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Heritage, Honor and History….. If the History of our Nation is to be Veteran Owned, Veteran Proud-of the USA
forgotten, what does it say about the future? All of our lives we have heard about Tradition, heritage and our past
ancestors who came to America! Yes, we all have family somewhere down the line from another country. To a point
every one of us can see many of our past families coming to America. To migrate here, they are called Immigrants.
We have in place, a Legal venue to becoming an American, yet there are millions of Illegal’s here living in the USA.
Inside this EDITION:
Why? Mainly due to the lack of enforcement, along all of our country’s borders. In order to have a clue who resides
in your country. You must have an idea of who they are, where they live and what is their background history.
Agree? How does this differ from a nuisance neighbor or a stalker, searching for an isolated child to nab? Editorial in the Wolfe’s Den…....page 2
Even as a legal citizen of the USA, you still have a history. Places of birth, to whom was your relatives, etc.
For example, if you have no criminal record, what do they look for to see what type of person you are or have been?
Don’t you know that anyone in this country who is here Illegally puts a strain on the system in which we live? From
job availability to housing, to crimes all across this nation being caused by people we don’t know where they come
FREE $50 inside!
from? Where do you begin to know a neighbor? Someone you may like as a companion?
When we have hundreds of cities removing statues of the ‘southern heroes’ of the Civil War, at what time in life Real American History..Page 3
does the next generation forget or not even recognize our nation’s history? It is already happening. They have ceased
from teaching about World War I & II, the Holocaust and more in grade schools. Who will tell the children about the ‘Red Eagle’
yester-years? Facts about your great grandfather who fought in War to keep us safe and Free? What about the role of
women, who played a huge part in our Civil War history. Black or White, everyone had a part in shaping this once
Great Nation. What caused the Civil War? (Ask your kids to tell you). They know more about a TV program than Tattoo Aftercare: What to
they know of any true factual history. History we should be proud of! Soon to be forgotten…… Why doesn’t the
North celebrate the Civil War heroes? Very few places are left untouched by Man destroying our History. Why? Know………………….Page 10
Erasing the memory, for those younger than us will never appreciate the sacrifices made by those before us. Are you
living this way? Isn’t it sad when there is no one left ‘old enough’ to know the facts of the Past? Some folks even do
this about God and the Holy Bible! Only believe what you see? You are going to be disappointed later in life. Freeport Elections Coming soon
Today we are praying not to be destroyed by a Terrorist. Foreign or Domestic. The person living close to you can be
one. What does it matter to the level of destruction one causes your family and friends? That is similar to being a
terrorist, is it not? If your life is at risk due to someone making false claims about you is damaging enough to have
an entire county or state have you put away? If everyone was only to go on the words of another person, yet you
don’t know the persons motive for slanderous actions. How do you know the truth as an outsider?
Read what else is inside!
Look across this great nation. Full of predators, criminals, thieves, rapists, murderers and of course millions of drug
dealers. People who could care less about you. Your well being. Your safety, your children’s safety? 2500 of your neighbors read this !
It is the only record you have for Law enforcement to know who you are. What have you done in your past? You do
realize that all you have been through in your life defines who you are. From the IRS to the Cops pulling you over
for whatever reason they want to. Sad, but true. The way they deal with you depends on your past.
Tell tale: Kids respect the Laws, before they give you no choice but Prison. (It keeps money in the system too).

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‘A style of it’s own ‘ — FREEDOM OF SPEECH, Expressions
Page 2 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, June 15, 2017
The Editor’s Editorial
Views expressed in The EMERALD STAR NEWS do not necessarily reflect those of the
“The Wolfe’s Den” publisher. The staff of The EMERALD STAR NEWS pride ourselves in our efforts to
Hello once again to all you precious readers of ours! ensure accuracy of the publication contents. However, there is no guarantee of the accuracy of
all the Information nor the absence of errors and omissions (especially when sent through a third
Thank you for all the E-mails and Letters of party); therefore, no responsibility can or will be assumed. 2500 copies printed bi-weekly.
Confidence you all have sent in. The shear number
of them made my eyes tear up, it is a shame that
there are people near here who have nothing better to do than to make false claims, say Quote of Publisher/Editor
derogatory statements about me and this newspaper. I truly Love the compliments from so the week :
many of you elder folks, it gives me a breath of hope. I hoped to stay around here…... Frank Wolfe Jr.
I never intended on this column being more about me. It was intended to be for me to
comment my opinion about things as I see or wish to discuss with you readers, for some-
thing to think about. Maybe situations that needed attention, so you are not stunned.
Tread lightly for
those you have
crossed will soon
(850) 585-0262
So, the last 5 Editions are about my life, as I sit here today, writing to you. The situation is Check us out on FACEBOOK!
seek justice.
becoming ridiculous, as the neighbor, now conspires into believing whatever my Son has
dreamt up. I swear I saw this in a Video game he once played. It’s as if he is reliving the
Not thru the Law
of the Land but
E-mail info. to:
game and even the neighbors are falling for his BS. the Laws of God. Emerald_star_news@hotmail.com
I know I am being set-up. I know that the system has not been kind to me to say the least. To forgive is one
What started out as a good citizen doing what enforcement asked of me, they now deny for thing, to forget is Main Office/Sales - 850-585-0262
it would have cost someone a job. Thanks. You then charge me, I pay, do time and the another. Contributing Editor - Ret. Col. Mark Barren
same individuals now act as if they need a POPE mobile to walk in for they Fear for their Turn forth your Resource Director– Bethany Phillips
Life? What a crock! cheek, for it may Sales & Delivery –The ‘Southern Praline’
Fact is: (if neighbor wasn’t caught peeping thru our 7’fence towards my youngest daugh- be the other side
ters room just a couple years back). Would we be here, where we are today? Maybe it Web Designer – Lee Cox
that gets hit. Health Post– Dr. George Roll PPA
could have been worse? Fact is: Ever since his conviction for stalking us, harassing me Karma comes to
constantly, their actions today is nothing more than a staged plot to revenge against me and those who push
my family. The list goes on over 12years with this Couple. If the Cops would have Special “Thanks” to our advertisers, show support.
fate too far.
addressed this properly, from my first concern as a single dad of 2 girls in the 2nd grade. I
know for a Fact, they would have known to leave us alone. They were even informed of
my medical circumstance and was told by Cops to back off of me. But they didn’t do any- Color online: theemeraldstarnews.blogspot.com
thing as this couple smiled, as if they won and continued to do worse things as the years
went on. Complaints were made by my family for over 7years about the way they always Mail invoices and other information to:
are around our property harassing us, peeping strangely as they still do. Talk about the
shitty neighbor stories you heard of? This was just one of many that were wrote in over a
period of a couple years, from all around Freeport.
P.O. Box 1133
So, they now get a Lawyer who thinks of himself as above the Law too. He now is also
being fooled from the Lies my Son has told these people as well as he has also told my
Freeport, Florida 32439
In due time I say….. God knows me. I do not Hunt, nor Fish. Never killed anything but a This newspaper is your voice to the county and all city or state employees, or
snake once. The couple now comes to court escorted flanked by guards for they act as if I whomever it may concern. Have something to say? Good or bad? Let’s hear
am Hannibal Lecter? That proves to me that they are believing the stories told by my Son. it!! Don’t hesitate to make suggestions or send in your comments to us anytime
My Son said the same things as we both got sick of seeing them peering at us in our pool on any subject. Did you ever want to be a writer? Have an investigative mind?
with company over. I counted 37 CD’s full of incriminating video, as well as 8mm video I Here’s your chance to be recognized. Or you can help anonymously, like most.
took during the years of them messing with us. Always going past my driveway peeking to Send any and all inquiries to the address listed below. Like the beaches?
our friends and a few parties we had with the kids. I ran the YMCA for 5 yrs here, includ- We have made numerous contacts in Walton Co. now offering
ing ‘CPO’ for the City Pool. I coached Soccer and basketball. Many of those kids stayed our FREEPORT NEWSPAPER, The Emerald Star News.
weekends at my house without any incidents of any problems. We had a blast! The paper is FREE, thanks to each Advertiser in each Edition. Tell them!!
As a single Dad, I have proved myself worthy of the responsibilities and duties of a
parent, Coach and teacher of many. The closer my children got to be at driving age, the
Couple I mention, is still acting the same as they did in the 1st week of moving here. A day
I will never forget. It was more like an invasion of our privacy to say the least.
I will offer to any of my readers who write me to come join me in court, anytime. Watch
the actions and words being said. It will show you how foolish it is becoming by them.
Court is in DFS normally by 8:30. Scheduled dates thus far for me is:, the 19th, 26th and
July 6. I am sure they will make more false claims.
Those of you who attend the Presbyterian Church I attend now for the last 6years, please
come to witness the person(s) who is making it difficult for me, as you all have helped me
in prayers and more. I know that many of you readers could care less about me or what I
am experiencing.
I write this to inform you. I am certain that a ‘Couple’ like this, lives near you too. The
situations may differ but you will see how the Law has been manipulated enough to
destroy a family home. A Man’s business and reputation has been defamed for so many
lies and false accusations. When a ‘Couple’ has nothing better to do than to inflict misery
upon you. The Lord says to forgive those who have sinned against you? I tried. The list of
crap continues to grow from their own misery. The are not Christians, nor do they attend
any church or any formal functions to promote the Love of God, as I have.
Those of us who know how we are to live under god’s Law hasn’t experienced the devil
working here in Walton County laws. Judges, Lawyers and Cops need to learn more than
just the Law itself. You have allowed it to be manipulated under scrutiny and we have the We will make space for you to
proof to prove what all that has been violated by the same system that wants to have me Advertise with us!
die in jail for no reason. They do what they want, they help who they want. You not from Call Frank today. 585-0262
here? MOVE! You will never be treated fairly or as a resident to the fullest. Just FACTS. thanks for reading and caring.
Thursday, June 15, 2017 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Page 3

Real American History ‘Red Eagle’
Early in the 1800's the Creeks lived in towns scattered through Alabama and Georgia.
Although many of them remained neutral when the War of 1812 broke out, a remarkable
chief named Red Eagle did not. Red Eagle had been born William Weatherford, the son of
a Scottish trader. Though only one-eighth Indian, he chose to cast his lot with the Creeks
and had been deeply impressed by Tecumseh's message. ("Where today are the Pequot, the
Narragansett, the Mohican and many other once powerful tribes of our people? They have
vanished before the avarice and oppression of the white man, as snow before a summer
sun....") Late in August of 1813 he led a war party against Fort Mims on the lower Alabama
River. The fort was little more than a flimsy stockade built around the home of a man
named Samuel Mims, who had given shelter to
some five hundred settlers seeking refuge there
from the threat of Creek attacks.
When word of the slaughter reached
Tennessee, the legislature there quickly
authorized an army of 3,500 militia and
$300,000 to suppress the Creeks and turned to a
tough, profane, brawling ramrod of a man
named Andrew Jackson to handle the job.
Jackson was informed of the appointment on
his sickbed, where he was recovering from
severe wounds sustained in a duel. Though still
too weak to get up, he said he would be on the
march in nine days. Pale, haggard, his arm in a sling, Jackson nevertheless drove his men
south at the rate of twenty miles a day. As the army approached Ten Islands on the Coosa
River, Jackson learned that two hundred Creek warriors were staying in the nearby village
of Tallushatchee. He sent a thousand men against the Indians, among them a rangy young Walton County Hurricane Prep Workshop –
frontiersman named Davy Crockett, who reported with satisfaction that "we shot them like Your input needed
Then Jackson ordered a frontal assault, and he saw his men go Some of the topics that will be discussed are:
forward into the teeth of heavy fire and swarm across the What does Emergency Management do? Evacuation decision making process
barricade. The Indians fought stubbornly all afternoon, but by Public alert and notification - Alert Walton Re-Entry processes
nightfall the troops virtually annihilated the Creek nation.
More than five hundred warriors lay dead, but Weatherford
Questions and answers
was not among them. A few days later a gaunt Indian, dressed This is a great opportunity to learn how the Walton County Emergency
in rags, appeared in the army camp and approached Jackson. Management team prepares for disasters of all types (including storm events)
"I am Bill Weatherford," he said. and works with partners in this process. It is important for the EOC team to
Jackson took his visitor into his tent. "I am at your power," also understand how you communicate with your guests, customers, clients
Weatherford told the general, "do with me as you please. I am and employees during crises, and how the Emergency Management team can
a soldier. I have done the white people all the harm I could; I best communicate situational updates with you.
have fought them, and fought them bravely; if I had an army, I The workshop will be presented by Jeff Goldberg,
would yet fight, and contend to the last; but I have none; my Director of Walton County Emergency Management.
people are all gone. I can now do no more than weep over the Hurricane Preparedness Public Workshop
misfortunes of my nation." Moved, Jackson replied, "You are South Walton Courthouse Annex
not in my power. I had ordered you brought to me in chains....But you have come of your 31 Coastal Centre Boulevard, Ste. 700
own accord....I would gladly save you and your nation, but you do not even ask to be June 20, 2017
saved. If you think you can contend against me in battle, go and head your warriors." 4:00 p.m.
Weatherford walked out of the camp a free man and never fought again.
Though the Creeks would never again fight as a nation, many of them moved south to
Florida, where they settled among the Seminoles, who also hated the whites. The white
raids along the Florida border were all the harsher because the Seminoles had long
provided sanctuary for runaway slaves. By December of 1817 the squabbling had grown to
such a pitch that Secretary of War John C. Calhoun ordered Jackson to go back south and
rectify the situation. Jackson drove straight across the border, burning every Seminole
village he could find. Then taking time out from the campaign against the
Indians, he seized the Spanish fort at Pensacola. With the Seminoles Advertising
subdued and the Spanish in an impotent fury, Jackson headed back north. Pays to have
The next year Spain ceded Florida to the United States. your Name in
Did you know? That there is a local Lady in Freeport who is a relative This Freeport
great, great Granddaughter of Red Eagle? Just as the cover story Newspaper.
commented about history. How would anyone know if they didn’t care nor
ask questions of the interesting important history of our country, let alone Don’t be silly
our neighbors? To know that the heritage this woman has is in her family for it’s ONLY
is very interesting. Not many left around to tell the tale of this Man. a mere few
In an exclusive interview to The Emerald Star News only; the rich historic bucks to let us
factor of the people involved with her family is amazing. She loves to talk do your Buy any Sub, get equal Sub 1/2 off
about the family, and all they had done back in the day. How she was coverage for
raised was unique as well. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce you to our NEW Hamburger Combo...Only $6.99
newest partner, Mrs. Carol Weatherford Mclendon. customers!!!
Talk to her about Advertising with us anytime. 850-307-7016 585-0262 16” 1 Topping Pizza for ONLY $10
Page 4 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, June 15, 2017
Thursday, June 15, 2017 The Emerald Star News, Inc. Page 5
Business Ads as
low as $25,
850-585-0262 The FREEPORT POST
Point Washington Medical Clinic has opened it's School: You may not recite prayer in
doors to the community. The clinic is a ministry of Point The Mayors Post
Washington United Methodist Church (PWUMC), a 501c3, the name of Jesus Christ Russ Barley-Freeport Mayor
and is located in the Stephens Center behind the sanctuary
Moriah Bridges wanted to thank God for His Please send any and all comments to
at PWUMC. While the clinic does accept donations, which
immeasurable blessings on Beaver High School’s The Emerald_Star_News@hotmail.com
graduating class. But she could not,
are tax deductible, there is no charge for treatment and
insurance is not required. because it was against the law. Greetings from the Mayor’s Office …..
Dr. Patsy Vargo and Hillary Glenn, DNP, ARNP, the The Pennsylvania teenager wanted to
offer thanksgiving to the Almighty
visionaries behind the clinic, are the physicians on duty and The Summer Programs have begun for the City of Freeport with
the clinic is also served by several volunteer nurses. In
for parents and coaches and teachers. Tennis, Archery, Swimming Lesson and Water Aerobics. A Senior
But again, she could not, because it
addition to the full volunteer medical staff, the clinic has Exercise Program in conjunction with “Walk with Ease” is being held
was against the law. “Make us
several assisting in translation, check-in and health on Wednesdays of each week at the Blount House.
selfless. Make us just. Make us
education. Dr. Vargo made the mission clear. “We strive to
successful people, but more than that, Everyone seems to be enjoying the city pool which is open daily
deliver quality medical care in a safe, non-traditional
make us good people,” Moriah
setting. All patients are accepted. All ages are accepted. No except for Wednesday’s and the pool is fully staffed for the summer, so
documents, no pay statements, no insurance, no problem.”
wanted to pray. But that too, was bring the kids and come and enjoy the newly renovated facilities. The
determined to be unlawful.
Hillary Glenn, DNP, ARNP, echoed that sentiment saying, new city website is about ready to be launched in the very near future
This is the America – the land of the and the example of the new site has been presented to the council and
“It’s such a great privilege to be able to provide this service
free, the home of the brave. But it is those attending the recent council meeting. The city is moving forward
to our community. I believe it adds so much value to an
already unique and welcoming area such as Point also a place where a young teenager with the 331 Watermain Extension Project and the Freeport Elevated
Washington. We hope to see, serve and connect with our
girl is not permitted to mention the Water Storage Tank bid was awarded to US Tanks and this project will
surrounding neighbors through this new outreach.” name of Jesus Christ or anything be moving forward as well.
remotely religious in a graduation
The clinic will treat simple, straight forward, non-emergent Surveying that is being required by DOT is being done by the city
speech at a public high school.
ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, simple lacerations engineers so that the city will be able to erect new ‘Welcome to
Moriah Bridges, a member of the
(tetanus can be given when indicated), simple infections of Freeport’ Signs and we hope to soon have those at the four entrances to
2017 graduating class, was asked to the city within the next couple of months.
the ears, sinuses, and lungs, and seasonal allergies. The
clinic will also offer required and preventative services such
provide what they call the closing The Planning Department is also working on Directional Signage
as school and sport physicals. Efforts have been made to
exercise at Beaver High School’s which would be beneficial to those traveling on Hwy 331 so they
graduation on June 2.
procure medications that are reasonably priced. Emergency would have direction to the city facilities in the center of town and
She crafted a lovely prayer that
life threatening ailments will be referred to the appropriate other areas of the city as well as the possibility of directions for
emergency room. mentioned her “Heavenly Father” businesses in the downtown area. A group of 8-10 volunteers from
and her “Lord.”
Further, narcotics or controlled substances will not be Cross Point-Fort Walton Beach have agreed to come and volunteer
dispensed. “Lord, surround us with their time to improve areas of the city including Laird Park, Marse
grace and favor every- Landing and the Sport Complex at Hammock Bay. The Parks and
where we go,” she Recreation Department presented to the council that there may be as
prayed. “Soften our many as 15 trees that should be removed due to disease and other
hearts to teach us love issues but, I wanted to let you know that we are not randomly cutting
and compassion, to down trees just to eliminate them. The $100,000 that we were in hopes
We also Cater! show mercy and grace to have received from a FRDAP Grant for a new Cultural Arts Center
to others the way that has been vetoed by the governor, so therefore we are back at square
Hwy 331 S, next to Cypress Cattle & Produce you showed mercy and one in application for such a grant but, we will keep pushing along and
grace to us, even to the hope soon we will be successful. The Heritage Center is now able to
850-583-4BBQ (4227) ultimate sacrifice. Help us open on Thursday’s and Fridays from 1:00-5:00 PM and hopefully
love our brothers and our Saturday will be added as a day that it is open soon. Please stop by and
Trailermade Gulf Coast Q / Home of the Slab sisters deeply. Lead us to check out our history and see all the interesting things and information
bless them.” It wasn’t pertaining to our area. Please don’t forget the upcoming election on
Open Tuesday thru Saturday, 11am to 6 pm Moriah who broke the July 11th, be sure and cast your vote for the leadership of our fair
law, it was the school city. Any question, comments or suggestions please give me a call at
Like us on Facebook district. 850-835-2822.

Along Hwy. 331 S. just past Hwy20 on RH side……..
FREEPORT”s Best Pork Sandwich, take some to the beach!
Emerald Coast flowers & gifts
& The prissy hen
137 Hwy 20 West— Freeport

"check out our weekly Cash & Carry specials”!

Store hours are Mon-Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-2.
FREEPORT Presbyterian CHURCH, located on Hwy 20. Next to Frank’s Cash & Owners Russ Barley and Tim Ard, invite everyone to stop on in!
Carry. We are extending an open invitation to come to our quaint little church to give
thanks and praise to God. ‘Small town feel’ and children’s services also available too.
Sundays at 9am Bible study….10am church service. Come meet Pastor Gene.
850-835-5200 or 850-267-2616
Page 6 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, June 15, 2017

You’ve tried the REST, NOW CALL THE The FREEPORT CITY “In Loving Memory of”
BEST! Solid 30+ exp.. Solid Crew, Reliable 10AM-6PM
Closed Wednesdays
Daily cost = $2 Adults $1 Children
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Tues & Fri 8:30-9:00 / 9:05-9:35
Call for prices Vernon L. Seese, age 79, passed away,
AFTER HOURS Rental $75/per hr. April 5, 2017. He was born in Washington
D.C. to Harvey A. and Annie M. Seese.
He grew up in Arlington, Virginia.
Summer Reading Vernon was a retired Lt. Col., serving
Freeport Library program 22 years in the US Air Force.
Every Wed. in June 10am-11am He graduated from Virginia Tech.
Held in the Community center University with an accounting degree in
Dear Grand Kids, 1 Timothy 5:8 Kindergarten and Older 1959. He received his Masters Degree
8 Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and from the University of Michigan.
I want to let you know Preschool Children in the Library
especially for their own household, has denied the faith He leaves behind his wife of 60 years,
we love you dearly.
and is worse than an unbeliever. Sue and son Vernon Jr. Surviving grand-
Abby, Evan and Sophie
you are my heart. Exodus 20:12 12 “Honor your father and your South Arts Awards Over children Amy Seese, Zachary Seese and
mother, so that you may live long in the land the Stephen Seese. Great Grandchildren
We think of you always $300,000 in Arts Grants Westin and Carter Seese. Brother Carl
and miss you very much. LORD your God is giving you.
Love Always, Ephesians 6:1-2 1 Children, obey your parents in Throughout Region Seese.
Son Gregory and Brother Edward Seese
G-ma and G-pa the Lord, for this is right. 2 “Honor your father and
Atlanta – South Arts, a Regional Arts preceded him in death.
Mclendon mother” which is the first commandment with a
Organization serving nine states in the Vernon loved to hike and Kayak and
Southeast, has announced $311,349 in travel. He is greatly missed and loved by
grants to 70 arts organizations many.
The Emerald Star News is offering throughout the region. These grants,
$50 off a new pair of frames thru *NEW LOCATION* made possible through funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, support
organizations presenting out-of-state artists for public performances and educational
June 30, 2017 Only 1mile west of Hwy. 331 activities. “The Arts are integral to both the economic success of our region and our
quality of life,” said Susie Surkamer, executive director of South Arts.
Marx Coastal Optical IN FREEPORT “Organizations in communities throughout the region leverage our funding for sig-
nificant impact. Last year, our grantmaking funds enabled an additional $3.4 million
to be raised and spent by the organizations with which we work. Additionally, ac-
(HWY 20, across from Frank’s Cash & Carry) cording to a recent study by Americans for the Arts, performing arts audiences spend
Now accepting Medicare, VSP, EyeMed, Avesis approximately $25 per person above and beyond the price of admission. The ripple
effect from investing in the arts deeply impacts local economies.”
The grants, which must be matched at least dollar for dollar by the recipient
YOU CHOOSE! organization, support organizations in South Arts’ nine state region: Alabama,
**We can use your old frames and make new lenses…Or take your old lenses and Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina
place in a new frame. Sunglasses. Custom Lenses of any style, made on Location! and Tennessee. Organizations applied this spring and were recently notified of their
Let us Help you SEE a Better Future, TODAY! status. “Supporting the careers of artists, especially those from within our region, is
central to our mission,” continued Surkamer. “This year, we are supporting
organizations presenting Ballet Memphis, South Georgia Ballet, and Columbia City
Ballet, each of which are excellent dance companies who will share their work in
performances and residencies. From Florida’s jazz pioneer Chick Corea to
Tennessee’s young bluegrass band The Barefoot Movement, we are very proud to
support touring artists who call our region home as well as the audiences they
serve.” In addition to these performing arts touring grants, South Arts will announce
the recipients of literary arts touring grants later this month. The literary arts grants
support the presentation of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry authors for public
‘Same Day’ Service -in most cases readings and educational workshops. Applications for South Arts touring grants for
nonprofit and governmental organizations in the nine-state region open in November
DR. Eye Exams & excellent customer service!! each year with deadlines in
271 Hwy. 20 Suite C Office# 850-880-6778 March and May. Additional
information is available at
Do you have a business?
Lowest Ad Rates in Walton county!
OPEN: Mon– Fri 9-5...Wed 8-5 www.southarts.org.
We’d like to see you advertise with us!
Thursday, June 15, 2017 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Page 7

‘Happenings’ in DeFuniak Springs
Healthmark Health Matters by Ron Kelley
When the thyroid gets lazy
Hypothyroidism is the medical term for having an underactive thyroid, which means the
thyroid gland doesn't produce enough important hormones. Left untreated, hypothyroidism can
lead to a number of health problems, including heart disease. The good news is that accurate
thyroid function tests are available to diagnose hypothyroidism, and treatment of hypothyroidism
with synthetic thyroid hormone is usually simple, safe and effective.
The signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism vary, depending on the severity of the hormone
deficiency. In general, problems tend to develop slowly over a number of years. At first, it may
be difficult to notice the symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as fatigue and weight gain, but as
the metabolism continues to slow, signs and symptoms will become more obvious.
Hypothyroidism is often associated heart disease because high levels of low-density
lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol — the "bad" cholesterol — can occur in people with an
underactive thyroid. Even subclinical hypothyroidism, a mild or early form of hypothyroidism in
which symptoms have not yet developed, can cause an increase in total cholesterol levels and
impair the pumping ability of the heart. Hypothyroidism can also lead to an enlarged heart and
heart failure.
Hypothyroidism upsets the normal balance of chemical reactions in your body. It seldom
causes symptoms in the early stages, but over time, untreated hypothyroidism can cause a
number of health problems, such as obesity, joint pain, infertility and heart disease.
Hypothyroidism signs and symptom may include fatigue, increased sensitivity to cold, constipation, weight gain, puffy face, hoarseness, elevated blood cholesterol level,
muscle stiffness and pain or swelling in the joints.
Long-term uncontrolled hypothyroidism can cause damage to the nerves that carry information from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body. This may result in
pain, numbness and tingling in the area affected by the nerve damage. It may also cause muscle weakness or loss of muscle control.
Fortunately, standard treatment for hypothyroidism is simple and effective. It involves the daily use of the synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine (usually Levothroid or
Synthroid). This oral medication restores adequate hormone levels and reverses the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism. Treatment with levothyroxine is lifelong and a
physician will likely to check your TSH level often at first and then usually once every year. Levothyroxine causes virtually no side effects when used in the appropriate dose
and is relatively inexpensive. However, do not skip doses or stop taking the drug when feeling better because symptoms of hypothyroidism will gradually return.
To find out more, contact Dr. Tom Roberts at Healthmark Walk-In Clinic, (850) 951-4556.
Page 8 The EMERALD STAR NEWS, Inc. Thursday, June 15, 2017
Thursday, June 15, 2017 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Page 9
Letter to the: Dear Editor,
Thank you for your help with us
getting food and clothes for the
Children we had in need last month.
Peggy sAbellA’s
Editor, West DeFuniak Elementary
School's uniform policy was challenged
You are a great asset to this
Beauty Salon
during the Tuesday (June 6) meeting of
We need more people like you to help
the Walton County Board of Education.
others with working your Magic.
Jolene Clenny told board members she
believed that it was unfair to single out
God Bless You, Karen Haggerty 15890 Bus. Hwy. 331 Freeport, Fl
West DeFuniak Elementary as the only
school in the city to wear uniforms.
Dear Editor, ‘Where Jesus is Lord’
After writing you and then speaking to
Clenny has a daughter in second grade at
you over the phone, what a great
the school and has concerns as a parent.
conversation we had. I’d like to also let

"I just don't think it's right, Clenny said.
your readers know that I am also
"You have parents that have shirts made
gathering legal authorities to help you
for their children that aren't from a
against that neighbor you have told us
vendor that makes that shirt different.
about. You know there are several
So, if you're going with them (uniforms)
other folks I have spoke to with the
to prevent bullying, well, then you need
same similar issues of a problematic pbsabellajr@gmail.com
to get those shirts immediately into the
neighbor, in this area alone.
middle schools and high schools where
The world is not a safe place and you
bullying is truly a factor.
“hAircuts & style”
did the right thing by trying to protect
"If it's for poor or rich children so that
your daughters from a stranger. Many
you can't distinguish them, well, all the
men would have shot the man if they
more reason to get them in all of the
schools. I think that's everywhere, not
caught him, I know that as fact.
I will attend your next hearing dates for Men, Women and Children
just here in DeFuniak, not just at one
for I am recording everything that
school. It's not fair and I wanted to bring
concerns you and your family.
it to the attention of the school board. I
have taken it to the principal and it fell
You are too good of a person to be
treated as you have within the legal
Facial Waxing / Color & Highlights
on deaf ears and that's why I came
tonight." Clenny said if there is going to
system here in this county. Pedicures & shellac Nails
May your stay strong. God is watching
be school uniforms, then it should be
over you. AMEN.
throughout the county not just at West
Sen. Robert L. Wagner
DeFuniak Elementary. She went on to
say that the BOE should determine uni-
Take $50 OFF
Dear Editor, Any NEW Pair of eyeglass Frames
form policy not individual schools or
Our church family is behind you for from Marx Coastal Optical.
we know you are being accused (Cost for lenses are extra).
"Yes, and it should be a true uniform
falsely. Keep praying, I feel the spirit Eye Exams available @
not just a bunch of colored T-shirts," she
of God helping us all who believe. Marx Coastal Optical in Freeport,
said. Walton County Superintendent of
Sarah Goodwin
Education Russell Hughes, said he Hwy 20 850-635-1100
would like to follow up on the issue and
Dear Editor,
speak with Clenny more about her
My husband and I want to help you
concerns. Hughes also said he was going
with your legal battles. We have been
to speak with West DeFuniak Elemen-
witness for years the antics of those
tary Principal Darlene Paul about the
people. It is a disgrace to anyone to see
controversy. Meanwhile, Clenny said
your Son, lying to be greedy and
she is going to continue to get the issue
ungrateful for you raising him.
resolved. "Mr. Hughes and I have
You did a wonderful job raising your
already spoken," she said. "He says we'll
daughters as a single Dad.
speak again. I'm not going to let it go.
BTW– Video Games are destroying
The board's aware of it now and that is
the minds of millions who indulge in
not what they intended, as you heard
such nonsense to the degree I know
them say. That's not the uniform they
your son has been in.
approved. They did not approve that
Keep the faith. They will get theirs.
many numbers. So, I think, finally, I'll be
Cindy & Paul Mc Gowen
heard and other parents will be too.
Some of them couldn't make it tonight. I
Dear Editor,
hope this finally gets brought to light.
I wanted to write in to have other
Other people don't like it and they're
people call you to help you. The
afraid to speak. I'm not afraid to speak.
situation you are in is unreal. However,
I'm going to speak my opinion."
God will make you 10x better once
Similar problems were also at Freeport
you get through this. God Bless you.
Schools back when Mr. Bump was
Martha Reddick
involved in a scandal of teachers owning
the uniform screening company who
instilled the uniform fiasco back a few
After reading your past few months I
years ago. No employee shall profit from
must say that you are being done
any school activity, period. Fla. Statue
wrong. It is obvious. Tom Dooley
Page 10 The EMERALD STAR NEWS, Inc. Thursday , June 15, 2017

850-835-4617 A Family hair salon Tattoo Aftercare: Health Post
The Head Hunter What to Know George Roll P.A.-C
Most people know that dirty tattoo needles can Seagrove Medical Clinic
Lynda Pyfrom Owner/Cosmetologist transmit infections like Hepatitis C. Call # 850-231-6200
But it is less well known that the wound itself Walk-ins and Appt.s
121 W. Hwy 20 Freeport, Florida 32439
can get infected – something that led to Send health questions or
severe consequences for one man who comments to: P.O.Box 1133
Freeport, Florida 32439
Come see: Lynda, Jenny, Nancy and Janet died from a tattoo infection after he went
swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.
Monday– Friday / Shut in services available The man, identified as a Texas resident in a study in the British Medical Journal, had
received the tattoo in his right leg and went swimming five days later. He was admitted
to the hospital three days later and tested positive for Vibrio vulnificus, a bacteria found
in coastal waters.
The man also had chronic liver disease, which hampered his recovery. He died about
two months later. Nicholas Hendren, MD , the lead author of the study, says that while
infections of new tattoos are not a common occurrence, they are not rare.
One recent study found that 3.2% of people who received tattoos reported at least one
infected tattoo. Hendren says the Texas man’s case was “definitely on the extreme
side.” People are more likely to contract MRSA, methicillin- resistant staphylococcus
aureus, among other more common bacteria, he says.
Hendren tells his patients that getting a tattoo is similar to getting stitches, and that you
wouldn’t want to go swimming in a pond after getting stitches. He tells people to avoid
swimming in lakes, rivers and ponds, saltwater and pools and to avoid excessive
scrubbing until the tattoo has healed.
State and local health departments regulate tattoo parlors. A 2015 study of tattoo
regulations found that only seven states specifically required their public health
department to approve instructions for tattoo aftercare. Seven state have no licensing at
all, and the rest have varying requirements. Most leave aftercare instructions up to the
tattoo artist.
Hendren recommends using a licensed tattoo parlor to get a tattoo, saying it helps re-
duce the chances of liver infection. The most common is hepatitis B, as well as other
Recall: Birth Control Pills infections like hepatitis C and HIV.

One lot of Mibelas 24 Fe birth control pills has been recalled due to a packaging
error that could put users at risk of unintended pregnancy, manufacturer Lupin Day says that aftercare is important while you are
Pharmaceuticals Inc. says. waiting for a tattoo to heal. “Wash with soap and
The recall is for lot L600518, Exp 05/18 of Mibelas water,” says Day. “Apply a topical ointment and
24 Fe (Norethindrone Acetate and Ethinyl Estradiol nonstick bandage during the day and leave uncov-
1 mg/0.02 mg chewable and ferrous fumarate 75 mg), ered at night”. Remove plastic wrap when you get
the Baltimore-based company said. home, allowing the area to breathe. Plas-
In this lot, the blister is rotated 180 degrees within the tic wrap keeps in heat and moisture, allowing bac-
wallet, reversing the weekly tablet orientation and teria to grow. Both doctors recommend getting
making the lot number and expiration date no longer medical help immediately if you see any of these
visible. signs: For tattoos that are on your arms and legs, a red linear band or streak de-
The first four days of therapy would have four non-hormonal placebo tablets as veloping and extending from the area. Worsening pain around the tattoo five to seven
opposed to the active tablets, putting the user at risk for contraceptive failure and days later. Discharge coming from the area. Having a fever, which is a sign of infection.
unintended pregnancy.
Consumers with the recalled lot should notify their physician and return the product
to the pharmacy or place of purchase. For more information, contact the company
at 1-800-399-2561.

Think BEFORE What does it matter to you, the reader?
YOU INK….. As you know we use the Advertising dollars to pay for the
Diseases are out there PRINTING of this (Free to you) FREEPORT Newspaper.
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Do folks see you? Mail or E-mail
Classifieds List your FOR SALE ITEMS only
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currently accepting applications for a Field
Karaoke weekends @ 9pm drop down rear. $900. Must see!
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All individuals interested in applying are required to front & back, shed, etc. $120k/obo
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Are you up in DeFuniak Springs?
Looking for a great BBQ dinner/date
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place? Adult Beverages, Beer, Wine. Did you find
Stop in @ 4C BBQ get things fixed around the
Mailed to Walton County Property Appraiser’s house. From repairs to new builds, $50 in here from
Office, Attn: Human Resources, P.O. Box 691, Big screen TV& several other TV’s The
Karaoke most every Sat. make us a list! Free estimates.
DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435 Licensed, Bonded and Insured Emerald Star News?
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90 E, STE 101, DeFuniak Springs or South Walton **Check both Bar websites for Our Realtors inside this Newspaper Support FREEPORT’s
Annex, 31 Coastal Centre Boulevard, STE 600, Santa Specials upcoming Parties and such work very hard and know the area ‘ONLY NEWSPAPER’
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Should you have any questions regarding this position 4C BBQ located in behind
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4C BBQ Caters Too!
Jeff Sessions denies Russia
We appreciate our readers. Thank our Advertisers, if not for
collusion, defends Comey firing them, there is no Printing. It’s been a great 9years together !
Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in dramatic Senate A FREE offering of FREEPORT News and more. Thank You !! 850.835.2558
testimony, on Tuesday decried suggestions he colluded
with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign as an “appalling
and detestable lie” -- while staunchly defending his role in the firing 901 Hwy. 20 East
of former FBI Director James Comey.
“I have never met with or had any conversations with any Russians FREEPORT,
or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any
campaign or election,” Sessions told the Senate Intelligence
Florida Hours :
Committee. “I have no knowledge of any such conversations by Tues– Sat. 9am-5pm
anyone connected to the Trump campaign.”
The attorney general addressed the same Senate panel that heard last
week from Comey, becoming the highest-ranking official to testify Visit the BIOPHILIA CENTER
in the Russia investigation. this year. A very Special place in
Democrats used the forum to pepper Sessions with tough questions, FREEPORT off Hwy. 20E
at times accusing him of "stonewalling" and impeding the congres- East of Hwy. 331…. 2 miles down
sional probe. The normally reserved Sessions showed his feisty side
in response, pushing back on what he called the "secret innuendo"
being leaked about his contact with Russians and challenging por- I would like you!
tions of Comey's testimony. In a fiery opening statement, Sessions (The reader) to become a part of this
specifically contradicted Comey’s claims that he remained silent newspaper’s history, as we grow with
when the former FBI director expressed his concerns over a meeting FREEPORT and the surrounding
with President Trump. areas into the future. Send in your
comments anytime! E-mail to:

‘gdy ‘...yes we do *FREEDOM OF SPEECH LIVES
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The only versatile newspaper that
junk removal offers both sides of discussion. Let the
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landscaping projects They work with your tax dollars!
Free estimates 850.419.6959 No need for “PC” here. Live!
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