineyards is critical to ensure that disease doesnt appear. If you can see it on
the leaves, it is already too late, said Matic erc, founder of Elmitels eVineyard.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 33

Creating a statistical model to predict the appearance of plagues within the vineyard with wireless sensor networks

Description Sensors
Soil parameters: soil moisture and temperature.
IoT can be used to monitor different environmental parameters related
to agriculture such as temperature, humidity, soil temperature/humidity, Ambient conditions: temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure,
weather station, leaf wetness and many other parameters. Having this pluviometer, anemometer, solar radiation and ultraviolet radiation.
information in real-time allows to reduce the waste of time and money as Crops parameters: leaf wetness.
well as maximize agriculture results.
Siega System, developed by Grupo Austen in Pontevedra (Spain), has Protocols
created statistical models to predict the appearance of plagues within
the vineyard based on monitoring environmental parameters such as
ambient temperature and humidity and other parameters related to Cloud
agriculture such as precipitation, wind or leaf wetness.
Computer and mobile applications were
developed to help the user to manage
irrigation system, air conditioning machines
and to prevent possible pests. Sensor nodes
are located using Google Maps and the user
can access to real-time data from each sensor node, and even get a visual
representation of the different parameters measured by that node.

Predicting the appearance of pests in the upcoming hours or days.
Reducing the waste of time and money in the vineyards by minimizing
the impact of pests.
Controlling grapes traceability from crops to wine manufacturing.
Creating statistical prediction models.

Libelium Insight
Over the past five decades, the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) -
accounting for around half of the EU budget has encouraged the sector
to become rapidly modernized. This modernization includes methods for
improving irrigation systems, minimizing emission of pollutants and the
impact in the environment.

The idea of Siega System is to take the Internet of Things to rural areas, helping to decrease costs and Partner
minimizing the impact of phytosanitaries, ensuring a better quality end product, said Alex Casteleiro,
one of the leaders of Siega System.
Grupo Austen

Read the entire article at Libelium website 34

SMART CITIES GLASGOW............................................................................ 36
Developing a mobile monitoring system to control air quality, meet regulation and
reduce gas emissions

SMART CITIES NORDIC COUNTRIES......................................................... 37

Monitoring and reporting GHG emissions to get direct feedback of the citys emissions
reduction initiatives

SMART CITIES THE NETHERLANDS CANALS ........................................ 38

Managing shipping traffic to control the amount of flow boats and to optimize bridges
opening and closing

SMART CITIES MLAGA............................................................................... 39

Traffic and road conditions monitoring to develop an urban planning adapted to real

SMART CITIES OVIEDO................................................................................. 40

Monitoring water and air quality in civil works with an environmental impact detection

SMART CITIES CORUA............................................................................... 41

Improving citys efficiency and sustainability creating an open innovation ecosystem

SMART CITIES GETARIA............................................................................... 42

Environmental monitoring to increase citizens welfare and become a smart and
sustainable tourist destination

SMART CITIES LA GARROTXA.................................................................... 43

Enhancing urban resilience in the smart city: river flood and forest fire early detection

SMART CITIES SERBIA.................................................................................. 44

Deploying a mobile wireless sensor network for environmental monitoring for public

SMART CITIES SALAMANCA....................................................................... 45

Deploying a mobile wireless sensor network for environmental monitoring for public

SMART CITIES SANTANDER........................................................................ 46

Controlling gas emissions and noise pollution for a better environment care

Developing a mobile monitoring system to control air quality, meet regulation and reduce gas emissions

Description Sensors
Air quality parameters: CO, dust sensor to control particle matter (PM1,
CENSIS, the innovation center of excellence for Sensor and Imaging
PM2.5 and PM10), temperature, humidity, pressure, NO, NO2 and O3.
Systems (SIS) technologies, has developed a low-cost system with
Libelium Waspmote Sensor Platform in Glasgow (UK) that can be
deployed flexibly and rapidly in mobile configurations to complement Protocols
static stations providing more capillarity to Smart Cities projects.
The project has been called Sensing the City and the aim is to monitor
in real time key air parameters in different areas from Glasgow city in a Cloud
dynamic way. For this last reason, they thought about a mobile wireless
sensor network system placed on top of the vans to move through all CitySense is based on Microsoft
the city. Azure IoT platform. It allows data
visualization, interaction with the
cloud services and includes capability
to embed data processing and analytic
outputs. The Decision Support System
allows to create spatial and temporal
high resolution air quality maps.

Providing a support identification of pollution sources.
Developing of a low-cost and flexible/scalable system which allows to
update sensors, processing platform and cloud service.

Libelium Insight
Public authorities in cities deploy static stations to monitor air quality data
for a set of pollutants with specific and high cost, sensing technologies.
These stations provide highly accurate data but their costs limit the quantity
of deployments, leaving large gaps in coverage. This mobile wireless system
allows to get information from different points of the city in real-time.

Our initial requirement was for sensor nodes with a variety of configuration options. From an evolution Partner
point of view, we now have the potential to add new sensor nodes or to change sensor nodes, states
Stuart Simpson, CENSIS Senior Engineer.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 36

Monitoring and reporting GHG emissions to get direct feedback of the citys emissions reduction initiatives

Description Sensors
Air quality parameters: carbon dioxide (CO2), nitric oxide (NO), particle
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), has
matter dust (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10), temperature, pressure and
lead the Carbon Track and Trace Project (CTT) which aim is reducing
CO2 emissions, combating climate change in cities and also developing
a decision support system for cities greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
monitoring. Protocols
The first stage of CTT project has been carried out in Trondheim (Norway)
and Vejle (Denmark). It revealed a significant gap between municipalities
current methodologies and official standards for greenhouse gas Cloud
emissions (GHG) monitoring and reporting. CTT 2.0, has focused on
developing an automated system for GHG emissions monitoring and CTT2.0 uses The Things Network as
reporting, through the use of bottom-up sensor-based measurements. a cloud back-end which is an open-
source community aimed at creating a
global IoT network based on LoRaWAN.
The application developed to visualize
data is CTT Urban Overview that allows
monitoring the network itself and also
data analysis.

Meeting environmental regulations.
Getting feedback about mitigations actions of city councils.
Giving open and real-time information about GHG and pollutions to

Libelium Insight
Citizens are increasingly demanding more influx of information from
municipalities as an evidence of transparency. If the billions of sensors that
populate our smart cities generate open data, we should be able to make
decisions based on fact, and hold public officials accountable.

The main goal of CTT2.0 is to provide a city with an automated system for GHG emissions monitoring
and reporting, with the requirement of direct feedback of the citys emissions reduction initiatives. Thus, Partner
an accompanying goal is the integration of CTT2.0 into a citys decision support system, affirms Fredrik
Anthonisen, Technical Manager of CTT Project.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 37

Managing shipping traffic to control the amount of flow boats and to optimize bridges opening and closing

Description Sensors
Ships direction, distance and speed: new and innovative laser solution.
In the Netherlands there are many waterways, small inland harbours and
canals that are used by citizens in their daily routines. Each city has a
water infrastructure with high-density shipping traffic.
Vicrea has developed a wireless sensor network with Libelium technology
to manage canals traffic in the Netherlands by controlling the flow of
boats. This solution arises with the objective to know the amount of
ships that sail in the canals and also their direction to plan the water Cloud
Vicrea Cloud Platform, based on
Microsoft Azure SQL Database, can
distribute data to a live monitor or
can be stored for later analysis and
prediction. It is a unique platform for
combining data, joining solutions,
and adding third-party components.

Giving public authorities a holistic view about what is happening in their
water infrastructures.
Knowing in real-time information on traffic congestion or predicting
maintenance for bridges.
Cutting down costs, about 80.000 Euros each year per bridge.

Libelium Insight
This development has supposed a great advance for canals planning systems.
Now, there is possible to know if the maintenance level of canals is at par with
traffic density in a canal, to automate bridge opening and closing to improve
cars and ships experiences and also to reduce waiting times. The platform is
also controlling if a boat is entering in a private or prohibited area.

The solution incorporates cost-effective elements and eco-friendly parts. We use solar panels for our Partner
power supply and send data wirelessly, has highlighted Erkan Efek, Business consultant & Architect GIS
of Vicrea.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 38

Traffic and road conditions monitoring to develop an urban planning adapted to real demand

Description Sensors
Vehicle counting and identification: ultrasound and Bluetooth.
Urban traffic is one of the main problems affecting the quality of life
of residents in cities and metropolitan area. Current city models, with Pollutant emissions: dust (particle matter concentration) and gases
a very distributed layout and an urban population in constant growth, concentrations.
contribute to an increasing number of daily trips. Ambient conditions: noise, temperature and humidity.
A research group from the University of Mlaga has developed an
Urban Information System to gather relevant information about city
environments, particularly relative to traffic with wireless sensor Protocols
networks. Besides problems with pollution, safety and energy
consumption, providing a sustainable way of mobility for citizens to
arrive to their destinations requires new ways of managing urban traffic. Cloud
This projects is based on wireless
sensor networks. For this reason
different layouts can be easily adopted
to cover different road configurations.
The real areas can be shown in the
SCADA interface.

Allowing traffic managers to obtain real time information.
Adapting traffic planning to real demands depending matrices and
prediction models.

Libelium Insight
It is noteworthy that privacy rights are preserved in this project, since MAC
addresses from mobile devices are not linked to any individual. All the nodes
belonging to the same network share a common pre-shared key to avoid
external devices joining the sensor network or watching the information
contained in the packets being sent as it is encrypted.

Thanks to Libelium we have been able to focus on the application development instead of the issues
related to hardware, argues the research team composed by Alfonso Garca, professor of Systems Partner
Engineering and Automation department, Juan Jess Fernndez, main researcher, and Juan Martn and
Miguel Martn, R&D engineers.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 39

Monitoring water and air quality in civil works with an environmental impact detection system

Description Sensors
Water quality: turbidity, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), pH, dissolved
The building industry needs to reduce the environmental impact
oxygen (DO) and temperature.
generated by its activity to improve the sustainability regulations
compliance and to increase its competitiveness reducing costs. This is Environmental parameters: particle matter (PM1, PM2,5 and PM10),
the aim of the VisionTech4Life project, whose partners are Fulcrum, the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.
Technological Research Institute Deusto Tech and the company Erabi
Tecnologa Audiovisual: to know and mitigate the environmental effects Protocols
which implies any civil works.
The organization has developed an environmental impact detection
system in real time which allows measuring water quality an other
ambient parameters based on Libelium wireless sensor networks The information is processed in VisionTech4Life application. The solution
technology. This project has been deployed in the Villaprez water integrates technology, efficiency, sustainability and the real condition control in
treatment plant construction, located in Oviedo (Asturias, Spain). a telematic way. It includes from detection,
control and monitoring of impacts to the
generation of alarms and reports to ease
the decision making and to allow a proper

Reducing the measurement time and
the impact monitoring between 40% and 80%.
Shortening the response time in any alarm situation in 90%.
Cutting down costs in 40% in corrective measures after unfavourable

Libelium Insight
In the construction that has been monitored existed an Environmental
Surveillance Plan. The organization identified the surroundings and made the
most sensible points in order to measure the water, air and noise quality. For
these last parameters, they selected the check points close to houses placed in
that area. In these points were installed the noise and particle matter sensors.

At the beginning of the project we thought in developing everything from scratch by means of Arduino.
However, when we knew the developing possibilities which offers Libelium technology with Waspmote Partner
offers we perfectly that it was the product we needed to offer the proper service says Eneko Elorriaga
from Erabi.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 40

Improving citys efficiency and sustainability creating an open innovation ecosystem

Description Sensors
Ambient conditions: atmospheric pressure, noise, temperature, humidity and
Smart Corua is the innovation programme which began in 2011 and
whose objective is to transform the beautiful city of La Corua into a
technology hub. The new services implemented, improved the citys Water quality: flow, speed, rate and tubes conditions.
efficiency and the sustainability. Parking occupancy: parking nodes.
The project, 80% financed by European FEDER funds, provides a holistic
view of the city and its services. It consists of 14 technological pilots
including Libelium technology and the deployment of the Sofia2 Platform. Cloud
Sofia2 is Indras IoT Interoperability
Platform. It acts as the middle-
ware and repository that allows real
time interoperability of multiple
systems and devices, offering a
semantic platform to make real
world information available to smart
applications (Internet of Things).

Improving quality of life in La Corua.
Offering citizens an open and transparent controlling system.

Libelium Insight
All the information gathered from the different devices was published in the City
Councils website to be presented to the citizens. Our world is living another
revolution where citizens are claiming more transparency to public authorities. In
fact, there is a growing interest in open data and content, but it is essential to put
them in context.


Read the entire article at Libelium website 41

Environmental monitoring to increase citizens welfare and become a smart and sustainable tourist destination

Description Sensors
Water quality: pH, conductivity and oxidation reduction potential (ORP).
Getaria is a tourist destination of the Basque Coast in the North of Spain
which has increased tourism volume in recent years. The council is Ambient conditions: noise and temperature.
searching for recognition as smart and sustainable tourism destination Emission levels: CO, NO2, O3, SO2 and particle matter.
through an environment monitoring project linked to the public wireless
network. Protocols
The wireless WiFi/Wimax network of the city has been combined with
Sigfox network to add new IoT services to citizens. The project aims to
monitor air, noise and water in real time to increase citizens welfare and Cloud
to prevent problems that can cause a negative impact on the tourism
iQmenic is Nexmachinas platform to
monitor and manage wireless sensor
networks communications and IP
devices to deploy new IoT services. It
offers a simple and practical dashboard
to visualize information from different
water, air or soil parameters and develop
analytic to optimize processes.

Increasing the volume of tourists by getting the recognition of
sustainable city.
Taking actions about traffic and emissions to improve citizens quality of life.
Providing an open service for inhabitants and tourists offering them
transparent information.

Libelium Insight
Spain is the third global power in tourism. Many cities of the country are
searching the green label that accredit them as sustainable destinations
to make a difference with other places to attract new tourists. Sustainable
tourism is winning more people day by day something which is directly related
to the environmental awareness of the society.

Working with Libelium has enabled us to launch a new business model for our customers -cities, towns
and industries- providing them a solution that includes value added proposal and operational costs Partner
control, says Fernando Presa, CEO of Nexmachina.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 42

Enhancing urban resilience in the smart city: river flood and forest fire early detection

Description Sensors
Forest fire detection: temperature, humidity, CO2 and CO.
100 Resilient Cities (100RC) organization supports a view of resilience
Flood prevention: ultrasound sensors for liquid flow detection and
that includes not just the shocksearthquakes, fires, floodsbut also
distance measurement.
the stresses that weaken the fabric of a city on a day-to-day basis. By
Emission levels: CO2, NO2, air pollutants I (NH3, H2S, ethanol and toluene)
addressing both factors, a city can improve its response to adverse
and liquid petroleum.
events, and is overall better able to deliver basic functions in good times
and bad to all populations.
Opticits has worked with Sigma to create and deploy a City Resilience Protocols
Management platform that integrates Libeliums Waspmote Plug &
Sense! sensor nodes and Meshlium gateways. The project has been
carried out in different areas of La Garrotxa (Spain). Cloud
Opticits HAZUR dashboard is the basis
of many system tools used to oversee the
data capture and integration, and to track
and manage key performance indicators
(KPI) that support working structures
and responsibilities in regional services.

Enhancing cooperation between public and private organizations within
the region, who continue working together to identify threats and remedy
areas of non-compliance.
Managing critical facets of infrastructure and public services.
Making accurate readings and data transmission highly reliable.

Libelium Insight
IoT can improve resilience in areas such as civil protection; telecommunications;
energy, electricity; water supply; urban maintenance; traffic management.
Spain is developing an ecosystem comprised of technology enterprises,
universities, private industry, municipalities, regional government stakeholders
working together to benefit cities where we live and work.

The great thing we identified with the Sigma team is that Libelium sensor platform is so easy to deploy Partner
and scale. That makes a big difference as cities and regions adapt to unforeseen changes now and in the
future, affirmed Ignasi Fontanals, CEO and co-founder of Opticits.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 43

Deploying a mobile wireless sensor network for environmental monitoring for public transportation

Description Sensors
Bus location: GPS.
A clean air supply is essential for our own health and also for the
environment. The quality of the air we breathe has considerably been Emission levels: CO, CO2 and NO2.
deteriorated- mainly as a result of human activities. Waspmote has Ambient conditions: temperature and relative humidity.
been used to control public transportation and to monitor environmental
parameters in several cities in Serbia. Protocols
EkoBus system has been developed in collaboration with Ericsson, which
has been deployed in the cities of Belgrade and Pancevo. The system Cloud
utilizes public transportation vehicles to monitor a set of environmental
parameters over a large area as well as to provide additional information Sensor nodes send the results to the server application for further analysis and
for the end-user like the location of the buses and estimated arrival times database storage. Web and Android application collect information from the
to bus stops. nodes and perform their visualization (location of the vehicles and atmospheric

Calculating the average time of bus travel between two consecutive
stations to give this information to users.
Controlling weather conditions and emission levels to allow public
authorities to take action.

Libelium Insight
The issue of air quality is still a major concern for many European citizens. It is
also one of the areas in which the European Union has been most active. Since
the early 1970s, the EU has been working to improve air quality by controlling
emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, improving fuel quality,
and by integrating environmental protection requirements into the transport
and energy sectors.


Read the entire article at Libelium website 44

Deploying a mobile wireless sensor network for environmental monitoring for public transportation

Description Sensors
Emission levels: CO, NO2, O3 and particle matter.
A recent EEA report establishes that approximately 17 % of European
citizens live in areas where the EU target for ozone concentration Ambient conditions: temperature, relative humidity and noise.
was exceeded in 2009. Pervasive Air-quality Sensors Network for an
Environmental Friendly Urban Traffic Management (RESCATAME) is a Protocols
project funded by the European Union through its LIFE program.
The main goal of the IoT project is to achieve a sustainable management
of the traffic in the City of Salamanca by using two key-elements: a Cloud
pervasive air-quality sensors network as well as prediction models.
RESCATAME project has created an external data base to store the data from
the two Meshliums in order to show the sensor data in a web application. This
sensor data will be used for the predictive models so that traffic management
can be improved.

Reducing air pollution levels in the city contributing to improve air
Enhancing human health by reducing emission levels.
Allowing cities to achieve a better way of managing urban traffic in
European cities.

Libelium Insight
Cities are searching accurate and easy systems to improve their citizens
lives. In this project, creating a data platform to inform, understand, assess
and evaluate the impact of the actions applied is allowing public authorities to
improve the accessibility, approach congestion problems, enhance air quality
and start a traffic information system.


Pollution and traffic control system developed within RESCATAME project has 6 parts: monitoring,
modeling, statistical analyze, dissemination, deployment and evaluation, affirmed RESCATAME

Read the entire article at Libelium website 45

Controlling gas emissions and noise pollution for a better environment care

Description Sensors
Emission levels: CO.
Air emissions and noise pollution affects to daily citizens life deteriorating
their health and increasing the risk to suffer certain illness. Parking occupancy: parking.
Smart Santander project, developed by several companies and institutions Ambient conditions: noise, temperature and luminosity.
including Telefonica I+D and University of Cantabria, aims at designing,
deploying and validating a platform composed of sensors, actuators,
cameras and screens to offer useful information to citizens. Gas emission Protocols
levels and ambient conditions were some of the parameters measured.
As a result of this project, environmental parameters can be monitored for
further study as well as citizens can also know them thanks to real-time
maps available for viewing.
SmartSantander network can be used
to test new algorithms without any
downtime, while citizens still receive
information about their environment.

Allowing researchers from all over the world to test different algorithms
in a real environment.
Offering citizens real-time maps to know what happens in their streets in
relation to environmental conditions and parking occupancy.

Libelium Insight
Around 75 percent of the population of the European Union has chosen
urban areas as their place to live. The Smart City concept as the next stage
in urbanization has gained ground with policy-makers, leading to invest in
human and social capital, resource management and new developments in
environmental sustainability. Smart Cities can be considered as ecosystems,
albeit with a high technical component.

Air pollution harms human health and the environment. Despite the fact that automobile and industrial
emissions have decreased in recent years, air pollutant concentrations remain high and air quality
problems persist. IoT is helping to monitor environmental conditions and take actions to reduce
emissions, stated Alicia Asn, Libelium CEO.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 46

SMART PARKING DUBAI............................................................................... 48
Providing customers with a smart parking system to ease the search of free parking

SMART PARKING CALIFORNIA................................................................... 49

Guiding drivers to available spaces at San Diegos historic Rosecroft Estate

Providing customers with a smart parking system to ease the search of free parking slots

Description Features
Double radio: LoRaWAN and Sigfox.
The project has been carried out in the technological area in Dubai, Silicon
Oasis. The surface parking device -with LoRaWAN and Sigfox- features Smaller size, reduced over 50%.
smaller size, higher accuracy and faster time of detection facilitating Higher accuracy and reliability.
lower installation costs. Faster time of detection.
At Dubai Silicon Oasis the system is implemented as a Wireless Sensor Installed on the road surface.
Network, with different types of nodes, with power supply independence
No-dependance from temperature.
from the grid, and allowing an easy and inexpensive deployment around
an area of interest. Lower power consumption.
Certifications with CE/FCC/IC marks.


Multiple data collected in real time to a LoRaWAN base station, and then to a
cloud platform where the data is visualized, analyzed, and converted into smart
city services.

Drivers in major cities spend between 3.5 and 14 minutes searching for a space each time they park
increasing traffic congestion.

Guiding drivers to available spaces at San Diegos historic Rosecroft Estate

Description Sensors
Parking occupancy: parking sensor.
Total Communicator Solutions (TCS) is making smart parking possible,
enabling residents and visitors to easily locate available parking spaces.
At the historic Rosecroft Estate in San Diego, TCS is showcasing live, fully
operational smart-parking simulations. The solution provides welcome Protocols
benefits without compromising visual aesthetics across the location
and in the case of the Rosecroft Estate without taking away from its
historic beauty.
TCSs Spark Compass communications platform where collets data and
presentes it on a graphical map to guide drivers to available spots: in garages,
city streets or commercial lots. Powerful analytics on collected performance
data, real-time behaviour and actions provide granular visibility in a centralized

Developing a smart parking maintaining the visual aesthetics at
Rosecroft Estate.
Offering visitors a real-time application to detect available slots.

Libelium Insight
Living IoT Labs are creating new opportunities to test products and wireless
systems before deploying bigger projects. Rosecroft Estates in San Diego
California is a perfect example of an IoT Lab where a building has been turned
into smart by gathering information related to air quality, agricultural data or
parking occupancy. These projects are a great way to develop test beds before
deploying a real wireless sensor network.

Combining Libelium smart parking sensor technology and Sigfox efficient connectivity brings our Spark
Compass smart city solution to a new level. This project will demonstrate how city planners can provide a
comprehensive parking management solution that generates accurate efficient information to motorists,
says Erik Bjontegard, founder and CEO of Total Communicator Solutions, Inc.California

SMART BUILDING LIBELIUM....................................................................... 51
Living IoT Lab to monitor parking, water quality, ambient and environmental conditions

SMART BUILDING LJUBLJANA................................................................... 52

Following the Green Mission strategy of BTC City Shopping and Business Centre

SMART BUILDING SANTIAGO DE CHILE AIRPORT................................. 53

Ensuring quality in the management and operation of airport infrastructures by
monitoring environmental conditions

Living IoT Lab to monitor parking, water quality, ambient and environmental conditions

Description Sensors
Ambient parameters: luminosity, noise, WS-300 (pluviometer, wind speed
Libelium believes in a world completely connected to gather data from
and direction), humidity, temperature, pressure and UV radiation sensors.
anything located anywhere to enable citizens and organizations to make
decisions based on valuable information. With the aim to show customers, Pollution levels: pH, connectivity, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), DO
partners and visitors the wide range of IoT applications, Libelium has (dissolved oxygen) and temperature sensors.
deployed a Living Lab in its headquarters in Zaragoza (Spain). Libelium Water quality: temperature, conductivity, turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen
Smart Building gives real-time information to the company about outside (DO), oxidation reduction potential (ORP).
air and noise pollution levels and environmental parameters as well as Parking occupancy: parking node.
inside ambient conditions, water quality or waste management.
Soil conditions: watermark and temperature sensors.
Waste management levels: ultrasound sensor.


Libelium Systems team has developed a
dashboard to control all these parameters
in just a platform to monitor levels and set
alerts depending on certain parameters.

Showing the vertical applications of Libelium technology and how they
Integrating the main signs of Libeliums identity (interoperability,
internationalization and the ecosystem) in a single space.

Libelium Insight
Transforming Libelium building to exhibit how to apply our technology has
allowed us to make it smart. As technology leaders we cannot think in a better
way to demonstrate our commitment to the IoT world. The initiative also
This project aims to convert our central headquarters in a Smart Building to clearly and simply explain pushes up the pride of Libelium team as they can show to visitors their own
how our technology works and the wide range of applications that can be deployed quickly and reliably developments as the company creates new solutions.
to the market, has stated David Gascn, Libelium CTO.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 51

Following the Green Mission strategy of BTC City Shopping and Business Centre

Description Sensors
Ambient parameters: luminosity, temperature, humidity, noise, air
BTC City is one of the largest shopping and business centres in
pressure and ultrasound distance.
Europe located in Ljubljana, the 2016 European Green Capital. It has
trusted SmartIS City and Libelium to develop a project to improve its Environmental parameters: CO, O3, NO and NO2.
environmental and social commitment.
Many worldwide cities are following environmental standards to reduce
the number of illnesses induced by air pollution and to lower emissions.
These cities are changing their attitude towards the environment and,
above all, taking action. For that reason, they need to detect the problems
and to respond with green projects installing wireless sensor networks. Cloud
SmartCityPlatform is an innovative platform
for digital transformation of cities developed
by SmartIS City. It serves cities as a smart
governance tool and a big data market
place and creates value for future city

Supporting the company in following its innovative business model ECO
Measuring and assessing the impact of their activities on the
environment and society.
Creating a better environment for local people, visitors and businesses to
improve consumption.

Libelium Insight
Retail sector is demanding solutions not only to improve commercial experience
but also to demonstrate and guarantee the compliance of environmental
regulations. Libelium has adapted its sensors to the market demand about
accuracy and parameters measurement to achieve worlwide organizations
goals related to sustainability.

We have created a BTC City Living Lab Digital Platform, which is transforming not only shopping industry
and creating new value for local businesses and their customers, but holds prospect for transforming Partner
management of cities as well, has said Julij Boi, Chief Innovation and Digital Officer at BTC.

Read the entire article at Libelium website. Find this kit in The IoT Marketplace to replicate this case study. 52
Ensuring quality in the management and operation of airport infrastructures by monitoring environmental conditions

Ambient conditions: humidity, temperature and luminosity.


The information is visualized in the platform
Spider which is an integration software
tool to control and optimize processes in
airports. The platform centralizes, processes
and exploits data in a multi-modal manner
to enable transport planners, operators
and authorities to visualize the data in a
simplified, orderly and easy way.

Internet of Things solutions are helping airports to solve some issues
that are happening in a similar way in Smart Cities. Ikusi, with Libelium Establishing monitoring and auditing measures to make sure that the
technology, has developed a wireless sensor network to ensure quality in concessionaire company is carrying out its activity in accordance with the
management and operation under the concession model in Santiago de quality parameters agreeded.
Chile airport. Consuming just the energy needed by maintaining luminosity, humidity and
The project has been designed to ensure quality in the management and temperature within quality levels established by the airport operator.
operation of airport infrastructures, where the relationship between the Passengers spending more time in shopping areas getting better
public owner and the private company is supported by a concession commercial experience as they are more comfortable and relaxed.
business model. The public owner needs to establish monitoring and
audit measures allowing it to make sure that the concessionaire company
is carrying out its activity in accordance with the quality parameters
Libelium Insight
agreeded. Global smart airports market is expected to reach $13 billion by 2019 with an
annual growth rate of 6%. Organizations are aware of the benefits of applying
the latest technology to improve any kind of process in airports. It represents
the idea of aerotropolis that integrates airports features with metropolis

We have made valuable information available for the airport managers to guarantee the comfort level
of the facilities and to increase passengers satisfaction in their passing through the airport, has argued
Alfonso Sardn, product manager of Ikusi.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 53

INDUSTRY 4.0 POLIBOL................................................................................ 55
Reducing maintenance costs and ensuring quality in the manufacturing process

INDUSTRY 4.0 INBLAY TECHNOLOGY....................................................... 56

Monitoring temperature and vibration of industrial motors to warn when abnormal
operation is detected

Reducing maintenance costs and ensuring quality in the manufacturing process

Description Sensors
Ambient conditions: temperature, humidity, noise and luminosity.
Established in 1959, Polibol is a leader in the flexible packaging sector
Emission levels: CO2 and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound).
with a worldwide reputation for technological innovation as a flexible
packaging printer and convertor. The companys chief activity is the
manufacture of printed coils and aluminum laminated plastics for use Protocols
as flexible packaging for food and consumer products (personal care,
Polibol has developed and IoT system in various production lines that
incur a number of critical processes. The company is controlling the air Using Microsoft Azure allows Polibol to
temperature near machinery on the factory floor and also monitoring start sending data immediately without
gases to keep compliance within authorized levels of concentration and the need to configure their own server
also improve workers conditions. system. From the outset, the sensor
data is available for downloading and
local analysis, or it can be transferred
to another server. Once the data is
synchronized with the Azure platform,
it can be accessed from anywhere.

Controlling ambient parameters that directly affect some production
Maintaining working conditions within environmental rules compliance.
Ensuring that the solvents that come in contact with food remain below
minimum levels of tolerance.

Libelium Insight
The Internet of Things is generating a new revolution in Industry. The
deployment of wireless sensor networks in factories is helping to improve
production processes, controlling storage conditions, monitoring transport and
logistics, meeting regulations about environmental emissions or enhancing
working conditions. The sector is integrating cutting edge technologies to
reach the highest productivity.

The autonomy of each Waspmote Plug & Sense! will vary depending on the sampling frequency. When
the nodes are connected to the grid, the energy balance is positive. When there is no current, the nodes Partner
can continue working for hours and even for days, said David Remn, Libelium Project Manager.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 55

Monitoring temperature and vibration of industrial motors to warn when abnormal operation is detected

Description Sensors
Industrial motors: temperature and vibration.
As modern industrial machinery is expensive, it is usually important
for businesses to ensure the upkeep of their investment. Preventive
maintenance also may help ensure that machinery is safe, which can Protocols
assist in maintaining the health of workers and equipment users.
Inblay Technology, a Mexican company that designs, develops and
deploys industrial enhancement systems, has created a platform to
monitor industrial motors using Waspmote. This system is able to
monitor temperature and vibration of industrial motors, warning when Data is sent to Meshlium which stores them into a MySQL database.
abnormal operation is detected.

Offering a better control for preventive maintenance in the industrial
Allowing facing peaks production thanks to a quick and easy scalability.
Developing a friendly user interface providing field workers with a took to
ease maintenance.

Libelium Insight
Waspmotes sensors were able to provide Inblay with a friendly interface, but
the end-user wanted to check if this platform was able to behave properly
under real conditions. Real tests were carried out during several weeks in order
to test the whole system. Thanks to the stability of the system, the end-user
was totally satisfied and decided to install the system in the industrial motors.

The end-user wanted to know temperature and vibration of industrial motors in real-time, and this was a
key factor to use Libeliums products says Antonio Perez, developer of Inblay System.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 56

LOGISTICS & RETAIL PETROL STATION.................................................... 58
Monitoring the incoming and outgoing traffic in a service station to know the
behaviour of customers

LOGISTICS & RETAIL BAKERY COMPANY................................................ 59

Creating a real-time cold chain monitoring system for a bakery and pastry company in
Zaragoza (Spain)

Monitoring the incoming and outgoing traffic in a service station to know the behaviour of customers

Smartphone detection with Meshlium IoT Gateway.


A customized configuration of Meshlium
has been developed for this project
so the daemon of the NTP service has
been activated to obtain a continuous
synchronization without user intervention.

Knowing the rate of vehicles that access to the service area and do not
Description Controlling the average length of stay of the vehicles in the service area.
With the new millennium, the service stations have turned into commercial Defining the highest time zones by measuring the traffic volume that
establishments increasing the portfolio of services to the drivers. pass along the road in front of the gas station every hour.
Knowing the consumer behaviour at different time frames and in specific Measuring the vehicle movements related to commercial operations
dates (weekends or holidays) allows the managers of gas stations to registered to check the impact of the promotions in the services
plan the commercial offer in order to launch special promotions or even demanded.
to adapt the price of the fuels at those hours.
Libelium has developed an Internet of Things project with a gas station Libelium Insight
holding from Zaragoza (Spain), called Zoilo Ros, to monitor the traffic
of vehicles in one of the most important service areas of the city. The The Spanish Ministry of Development publishes data about the density in each
aim of the project is to measure the incoming and outgoing traffic of the road which is called IMD (daily traffic density index of a road), but with a delay
establishment by the detection of cars bluetooth devices. of one year and a half and based on medium rates. With Libelium technology,
the service area can access to this information in real time to adapt the prices
of products and services depending on the expected demand.

Knowing the traffic density in this road is a strategic information for gas stations management to
calculate the volume of potential customers, argued Zoilo Ros, CEO of the holding.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 58

Creating a real-time cold chain monitoring system for a bakery and pastry company in Zaragoza (Spain)

Description Sensors
Location: GPS.
Tahona Goyesca is an Aragonese leading company in the bakery and
Ambient conditions: temperature.
pastry sector. This artisan bakery has four points of production, several
retail shops and a fleet of ten vehicles that perform around thirty deliveries
per day. Tahona Goyesca bakes and distributes cakes and pastries that
require storage at proper temperature to reach their destination in peak Protocols
Libelium designed a Smart Tracking solution using Waspmote Plug &
Sense! and Meshlium IoT Gateway to control the temperature and make Cloud
delivery more efficient in Tahona Goyescas fleet of refrigerated vehicles.
The temperature and position of each delivery vehicle can be monitored A specific Meshlium application to
in real time remotely through a computer, smarthone or tablet. visualize the data was developed
for this project. Each vehicles route,
and starting and finish times are
tracked and reported, and reports
can be viewed as a map or as a list.

Detecting any failure or delay in the delivery system.
Taking actions about temperature alerts before the cakes get ruined.

Libelium Insight
Libeliums solution allows the nodes to use sleep mode, so that every node
sleeps, awakes, updates its position and temperature, and sleeps again.
For Tahona Goyesca, the optimum time between samples is three minutes, to
properly balance the binomial energy consumption with precision. Each Plug
& Sense! node synchronizes the refrigerator chamber temperature, vehicle
position, remaining battery level and 3G signal power every 3 minutes.

Tahona Goyesca operates its own fleet of refrigeration trucks and is one of the leading bakeries to use
sensing and tracking technology to offer their customers efficient food distribution, said David Gascn,
Libelium CTO.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 59

Reducing maternal deaths by monitoring patients risk to identify the symptoms of

EHEALTH PROJECT HOPE............................................................................ 62

Creating a device to aid in the efficient detection of tachypnea, an indication of
pneumonia in children, to reduce child mortality

EHEALTH DELTAZ........................................................................................... 63
Controlling real-time conditions and the cold chain of vaccines and other medicines

Reducing maternal deaths by monitoring patients risk to identify the symptoms of preeclampsia

Description Sensors
Body parameters: SP02 pulsioximeter, blood pressure, body position,
The Dominican Republic is one of the Latin-American countries with
temperature and ECG.
major rate of maternal and neonatal deaths. Libelium has taken part in
a project close to Infectologas Dominican Foundation to bring over the
sanitary attention to groups of patients in risk with MySignals. Protocols
With the aim of monitoring patients with risk of suffering arterial
hypertension, the Foundation team uses MySignals to identify the
symptoms of preeclampsia in the patients of several sanitary centers Cloud
located in rural areas. It is a disease related to hypertension and is known
MySignals Cloud and the mobile
as toxemia of the pregnancy.
application allow to visualize the
information gathered from the sensors
in real time. The platform saves data
from different users, gives access to
their records and allows sending the
information anywhere.

Reducing maternal deaths by controlling vital signs of pregnant women
about the risk of convulsing.
Enhancing accessibility to a healthcare system to places where the
assistance is very complicated.

Libelium Insight
The eHealth project in Dominican Republic has been very challenging but
very rewarding. The areas where some of the hospitals were located have
complicated the communications and also the developing of MySignals
system. Fortunately, the doctors team has been able to monitor several
pregnant patients in risk to reduce maternal deaths.

MySignals is phenomenal; I find it very useful as it evidences that the technology can bring us the
development of the sanitary attention in the country that we really need, considers Jose Carlos Bautista,
from the National University Pedro Enriquez Urea in Santo Domingo and one of the teams doctors.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 61

Creating a device to aid in the efficient detection of tachypnea, an indication of pneumonia in children, to reduce child mortality

Description Sensors
Body parameters: breath rate, spirometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure,
Pneumonia is the number one killer of children worldwide with two million
temperature, galvanic skin response and body position.
deaths each year. With a child dying every twenty seconds, pneumonia is
a significant contributor to neonatal mortality in developing countries
more than AIDS, malaria and measles combined.
To reduce child mortality due to Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI), the
Smart Object Sensing Array invented by Guardit and licensed by Inspire Device
Living, contracted with the global NGO Project HOPE to create a device The INSPIRE device measures patterns of breath recognition with an algorithm
to aid in the efficient detection of tachypnea, an indication of pneumonia that analyses the data and displays the information to be easily read by non-
in children, based on Libeliums e-Health Sensor Platform. skilled field personnel. The device tests breath rate in 15-second intervals
and can conduct multiple tests within a one-minute time frame, permitting
healthcare workers time to observe other signs of patient distress.

Developing a more sophisticated diagnostic system for clinics and health
professionals in developing countries.
Obtaining accurate readings while monitoring breath rate.

Libelium Insight
With INSPIRE, Libelium has addressed many of the evolutions of the product
during prototyping, and has now contracted with Project HOPE and other
NGOs to take the units into the field and bring back the data they need to take
the product to better developments. In 2016, Libelium released a new device
to develop eHealth products and applications, MySignals, which improves
features of the previous platform.

Libelium knocked it out of the ball park with their e-Health Sensor Platform Kit. With this, we had available
the core of what we needed so we could add our value and focus on our solution, said Michael Script, Partner
co-founder of Inspire Living.

Read the entire article at Libelium website 62

Controlling real-time conditions and the cold chain of vaccines and other medicines

Description Sensors
Ambient conditions: O2, CO2, vibration, luminosity and temperature.
Medical drugs are very expensive, specially vaccines and others
that need to be stored at a specific temperature. Therefore, real-time
monitoring is vital to control whether the cold chain has been broken
or not. Wireless sensor networks are capable of getting temperature,
humidity or luminosity measurements and transmit the data to a remote
server periodically.
ARES system has been developed by DeltaZ, a Malaysian company
focused on medical products, which has been deployed in several cities Sensor nodes make measurements and periodically send the results to the
in Malaysia. The system is able to monitor several ambient parameters server application for further analysis and database storage. A web application
in different environments: refrigerators, ultra low temperature, freezers, collect the information from the nodes and perform their visualization.
cold rooms, LN2 tanks and incubators.

Monitoring of real-time storage conditions in medical refrigerators.
Saving time in terms of automating the control system.
Reducing costs by avoiding breaking the cold chain.

Libelium Insight
For an accurate measurement, sensors have been calibrated in professional
laboratories in order to provide the best results in this project. In fact, one
of the main requirements of the company was to have the best accuracy
to guarantee that medicines and other products are stored in the adequate
ambient conditions.


Read the entire article at Libelium website 63

Easing the IoT adoption with out-of-the-box kits


The IoT Marketplace features kits that Kits can be used in commercial demos, The marketplace allows customers to
contain programmed sensor nodes proof of concept projects or pilots with try solutions and visualize how to scale
connected to specific Cloud applications. minimum configuration. them.

The IoT Marketplace offers fully integrated solutions trying to prevent customers from getting lost while designing their IoT projects.
It also allows companies to try solutions and visualize how to scale them in a cost effective way, explains Alicia Asn, Libelium CEO.

TO BE DEPLOYED 3G, 4G, GPRS, 802.15.4, LoRaWAN, Sigfox INVOLVED IN THE 1ST YEAR Cities, buildings, agriculture, environment
Air quality, water, parking, factory, ehealth

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