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Application process

Fourth Annual Global Youth Summit 15-21 November 2009

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 26-31 January 2010
Please complete all sections of this form to the best of your ability. The Global Changemakers team
will primarily use the information you provide to select participants for the Fourth Annual Global Youth
Summit. We shall also use information and data confidentially and for statistical purposes

• to help us improve the overall quality of this project, including sharing relevant information with
our partners, and
• for publicity purposes..

If you do not wish your information or data to be used for these purposes, please use the tick box
immediately above your signature at the end of the form.

Application form

Family name ______________

First name (s) __________________________________________
Date of birth (day/month/year, must be between 15 November 1990 and 1993)
Nationality ______________
Male/female ______________

Home address (incl. country) __________________________________________

Contact telephone number (incl. international code) ______________
Mobile phone number (incl. international code) ______________
Contact fax number (incl. international code) ______________
E-mail address ____________________________
Skype name ______________

Do you have a valid passport? If so, please give its number below. (Please be aware that in case you
are selected to participate in this event you will need to get a passport as soon as you are notified of
your selection.)
Passport number ______________

How did you find out about Global Changemakers?

o Through my local British Council office
o Through a member of the Global Changemakers network
o Through a partner organisation
o Through the Global Changemakers website
o Other
Which? _________________

What communities and networks are you active in that are relevant to your work as an activist,
volunteer or social entrepreneur?
Application process
Fourth Annual Global Youth Summit 15-21 November 2009
World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 26-31 January 2010
What volunteer work, social entrepreneurship or community activism have you been involved in?
Describe your involvement in a couple of sentences.

What areas has your community work/activism focused on so far? Please tick all that apply.

o Youth work o Climate change

o Education o Poverty relief
o Human rights o Hunger relief
o Children’s rights o Social entrepreneurism
o Public health o Other
o The environment Which? ______________

Which of the areas mentioned above are you currently most passionate about?

Why do you want to participate in this event?

If selected, how will you leverage your attendance at the Global Youth Summit to advance your
community work and/or goals?

Give the name, position and contact details of a reference (e.g. teacher, professor, employer, NGO

o I am aware that I am also required to submit an application video (the instructions can be
downloaded here:
Application process
Fourth Annual Global Youth Summit 15-21 November 2009
World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 26-31 January 2010

Have you previously taken part in a British Council project? If so, which?

I am applying for the Global Changemakers programme and for a place at the Fourth Annual Global
Youth Summit from 15-21 November. I understand that if I am selected, the British Council will cover
all travel and accommodation costs for the duration of the Forum from my home to the United
Kingdom and back. I also understand that a small number of the participants will be selected by the
group to attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. If I am chosen as part of this group, I will
be available to participate in Davos from 26-31 January 2010.

I understand that, in addition to making selection decisions, the British Council may also use the
information and data I have provided, in anonymised form, for the purposes stated in the box at the
top of this form.

o I do not wish any material from my application to be used except in the selection process.

The British Council would like to use your information to send you details of our activities, services
and events (including social events) which might be of interest to you.

I would like to be sent details of British Council activities, services and events. Please contact me by:
o E-mail
o Telephone
o Fax
o Post
o I would not like to be sent details of British Council activities.

Data protection notice

The British Council will use the information you have given on this form primarily to consider your application for the Fourth
Annual Global Youth Summit. By sumbitting this form you consent to our processing sensitive personal data about you
where this is necessary, for the purpose above. You also agree that we may share your information among our offices
around the world where this is necessary for the above purpose.

Your personal information will be used in line with British Council standards. The British Council will treat all personal
information in accordance with UK law and its own privacy policy. The British Council will not sell or disclose your details to
third parties for commercial reasons. Your informatino will be shared at this stage only with individuals selecting candidates
for the event.

Under UK Data Protection law you have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold on you, for which we may
charge a fee, and the right to ask us to correct any inaccurate information. If you want more information about this, please
contact your local British Council office ( or the Data Protection
Team (, or see our website (