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HEAV Y Conveyor

Extended 42 main
conveyor as standard,

giving large stockpile
capacity. Conveyor lowers
and raises hydraulically
and is easily removable for
McCloskey International has a proven reputation for maintenance.
designing quality, best-in-class equipment and the J50
crusher is another example of power and design meeting True 50x26 (1270mm x
in one machine. 660mm) jaw with reversible
hydrostatic drive, reversible
jaw plates, and fully hydraulic
With a CAT C9 engine, 50 wide jaw (the widest jaw in closed size setting(CSS)
its class), and user friendly control panel with excellent adjust and relief.
machine diagnostics, the J50 places McCloskey
International at the fore of portable crushing machinery. Power Unit
CAT C9 350hp (261kW)
engine with generous
With its class-leading throughput and capacity, the largest access for maintenance.
stockpile height in its category, and an extended side Innovative hydraulic
conveyor as standard, the J50 crusher continues to push system provides significant
improvements in fuel
the boundaries of industry performance. economy.
Folding Hardox hopper
mounted over vibrating
feeder with integral pre-
screen. Feeder rate can
be regulated manually or
automatically by the load
sensing jaw.
User-friendly waterproof
and dust-proof control
panel. Allows monitoring of
pressures, fluid levels, fuel
consumption and provides
push button control of jaw,
track and feeder functions.
Engine: 350 hp (261 kw) CAT C9 Diesel
Transport Height: 11 2 (3.4m) McCloskey International reserves the right to make changes to the

information and design of the machines on this brochure without
Transport Length: 47 7 (14.5m)

reservation and notification to the users. Information at time of print

Transport Width: 9 6 (2.9m)
considered accurate McCloskey International assumes no liability resulting
Stockpile Height: 13 10 (4210mm) from errors or omissions in this document.
Weight: 106,260 lbs (48,200 kg) inc. magnet HARDOX is a registered trademark of SSAB Oxelsund AB.