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This is a snapshot of the anarchist libraries as seen on January 18, 2016.

Each archive is packaged as an ISO image and include the PDF, EPUB and
HTML version (plus sources) of each text.

If you don't know exactly what to do with an ISO image, please visit

Once you have mounted, burned, or extracted the ISO, you can either
browse the folders or open the file titles.html to browse the archive
(opening titles.html with Firefox/Chrome/Explorer will do the job).

ISO image | Site name | URL
the-anarchist-library-2016-01-18-de.iso | Anarchistische Bibliothek |
the-anarchist-library-2016-01-18-yu.iso | Anarhistička biblioteka |
the-anarchist-library-2016-01-18-fi.iso | Anarkistinen kirjasto |
the-anarchist-library-2016-01-18-ru.iso | Библиотека Анархизма |
the-anarchist-library-2016-01-18-es.iso | La Biblioteca Anarquista |
the-anarchist-library-2016-01-18-mk.iso | Анархистичка библиотека |
the-anarchist-library-2016-01-18-en.iso | The Anarchist Library |
the-anarchist-library-2016-01-18-sv.iso | Det Anarkistiska Biblioteket |

Not part of the anarchist libraries project, but included nevertheless:

the-anarchist-library-2016-01-18-atr.iso | Tabula Rasa |

If you encounter any problem with this distribution, please join the
IRC channel #anarchistlibrary on Freenode: