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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.






0.5 mH, 1250 A LINE TRAP

GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010

Please read following instructions carefully before submitting your bid.

1. All the drawings, i.e. elevation, side view, plan, cross sectional view etc.,
in AutoCAD format and manuals in PDF format, for offered item shall be
submitted. Also the hard copies as per specification shall be submitted.

2. The bidder shall submit Quality Assurance Plan for manufacturing process
and Field Quality Plan with the technical bid.

3. The bidder shall have to submit all the required type test reports for the
offered item. In case of non-submission of the type test reports with the
offer, the bid shall be liable to be rejected.

4. The bidder must fill up all the point of GTP for offered item/s. Instead of
indicating refer drawing, or as per IS/IEC, the exact value/s must be
filled in.

5. All the points other than GTP, which are asked to confirm in technical
specifications must be submitted separately with the bid.

6. The bidder is required to impart training in view of manufacture,

assembly, erection, operation and maintenance for offered item, at his
works, to the person/s identified by GETCO, in the event of an order, free
of cost. The cost of logistics will be bear by GETCO.

7. Please note that the evaluation will be carried out on the strength of
content of bid only. No further correspondence will be made.

8. The bidder shall bring out all the technical deviation/s only at the
specified annexure.
9. The bidder should indicate manufacturing capacity by submitting latest
updated certificate of a Chartered Engineer (CE).

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010
(For Supply)
Bidder to satisfy all the following requirements.

1) The bidder shall be Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The

offered equipment have to be designed, manufactured and tested as
per relevant IS/IEC with latest amendments.

2) The minimum requirement of manufacturing capacity of offered

type, size and rating of equipment shall be 7 times tender / bid
quantity. The bidder should indicate manufacturing capacity by
submitting latest updated certificate of a Chartered Engineer (CE).

3) Equipment proposed shall be of similar or higher rating and in

service for a minimum period of THREE (3) years and satisfactory
performance certificate in respect of this is to be available and

4) The bidder should clearly indicate the quantity and Single Value
Contract executed during last FIVE (5) years, for the offered
equipment. Bidder should have executed one single contract during
last five years for the quantity equivalent to tender / bid.
The details are to be submitted in following format,



5) Equipment offered shall have Type Test Certificates from

accredited laboratory (accredited based on ISO/IEC Guide 25 /
17025 or EN 45001 by the National accredition body of the country
where laboratory is located), as per IEC / IS / technical
specifications not older than FIVE (5) years and shall have validity
till expiry of validity of technical bid.

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010
1.0 SCOPE:
1.1 This specification provides for design, engineering, manufacture, stage
testing, inspection and testing before dispatch, packing and delivery at
destination of Line Trap along with all accessories specified herein. The
line trap to be inserted into high voltage A.C transmission lines to prevent
undue loss of carrier signal power, typical in the range 30KHz to 500KHz,
under all power system conditions and to minimize interference from
carrier signaling systems on adjacent transmission lines.

1.2 It is not the intent to specify completely herein all details of the design
and construction of equipments. However, the equipment shall conform in
all respects to high standards of engineering, design and workmanship and
shall be capable of performing in continuous commercial operation up to
the Bidders guarantee acceptable to the Purchased, who will interpret in a
manner the meanings of drawings and specification and shall have the
power to reject any work or material which in his judgment is not in
accordance therewith. The equipment offered shall be complete with all
components necessary for it effective and trouble free operation. Such
components shall be deemed to be within the scope of Bidders supply,
irrespective of whether these are specifically brought out in this
specification and/or the commercial order or not.

2.1 Unless otherwise specified elsewhere in this specification, the rating as
well as performance and testing of the line trap shall conform but not
limited to the latest revisions and amendments available at the time of
placement of order of all the relevant standards as listed hereunder.
2.1.1: LINE TRAP

Sr.No. Standard No. Title

1. IEC 60353 Second Line Trap for A.C Power System
edition, 1989-10
SYSTEMS - ( First Revision )
METHODS OF TESTS ( First Revision )


TRAPS (Incorporating Amendment No. 1)
5. IEC 99 Lightning Arresters
6. IEC 99 1(1970)Part-1, Non-linear resistor type arresters
for a.c system.
7. IEC 60099-4/2006 Metal-oxide surge arresters without
gaps for a.c. systems
10. IS: 5561- 1970 Terminal Clamp/Connector

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010
2.2 Equipment meeting with the requirement of other authoritative Standards,
which ensure equal or better performance that the standards mentioned above,
shall also be considered. When the equipments offered by the Bidder
conforms to other standards, salient points of difference between standard
adopted and the standards specified in this specification shall be clearly
brought out in the relevant schedule. Four copies of such standards with
authentic translation in English shall be furnished along with the offer.

3.1 The equipment to be supplied under these specifications shall function

satisfactorily, under tropical, humid, hot, salty and chemically polluted
climate with adverse temperature conditions.
Equipment to be supplied against this specification shall be suitable for
Satisfactory continuous operation under the following tropical conditions:

i) Location in the state of GUJARAT

ii) Max. Ambient air temp. (C) 50
iii) Min. ambient air temp. (C) 3.5
iv) Average daily ambient air temperature (C) 35
v) Maximum relative humidity (%) 95
vi) Average annual rainfall (mm) 1150
vii) Max. Wind pressure (Kg. /sq. mtr.) 150
viii) Max. Altitude above mean sea level Not exceeding 1000 Mtrs.
ix) Isoceraunic level (days/year) 15
x) Seismic level (horizontal acceleration) 0.08 x 2g.

NOTE: Moderately hot and humid tropical climate conducive to rust and
fungus growth. The climatic conditions are also prone to wide variations
in ambient conditions. Smoke is also present in the atmosphere. Heavy
lightning also occurs during June to October.


4.1 The Line Trap covered in this specification shall meet the technical
requirements listed hereunder.



1. To be inserted into high
Type of Line Trap Installation voltage A.C transmission
line phase in series
2. Type of mounting Suspension
3. Suitable for system Frequency M 50 Hz N
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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010


4. Nominal System Voltage 220 KV
5. Highest System Voltage 245 KV
6. Rated Continuous Current 1250 A
7. Rated Short time current for 1 40 KA
8. Asymmetrical peak value of the 102 KA
First half wave of the rates short
Time current
9. Rated inductance 0.5 mH
10. Type of Tuning Band tuned line trap
11. Blocking Band frequency range Band- I 100 to 160 KHZ
Band- II 150 to 500 KHZ
12. Minimum Guaranteed resistive 570 Ohm
Component of impedance in
Blocking Frequency range
11. Protective device a) Non-linear resistive type
Gapped lightning arresters
For a.c system.
b) Polymer housed Metal
oxide surge arrester without
Gaps for a.c system.
12. Nominal discharge current of 10KA
protective device
13. Rated voltage of protective 9 KV
14. Minimum value of power 13.5 KV rms
frequency spark over voltage
(Dry & wet) of protective deice
15. Visual Corona Extinction Volt 156 KV rms
16. Radio influence Voltage (RIV) < 500 micro Volt.
17. Attenuation in tuned frequency > 7.5 dB
18. Maximum tapping loss over 2.6 dB
blocking Band I & II stated
19. Maximum tapping loss based on 2.6 dB
blocking resistance.
20. Insulation class Class F
21 Maximum working stress Twice the weight of wave
trap + 500Kgs.

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010
If there is a deviation in value of Minimum Guaranteed resistive
Component of impedance for require Blocking Frequency range Band-I
and Band-II as above then clearly indicate the same


A line trap, consisting of a main coil in the form of a inductor, a tuning

device and a protective device, is intended for insertion in a high voltage
power transmission line between the point of connection of carrier
frequency signals and adjacent power system elements such as busbar,
transformers etc. The tuning device connected across the mail coil ensures,
with proper adjustment, that the line trap presents relatively high
impedance at one or more carrier frequencies or carrier frequency bands,
whereas the impedance of the line trap at power frequencies is negligible.
A line trap may also be used to limit the loss of carrier-frequency at a
power system tee point.

5.1 Main Coil :

An inductor which carries the power frequency current of the high

voltage transmission line.

5.2 Tuning Device :

The combination of capacitor, inductor and resistors connected across

the main coil. All of these components may not be present at any one
time, depending on the carrier frequency requirements of the line trap.

5.3 Protective Device :

The device connected across the main coil and tuning device which
prevents the line trap from being damaged by transient over voltages
which may occur across it.

The protective device shall be so designed and arranged that neither a

significant alteration in its protective function nor physical damage shall
result either from the temperature rise or magnetic field of the main coil
at continuous rated current, rated short-time current or from emergency
overload current. It shall neither enter into operation as a result of the
power frequency voltage developed across the line trap by rated short-
time current nor shall it remain in operation after a response to a
transient over voltage which is immediately followed by the power
frequency voltage developed across the line trap by rated short-time
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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010

6.1 Ability to withstand rated short-time current:

The line trap so designed shall be capable to withstand the mechanical

forces produce by asymmetrical peak value Ikm of the short-time current
and the heating effect of the rated short-time current IkN.

6.2 Insulation level :

The insulation level for the insulation between the terminals of a line trap
is governed by the rated voltage of the protective device. The insulation of
the mail coil and the tuning device shall be adequately rated for:

a) The voltage developed across the line trap at the rated power frequency
by the rated short-time current. The rated voltage of the protective
device shall be higher than this voltage developed across the line trap.
b) The front of wave impulse spark over voltage or the residual voltage
caused by the nominal discharge current of the protective device, which
ever is higher.

6.3 System voltage insulation:

The system voltage insulation of a line trap is provided by insulator

strings or post insulators. The line trap system voltage insulation shall be
consistent with the other equipment in the associated high voltage
transmission network.

6.4 Tensile strength of suspension system :

The suspension system of a line trap shall be designed for a tensile stress
of at least twice the mass of the line trap in kilograms, multiplied by 9.81
to convert to newtons, plus 5000 N.

7.0 Accessories :

7.1 Bird barriers:

The bird barrier design shall be such that no entrance to the line trap shall
admit a sphere having a diameter of 16mm.

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010
7.2 Terminal clamp/connectors :

The clamp shall be suitable for t win Moose ACSR conductor. The
clamp, connectors, nuts, bolts and hardware shall be of non-
magnetic material and shall conform to IS: 5561. The clamp shall be
fitted on incoming and outgoing pad of Line Trap with four Nos. of
Nuts & Bolts. The incoming and outgoing conductor shall be on other
side of the clamp fitted with the help of six bolts and nuts
arrangements. The clamps shall be suitable for horizontal and vertical
take off with conductor diameter 28mm to 32mm.

The clamp shall be designed to carry the continuous load of 1250 Amp
at 220KV and shall withstand a dynamic short circuit current of 40KA
for 3 second. The temperature rise shall not exceed 35 C over 50 C
ambient. All the castings shall be free from blowholes, surface blisters,
cracks and cavities. All sharp edges shall be blurred, rounded off and

Clamp and connectors shall be designed so as to avoid corona

formation. The visual corona extinction voltage shall not exceed 156
KV (rms.). All nuts and bolts shall be suitably shrouded. Radio
interference voltage for clamp and connectors shall not exceed 500
microvolt at 156 KV (rms.). No current carrying parts of the Clamps
and connector shall be less than 10mm thickness.


The main coil, the tuning device and the protective device shall be
provided with rating plates of weatherproof material fitted so that they are
readily visible. The inscriptions shall be indelibly marked and include the
following data:

Rating plate of the main coil:

a) Manufacturers name & year of manufacture.

b) Type.
c) Serial number
d) Rated inductance (mH)
e) Power frequency inductance (mH)
f) Rated continuous current (A)
g) Rated power frequency (Hz)
h) Rated short time current (kA) and duration (s)
i) Total weight (kg)

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010
Rating plate of tuning device:

a) Manufacturers name & year of manufacture.

b) Type
c) Serial number
d) Frequency band(s) (KHz)
e) Blocking impedance (minimum value) (Ohm)
f) Blocking resistance (minimum value) (Ohm)
g) Rated impulse protective level (kV)
h) Belonging to main coil with rated inductance (mH) and serial number

Rating plate of protective device:

a) Manufacturers name & year of manufacture

b) Type
c) Serial number
d) Nominal discharge current (kA)
e) Rated voltage of protective device
f) Minimum value of power frequency spark over voltage (Dry & wet) of
protective deice

Special name plate:

a) Manufacturers name & year of manufacture Or

Name of EPC Contractor if order for EPC project
b) Name of Customer
c) Name of Project ( In case of EPC project)
d) A/T No.

The Line Traps shall be of outdoor suspension type. Necessary

suspension device together with all accessories including insulators shall be
supplied along with line trap. The Line Trap shall be lightweight
suitable for hanging on the gantry of Sub station without creating any
clearance problem due to large diameter, length & weight of the Line
Trap. The bird barrier shall be fitted on both the sides of Line Trap. Line
trap shall be provided with single point single insulator string
suspension type arrangement only.

The Line Trap shall be supplied with fitted tuning pot and
Lightening arrester.

All the type test reports as per relevant IS/IEC of the Line Trap offered
shall be invariably enclosed with the offer. The offer without type test
report shall not be considered.

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010
The Line Trap shall be fitted with top and bottom clamp with
Connector etc. complete in all respect for connecting line trap to line
side and equipment side respectively. The clamp, connector, nut, bolts, etc.
which is affected by magnetic field of line trap shall be of non-
magnetic material. All iron parts shall be hot dip galvanized. The
arrangement of minimum three nos. of tie rod assembly shall be
required to avoid shearing from thread of tie rod assembly.

1. The bidder shall furnish the full technical details, O&M manual, QAP &
drawings for the Line Trap offered.
2. The bidder shall have the experience of at least 10 years of manufacture
& supply of similar type of Line Trap.
3. The bidder shall furnish the full details of the orders executed.
4. Any deviation shall be clearly indicated separately.
5. The GETCO reserves right to increase or decrease the quantity at the
time of placing the order.
6. The GETCO reserve right either to accept or reject any of the offers
Without assigning the reason.

The following drawings indicating all the dimensions and weight etc.
with complete technical details shall be enclosed together with technical bid:
(i) General arrangement for Line Trap indicating dimensions,
technical parameters, weight etc.
(ii) Suspension arrangement indicating dimensions.
(iii) Name plate for line trap
(iv) Name plate for tuning pot
(v) Name plate for protective device
(vi) Special Name plate
(vii) Tuning pot ckt arrangement
(viii) Details of terminal clamp/connectors suitable for twin ACSR
Moose conductor.
(ix) Suspension fittings (hardware) for line trap
(x) Disc Insulator with general technical specification
(xi) Lightning Arrestor as protective device for Tuning Pot.
(xii) Bird barriers
(xiii) Other accessories of Line Trap.
(xiv) Any other components/drawings not covered.

The offer without the above drawings and insufficient technical data
will be evaluated accordingly or shall be liable to be rejected. Along with the
drawings bidder shall have to submit the QAP with following details for the
equipment offered.

Sign & Seal of Bidder

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010

a) Title page with details

Manufacturer Name & Address
Rev. No.
Date & Total No. of Pages
Order No. Or A/T No.
Name of Contractor ( For EPC project)

b) Standard Quality Assurance PLAN for Line Traps with complete details
about Raw-Material and Bought out Items to be used in manufacturing of
wave trap and list of routine/ acceptance test (all that acceptance test
mentioned at Sr. No. 12 here under). Also the QAP shall have details of
Agency and type of function (perform or witness or verification) to be
conducted by agency for each individual component and operation details
given in the table.


The Bidder shall have to submit following valid Type test reports
The offer without Valid Type test reports shall be liable to be rejected.

LIST OF TYPE TEST REPORTS FOR 220KV, 0.5 mH, 1250A Wave Trap:

1. Measurement of inductance of mail coil

power frequency inductance
Rated inductance
2. Temperature rise test
3. Short Time Current Test for both Mechanical & thermal behavior.
4. blocking impedance Measurement test
5. Measurement of blocking resistance
6. Tapping loss Measurement
7. High Voltage test
Corona inception / Extinction test
Radio Interference Voltage test
Lightning impulse voltage withstand test.
Power frequency voltage withstand test.

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010

1. Insulation withstand tests on the arrester housings

2 Residual voltage test
a) Steep current impulse residual voltage test
b) Lightning impulse residual voltage test
c) Switching impulse residual voltage test
3 Long-duration current impulse withstand test
4 Operating duty test
a) High-current impulse operating duty test
b) Switching surge operating duty test
5 Short circuit
6 Arrester disconnector/fault indicator (when fitted)
7 Polluted housing test
8 Internal partial discharge test
9 Bending moment
10 Environmental tests
11 Seal leak rate
12 Radio interference voltage (RIV)
13 Power frequency Voltage Versus Time characteristics
14 Standard lightning Impulse spark over test
15 Front of Wave Impulse spark over test
16 Power Frequency spark over voltage test (dry & wet)
17 Moisture ingress test
18 Weather ageing test


(Suitable for Twin ACSR Moose) :

1. Short time current test

2. Corona Inception/Extinction test
3. Radio Interference Voltage test
4. tension Load test (Tensile test)
5. Resistance test
6. Temperature rise test
7. Galvanizing test on Bolt, Nut & plain washer
8. Dimensional Check


1. Measurement of blocking resistance & blocking impedence
2. Power frequency voltage test on tuning unit
3. Measurement of rated inductance of main coil
4. Measurement of Power frequency inductance of main coil

5. Measurement of tapping loss & tapping loss based on resistance

6. Dimensional & Visual check
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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010


The bidder shall have to supply the wave trap offered with
Tuning pot
Lightning arrestors
Single point suspension arrangement type insulator string assembly
Clamps & Connectors suitable for twin ACSR Moose conductor
Bird barriers
Suspension hardwares & accessories
O&M manual
Any other accessories necessary for installation of wave trap.

The Guaranteed technical particulars of Line Trap shall be furnished in

separate schedule-A. Technical data for protective device in annexure-
A1, Technical data for tuning device in annexure-A2, Line trap
construction data in annexure-A3 and deviation in annexure-A4 shall be
brought out separately.

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010


(To be furnished by the bidder)

Sr.No. Particulars To be furnished by bidder

Schedule - A
1 Name of Manufacturer and Country
2 Type / Model
3 System voltage rating
4 Continuous current rating at 50 deg centigrade
5 Maximum symmetrical short circuit current
rating for 3 sec. Duration
6 Asymmetrical peak value of first half wave of
rated short time current
7 Rated inductance
8 Blocking range
9 Minimum Guaranteed resistive component in
blocking frequency range
a) Centre Frequency

b) Over Blocking Range

10 Type of tuning
Variation in 50Hz impedance over degree
11 centigrade variation in ambient temperature.

Variation in resonant frequency band per

12 degree centigrade variation in ambient
13 Impedance at tuned frequency.
Change in impedance per degree
14 Centigrade change in ambient temp.

Attenuation in Tuned Frequency

15 Band.

Attenuation at the distance of 10 kHz from the

16 tuned frequency band.
17 Maximum Tapping loss
18 Type of Mounting
19 Class of insulation of line trap
20 Temperature rise in line trap under rated
continuous current (Specify the value)
21 Visual corona Inception voltage
22 Visual corona Extinction voltage
23 Radio interference voltage
24 Type of incoming & outgoing terminal
25 Maximum working stress
26 Ultimate tensile strength

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010
Sr.No. Particulars To be furnished by bidder
Annexure A1 : Technical data for protective device
Type of Protective device provided for
1 protection of capacitors and coil against
voltage surges & type of class
2 Basic Insulation level
Standard nominal discharge current of
3 protective device for 8/20 micro second wave
4 Rated voltage of the protective device
5 Minimum value of power frequency spark over
voltage (dry & Wet) of protective device
6 Impulse spark over voltage of protective
Virtual steepness and maximum front of wave
7 impulse spark over voltage of protective
Maximum residual discharge voltage of
protective device for 8/20 micro second
8 impulse discharge current of
a) 5000 A
b) 10000 A

Sr.No. Particulars To be furnished by bidder

Annexure A2 : Technical data for Tuning device
1 Power frequency withstand voltage for 5 sec
2 Tuning band arrangement
a) Band I
b) Band II

Sr.No. Particulars To be furnished by bidder

Annexure A3 : Line trap construction data
1 Material of main coil
2 Material of terminal connector
3 Material of suspension link
4 Material of mounting hard wares
5 Net weight
6 Whether corona rings are provided?
7 Whether Bird barriers are provided?
8 Overall diameter
9 Total height
10 No. of turns in Line trap main coil
11 Type of conductor whether solid or stranded
12 Cross sectional area of conductor
13 Overall conductor size
Type of construction i.e. No. of coils and
14 whether open type or covered with insulating
15 Type and material of spacers between turn to
16 No. of tie rods in tie rod Assembly

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GETCO/E/TS-220KV WT 0902/R1, Dt: 10.06.2010

Sr.No. Particulars
Annexure A4 : Deviation if any from technical requirement


Sr.No. Description Quantity

1. 220kV, 0.5mH, 1250 Amp line trap
with blocking band of Band-(I)-
100 to 160KHz & Band-(II)- 150 to
500KHz and Rmin=570 Ohm and
single point suspension
arrangement including suspension
insulator string assembly,
clamps/connectors and require
hardware & accessories

Sign & Seal of Bidder

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