July 30, 2010

Barack Obama Secures His Grip on the Oil Industry – The American Civil War of 2010 Part III
~ by Christopher Massie http://draintheswamp2010.wordpress.com/2010/07/30/barack-obama-secures-his-gripon-the-oil-industry-%E2%80%93-the-american-civil-war-of-2010-part-iii/

Oh Yes He Will

Part I – Chavez in a Box – The Strings are Revealed Just when you thought it was safe to take that long-planned vacation to Caracas, President Hugo Chavez enters the media again, angry with America. This particular outburst from the bully by the sea alleges the U.S. government is plotting alongside Colombia to invade Venezuela. This latest accusation from Chavez comes on the heels of Columbia’s allegations that Venezuela is harboring rebel soldiers; namely, members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Researching the longstanding rhetoric between these two countries reveals a constant state of back-and-forth on issues related to this current upheaval. Columbia being an

ally of the United States, Venezuela positioned as our fourth largest supplier of oil, Chavez and his counterparts from across the border constantly find themselves embroiled in confrontation. The real story, often times, has far less to do with FARC and much more to do with the politics of Chavez. As elections now approach in Venezuela, with the next parliamentary votes set for September 26, 2010, the ruling party of that country – the United Socialist Party of Venezuela – begins anew their push to arouse nationalist sentiment amongst the population. According to Margarita López Maya, PhD – historian, professor and candidate in the Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (United Democratic Table) party running in opposition to the Chavez government this September – Chavez is a radical anti-imperialist, playing games with his own people towards a self-centered goal of political gain. Chavez could no more afford to back up his latest rhetoric with action than to “eat rocks”, as he threatened to do. These empty threats amount to yet another attempt by Chavez to stir the pot; another attempt to secure his place as a Socialist Dictator for decades to come. So why, then, does this country, especially the Obama administration, continue to play ball with Chavez? And, more interestingly, why was the Chavez rhetoric towards THIS White House so vanilla by comparison to the vile language hurled at Bush? The obvious answer of Socialist brotherhood comes to mind; after all, the handshake viewed ’round the world is household news by now. No, there’s something deeper here; something much more complex – even sinister, perhaps. Remember the rules of engagement for Marxists/Socialists: first, tear down Capitalism (we’re witnessing this administration’s work towards that end on a daily basis); next: enslave the populace to the Socialist/Communist tyrannical government (how better to enslave us to our government than by forcing us to purchase our gasoline from State owned gas stations?) Hugo Chavez may be privy to conversations, dealings, or negotiations taking place that threaten his country’s very existence. His rhetoric with Obama reveals a stark change in attitude as compared to that he served to Bush. While he continues the nationalistic rhetoric – timing his speeches to coincide with elections, naturally – his threats to “stop the oil” are completely toothless. Chavez criticizes U.S. policy, yet taps Obama on the shoulder, winks, and literally calls the American leader a “friend”. If Chavez is not getting paid off in this deal, I’ll eat my hat. You may disperse with vile cajoling, Chavez; other than the repressed countrymen you subject to your Socialist tyranny, the world knows who is now pulling your strings. Part II – Red China invests $10 Billion to control Oil in South America – “Made in China” takes on New Meaning


From the days of Nixon and the “Shanghai Communiqué”, Patriotic Republican presidents – those with a firm belief in American Exceptionalism – knew that the normalization of relations between China and America required serious attention. Acquiescence, however, was unacceptable – particularly for Nixon. Prior to the famous 1972 meeting between Nixon and Mao, China exhibited extreme hostility and aggressiveness towards the once capital and ruler of the mainland: Taiwan. So deeply rooted was this ongoing sentiment towards Taiwan, in fact, that on the day of meeting with Nixon, Mao snorted to the effect that Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek would not have approved of their secret rendezvous. Concerned, however, that the Soviet Union’s continued spread across severely weakened states throughout Eastern Europe would ultimately land the Communist State at China’s border with virtually no resistance, Americans were pleased to see Nixon – the very man who in 1952 was elected Vice President for his stance against communism – work to normalize relations not only between the U.S. and China; but between China and the Soviet Union as well. Nixon and Kissinger, through the “Shanghai Communiqué”, agreed to begin discussions of troop withdrawals from Taiwan while not fully endorsing the PRC’s version of the One-China policy. In other words, while Nixon agreed that China should be unified, and that Taiwan and mainland China should work towards re-unification, neither he nor his administration would fully support the United States’ complete withdrawal from the region while Communist China (People’s Republic of China) proclaimed sovereignty over our ally Taiwan (Republic of China). Seven years would pass before changes to the U.S. position would occur; those changes taking place during the most depressed days our economy has experience until recently. Enter Jimmy Carter. Carter’s policies on every issue from gas rationing to foreign policy to addressing the nation were the most ruinous of their kind until Barack Obama. In fact, were it not for the current occupant of the Oval Office, Carter would continue to be remembered at this nation’s worst president in many, many decades. For purposes of this report, we’ll focus on Carter’s seemingly deliberate efforts to hand our nation over to Red China on a silver platter. Soul-stirring speeches on the subject of American Exceptionalism would not be offered to the citizens of this great nation until Ronald Reagan so poignantly spoke that magical phrase. So it may not be possible to gauge Carter’s belief in, or cynicism towards, such a theory. But one issue is certainly undeniable: Carter sold this country to Red China when signing the Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations. He pulled all personnel from Taiwan, recognized Beijing as the capital of China, denounced Taiwan as the capital and effectively severed ties with our island ally. Carter was so desperate to right his self-induced sinking ship that he slipped into bed with communism. Today, China owns more than $1 Trillion of this country’s debt and is one of the primary catalysts in ongoing discussions towards the removal of the dollar as the world’s currency. China dominates this country, substantially, nay preposterously, in

terms of trade deficit; and holds such global strength as to silence discussions of its currency manipulations at the recent G-20 summit. Barack Obama praises Red China, apologizes to Red China, and now borrows money from Red China to finance even more debt – debt that Obama is creating with the passage of each new ruinous package he rams through Congress. The only method by which this country would be more indebted to the Communists – more dependent upon an ideology this country has fought against for hundreds of years – would be one that resulted in an American reliance upon Red China for oil. Surely times would never come to that; would they? “On May 19, 2009, Petrobras finalized a $10 billion loan from China.” Why would the world’s 4th largest energy company need investments from China? Why would the largest company located in the southern hemisphere want to sign finance MOUs with China? And better still, where did the U.S. administration come up with billions to loan Petrobras? Why would this administration send that kind of money to South America for drilling, exploration, and oil procurement while stifling those same activities – and the jobs these activities could produce – right here at home? Are we as Americans – drowning in joblessness; plagued by moratoriums in the gulf; and sleepless over foreign oil from murderous regimes because our government stifles shale oil extraction – honestly to believe that the Obama administration is working in tandem with China on selling oil to America? It’s been proved without a doubt that Barrack Obama is a secular-socialist/Marxist; but is he THIS diabolical? Part III – George Soros, Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez – The Billionaire Anti-Semite buys a Marxist Chicago Politician who pays off a Communist Anti-American: the REAL 3 stooges The tale of George Soros is so mired in secrecy – deception – that even Wikipedia has neither the wisdom nor valor to properly either remove their page describing the man or heavily screen its content for greater accuracy. For every so-called financial feat proclaimed through, what appear at least to be, unbiased sources – sources that are easily traced to their original roots – there are hundreds of bodies lying in the dust. Even the stories of Soros’ youth, as told on Wikipedia, are riddled with omissions; Soros himself admits to plundering the Jews of his neighborhood in Hungary after his family changed their name from Schwartz to Soros – a fact so blatantly ignored by Wikipedia that it’s practically proof of propagandistic authorship.


Personal research into the man who: destroyed the lives of Jews during WWII; devastated British citizens by destroying the value of everything they owned when he single-handedly broke the Bank of England; perpetrated the worst social robbery of its kind to date from 1992-1996 (known as RussiaGate in the 1999 investigation); and nearly destroyed the economies of Thailand and Malaysia – and so much more; leaves this author breathless. Citizens of what is, for now, a free America, are encouraged – STRONGLY – to complete their own research: Who is this George Soros? George Soros is no friend of the Republic of the United States of America. He openly condemns our nation as “A danger to the world” while plotting through his Open Society Institute (link confirmed safe, redirects to a .pdf at Capital Research Center) to support radical left-wing, secular-socialist organizations towards their goal of controlling the American government. Additionally, he donated $24 million to various other sinister, radical, extremist groups, most notably MoveOn.org, during the 2004 election cycle, alone, because: destroying George W Bush was “a matter of life and death” for Soros. Establishing, as we have, that George Soros – at the very least – has his own agenda, following his money trail through donations made to various organizations by the “Open Society Institute” clearly demonstrates his propensity towards SecularSocialist/Marxist/Communist/Anti-Semitic individuals and groups; groups that demonstrate a similarity to his world views. Enter Barack Hussein Obama. So as to bring us up to speed on Obama’s goal for America, so that readers will be clearly schooled in this man’s past desires – that continue to remain prevalent in Obama’s present ruinous policy maneuvers – and predictable future ambitions for reshaping our precious Republic into a Marxist/Communist state, let us review: “Barrack Hussein Obama has been labeled by numerous organizations, factions and individuals – left, center AND right – as a Marxist. In his book, “Dreams from My Father”… it is written that Obama would seek out, and preferred to hang out with, Marxists and other such radicals. In the book, Obama is seemingly self-described as a follower of Marxism; students following such wildly leftist theories knowing full well what Communist monsters were born from Marxism. Obama, in fact, is described by people who have spent a great deal of time in private with the man, as a Marxist-Leninist. Obama firmly grasps the theory of a working class revolution to redistribute wealth and property. He was, in college, 100% in agreement with his Marxist college professors. He is beyond a Socialist, he is a Marxist; self-described. Dr. John C Drew, college professor and once serious Marxist, converted in 1984 after a year-long study in child labor laws, was a friend and confidant of Obama’s in college.

There has never been a more provocative, compelling offer of proof to Obama’s Marxist beliefs than Dr. Drew’s personal account. THIS INTERVIEW with Dr. Drew encapsulates Obama’s Marxist theories and the left’s attempts to keep those tendencies in the closet – or at the very least tied a little closer to center. According to Dr. Drew, the most logical professional route for Socialists/Marxists to take, once leaving college, will take them through either community activism or teaching. These are the professions where Socialists are at peace with themselves and their consciences. Obama followed his natural calling. From there, the next logical path, unless one denounces their beliefs, is politics. Alcohol, cigarettes and pulpit preaching, however, don’t make much hay in modern day politics. Obama would need to surround himself with powerful, rich, successful, and polished yet deeply committed Marxists/Socialists/Communists to accomplish his next goals.” Full Article Here All Obama would require, once exiting the Chicago mob-style political scene, was a fasttrack to the White House. His meteoric rise to the Senate, defeating his long-time friend Alice Palmer via the wrecking ball and classic thug-politics, could only continue unabated by the polishing up of Obama as he made his bid for the White House. Harry Reid – Obama-styled crook as he was – may have called the Senator in for that now infamous prodding in 2006, but Reid wasn’t going to stick his own neck out on the line just yet. Obama would need some serious cash, quietly, to continue his quest towards a goal of a Communist America. By this point, most Americans are aware of the openly admitted relationship Obama shared with ACORN: ”I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drives in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.” Barack Obama, as quoted in “To Save America by Newt Gingrich”

Likewise, we’re aware of ACORN’s dubious – stating it mildly – past performances in the field of voter registration; these “inaccuracies” invariably, constantly, benefiting liberals: “ACORN has been accused of voter fraud in 13 states since 2004 and was convicted of falsifying signatures in a voter registration drive last July, drawing a fine of $25,000 in Washington State. [That was way back in 2008 – you should read the current stuff…]” LittleGreenFootballs.com

Obama, as shown, dealt with ACORN for many years. ACORN’s laundry list of activity towards their goal of voter registration and victories for the Democrats (no matter how fraudulent) including falsifying ballots to boost the Democrats’ election results; encouraging homeless people and drug addicts to vote illegally to bolster the Democrats’ results; and most recently, bribing undercover pimps and prostitutes to vote for the Democrats is thoroughly documented as well. Obama, by working with ACORN, proves he’ll do anything to win; be that in Chicago or D.C. And we know that Soros is tied to ACORN, as well. As reported on by Investors.com in their revealing article entitled: George Soros: “The Man, The Mind and the Money behind MoveOn” “Soros’ efforts go beyond spin. He has also bankrolled groups involved in the manipulation of elections, an activity that has increased since his money came into the picture. Two groups — Americans Coming Together and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — were sanctioned recently by the Federal Election Commission for fraud. Soros pledged $10 million to ACT, which has since been fined $775,000 for illegally funneling $70 million set aside for voter registrations to Democratic candidates. He also gave at least $150,000 to ACORN, the left-wing group best known for pushing minimum-wage hikes, marching for illegal-immigrant amnesty and harassing Wal-Mart. ACORN has been accused of voter fraud in 13 states since 2004 and was convicted of falsifying signatures in a voter registration drive last July, drawing a fine of $25,000 in Washington State. Soros says he has ended funding to voter-drive organizations, but he still heads a secretive rich-man’s club called “Democracy Alliance” that has doled out $20 million to activist groups like ACORN.” So tying Soros to Obama through their mutual involvement with ACORN requires very little imagination. There’s also Soros’ involvement with Progressive Congress Action Fund (PCAF). Publicly donating more than $3 million to that organization makes Soros their largest single personal contributor to date. And what does the PCAF work towards? According to their web-site, they “support progressive policies on everything from environmental regulation to healthcare reform to government guarantees….” They further consider that “Congress has behaved far less progressively than the people they are supposed to represent”. I don’t know about you, fellow Americans, but this Patriot is not interested in progressivism. Obviously, based on their public and financial support of Obama, and Soros’ massive donation to the PCAF’s coffers, the trio – PCAF, Obama and Soros – have quite a lot in common.

But trying to lace the threads together, as intriguing as it is, may not be necessary. Thanks to our friends at LittleGreenFootball.com, well, a picture’s worth a thousand keystrokes:

Yes, that’s Soros, to Obama’s left, at the bottom of the stairs, during a fundraiser in 2007. It sure has been intellectually stimulation, however, piecing the puzzle together. So, it’s unequivocally clear: Obama and Soros are connected, deeply so; Soros is the money man, as well. Obama and Soros are working together to change the face of our beloved country from a Republic born on Patriotism, Freedom and Exceptionalism to one of Socialism, dependence on Big Government, and Marxism. Remember, once the Republican model of Freedom (free markets; capitalism; free speech; social, racial and economic freedom; religious freedom; freedom from tyranny; freedom from reliance on foreign dictators and tyranny) collapses under a mountain of entitlements (government mandated socialized medical care costing trillions of dollars; government mandated stimulus packages funded by nearly a trillion dollars of borrowed and printed money; cap-and-trade regulation leading to millions of jobs being pushed off of American soil and millions of additional dollars in taxes levied upon American businesses), then – and only then, according to Marxists – will Communism insert itself through the will of the new regime. Soros funded Obama in their mutual bid to take over the White House, this we have established. Obama is quickly moving towards the imploding of the economy, leading to an inevitable collapse of the Republic – through any means possible (including policy implementation, racial agitation, class warfare and deep divides between the parties) – in direct contrast to his campaign promises.

In Part II, it was revealed that Obama’s administration would be loaning $Billions to Petrobras and the question was raised as to where that money would be coming from. Speculations within the administration, as well as the media, arose regarding loan guarantees and whether this gesture towards the oil giant in South America signaled a softening by the administration; could this government be moving towards the allowing of drilling? Is Obama considering opening up to the type of exploration Petrobras is famous for? Will America now begin to realize its own energy independence as he promised in his campaign speeches? I believe we’ve all come to know better of Obama by now – at least in terms of drilling here at home and building jobs for Americans is concerned. Just in case one final piece of the interlocking maze has escaped anyone, YES, Soros is one of the most important factors in Petrobras, with an investment in the company of a minimum of $811 million. The term ‘minimum’ is appropriate in that, at any time, as the cost of the shares fluctuate – as happened in 2009 – Soros will alter his stake so that he is: ‘“Taking advantage of the spread between the two types of U.S.-listed Petrobras shares”’, said Luis Maizel, president of LM Capital Group LLC, which manages about $4 billion”; according to Bloomberg.com. So savvy is Maizel, in fact, that he even covers for Soros’ actions as the multi-billionaire seemingly innocently “dumps his interests in Petrobras”. To quote: “Given that there will most likely never be a change in control in the company, I see no reason to pay a higher price for the common shares”; also from Bloomberg. Now why would a hedge fund manager need to explain his boss’ actions? The price changed, you did your job; who said anything about controlling Petrobras? Two days after Obama seized the lives of Gulf-Coast residences with his moratorium on deep-water drilling, Petrobras contacted Laborde Marine. Laborde Marine, a company that services this country’s deep-water drilling market, was headed to Brazil. Coincidence? No. Soros has been investing in Socialist organizations in this country for years. His goals are clear. His plans mirror those of Obama; and vice-versa. Take down the Republic, replace it with Communism. Soros has become a leading proponent for a carbon tax; Obama is ramming through Congress his cap-and-trade; were these two separated at birth? The link between Obama, Soros and Petrobras is clearly defined. But what of Hugo Chavez? Why has he been so silent throughout all of this? Normally, when it comes to matters involving his neighbors, Chavez becomes more vocal. He seems almost silent, as if he’s on holiday. After all, elections are coming. Yes, he has stood on the proverbial stage, given the same – YAWN – nationalistic, anti-imperialistic speech. But this is the

guy who called Bush the devil; the man who blasted the U.N.; and who, until recently, compared the current administration to the previous, calling them warmongers. And now this?

Remember back to that slip of the tongue by Soros’s hedge fund manager when he spoke of George’s move to alter his position in Petrobras: “There will never be a change in control at the company.” There are no mistakes in life. Soros remains a powerful player at Petrobras. And Obama controls where, when and how oil and natural gas is drilled for and explored in America. Further, Chavez dictates one of the most ruthless armies in his region; to include FARC guerillas that he is allowing a safe haven in Venezuela. But how would this trio of Socialists ever persuade Petrobras to release their ties with Red China? After all, not one of the three has majority voting power. Since when do mercenaries need voting power? Part IV – The New Communist Oil Monopoly – It will not be Controlled “Over There” World dominance through the installation of Marxism is traced to its most notorious roots in the regimes of Lenin and his successor, the even more demonic ruler, Joseph Stalin. These monstrous dictators rose to power initially as their own country battled for its survival against Germany in WWI, as Lenin poisoned his countrymen against Russia to the detriment of the entire State. Millions would perish under Lenin’s murderous rule and only Stalin would prove a worse satanic beast than his predecessor. Their common underlying political theory was Marxism, a political mantra praised by Barack Obama during his college years; a political theory Obama practices today as he works to collapse the Republic through overloading the system one ruinous policy after another. Additional proof of Obama’s continued belief in Marxism lay in his total flaccidity at combating the internal strife tearing this Nation limb from limb: he ignores the racism; reenergizes class warfare from the Rose garden and ignites intense bipartisanism

through fork-tongued rhetoric. In short, through any means possible, Obama is content to tear down the Republic; step one in the Marxist handbook. Step two in the Marxist handbook, as the new regime moves towards the installation of Communism, is to install the new government; a fantasy or puppet government at first that eases the population into a false sense of hope. Lenin first toppled the Provisional Government, promising the people – the workers, the middle class, and the minorities – that power would be theirs. Once accomplished, Lenin installed the Bolsheviks; HIS government. And the removal of all freedom and the people’s rights quickly vanished. From there, the murderous rampage of a man intent on “One World” ensued. Lenin signed a pact with Germany, the devil itself, and Communism would lead to the Nazi invasion of Europe. Stalin followed Lenin’s very steps, yet his murders of and atrocities against his own people were even more brutal; some counts estimate more than one million average Russian citizens died specifically due to Stalin’s orders. He, too, would sign a pact with Germany, with Hitler, and the AXIS was formed. WWII witnessed more deaths of Stalin’s people than any other members of the AXIS. The Iron Curtain lowered because of Stalin. The beginning of the Cold War is attributed to Stalin. Why would anyone want those days to return? Power. Obama has formed an AXIS that is as powerful, as ruthless, and as dangerous as any he relished – and desires to this day – when he praised the Marxist ideologies with his professors. Obama has formed an army of Muslim soldiers in Kenya, has enacted legislation to build a Civilian National Security Force (Valkyrie, anyone), has befriended Hugo Chavez and his armies, and has compromised the armed forces of America with his apology tour throughout the Muslim world – not to mention his alienation of Israel so as to bolster support with the Palestinians. Next steps? China owns more than a $Trillion dollars of American debt and has loaned us $Millions more to finance Obama’s stimulus package. Agitating China has the potential for shutting off this country’s lights, literally. But remember, that pendulum swings both ways, and China knows it. We buy A LOT of Chinese goods. Just take off that ball cap you’re wearing or look at the tag in that summer dress you’re wearing and you’ll understand the sentiment here. But the Chinese government plays ball a bit differently than Americans. They will tell the G-20 attendees to mind their own business – and they mean it. Don’t push our buttons, our people are accustomed to making $15 a week, we have no problem pulling out of the world order, demands the government of China. So the rest of the world, wisely, plays along. Human rights issues? Obama apologizes for what he considers OUR human rights offenses when facing China’s

leaders! Okay, the Chinese have the upper hand; and they know it. So how does Obama remove this “situation”? The American economy is deeply mired in a double dip, 18+ month recession. American’s net worth is plummeting. Average Americans are rapidly losing all faith in Obama – including the independents. Jobless numbers in Nevada are at 14%, the nation reporting nearly 10%. The stock market has been stuck at roughly 10,000 since Obama took office. Racial tension today is as rampant as the days of “The Dream”, and our Black President speaks nary a work to ease the country. Class wars are evident as Obama struts through the Rose Garden with average Americans who are unemployed and verbally assaults the GOP for ‘saving the rich an administration back, but now content to cut these poor folk off at the knees’. In short, the United States of America is, at the very least drowning – at worst, she is dying. It is becoming increasingly evident that Barrack Obama doesn’t care what happens to America. If China calls the note, why would he care? If China becomes aggressive, why would he care? If China decides that America is its next conquest, why would Obama care? He has already set in motion the implosion of the Republic. Why then, is China so important? Why does Obama continue to placate the Red State? Obama (through allegiances with Odinga, Mahmoud Abbas and Saudi Arabia, to name a few), Soros (with his $Billions) and Chavez (with armies to include Columbian FARC rebels) have the combined power to negotiate an arrangement with Petrobras and the Brazilian government to change the company structure as it relates to China’s position within Petrobras. Currently, China has invested $10 Billion in the Brazilian oil powerhouse; the Communist State holds roughly 8% of the company stock (interestingly enough, Obama’s administration has pledged matching funds). Perhaps, then, Obama and company are neither attempting to appease China, nor take over Petrobras. Certainly, if so decided, Chavez could be called upon to infiltrate Petrobras’ interior offices, stage a coup and take over the company. Obama could play the savior: negotiating with all sides; discussing a resolution whereby Venezuela no longer suffers; the Chinese relinquish some, if not all, of their influence in the oil rich region; America supporting its ally Brazil by investing more funds in Petrobras; with Obama toping it all off by bringing Soros to the table with a generous investment in Petrobras of yet another $Billion+ dollars. War in South America is averted and thousands of Americans go to work in sunny Brazil. Sound far-fetched? Take a look at history. Only this time, we have a president with much more sinister goals in mind. We’re dealing with a president who has “One World Order” in mind. We have in the White House a Marxist, a Socialist, a Communist; a man who truly believes that America as it is structured today – a Republic born from the dream of escaping tyranny – is destined to be replaced.


Now that the United States is in such dire circumstances, now that our country is leveraged to the hilt, Obama is already receiving acceptance from members of Congress for borrowing from China to finance his stimulus bill (interesting note, Soros stated that a mere $600 Million stimulus should “do the trick” towards unsettling our economy). So Obama is confident that he can convince the people to move forward with plans to further engage Red China. If Congress is on board, he’ll argue, why shouldn’t the rest of Americans be? As a note, before moving further, note that Obama continues to challenge the court ordered ban on his moratoriums on deep water drilling in the Gulf; thousands of Americans in that region alone are still not working. Now that Obama has illustrated to Petrobras his capabilities in bringing to a halt all American-based competition for his Brazilian partner, and further convinced China of his ability to sell this country to the Communist state with very little resistance from Congress (or the American people, for that matter), all that’s required now are final negotiations. The moratoriums on drilling in this country will not be lifted. Drilling off the Alaska coast will never commence. Cap-and-trade will be passed. Laborde Marine is headed to Brazil. Obama’s power to persuade Congress into matching China’s loan to Petrobras will not be questioned. Soros will continue to invest $Billions towards destroying this nation’s ability to sustain its own energy needs, while sending every possible American job to any other country but the United States. Obama will then, very soon, sit with Petrobras’ management, Soros, Chavez and China and form the World Oil and Exploration Council. America will have finally been sold to China, through a treaty relinquishing our debt based on mutual acceptance of Communist philosophy and the abolishment of presidential term limits; Marxism will begin to take hold, Soros and Obama will rule as did Lenin and Stalin, and the whole of America will cry out, “My God, why hast thou forsaken us?” Part V – Conclusion Never before in the history of the United States of America has this country been so close to the brink of Communism. Even in the early 1970s, as the Weather Underground Association, led by Bill Ayers and his murderous clan of terrorists blew up government buildings and called for revolution, there was a Republican government in place. Even as Carter devastated our economy, our parents knew he was simply a buffoon; he was never revealed as being an enemy of America. But now, THIS man, this unmistakable Marxist, anti-American, nation destroying enemy of our most basic core values – this Barack Hussein Obama – is devastatingly close to completely collapsing our economy, our brotherhood, our very way of life; all towards his goal of the installation of Marxism.

I had dinner with a gentleman from New Orleans the other night, a gentleman who shares my beliefs, hopes, and fears for our great nation. We spoke for hours on the current occupant’s past, present and fast approaching future. We are in complete agreement: Obama is Lenin/Stalin/Marx incarnate. We know what Obama is up to. We concur that the man has an agenda. I had not yet completed my research into this document, yet had I, I’m certain we’d have spent additional hours in agreement on this as well. Speaking to the choir, however, is not going to unseat the Bolsheviks! The people who are going to allow Obama to continue his assault upon America will never read this article. The lemmings that will pull the lever for the secular-socialists don’t even have a computer, if I may venture a guess. The target audience pin-pointed for the t-shirt rallies by ACORN (or whatever they call themselves today) may not even have cable TV – they certainly don’t know who Glen Beck is! It’s time for us to get out from behind the keypad, find those pockets of Obama supporters and try, with all the strength that buoyed George Washington across that river, to influence just ONE of those lonely minds. These are the people who are standing in the mud, looking up at Lenin and saying, “teach us, oh wise one, we’ll follow you to the pits of hell.” I, for one, am committing myself to finding those souls standing in the mud. Are you?


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