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Emergency Repair with AirLive 11g AP

Applicable Models: WL-5460AP, WL-5450AP, WL-5470AP, WL-5470POE, WH-5420CPE

The following table shows how to judge the state of the AP by looking at its LED.
LED Status Table
Model Normal Condition Firmware Crashed Bootloader Crashed
WL-5450AP, z WLAN LED will Status LED stay Both Status and
WLA-5460AP, light up constantly on WLAN LED are off
WL-5470AP, z Status LED will be
WL-5470POE off

Firmware Crashed: You can use the Emergency upgrade procedure in this section
to restore the AP
Bootloader Crashed: You need to send the unit back to AirLive for repair.

Emergency Firmware Upgrade

The AirLive 11g Access Points features emergency firmware upgrade function that
can restore your AP from a firmware crashed. If you cant access your AP
anymore, please first try to restore the setting to default by holding the RESET
button (in the back) for more than 5 seconds. You should be able to find the AP
at If you cant find it and the status LED stays RED after
power-on for 10 minutes, then please perform the emergency upgrade.

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How Emergency Upgrade Works?

The AirLive 11g APs flash memory is divided into firmware and bootloader area.
The bootloader area is protected from writing and has a built-in emergency web server.
Therefore, the AP can be recovered from emergency web server after a firmware crash.
The emergency web server is enabled when AP is forced into emergency upgrade mode,
its IP will be found in

Firmware Area
Flash Memory

Bootloader Area
Web Server

Procedure to Restore the AP using Emergency Upgrade

1. Please connect your PC directly to the LAN 1 port of the AP

2. set your PCs IP address to

Fig. 1-1, Assign IP as onto your computer

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3. Before connecting the power, please press and holding the Reset button(in the back
of the AP). Then plug in the power. Keep press and hold the Reset button until the
Status LED goes off.

Fig 1-2 : Press and hold the reset button while plugging in the power.

6. Keep holding the Reset button until the status LED goes off.

7. Open a browser; type for the website address. The following screen
should show up

8. Click the Browse button, select and open the correct firmware file.
9. Click on UPGRADE button. After upload succeed, it will shows the message
"Upload OK, Please wait...". Do not touch the AP or PC until the upgrade is
10. Wait for AP to finish reboot. The status LED will go off after AP finish reboot.

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11. Change your PCs IP address back to

12. Open the web browser, and type You should see the following

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