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2pm Sunday 18th June
Barwon Heads Community Library
Golf Links Rd
Still come if it's raining
(we have a wet weather plan)


Our Library is such an important service for
all members of our community
If it closes it will not re-open
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Maison Scotch . Olga de Polga . Desigual . For further Information or assistance
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Facebook: save the barwon heads library
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TALKING HEADS MAGAZINE is grass roots, community
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Also available in ocean grove, pt.lonsdale, queenscliff,
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Marketing. 15 years is a long time in the recent history of Barwon Heads.
TALKING HEADS MAGAZINE takes a light look at local lifestyle
& up-coming events. If we bring you out to listen to some
Talking Heads Mag started as a result of poor press coverage
independent live music, enjoy a good film, attend a
community event, join a group, support your local tradies and
of our baby Festival of the Sea by the press then available
services, shop locally, encourage a budding artist or musician, back in 2002 and operated with a charter of No politics,
cook something different or entice you to eat at a new
place...our work is done! religion or overblown commercialism. To always be
The advertising supports your community news and we
encourage you to support and shop with those who community focused & available to groups and businesses
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Post Office Box 1054 Barwon Heads 3227. who want to speak directly to their community with a
ADVERTISING WELCOME minimum of interference.
(Talking Heads advertising really does work!) This is community driven local news and what you see each
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The people who write articles each month are our treasures
and we love your dedication. Sincere thanks to you all.
Its always been a pleasure to be steering this small local boat
through all of the changes our village has seen in the last few
years and, on the whole, Ive managed to stay true to the
Lots of content is tongue in cheek & some people get it, some
Remember the quirky people in Seachange?
This town is full of them & most of them find Talking Heads at
some stage. See you up the street... Trish

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Nikel and Sole, Fields Knitwear OPENING HOURS
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58 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads And many more
T 03 5254 1811 2/53 Hitchcock Avenue 5254 2232 63 Golf Links Rd. Barwon Heads 5254 2434
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One of our challenges as a small

coastal village in the City of Greater
Geelong Region is to retain our village
character and not become another
suburb of Geelong.
We are all witnessing significant growth and
development. We expect that the developers will
It is quite clear that the priorities and values of CoGG to our local facilities.
contribute to the necessary infrastructure needed to
Older members of the community and
support the new developments. We pay very high and the community of Barwon Heads are quite people with a disability tend to be less
rates, and are now being told that these rates will be different. The economic rationalist model of libraries mobile and less able to travel conveniently
used for facilities needed in the north and for new
is in real conflict with our local needs and philosophy. to other library facilities
libraries at Armstrong Creek and Leopold.
We were told that a sustainable library needs to Younger members of the community
access the library after school with their
We are expected to accept that this is a logical service 15,000 people. But as a sustainable parents and other siblings and then ride
and fair allocation of our rates and that we community we value and protect our diversity and their bikes home
Agree peacefully to the closure of our local distinctiveness. Introducing a process to encourage

Barwon Heads library; We want to meet our needs locally, especially when access to alternative library services fails
Welcome 3 story developments that are they benefit all of the community old and young, and to take account of the value given by the
popping up without advertising; are located so that we can walk and ride, and share community to our free library service that
Accept the significant increase in
and talk. we can easily access and share, and that
traffic and large trucks; and
Consent to the construction of a major The 'Unesco Public Library Manifesto gives evolved from a community library behind
drainage outfall into the Barwon River expression to the belief in the public library as a living the Anglican Church
adjacent to Ramsar wetlands and our force for education, culture and information, and as The proposed solution of catching the bus
precious beaches. an essential agent for fostering of peace and spiritual to Ocean Grove is unworkable
The Our Future forum in Geelong in May saw a welfare. The manifesto emphasises that public The Ocean Grove library is already at
gathering of Geelong's Finest, and a few of us. The library services should be relevant to local needs and capacity and this is a major growth area.
purpose of the assembly was to create the most conditions'. This aligns with the strategic goals of The usage data misrepresents actual
appropriate vision for Greater Geelong. COGG, so why would they decide to remove this usage of the library
Interesting the scenario that had the most support
service? We are not interested in a survey telling us
what we already know.
Clever and creative city-regions address their Our speakers were united in their criticism of the
challenges by avoiding a business-as-usual CoGG appraoach, highlighted the value of the Closure of BH Community Library has been
approach to problem solving, and adapt to global successfully fought previously and we need to do it
library to the community, and identified the flaws
shifts so they continue to thrive economically, again. If this Community Library service goes, we
culturally and socially. in the CoGG & Library Corporation know we won't get it back. There will be people who
recommendations to close it. We are in a unique never have the opportunity to step foot in a library
So with this in mind we encourage you all to engage position, the advantage of being co-located within a again and this would be a disgrace. This process
with CoGG and encourage them away from their formal education service is significant why not has brought together quite diverse groups in the
traditional flat earth approach. We expect CoGG to local community, if nothing else this has been
support and enable us to grow and thrive as a happy review this as an opportunity to enhance and develop very positive and highlights what we all value and
and healthy coastal community. We expect to be this model. will continue to lobby to protect as a community.
consulted about changes and see value for our rates.
We expect them to follow their own goals and Key points made included: The meeting passed a motion seeking rescission
objectives and the numerous plans they publish. of the decision to close the Barwon Heads
The Library Corporation's own Plan outlines its
Library to be put to the next CoGG meeting.
OUR MAY MEETING strategies to direct its resources and energies to:
work collaboratively with the community to increase THERE IS A PUBLIC MEETING ON THE 18TH JUNE
Our guests from the City of Greater Geelong were awareness of, access to and use of library services. AT THE LIBRARY AT 2:00PM JOIN US
Ms Lucinda Gardner Administrator; Mr Brett It also refers to maintenance of service levels and a HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY TALKING HEADS -
Luxford General Manager Investment and THANK YOU TRISH 15 YEARS IS AMAZING.
Attraction; branch network. Its Draft Plan for 2017/18 states we
Ms Cathy Ferencz Acting CEO Executive seek out, listen to and respond to community input ' OUR NEXT MEETING JUNE 19TH 7:00PM AT THE
Manager Collections and Technologies. The City of Greater Geelong Plan refers to its aim to BARWON HEADS SENIOR CITIZENS
act with integrity by being open and transparent.
OUR MAIN TOPIC WAS WHY IS THE We were given no notice of the Library Corporation's
plan to close branches, no consultation with affected WEBSITE NOW.
CLOSED? communities and 7 days notice in a newspaper report WWW.GEELONGAUSTRALIA.COM.AU
prior to a Council decision on its recommendation to CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS 24TH JUNE.
Council to close the libraries. There are many facts on
which Council has relied which we would dispute but PUBLIC MEETING TO PROTEST THE
no opportunity has been given to be heard on any of

This is not good governance. You can reach us via
We enjoy the benefits of being able to walk Sandy Gatehouse - On behalf of the BHA Committee
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Save Barwon Heads Alliance (SBHA) attended a City of Greater Geelong (COGG) briefing on the first
draft of the Barwon Heads Structure Plan on 23rd May. SBHA is pleased with this draft and we
congratulate the COGG planners for a comprehensive document demonstrating that the Help Shape the
Place engagement process confirmed that the Barwon Heads community overwhelming want to
CONTINUE to preserve the town boundary and secure the future of our sensitive coastal environment and
The following highlight points from the Plan include: acknowledging that Barwon Heads is a low growth town; there is sufficient lot supply on
the Bellarine Peninsula for the next 14 years; there are significant development constraints regarding the environment, flooding and
stormwater; and adopting a precautionary principle and reflecting the established policy in the Victorian Coastal Strategy.

SBHA urges our supporters to read the draft Barwon Heads Structure Plan and submit a response to the Plan. We will be defending the plan
at the Victorian Planning Panel in 2018; this will involve at least one week of hearings and SBHA will work with its legal team (QC, lawyer and
barrister) and environmental and ground water experts to prepare for this. SBHA needs your support to fund this legal campaign. All donations
count and will only be used to pay for the necessary professional experts and communication resources leading up to and at the Panel
hearing. As SBHA has a three year history of successfully running this same campaign in 2007 2010, we know how important each of the
steps are to defend our environment, town boundary and coastal amenity for the long term. It takes only one objection from a vested interest
to trigger this expensive Panel process and the developers will throw everything at this. It is up to us, this community, to defend the draft
Barwon Heads Structure Plan to save the wetlands, save the boundary and save Barwon Heads.

We need you to lodge a submission by 23rd June

go to to use our friendly online form

facebook Save Barwon Heads,

twitter @SaveBarwonHeads, or

drop off your submission in person at Starfish

visit COGG 'Have your Say' web page, email or post

Become a SBHA member (if you haven't already); Sign up at Starfish, the Post Office,
Rasta, Peppercorn or Red Dog and -

We need you to donate

. NAB BSB 083825 Acc No. 85760893
. cheques and cash also welcome

SBHA members will be at Starfish each weekend in June to assist with submissions.
Call ph: 0438866603 if you need more support to prepare and lodge your submissions

This is your chance to confirm your commitment to preserving the town boundary and securing the future of our
wetland for future generations to enjoy and protect. Barwon Heads will never be the same if the boundary changes
and our sensitive coastal environment is lost to the impact of urban development.


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Building Surveying

Building Permits,
Building Inspections, Planning
Compliance, Planning Permits,
ResCode, Owner Builder Reports
51b Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads
(upstairs entry in Clifford Pde.)
ph 5254 3216 mob 0417 377 113


Did you know that you can own a slice of Barwon Heads coastal planning
own community bank? You can! Planning applications
Panel submissions
First though, you might want to know about the bank. Were owned by locals and run for locals. Barwon VCAT representations
Heads Community Enterprise Ltd is owned by around 250 local shareholders. It runs the franchise of the Strategic & general
Bendigo Bank on Hitchcock Avenue. The business was established just over five years ago, has grown planning queries
strongly and has solid foundations, servicing over 1500 customers. Our board of enthusiastic volunteers is
led by chairman Bruce Symons. We aim to support the community and our shareholders by:- Shelly J. Fanning
Planning Consultant
- providing convenient and comprehensive banking services for the town LL.M/LL.B(Hons)BEnvPlan MPIA
mobile: 0408 734 169
- providing a good investment for shareholders
- giving back to the community through our grants program.

We are the only bank branch in Barwon Heads, and we offer a full suite of banking services. Whatever you
need from home loans to credit cards, transaction accounts to term deposits, insurance to
superannuation, business banking to equipment finance weve got you covered.

Last year the company delivered its first dividend to shareholders. This year, we expect to deliver another
dividend, this time fully-franked. Our future looks bright.

The company offers strong support to the Barwon Heads community. Last year, we put $34,723 to work in
local community groups, bringing the total grants over the five years weve been operating to around
$135,000. You might be a member of some the groups weve supported including the Barwon Heads
Football and Netball, Cricket, Tennis, Soccer, Cycling and Golf Clubs, the 13th Beach Boardriders Club, the Sidonie Gabrielle Collette
Fine Music Society and the Festival of the Sea. Consistent with our commitment to the whole of Barwon
Heads, we aim to support a variety of groups covering a range of interests and demographics. Your Local Picture Framer

Were proud of what we have achieved for our shareholders and for the community so far, and were Jeanius Graphics
excited about the future. If you are too, wed love to have you on board. Shares are currently available for Your wish is our business
purchase for anyone who has a connection to Barwon Heads. Industry standard equipment and materials
50 Carr St.
So, where can you find out more? You can call into the branch and speak to one of our friendly team, send Barwon Heads 3227
an email to, or visit our website -
Phone: (03) 5254 2101 Jean Lonsdale
Sole Proprietor Mob: 0419 588 069
Andrew Weinmann, Company Secretary, Barwon Heads Community Bank
_____________________________________________________ Web:

Core Financial Planning has merged with PFG Financial
Services. Our firm continues to deliver strategic financial
planning advice and with an extended team, we can assist you
in achieving your financial goals.
Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm Friday 9am to 4pm
PFG Financial Services Pty Ltd ABN 23 052 977 189 and PFG Global Pty
Shop 4, 50 Hitchcock Ave, Barwon Heads 3227
Ltd ACN 161 691 103 trading as PFG Financial Services (Global) are
Corporate Authorised Representatives and Credit Representatives of AMP
For more information visit our website or contact us on
Financial Planning Pty Limited ABN 89 051 208 327 Australian Financial Ph: 5255 9555
Services Licence 232706 and Australian Credit Licence 232706 or email
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Some groups make a special appeal to us, such as have received it. In the past, cheques had been
the wonderful group which works so hard to help known to go astray, particularly when they had been
refugees. This time, an appeal was made for us to sent in late November. We are only too aware, as
help the Bowling Club. Although our donation will be volunteers ourselves, that overburdened people who
only $250, we know that this money will be offer their services as Secretaries or Treasurers, find
appreciated since the club is trying to update older it difficult to be in touch in that busy pre-Christmas
facilities, and does not get help from the council. period following our November distribution.
Some of the money that goes to our church is actually Meanwhile, the work of our shop goes on, and most
used by the Vicar, Jill McCoy, who has frequent calls of the time we volunteers really enjoy being able to
by unemployed or otherwise disadvantaged people. steer our customers to the many bargains we have
Jill buys Food Vouchers from supermarkets, and for you. Even those people who spend only 20c. for a
Another Great Result keeps Petrol Vouchers as well as Myki cards, as many
needy people call on her to enable them to get
magazine are helping. I'm always delighted with
compliments about the quality of clothes we have for
The All Saints' Op Shop has a Committee formed of transport in to Geelong to see Centrelink etc. sale, as well as the many other things people
church and community representatives who meet appreciate. The one thing that really upsets me is that
twice a year to review the financial record of that It always saddens me to think that despite the obvious
affluence of our town...can you believe the result of we still have the nerds who drop off absolute junk, like
time, and make recommendations as to how our the four heavy trestles with rotten chip-board tops
money is to be distributed. At our recent meeting we property auctions?, there are still many people "doing
it hard". that had been left late one night. Sadly, our CCTV
decided on a record figure of could not distinguish the actual number plate on the
We are so very pleased that Tony Wheal, who is the vehicle which left them, but if anyone reading this is
Honorary Treasurer for several other town
$78,000 to give away organisations, has taken us on board as well. He
aware who did it, please let them know that it costs us
dearly to get rid of junk. That money could be so
despairs of being able to "drag me kicking and much better spent on the community groups which
Those of you who have read this article for many screaming into the 21st century", as far as IT is
years will be well aware that as well as putting aside help to make Barwon Heads such a great place to
involved, but has initiated several wonderful live.
money to be used to support the work of the church, schemes. Having gained the banking details for most
we are quite focused on community groups, of the recipients of our donations, our money will now Do come and see us soon as we have super warm
particularly those which are run by volunteers. Thus come to them as a bank transfer. However, Tony plans winter jackets, blankets, and even gum-boots you will
each year we give money to the two Fire-brigades, to let each organisation know that they will need to need as winter approaches.
two Surf Life-Saving clubs, and smaller amounts to check that their money has come through, and of God bless you all,
organisations such as Riding for the Disabled. We course, we Op Shop volunteers look forward to
also try to support groups such as the Soccer Club, Helen Edwards - Shop Supervisor.
receiving just a small note acknowledging that they
and Scouts, which cater for the youth of the town.

Andre Letria

Geelong Community Radio
an umbrella against

Telling her story has become taxing on our Raw Truth writer and she has decided to finish off at where she and her children had escaped...after many interventions & court
appearances, she and the children survived and are now living a safe and happy life in a
coastal town.
If you or a loved one are suffering abuse from a spouse or other violence, you can call
1800RESPECT- 1800737732
24 hour, national sexual assault, family and domestic violence counselling line for any
Australian who has experienced, or is at risk of, family and domestic violence and/or sexual
Lifeline has a national number who can help put you in contact with a crisis service in y our
Or go to for all help numbers Kene Allen & Anne Way
Connecting with your Kids - EMPATHY
These days many employers are now looking to employ people with a range of life skills, or
executive skills, rather than looking to what school or university they went to, or what the
results they may have achieved.
Our children need to learn a range of these executive skills to better prepare them for their futures, whatever they
may be.
Additionally, adolescents are currently experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety and depression.
Spending time together as a family as your children grow up can increase the connection you all have together.
More than ever, we need to be connected as a family so if your child needs someone to talk to during tough times,
they can chat whenever they feel the need.
Being connected as a family is one of the most special things that can be experienced in life. Ive started a project
called Connecting with your Kids and its all about spending time together and teaching your children those vital
life skills that many employers are looking for. This month we are looking at Empathy.

Recently my mum had a fall and spent some time in hospital and then in rehabilitation. As she lives in Queensland, we decided to have a family holiday. While there, we
could help her sort out a few things as she was having trouble bending. There were some slippery pathways that needed some wire mesh put on them for grip, water tanks
that needed the filters changing and termite baits to be checked. Many of these tasks would have usually been very easy for Mum to complete.
While visiting, we had a great time visiting beaches, playing tennis, going for walks, and sitting around chatting and playing cards. We even caught up with my brother
Patrick and his daughter Ceilidh who drove up from Brisbane for the night. Mum really appreciated the help and I think the company for her was good too. Some people
may describe empathy as being the ability to understand what someone else is going through. As they say, being able to put yourself into another persons shoes. Having
the ability to be empathetic towards others could increase happiness and peace within. You may also find that more people want to be around you as your empathetic
disposition may make others feel good. Apart from having a holiday, helping my mum out made us all feel great too.

Here are a few fun things to try Play a board game together as a family. Keep a score of how many times each player pays a compliment to someone else.
Go for a walk to a local space like the park or beach and collect rubbish. How did it make you feel? Give a stranger a compliment. What did you notice? Pick
some flowers from your garden and give them to someone who you think would like them. How did you feel? Next time you are at the shops, ask the person
serving you, What is the best thing that has happened to you today? See how many random acts of kindness you can do to different people in a day. What
did you notice? Give someone you know a big hug. Dont say anything, just hug them.
A while ago I taught a bright young girl in year three. Her parents approached me about a concern this girl was having. She was counting everything and was worried that
she was not normal. She sometimes would stress about her counting and work herself into a state of worry. I felt for this girl that she was making a big deal about
something that may occur to others as trivial. I gathered my class on the floor and I started to talk about how I do some really weird things like count each step each time I
walk up a flight of stairs, or count 120 seconds while I brushed my teeth, or count how many pedal strokes it would take to get to the top of a hill. I shared with them that I
thought that I was pretty weird for doing these things. I then opened the discussion up to the class and asked them what weird things they all did. After lots of sharing and
laughs, we all discovered that we were all fairly weird in our own way and the kids. Andy Mc Neilly

talking books

A passionate conservationist, Marie devoted her legal

skills to set aside precious wilderness areas for
national parks, including the creation of Bouddi Natural
Park in 1935. An explorer-mountaineer, she travelled
the world in search of untouched peaks and
unexplored areas. Marie was particularly drawn to
I'm on a verandah in Barwon Heads with my mum. We noisily defend their lot. There is a pale autumn light in Gandhi and Buddhism and studied meditation in
are having a cup of tea and a chat about this and that, the sky that is wide open to interpretation. Burma and India, writing a number of books that
the relatives, and the wide arc of her life. My mother The sparkle of the day brings people out and about: influenced generations to come.
is 90 years old and she tells me that she only feels old mums, dads, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts, The story of Marie Byles deserves to be better known.
when she dances. And then she tells me that she is sisters, brothers, and friends. Children run ahead, Greg Kelly
discovering that she is not the person that she thought some hold hands, some dawdle, or are pushed in
she was. It is only later that this becomes a revelation. prams, or push their prams, some hang back, some
The morning sun warms us, the resident Magpie glide on skates, some on shoulders, in back packs, on
family struts across the lawn, and the Red Wattlebirds the back of bikes, or pedaling bikes, some with trainer
wheels: all heading into town.
Heading off to town as child in the 1930s my mother
tells me that they would harness the horse to the
buggy, and the family (Mother, Father, and children;
Stacey, Lindsay, Roma, George, Spud, Agnes,
Margaret, Nell & Marlene) all in their Sunday best,
would take their seat and head off down a Mallee-red
road to the nearest town 30kms away.
And we wonder aloud, from the verandah, from the
vantage point of 90 years, what these children
passing by will do with their days and years, and what
their passions will be that will give shape to the arc of
all the days.

Which brings me to this reading recommendation:

Anne McLeod's The Summit of her Ambition: The
Spirited Life of Marie Byles. Marie Byles came to Kate Jac Pam Natalie
Majella OConnor
Australia at the age of 11 in 1911 and by 1929 was at Optometrist
the forefront of social change as the first female
solicitor of NSW and had set up a successful legal
practice for women, by women. From 19271936 she
Love Your Glasses!
was legal correspondent for a number of popular 2 Park Lane, 99 Presidents Ave.
publications. She wrote articles against women
changing their name on marriage so as to protect their
Ocean Grove
financial assets and argued against laws and court ph: 5255 5655
practices that discriminated against women. for an appointment
talking life
page 8 talking heads 0416 119240

folds and restorative hip openers.

Today one of my beautiful yoga
students described to me a tree she can
see in her yard. As she watched it let go
of the last of its coloured autumnal
leaves, she mused that youth is a gift
and age is a privilege. I hadnt told her
about my balding friend and I hadnt
with Rachael Hely
shared about my broken heart, yet as I
read her words I felt comforted in the
So, in the public health system people called me out of the blue. She told me natural cycles that we all share. Nature
often tell me not to get old. that her body had been changing shape and her relentless pursuit to share her
and that her hair would soon be secrets and her beauty continually
Its an odd request. Firstly, because the
changing colour. She told me they had shows how time can pass quietly -
alternative is kind of grim. And
found a reason for her forty-something allowing life to blossom and allowing life
secondly, because it comes from those
year old pain and now they could finally to fall. It doesnt make digesting my
who are already there. That being,
explain her forty-something year old girlfriends diagnosis any easier but it
people who are not dead and so are
stiffness. She spoke to me in time does remind me that no matter how
now old. Im warned that age comes
frames that my head said it heard but much time you have here, we all have a
with pain and with age comes with
heart didnt know how to understand. finite amount of it.
stiffness. You lose your balance, your
bladder control and your car keys most Something had crept into her system Pattabhi Jois states you are only as old
days. And all these things seemingly without any of us even noticing. as your spine. So next time one
creep into your being without you even Making me want take the next senior someone asks me how not to get old,
noticing. citizen to share their disdain of being Im going to suggest they take up yoga.
Until you try to walk a slackline, run, or old: And punch them right in the face. While I give thanks for the blessings of
drive to the IGA. Think recline twists, supported forward e being able to be here to say it.
When youre in your forties - like me - X
apparently youre not yet old. But youre
also not so young. Which is why I
suppose its called middle age. Its
seemingly a time of consolidation. Of
knuckling down and figuring out how to
stand up not because its something to
do, but because you have something to
give. For many of us, we re-define our
boundaries and we re-define ourselves.
But despite our bodies changing in
shape and our hair changing colour -
time still seems limitless.
Last week, one of my high school crew

Rebecca Kennedy-Dalton Your local Podiatrist

Foot care for the whole family!
Orthotic Therapy Foot and leg pain
Children's feet Nail care including surgery
General Foot Care DVA Welcome
Medicare EPC Bulk Billed

Happy feet Happy Life

For appointment call 0407 688 967
Be happy, its one way of being wise ~ Sidone Gabrielle Colette
Remedial, Relaxation, Sport, DeepTissue & Trigger Point Therapy


Seaside Serenity
Daryl Wilkie Ct.M Dip.R.M Dip.H
First in Barwon Heads
Since 1985
Over 16 Years Massage
AAMT Member - Extras

0403 956 900

Artwork courtesy of the Ocean Grove Voice Ph. 0403 956 900
talking heads page 9

(03) 5255 2585

3/73 The Terrace Ocean Grove

High quality dental care, service and results.
We are transparent about our treatment processes and
the affiliated expenses, and will never proceed to treatment
unless you are fully informed of all aspects.

We accept all health funds and we can claim on the spot with Hicaps.
We also accept VET affairs, VEDS (Victorian Emergency Dental Services)
and VGDS (Victorian General Dental Services) forms.

It is getting cold
and my teeth
are sensitive.
Often the part of the tooth that
becomes sensitive is the
dentin that is exposed due to
the wearing of the outer
protective layers of enamel
and cementum.
This most commonly happens at the gum
line because the enamel is naturally thin in
this area. The dentin is porous so cold can one for you.
get into the pulp (the nerve). However,
Update on Community Hub
sensitivity could also result from a cavity, There are also desensitising treatments Our feasibility study undertaken in 2016
a lost or loose filling, or an exposed root your dentist can provide that work in a concluded there was very strong
surface. support for a Community Hub, to be
similar way. If the sensitivity does not
ease or you get sensitivity to heat or developed as a multipurpose facility.
Sensitivity is more concerning if you are
getting sensitive to hot things or sweat, it is sugar you should consider seeing a We also know from Council that multipurpose
more likely to be a hole in your tooth. dentist. facilities are favoured above single purpose
You may have a cavity, the sooner you
Rules for Sensitive Teeth catch it the better! In recent months we have met with Sandy
Gatehouse (Barwon Heads Association) and
Continue to follow a good brushing and Check out
Ian Rouse (President, Senior Citizens) as
flossing routine to maintain the good for more information on brushing well as his committee. Together we are
health of your teeth. Use a soft bristle technique. You can also pop into the working on a joint brief to put to COGG for the
brush and brush gently. Plaque has the practice (3/73 The Trak Arcade, The formation of a Community Hub comprising the
consistency of cream, so you do not need Terrace, Ocean Grove) to pick up some senior citizens' centre and the former
kindergarten building next door. This Hub is
to scrub hard to get it off your teeth. free sensitive toothpaste samples. intended to be a multipurpose facility available
for a wide range of community groups to be
Try desensitising toothpaste. (Note- We are not affiliated with any operated under one management structure. We
There are several different brands for toothpaste companies and do not know there is significant community support for
sensitive teeth. With regular use, you the former kindergarten to be retained as a
recommend any brand in particular. We
community asset - we collected over 800
should notice a difference in the degree of do find that the 'sensitive' toothpastes do signatures in a 2015 petition. We think this is an
sensitivity. You may have to try several help patients with dentine sensitivity, exciting proposal for our community and we
different brands before you find the best however.) look forward to your support. Vicky Strachan
talking heads page 10

News from the Beaches and Coastal Environs

local community and all visitors to the site.
Redeveloping the Complex to provide increased levels
of service for current and future generations is crucial
and is broadly supported. It is envisaged that significant
improvements will be made to the facilities available for
the lessee and patrons of the caf facility.
The community will have the opportunity to comment
on the proposed new building during the advertising
period for the Planning Permit application.


Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-21
Discussion Paper is out for public comment. This
Council document explains how the City of Greater
Geelong currently manages domestic animals with our
municipality. The final plan aims to provide pet owners
assistance, protect the environment, balance the
needs of pet owners and non-pet owners, address
animal welfare issues and legal issues and promote
Barwon Coast is a Committee of Management The timing is perfect as the successful tenderer will responsible pet ownership. Responsible pet ownership
appointed by the State Government with have the opportunity to have input into the detailed continues to be a high priority for Barwon Coast, and
responsibility for the management of 13km of design phase of the project, ensuring it is built to their we encourage pet owners to take up the opportunity to
coastal crown land from 7W Collendina to
requirements. Probity is paramount throughout the have your say. The closing date for submissions is 26th
tender process, and all interested parties will be May and the documents are easily accessible on
42W Blue Rocks, Barwon Heads covering our afforded open, transparent and equitable opportunities Council website.
beautiful beaches in Ocean Grove, Barwon to participate.
Heads and 13thBeach. BCCM expects the open and public tender process will
Our Committee members are local residents appointed deliver the best value for money outcome with direct
with consideration of the skills and experience that they The Barwon Estuary Project is well underway with the
benefits for all Victorians who use and enjoy the coast,
have to offer in the management of this important piece group calling on visitors and locals to take part in the
he said.
of coastline. Barwon Estuary Diary. The new Nature Watching
The tender has attracted strong interest, with the
Diary has been developed so you can share your
closing date now extended to 29 May 2017, the
OCEAN GROVE SURF BEACH COMPLEX: observations with others in a creative manner. You can
outcome of the tender is expected by mid-June. The
Barwon Coast and the Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving write a poem, draw a picture, take a photo, do some
lease tender is being managed by BCCM, and
Club have lodged a Planning Permit application with research and share your findings. If you would like to
commercial real estate agents Darcy Jarman have
the City of Greater Geelong (COGG) for the new Surf take part in this creative project which is running
been engaged to undertake the marketing campaign.
Beach Complex. throughout the year please email
BCCM is working closely with the Ocean Grove Surf Life
I mid-April the Barwon Coast Committee of Management to received your free copy
Saving Club to develop plans for the new Surf Beach
(BCCM) called for tenders for a new 21-year lease at the of the Nature Watching Diary.
Complex building, which is funded by BCCM, the
Dune Caf site of the Ocean Grove Surf Beach complex. To find out more about the project go to:
Victorian Government and the Commonwealth
The open public tender process, which is consistent with ,
Victorian Government policy and direction, has been the-barwon-estuary-project/ or visit the project
Architects Wood Marsh have been engaged to
timed to coincide with the planning phase for a significant facebook page.
complete the design work, with schematic plans and 3D
upgrade to the complex. renders soon to submitted to the City of Greater
Barwon Coast Committee General Manager Gary Geelong as part of a planning permit application.
McPike said: As a publicly-owned building on Crown Mr McPike said, The Ocean Grove foreshore and
land it is essential that all interested parties have the Gary McPike
Surf Beach Complex provide significant economic,
opportunity to tender for this lease. General Manager
social, recreational and environmental values to the y

Lauras Beach Houses

As featured on ABC TV series Seachange. Accomodates 4 adults plus children
with fully equipped kitchen, living room, A/C, bathroom, laundry, TV, Stereo,CD,DVD,VCR. Plus all bedding & elec.Blankets.
Private decking with a relaxing opportunity to take in the views of Port Phillip Bay, the Bluff & the Bridge.
Also available- Deluxe 2 & 3 br Cabins, 1 & 2 br Cabins, Heritage Boat House, & powered sites
Superbly located at Barwon River Estuary with ocean views.
A/C cabins, fully equipped kitchen, living room, ensuite,
TV, private decking.


Email: Web: Ph: 03 5254 1115
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Borrow a Bag sewing bee- restart!

Kaia Martin with her
Borrow &
Bring Back Bag
Barwon Heads
Sustainability Group is restarting the
Borrow a Bag campaign and
we need your support!
Come along to our Sewing Bee Saturday 17 June
1pm till 4:30pm at the Barwon Heads Community Garden.
Drop in at any time and lend a hand. We take all skills -
sew, cut, pin or sort. Jobs for everyone
BYO sewing machine, scissors and thread. We have
material, patterns, stamp and pockets.
If you wish to come along and pick up some pockets,
handles & pre-cut material and sew at home please feel
free to pop in. For more information please contact:
Trude Ellingsen on 04 37 567 240 or

The Barwon Heads Sustainability

is currently working closely with the Ocean Grove Plastic Bag Free
project, which has a number of activities happening.
In preparation for Plastic Free month in July, they have a Film and
Discussion Night at the Chicken Shop
on Thursday 22 June, displays and meals from 6pm, films from
7pm, admission free.
For further information, contact Jackie Scally,
0468813609 or
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Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden

Uncommon Plants in our Garden

While most of us tend to grow common or garden varieties in our plots, there are
a few less common species around the Garden. Here are a few examples!
1) Tamarillo: We were given this small tree a year ago, and it is thriving.

It originates in Central and South America. A member of the Solinacae family,

which includes the potato and tomato, it produces these distinctive egg-
shaped fruit. Appropriately, it is sometimes called the tree tomato.
The fruit are ripe about now, and are best eaten by cutting in half and scooping
Jason ONeill out with a teaspoon. The flesh has a distinctive, slightly astringent taste.
You can also use them in chutney and smoothies, and as a pizza topping.
The fruiting tree is also very handsome!

1) Kaffir Lime: This member of the citrus family is

native to tropical Asia and India. The fruit remains
green, and has a rugged, knobbly skin. The best known
use of the plant
is to put the leaves in curries and soups, and also
seafood and chicken dishes. They add a subtle citrus
tang to food.
Be sure to call into the Community The rind is also used in cooking.
Garden and check out these and all However, the fruit contain little juice, so they are not
our other healthy, beloved plants. used much for this. Again, the fruiting plant is a treat to
Russell Mitten, Committee Member look at

1) Persimmon: Originating in
America, this tree can grow quite large.
The striking orange fruit are not ready MOWER OFFICIAL STOCKIST

until after leaf-fall, and if you attempt to SERVICE solo

eat an under-ripe persimmon, you will Shirley & Joe Hornak
find it to be unbearably astringent. Our SALES & REPAIRS TO
variety can be eaten when still ALL POPULAR MODELS
reasonably firm, like an apple. The skin is 48 GRUBB RD. OCEAN GROVE
a bit tough and bitter, so the flesh is best Ph. 5255 2432 Mob.
OPEN 04079AM
7 DAYS 045652
scooped out. The other variant is only Fax 5255 2399 Email
edible when almost rotten. At this stage,
you pull off the tough stem, and scoop
out the delicate, distinctive flesh: divine! BEACH TREE NURSERY
Eat it alone or with a glass of pinot grigio.
In my opinion, one of the finest of fruits

1) Climbing Spinach: This is a vine

originating in Asia and Africa. It is not a GIFT SHOP
true spinach, but does look a lot like it. It GARDEN DESIGN & CONSULTATION
needs to grow on a trellis, and (beware!) it GARDEN ART & WATER FEATURES
can take over an area. It grows quite well
in hot areas, where other spinaches wilt
and die. It makes an excellent green base
for a salad, and can be used in soups and (03) 5264 1771
stir-fries. This young specimen is in our
poly house. 1135 Surf Coast Highway Mt.Duneed 9am - 5pm
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Cattery, Geelong & District

P: 5255 3496
Mon Fri. 9am to 5:30pm
22b Sinclair St. Ocean Grove
Mon - Sat 10.30 - 4.30 Sat. 9am to 1 pm Closed Sundays

At The Cat Cave Boarding we, like you, love cats

so caring for your pet isnt a chore, its a FREE MEDICAL DELIVERIES
Variety of care options from day care, short, long (Mon. to Fri.)
and emergency care.
Prices are all inclusive with food, treats,
medicating (if required), enrichment...
And lots of one on one attention. 65A Hitchcock Ave
Barwon Heads
Ph 52542312

Your Independent Local Pharmacy

You know when you need a holiday, you messages from my spirit guides and difference in my energy levels.. off for
just know. after I hopped on the warm massage an early walk and another revelation!
Slow to get up and about, sighing a lot, table, she gave my neck a full on work My head was empty, just empty of all
feeling worn out.. all of that and more. out followed by a relaxing head and of the crap Id been carrying around
When a friend suggested I go and see face massage. with me and it 4 weeks later, it hasnt
Jan Krygger for an intuitive healing, I Then, after I was cocooned in warm returned.
thought why not? blankets with a bolster under my Some people arent open to this and I
Off I went one weekend to where Jan is knees, I closed my eyes and Jan began understand that but, if youre feeling
now seeing clients (upstairs above the healing process. out of balance and want to see Jan
Rasta where Martine runs Skin & Soul I dropped into a deep relaxation and then call her on 0410 513 018 and see
Aesthetics). after some time, the work was done. whether you like her healing method,
Jan and I chatted for a little while Time to leave and as I walked back its certainly working for me x
and she mentioned a few things (shes up the street to home, I realised Trish
clairvoyant) which made me sit up.. no- deep breathing was coming easily and
one could have known those private & my feet and legs felt light.
secret things about me.
She then started to receive
That night I slept like a baby and
when I woke up there was a profound
the lotus spa

at barwon heads

exotic spa rituals
Grace & Elegance....
japanese bathing suite
At Lotus we bring a
focus to our healing
approach and
embellish all of our
treatments into
beautiful rituals for you
to pay tribute to your
body & be held &

1/67 hitchcock avenue 03 5254 2044
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caf & cider bar HANOI KITCHEN

Vietnamese Cuisine
Seafood platters from the kitchen of Hong Lee
Made with Love

no. 1 Souvlakis
Gourmet burgers
Pulled pork sliders

GOURMET BURGER CHIPS & BEER $21.90 Daily specials

SOUVLAKI CHIPS & CIDER $19.90 Locally blended Tea
Locally roasted specialtycoffee
ALL DAY BREAKFAST Tuesday - Saturday 11 am -10pm Sunday 8am - 4pm
Closed Monday
Cnr. Hitchcock Avenue & Bridge Road
Barwon Heads (03) 420 205 25
03 5254 2468 Licensed ~ Cnr BridgeRd/HitchcockAve Barwon Heads

Winter is... Pears

Pomegranates Chokos
Quinces Fennel
FRUIT Grapes Tamarillo Leeks
Apples Guava Mushrooms Pumpkins
Avocados Kiwifruit
VEGETABLES Okra Silverbeet
Limes Asiangreens Onions Spinach
Custardapples Mandarins,Imperial Beans Peas Turnips
FujiFruit Nashi Broccoli Potatoes Sweetcorn

Ph: 5254 1090

60 Hitchcock Ave
Barwon Heads

Gorgeous sandwiches,
daily specials Try our new thin crispy pizzas
and soups. soup
Bread, cakes, biscuits, All day brekkie, lunch & dinner seafood
& really good coffee steak
Squishy delishy Open 7 days and 7 nights curries
Fully licenced gourmet wood oven pizza
Closed Tuesdays Take away options veg & gluten free options
78 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads Telephone: 5254 2772
private functions welcome
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Going japanese
Once the old Fire Station,
BeachHouse Barwon Heads
showcases some of the
Bellarine Peninsula's
fine produce, wine, cider & beer


A Traditional breakfast at Tamahan Ryokan,

The dishes include roast mackerel, dashimaki (Japanese
omelette, here Kansai style), rice, a paper pot (kami nabe) of
yudofu over a small brasier, with soy sauce and toppings (negi
and katsuobushi), tsukemono (cucumber, pickling melon, turnip)
and green tea. In the black cup is miso soup.


I would be too. These days, most of us who eat a Japanese diet

would place our ingredients in one bowl set out to show the
separate components along with a bowl of miso (Some call them
superfood bowls).

Heres a lovely & simple Japanese bowl divided into 6...2tbs hot
rice; rolled 1 egg omelet; 50gm cooked podded soy beans; 100gm Opening hours are
piece of cooked fish; 1 tbs pickled vegetables ( chi or red Monday to Friday 9am - late
cabbage); 1 tsp pickled ginger. Serve with snipped spring onion Saturday and Sunday 8am - late
and 2 tbs japanese soy sauce mixed with squeezed orange and Happy hour is back! Fridays 5 - 8
a few drops of sesame sauce. Snip over some strips of wakame.
Serve with a bowl of hot miso with small cubes of tofu. CONTACT
BeachHouse Barwon Heads
48 Hitchcock Avenue, Barwon Heads
03 5254 3376

Open 7 days
'Open Friday -Sundays
in Winter' 03 5254 2741
45 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads
Ph: 5254 3229 2/86 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads
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Our May concert for Mothers Day was an absolute delight & very well

patronized with family & friends which created a very happy
atmosphere! Malcolm John is very well known & recognised in the
Barwon Heads Fine Music Society Geelong area for his outstanding leadership & support of music-
making in the community & beyond! His family are all very musical &
presents his daughter Michelle, a professional cellist, performed with him.

Selmo & Rita Michelle began with JSBach (1685-1750) & performed a solo from the 3rd
Performing on violin & piano Suite in C Major & followed, with Malcolm on piano, the Fugue in D Major,
both so lovely & intimate.
Malcolms two delightful playground pieces(2016) followed, indicating the
Sunday 11th June at 2.30pm pleasant playful mood with swings & roundabouts! Song of the Birds is a
All Saints Anglican Church, Catalan Folk Song arranged by the great cellist Pablo Casals(1876-1973). It
is a short piece with which he travelled the world promoting peace. He
Barwon Heads played for the UN when in his 90s!
Tickets: Members $10 Visitors $15 Then we had two delightful piano solos from Franz Schubert (1797-1828:
Enquiries: phone Jenny on 5254 2580 sadly only such a short but so musically rich life!). Scherzo, a cheerful, lively
Please join us for afternoon tea dance in traditional form followed by the Impromptu op.144 no.2, one of 8
following the concert
Impromptus, from Schuberts considerable output of piano music. His
wonderful sense of melody as well as colourful harmonies are great
characteristics of his music.
They completed their recital with the wonderful Sonata for Piano &
BHFMS Arpeggione in A minor. In 1823 Johann Staufer invented the arpeggione, a 6
FUNDRAISER string instrument with a fretted keyboard & tuning of a guitar, but played with
6.30 pm on Saturday 17 June a bow, like a viola da gamba. Schubert wrote one extended work which has
Barwon Heads Community Hall been adapted for Cello (as well as Viola) & provides the solo string player &
Featuring live local BH/OG cover band pianist with a world of beautiful melodies & harmonies. The three
movements, Allegro Moderato with exquisite melodies leading to dance-like
Jonny and the Optics
passages between instruments; Adagio is a song without words with
performing hits from the 60s to noughties!
wonderful accompaniment: and the final Allegretto is a rondo with polka-like
Roam'n Pizza, beer, wine and cider
passages in a minor key which sustains the enigmatic mood of this great
all available for purchase
young composer. What a loss to the musical world was his early death!
$15 entry, kids under 12 free!
Our next concert will be held on Sunday,11th June at 2.30pm in the Anglican
Church, Hitchcock Avenue & will present the lovely young Portuguese duo,
Selmo & Rita on piano & violin with another delightful program.
Donation: Friends/Members:$10; Visitors:$15. All welcome to stay for afternoon tea following the concert. Enquiries: please ring Jenny on 5254 2580 or
Maggie on 5254 3173.
Memoirs of a Junior football coach I am just a volunteer
I just wish sometimes those who dont choose to volunteer their time would leave the coaching to the few of us who do.

THE FOLLOWING letter was posted by GRFC member club Surfside Waves on their official Facebook page a few days ago. With the new Geelong Region season set to kick off next
month, we ALL need to take an inward look at how, as individuals, we portray our feelings and passion for this great game to others. Please take time to read the below as I'm sure
some of us can relate to it as well...
Thanks to Surfside Waves, and thanks to the anonymous Volunteer Coach from the Shellharbour Junior Football Club, a successful volunteer based organisation that has grown into
one of the largest junior football clubs in the Illawarra region in NSW with approximately 650 registered players.
Letter from a Volunteer Coach...
"Today, I heard a comment made about me behind my back. I started to turn around and look, but then decided better of it and kept my eyes on the field. My wife hears things like this
more often than I do, because many of you dont know who she is. She tells me what you say. I have received... angry emails & texts, full of suggestions, about who should be
playing where and how I lost that days game for the kids. I thought Id write an open letter to all of you parents, even though I might never send it. Ill start it this way: I am a
Im the one who answered the call when the club said they didnt have enough coaches or managers. I understand that you were too busy. I have some news for you. Im not retired.
Im busy too. I have other children and a job, just like you do. Not only do I not get paid to do this it costs me money. I see you walk up to the game 15 minutes after it started, still
dressed for work. Do you know Ive already been here over an hour?
Imagine if you had to leave work early nearly every day. Ive never seen you at a training. Im sure youre plugging away at the office. But Im out here, on the field, trying my best to
teach these children how to play a sport they love, while my bank account suffers.
I know. I make mistakes. In fact, maybe Im not even that great of a coach. But I treat the kids fairly and with respect. I am pretty sure they like coming to my trainings and games, and
without me or someone like me, thered be no team for them to play on. Im part of this community too and its no picnic being out here on this stage like this. Its a lot easier back
there with the other parents where no one is second-guessing you.
And I also know you think I give my son or daughter unfair advantages. I try not to. In fact, have you ever considered that maybe Im harder on him than on the others? Im sure he
hears plenty of criticism at school from classmates, who hear it from you at home, about what a poor manager I am. And if, even unconsciously, my kids are getting a slight advantage
because I know them better and trust their abilities, is that the worst thing in the world, considering the sacrifice Im making? Trust me, I want to win too. I like to think I treat everyone
equally, yes even the weaker players get a chance, after all, in my eyes, its all about inclusion.
After this game is over, Ill be the last one to leave. I have to clear the pitch, put away all the equipment and make sure everyone has had a parent arrive to pick them up. There have
been evenings when my son and I waited with a player until after dark before someone came to get them. Many nights Im sure youve already had dinner and are relaxing on the
couch by the time I finally kick the mud off my shoes and climb into my car, which hasnt been washed or vacuumed for weeks. Why bother cleaning it during the season?
Do you know how nice it would be if, just once, after a game one of you offered to carry the heavy gear bag to my car or help collect the balls, bibs or bottles?
If I sound angry, Im not. I do this because I love it and I love being around the kids. There are plenty of rewards and I remind myself that while youre at the office working, your kid is
saying something that makes us all laugh or brings a tear to my eye. The positives outweigh the negatives. I just wish sometime those who dont choose to volunteer their time would
leave the coaching to the few of us who do.
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Big Bang Bellarine!

On our doorstep are three of the best venues around,
each unique.
Jack Rabbit continues to blow people away with
amazing vistas, food and wine.
Local favourite, Leura Park Estate offers a relaxed,
rustic chic ambience, premium wines, lovely casual fare
and live music Sundays.
Helen Martin - A Disquieting Beauty

Flying Brick is the go for cider tasting, local wines, beer

and an innovative menu designed to inspire, indulge
and share.
Take your pick and enjoy your doorstep!
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Seaview Gallery



Open 10:30 5:00 daily

Ph. 03 5258 3645

86 Hesse St Queenscliff 3225

This month Seaview will be

showcasing long time artist with
Seaview and wellknown print
maker Vida Pearson.
Vida Pearson has been a professional
artist/printmaker for over 25 years. In the last 15 Gum nuts - Vida Pearson
years she has concentrated almost exclusively on Africa, Madagascar, Antarctica, Iceland and Asia where she has photographed and collected material as
lino-cuts. She has a distinctive style featuring high inspiration for new works. Vida has won numerous awards including Wild Life Artist of the Year.
contrast, strong design with bright hand-colouring.
Don't miss Vida's Lino print Demonstration
Well known for her beautiful birds and Australian
fauna, Vida is a member of the Wildlife Art Society of LINO PRINT DEMONSTRATION - VIDA PEARSON 2-4 pm Sunday 11 June.
Australasia, and relishes the opportunity to observe Lots of new work from various Seaview Artists.
birds and animals in their natural habitat whether Rug up and venture out its worth a visit to Seaview this month.
around Australia or overseas. Vida has recently visited
The Barwon Heads Arts Council Forgotten People, Australian Liberals and the
Moral Middle Class:
Meet The Authors event will take From Alfred Deakin to John Howard, and the
place on Sunday September 10 at edited collection Political Lives.
the Barwon Heads Golf Club.
She has this to say about her new biography:
This year, our featured authors will be Judith
Brett, Diane Fahey and Craig Sherborne. 'I have thought for a long time that we needed a
new one volume biography of Deakin which
Judith Brett's biography of Alfred Deakin, The would bring this fascinating and influential man
Enigmatic Mr Deakin, will be published in August alive for the contemporary reader.
2017. Judith Brett is Emeritus Professor of There are two previous biographies.
Politics at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Bellarine Arts Trail 4 - 5 November 2017
Among her publications are Robert Menzies' The first was written by Walter Murdoch shortly CALLOUT TO ARTISTS
after Deakin's death and it assumes a The Barwon Heads Arts Council is delighted to
great deal of knowledge by the reader. announce the 2017 Bellarine Arts Trail will be held in
Judith Brett The second, by John La Nauze, was Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Pt Lonsdale and
published in 1965. It is rather heavy Queenscliff over the Melb Cup long weekend (4 5
going with a great deal of detailed November).
political history when Deakin is barely REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN UNTIL FRIDAY 2ND JUNE
in the frame. 2017.
Artists are invited to obtain a Registration Form by
It also deals poorly with his intense and sending an email to the Bellarine Arts Trail Coordinator
complex religious life and his family Karen Shirley at or calling 0437
relationships. 032 647. Artists from other Bellarine towns are
After trying and failing to interest a welcome to participate in group venues in one of the four
couple of skilled biographers in the participating towns. For more information contact Karen
project, I decided to do it myself. Shirley.
Registration forms can also be downloaded from
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IGA Proudly Supporting

your local BARWON HEADS
CFA Volunteer 5254 2525
Firefighters 8am to 8pm 7 days a week
Free Home Delivery


Keeping our feet on the ground and keeping our
community safe all year round

The Barwon Heads Fire Brigade has responded to

17 incidents so far this year. Most recent incidents
have involved homes or vehicles a reminder to
everyone to have your house fire plan ready, know
where your exits are and where you'll meet once
outside. And please take care when on the road,
especially as the winter rains set in.

Our members took part in a recent training exercise

that involved an industrial 'hot fire' prop. Members
were able to practice their breathing apparatus skills
and run through various scenarios that tested our
team workmanship. A big thanks to Leopold Fire Barwon Heads Community Bank(Chris Lacey Mgr.3rd from left)
Brigade for hosting us. supporting our local CFA
There has been further media attention in recent days about the future of the CFA and the decision to
merge the career CFA firefighters with the MFB into the new Fire Rescue Victoria organisation.
We are still to hear what these changes mean at a local level and how they will impact volunteers at our
own Brigade and those across the Bellarine.
Regardless of the changes announced, we remain committed to the Barwon Heads community and being
available to respond to incidents and keeping our community safe. We will continue to work alongside our Riversholme Ltd offers professional, prompt and
local help with Home and Business IT systems.
career firefighting colleagues at Ocean Grove, Belmont and Geelong.
And we are always grateful to the support we receive from the community. Recently the Bendigo s Repairs, upgrades and new computers
Community Bank (Barwon Heads) visited the Brigade to confirm that profits from the sale of this year's
s Expert and qualified tuition
s Data protection & backup
Entertainment Books will once again go to the Brigade. A big thanks to Chris Lacy and the Bank for their
s Internet and web
ongoing support. s Anti-virus
We have had to start a new Facebook page following technical errors with our previous page. We s Intel server specialists
will keep you up to date with fire safety information and insights to what the Brigade is up to, s Network & phone cabling
including a new #FacesofBarwonHeads and #ThrowbackThursday. Please jump on and give us a s IT planning & policy for business
like and share with your friends. 50 CARR STREET BARWON HEADS
The Barwon Heads Fire Brigade is seeking new members. If you are interested in learning new skills,
meeting new people and being part of a team that contributes to the safety of our community, please call
Phone: 5254 2101
Captain Helen Wood on 0438 507 273, or email Secretary Kira Crawford Brooks on COMPUTER AND NETWORK SERVICE

Book the Bellarine Great Ocean Stays

Andrew, Meryll & Rachel Smith Proud winner of the 2016 award -
Quality homes wanted in Barwon Heads and Accessible Business at the
Pt. Lonsdale for Holiday Rentals Geelong Business Excellence Awards.
We now have waiting lists of guests for summer Studio/1br/2br/3br/4br Jump on board! Contact us to discuss
requests in these areas. 4.5 AAA Rated (Green Star)
Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals holiday rental & business listings.
Holiday Accommodation
1/25 Wallington Road, Ocean Grove3226 0403 515605
03 5255 4676 mobile 0412 102 145 Ph: 03 5254 1066 / 0417 543336
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Marvelous Music In May LOCAL MARKETS

a Huge Success || =Barwon Headsl
Last Saturday 9am - 1pm
LOcean Grove- Kingston Park l
1st Sunday 9am - 1pm
l Pt. Lonsdale l
at Pt Lonsdale Primary School
2nd Sunday 9am - 2pm
IS THERE A FUTURE FOR l Drysdale at Recreation Reserve
what's cooking at THE TRADERS 3rd Sunday 9am - 1pm
l Portarlington at Newcombe St l
the lobster pot?
(Opp Port Hotel)
1st Saturday 9am - 2pm
The Barwon Heads Traders and Tourism
l Queenscliff at Princes Park l

Association has, I believe, been a vital part of Last Sat Sept to May
The Financial times this town.
In these tedious times of belt-tightening, Over the years it has been involved in big issues like Remember to take your baskets,
the upgrade and improvement of Hitchcock Ave. To cloth or hession bags or your jeep to
bankruptcy and blackguardry, an anonymous save our communities from the curse of
brown paper package was left on my doorstep. starting the shuttle bus service and helping establish the plastic bag invasion
It contained a summary of the Lobster Pot the Festival of the Sea. Or smaller things like the free
Barwon Heads maps and tourist information van. Plus

buy sell swap & tell

annual financial report and brought some
welcome relief. It was written all in black ink and the countless other activities that are often behind the
scenes and go unnoticed. It has always been there to
presented a rosy picture: with over 2,000
not only represent it's members interests but also
summer visitors and a (redacted) amount in
those of the town and the community in general.
donations and no losses or casualties even the
most hard-nosed auditor would be pleased. Now anyone who has been involved in a community
The report showed assets comprising four salt President - Sandra Gatehouse
group or voluntary organization will tell you it is not just
water fish tanks stocked with healthy looking having members that is important what it is even more
Meet @The Senior Citizens Hall
estuarine species as well as a band of willing important is to have active members!
3rd Monday in Month @ 7pm
People who will put their hand up to take on the
All welcome
and cheerful volunteers.
There are no liabilities reported but there is a positions of President, Treasurer etc.
People who will be on the committees to investigate BARWON HEADS
community debt of gratitude to those volunteers
who keep the Barwon Estuary Heritage Centre issues, to help come up with solutions or simply fight to TRADERS & TOURISM
open providing advice and answers to the many
stop bad decisions. President-Bernard Napthine
Basically it is people based and if the people no longer 5254 2312
visitors. Visitors thirsty for deeper
join or no longer put up their hand then the
understanding of the rich natural and cultural organization is in trouble. Or if it is the same people
heritage of our beautiful river estuary. GIRL GUIDES VICTORIA
putting their hand up year after year then the long term Helen Carruthers 5254 1299
The report showed that the annual running costs survival of any group becomes threatened.
of the Centre are the sniff of the proverbial oily Renewal is vital for survival.
rag as most of the water and power are provided
free of charge by the sun and the sky. This decline (or even demise) is now the (possible)
Building maintenance is stated as being 'hit and future for the Traders Association. Active members SUSTAINABILITY GROUP
have left but no new ones are coming forward to Community Arts Garden
miss' due to lack of manpower.
replace them. Total membership has been declining John Burke 5254-1921.
More volunteers with just a bit of time and an
year after year.
interest in our estuary are always welcome. COMMUNITY GARDEN
The regular reader of this column will know that I do not want to see this group fold but fear this is the President -John McIntosh
this speck of black in a sea of red is the currently future that awaits us. 0422 816 766
closed green weatherboard building on the Email-
riverfront adjacent to 'At the Heads' restaurant. So what do we do? Unfortunately a solution seems
Special openings can be arranged for school unlikely and I worry that the AGM in July will not see a FRIENDS OF THE BLUFF
and tour groups. rush of new members and when leadership positions President - Jon Duthie
Contact with the Friends of the Lobster Pot can are made vacant no one will be there to take over. If 5254 2626
be made through Barwon Coast. this happens then legally the organization must fold.
This would be a sad day and even sadder ending. WANTED TO BUY
Visit the office or phone Maddie Glynn
(52541118). Old Interesting Stuff
They say magic happens and that Antiques, Furniture, Art Deco, Books,
Rob Kuebler miracles do occur. I like to think on the Collectables, Surfboards,
positive so can only urge every member and Household Goods
possible new member to come to the AGM on We buy single items or house lots.
Wednesday July 12th (venue to be decided) Call Peter Summers at
and help prove my feelings of doom wrong. How Bazaar 5278 5453


President BHTTA Margaret 0419 350 103
contact 52542312 (w) 0416 119240 talking heads page 21


More photos back page

Rain, cold wind and muddy boots.... it must be soccer season!!!

It's been a fabulous start to the 2017 season for Barwon Heads Soccer Club. Bee with a backpack of the sensor variety
Juniors News:
Our juniors, the 'Orange Army' have participated in the first couple of hubs with great success. We have 140 children registered to play this season! Another record breaking
year. It's a junior club to be proud of, playing great football with respect and a smile on their faces. Keep up the great work everyone and thank you again to all our parents
for your continued support each week. We have many Thursday afternoon and game day volunteer coaches and managers. It can't happen without you all. Thanks for
putting your hands up folks!
If you want to see how huge the Geelong Southern hub soccer has become then head down to village park on Sunday June 4th as Barwon Heads are hosting the local
competition from 9-1 pm. Approximately 400 players from across Geelong will play matches at Barwon Heads during the morning, with great food and coffee available.

Our U12 girls have begun their season in style. They have entertained us with great football, playing on a full size pitch is no mean feat. When they have a home fixture
you can catch them playing at Village Park on a Friday night, under lights, or Saturday mornings. The girl's play with great competitive spirit and really are a pleasure to
watch. Keep up the good work girls.
Our U12 boys, also playing their first season on a full pitch are now starting to come to grips with the new format and recently notched up a 5-0 win. With the guidance of
two great coaches they are sure to go on to have a stella season. The boys play home and away at Village Park on Sunday mornings. Head down if you can and give them
Photo: Secret Garden
your support.

Oldies News:
The Senior season is well underway with mixed early season success. Our Masters Men are flying high at the top the ladder, with 4 wins out of 5! The Masters are winning
the social competition each week with a great atmosphere in the club rooms every Friday night.
The Women's team is putting in some early solid results in their inaugural season in Division 1. Under the guidance of their coach they are working hard to cement their
place in the top division after earing promotion last season as Division 2 Premiers.
Our Division 1 Men's team is slowly seeing signs of improvement after a shaky start, but now after playing possibly the strongest 3 teams in the division can look forward to
turning in some better results in coming weeks. They recorded their first win of the season at home to Leopold 1-0.

Please show your support by dropping in to our home games for all our Senior teams. It makes a huge difference. The clubrooms are open on Senior game days and all are
very welcome where else can you get artisan beef jerky that goodintrigued? Come down and find out what all the hype's about!

All the best everyone for the coming weeks, play fair, work hard and enjoy the The World Game!!!

ocean grove
blinds & awnings
67 madeley street

ph: 5256 3668

Design and Construct fax:5256 2668 BLINDS ON YARRA

55 yarra st geelong
Will Gordon
DB-U29460 ph: 5229 2880
mobile 0414 354 079


Nick Heyward
Ph: 0412 121 906
Fax: 5254 2274
All Aspects of Building & Construction
Architectural New Homes & Additions
P.O.Box 1075 Barwon Heads 3227
The Directory
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0416 119240

Animal Rescue (Jirrahlinga) 5254 2484 Damien Mason Carpenter 0417 8911 22
Police 5256 2698 David Cole 5254 1657/0419 118221
Barwon Heads Fire Brigade Secretary/Admin. Enquiries 0401 231 753 Reliable Carpenter. Loves small jobs. Call Mick 0405 484 344
Ocean Grove Fire Brigade 5255 1746 CARPET & TILE CLEANING
Barwon Water 5226 2500 Barwon Carpet Cleaning All areas 7 days 0428 502 670
CLUBS & ORGANISATIONS F & G Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaning Geoff Stanley 0428 520 525/5250 1845
1st Barwon Heads Scout Group 5251 2210 CARPET REPAIRS & RE-STRETCHING
13th Beach Golf Academy & Public Driving range 5254 2622 Kim Brasiers Carpet Service 5254 2857/ 0418 376 820
Barwon Grove Golf Club (The Tin Shed) 5254 2826
Barwon Heads Association Pres. Sandy Gatehouse 5254 1654 CHIROPRACTOR
Barwon Heads Bowling Club 18 Geelong Road. 5254 3124 Bellarine Chiropractic 14 Tuckfield Street Ocean Grove 5255 2200/0402 115185
Barwon Heads Community Hall FOR HIRE CLEANERS Tri ama Cleaning Services Tracey 0412 135 866
Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden
Barwon Heads Film Society
call Judy 5254 1034
Alex 5254 1139
Leigh No fix, no fee. I will come to you. 50+ a speciality. 0439024870
Barwon Heads Fine Music Society Inc. contact Jenny Wallace Smith 5254 2580
Riversholme P/L 5254 2101
INC. Barwon Heads Chorale Contact Jo 5254 2670
Barwon Heads Football & Netball Club 5254 2675 COOLROOM HIRE (MOBILE)
Barwon Heads Heritage Group (Part of BHA) Richard Hastings 5254 2621 B & C Coolroom Hire 5254 2051
Barwon Heads Red Cross 5254 1128 DENTAL CLINIC
Barwon Heads Senior Citizens Club 5254 2003 Ocean Breeze - Trak Arcade 73 The Terrace Ocean Grove 5255 2584
Barwon Heads Tennis Club 5256 1527
Barwon Heads 13th Beach Surf Life Saving Club 5254 2469 DENTURE CLINIC
Bellarine for Refugees Group contact Margaret 0419 323 166 Coastal Dentures Andrew Irving 79 The Parade OG 5255 4700
Ocean Grove Bridge Club Marcus Hill 5256 2550 DIETITIAN Steve Sowden
Claire Dagley Dietician @ The Heads 2/76 Hitchcock Ave. 5254 1100
Barwon Heads Caravan Park Ewing Blythe Drive Barwon Heads 5254 1115 Surfcoast Dog Grooming Ocean Grove 5255 1336
Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals 0412 102 145 / 5255 4676
Ocean Grove Holiday Rentals 0403 515 605 ELECTRICIANS / ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES
Lauras Beach Houses Jetty Rd Barwon Heads 5254 1115 Brendon Brice Electrical Phones/Data 0416 165 855 1-7 Geelong Rd Barwon Heads 5254 1066 Green Lead Electrical Martin 0467 097 101
The Nook 1 bedroom cottage, private get away near river 0400 871 073 Mick Leverett - Electrician 0435 418 704
Thirteenth Electrical 0419 705 313
ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES Warren Jankowski Electrical 0404 163 609
PFG Financial Services 4/50 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads 5255 9555
Ocean Grove Accounting & Taxation Services Luke Joyce 5256 2815
AGM Fencing 0425 715 373
B & C Air conditioning, Installations, Breakdown & Service 0418 827 642
Bowen Therapy Andrea Neale 0407 794 087
ANTENNAS Ocean Grove Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture 5255 2905 / 0432 961 910
Point Lonsdale Television 0411 490 430, (03)5258 2068 Barwon Heads Massage, Seaside Serenity, Daryl Wilkie 0403956900
Irons McDuff Architecture 5254 1337/ 0404 041 337 FLY Screening Solutions - Insect screens & doors; Security doors 0408 699 690
Ros & Smith Architects + Planners 5254 2789 / 0427 012196
Victoria Hamer Architects 0408 990 929
ART ________________________________________________________
ArtsKool @ Kazworks Adults & Kids Art Classes 0437 582772
Seaview Gallery ~ Queenscliff ~ Contemporary & Traditional Art & Glass 5258 3645
Jirrahlinga Wildlife Centre Taits Rd Barwon Heads 5254 2484
Barwon Heads Community Bank 70 Hitchcock Avenue 03 5254 1700
Skin and Soul Aesthetics 1st Floor 51 Hitchcock Ave. 0411 727 930
Billys Bins 2,3,4 & 6m
0418 385 667
Homes by Chapman. HIA AWARD Winning Builders. 0414752159
Jardine Homes Design & Construct Will Gordon 0414 354 079
Jason ONeill Builder Spec. in Environ. Sustainable Homes 0419 393 173
ReKooporations Building Services- renovations, bathrooms & more 0418 357092
Barwon Orange 60 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads
Beachhouse Barwon Heads 48 Hitchcock Ave.
Hanoi Kitchen Cnr. Bridge/Hitchcock
5254 1090
5254 3376
420 205 25
Get on Board
Mangroves cnr. Hitchcock Ave/Bridge Rd Barwon Heads 5254 2468
Starfish Bakery 78 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads 5254 2772
CARPENTRY & HOME MAINTENANCE 5254 1878 / 0416 119240
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Bellarine Flooring 9 Sykes Place O.Grove 5255 2044 Physio @ The Heads Wayne Clarke 2/76 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads 5254 1100
Frith 58 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads 5254 1811 Jeanius Graphics 50 Carr St. Barwon Heads 5254 2101 / 0419 588 069
Hair Dudes- Mens 84b Hitchcock Ave. B.Heads 5254 1933 Plaster patching / small jobs - Paul Rouhan 0458005623
Kylie Curcio Hair Stylist 66 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads 5254 1705/ 0408 036 383 PLUMBERS
Melissa Connoley Hairdressing, Make Up, Beauty 0432 187 767 Davis Plumbing P/L 0419 504 085 / 0421 814 669
HANDYMAN K2 Plumbing New, re-roof & repair specialists Kerry 0402 071 093
Barwon Heads Handyman Experienced and problem solving 0422 340805 PODIATRY
Nick Gilbert My Handyman for all those little jobs. 52543186 / 0411 225 516 Kim Nankivell 13th Beach Osteopathy & Health Services Barwon Heads 5254 2668
INTERIOR DESIGN Podiatry @ The Heads Lizzy Ryan 2/76 Hitchcock Ave 5254 1100
Newbold Interior Design decorating and styling for new homes, renovations POST OFFICE
and makeovers Sarah 0407 008 813 Barwon Heads Next to the Community Bank 5254 2319
Pip Interiors- Interior Design, Colour Consulting & Custom Made Blinds 0425 710 784
Concept Psychology Services. Suzanne Brown, Clinical Neuropsychologist. 0488 992721
Green Steam Ironing & Laundry facilities 7 Smithton Grove OG 0424 051735
Prompt same day clearance Mobile Ph. 0476 277 423
Bellarine Black Diamond Garden Service 0429 990 850 The Rubbish Guy Hank 0419 518 523
KR Garden Care Mowing, pruning, mulching. Barwon Heads 0427 265 852/5254 3160
Sylont Watching Service 0419 529 623
Coulter Roache 4/50 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads 5254 1877
Jeannette Ernst/Licensed Conveyancer 0407 726 260 SELF DEFENCE
Whyte Just & Moore 1/50 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads (03) 5222 2077 Ju-Jitsu Self Defence 0416 074 227
Lastys Mobile Mechanic Unit 2/168-170 Fyans st South Geelong Darren 0409 955768 Caravan, boat etc - storage barwon heads rd Connewarre ph. 0418524451
Bellarine Mower Service 48 Grubb Rd. Ocean Grove 5255 2432 / 0407 045652 Ocean Grove Travel 63a The Terrace Ocean Grove 5255 4422
MUSIC Travel With a Difference Tremont Court B H. 5254 1279
Pian/keyboard lessons with Deb Podbury in Barwon Heads 0432 544 079 WEB DESIGN
OPTOMETRY Studio Paradiso 0406 636 201
Greg Sly Optometrist 87 The Parade Ocean Grove 5256 1295 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOING
Ocean Eyes Optometrists 2 Park Lane, 99 Presidents Ave. O/Grove 5255 5655 Gary Priests Photo & Video Wedding Package $1195 ph. 0417 121 702
13th Beach Osteopathy & Health Services 1/86 Hitchcock Ave. B/Heads 5254 2668 Frenchys Coastal Glazing, all glazing, mirrors, frameless shower screens and more 0448541221
Osteopathy at Barwon Heads Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic 5229 8021 Ocean Grove Blinds and Awnings 67 Madeley St. Ocean Grove 5256 3668
Colourman Painting James Long 0407 415541 Peter Macmillan 5258 4248 & 0415 493 302
P.P.KINGS Painting & Home Maintenance Services Call Phill 0419 185 450
Steve & Cathy Flynn Painter & Decorator 52555667 / 04111 26291 WINESTORE
Barwon Heads Winestore Wine, beer, cider, spirits & more 2/86 Hitchcock Ave. 5254 2741
Jirrahlinga Taits Road Barwon Heads 5254 2484 YOGA
Kyo Yoga Garden Studio or Kyo Hub 0438 562 723
Rachael Hely Yoga 0430 515 424

Darren Last
Independant Mercedes Benz Specialist
M. 0409 955 768 P. 5222 3010
Unit 2, Rear of 168-170 Fyans St. Sth Geelong
Pick up and delivery of motor vehicle for service or repair
from Barwon Heads can be arranged ARC AU No: Au36554

A reader lives a
thousand lives before he
dies, said Jojen.
The man who never reads
lives only one.

BIZZY BARKERS Ocean Grove Accounting

BINS & Taxation Services
Billys Bins Domestic & Commercial & SELF MANAGED SUPERANNUATION FUND
Crane Hire also available SPECIALISTS
& FREE Car & Scrap Metal Removal
*Conds. apply
Trish Temple Phone 03 5256 2815
0418 385 667 Mobile: 0414 583 708
80 The Avenue Ocean Grove 3226
* All major credit cards accepted
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Winter Colouring
Sponsored by STRUMPET

To win a prize -Colour in then take your June entries into the Post Office


At the Barwon Heads Community Hall

Thursday June 29th

at 7.45pm

Bridge of Spies
Dir: Steven Spielberg
During the Cold War, an American lawyer
James Donovan is recruited to defend a
soviet spy in court. He is then co-opted by
the CIA to facilitate an exchange of the spy
for captured American U2 spy-plane pilot
Gary Powers.

Members and Visitors ($5) welcome

talking heads page 25


Winter is coming. This is proven when autumn is ended with the have committed AGM and have a new, or at
coming of a white raven. One character remarks that least very renovated committee and executive. Ill
Its not a new statement, but due to certain TV the leader from the north is bound to be right have more next month to fill you in on that information.
shows available only to those who watch other forms eventually. And we, the club from the north, are There are works planned for the rooms over
of TV than the traditional type, it has taken on a new always right eventually too. the winter too. One of the many behind the scenes
meaning for many. A second meaning, long forgotten even by the matters thats been ongoing over the past couple of
Cricket in a sense can be a Game of Throws. people themselves, is that the White Walkers may years is the design, disapproval, redesign, costing,
Some bowlers definitely throw it, many batsmen return in the winter, and that the realm must always be design editing, re-costing, contracting and financing
throw the bat at it or throw their wickets away, fielders prepared for such an event. Of course, the White of a covered/shaded area in the front of the rooms
obviously throw the ball and occasionally, in the Walkers will return in the summer and the winter here where the patrons can assemble weekly and share a
subcontinent, entire matches have been thrown. is the time for them to rest, prepare for next season, convivial ale or two and watch a bit of cricket or not
Or should that be throne? and enjoy the footy. watch any cricket if they dont want to.
In the TV show the idea that winter is coming is The lords of the north of Barwon Heads are Its an exciting time, and the club are looking
multi threaded. The meaning behind these words is currently in hiatus on the field, but there is a lot going forward to the new feature of the club.
one of warning and constant vigilance. The lords of on in the background even though it is winter. I will have more on that and the results of the
the North, strive to always be prepared for the coming New recruits are being sought, both for the AGM in the next issue.
of winter, which hits their lands the hardest. The truth playing stocks, the coaching stocks especially in the More next month.
of the words are mentioned by the characters, who juniors, in the sponsorship space and in the Matt Dunell
occasionally note that sooner or later, the lords of the committee area. By the time you read this we will y
north are always right.
I remember the Christmas morning when I received my found myself on a bike riding to and from my hospitality thank you for who you are and for everything you have
first new bike. We were in Mum and Dads bed studies. I would often commute between the various done to get the BHCC to where it is today. You are a
unwrapping presents and then one of my parents jobs I held in Melbourne. We received an invitation to a champion Nev and thank-you so much for that invitation
opened the curtains. Hidden behind them was a gift that friends wedding in Italy. Another adventure on a bike all those years ago.
would change my life forever. It was a new bike and I following il matrimonio Italiano. Sandi and I rode along One of the highlights of being a part of the BHCC was the
was the happiest kid around. Over the years, this bike the rivers of France visiting many chateaux. Once again, B2B, or Bridge to Bridge ride from the Sydney Harbour
would take me on adventures Id never had dreamed fully self-sufficient. Thank-you Sandi for spending so Bridge to the Barwon Heads Bridge. I really enjoyed
about. My mate and I would steal some coins from many hours with me on the bike over the years. Our riding with guys I have cycled so many miles with before
Mums purse and cycle along the beach paths of relationship was built on European cycling tours. this event. A lot of work went into organising this ride and
Melbourne to Luna Park in St. Kilda where wed go on Back in Australia, we moved to Bendigo where I went so many people contributed in so many ways. It was also
some of the rides. On other weekends, we headed in a back to study. My bike transported me around this wonderful to be part of a team that raised about $23,000
southerly direction along the beach paths past wonderful central Victorian town to and from work and for the local charity Give Where You Live. To be a small
Sandringham. Wed also head to the beach and ride into university. While living there, I started the first of many part of this adventure was truly memorable.
the storm water drains with our bike lights on. These cycling tours with my The time has finally come for me to give up writing the
huge concrete pipes would carry us all the way to the great friend Jeff. Barwon Heads Cycling Club articles for Talking Heads.
main shopping street where hidden, wed call out from Over the past six years I have really enjoyed putting this
under the footpath to the shoppers minding their own Since then, we have rubbish together with the help of many others in our
business. I had so much fun on this bike. ridden many thousands famous club. There have been many contributions from
During my school years, Id always ride of miles around Victoria everyone, notably Jeff. And Ive particularly enjoyed the
to school. This was back in the days and Tasmania. Every battle with the pen with Matt Dunell from the other BHCC.
when helmets were not compulsory but year we spend between Im glad I didnt face him on the cricket pitch, however Im
my mum made me wear one. It was a three and five days looking forward to joining him on the bike one day for a
big, ugly yellow Stackhat that looked touring, the highlight being a one-week adventure from ride down Thirteenth Beach Road. Ill continue to ride
like something an ice-hockey player Hobart to Launceston along the east coast. Jeff and I are with the BHCC for many years to come if theyll still have
would use. Id pull out of the drive, head up the street currently planning our twelfth tour at the moment. Jeff, me. Ive made some great friendships along the way, and
and stop around the corner before taking off my helmet you have been such a huge influence in my cycling life. a big shout out from me to some of the old timers whove
and putting it in my school bag. I was not going to be Over twelve years ago, I was riding my bike to work from become good friends including Griffo, Wayne, Jeff,
seen in that helmet and did not want to be teased or Barwon Heads to Ocean Grove. A couple of times a Lawrie, Jules, Karen, Graeme, Goldie, Graham, Greg,
bullied. Fancy being the only kid in high school who had chatty fellow would ride the section from the bridge to the Mikey and James. I never imagined that over ten years
to wear a helmet! And, now listen to me banging on Wallington Road roundabout with me. One day this man later wed still be riding together but with so many other
about safety and all the people who dont wear a helmet invited me to join a few of his mates for an early morning great people too. I would also not dream that we would
on their bikes around town! ride from BH to the windmill. The early morning start was have had so many fun BHCC Christmas parties together.
Years later, I met Sandi and we rode around Europe on a big hurdle for me to overcome, but this man named
bikes. We carried our sleeping bags, sleeping mats and Nev was very positive and encouraging. I eventually I look forward to reading the BHCC news next month in
tent. We also had a small joined the group and, as they say, the rest is history. For Talking Heads and I wonder wholl be writing it. The
stove and cooking gear. me, this was the beginning of the BHCC. Although Nev articles certainly cant get any worse. I would also like to
We were totally self- has been the butt of many jokes in Talking Heads, mainly thank all the readers out there who actually take the time
sufficient cycling from because he can take it so well and can also laugh at to read what I write. Many people have told me that they
village to village through himself, he is truly an inspiration. Over the years, I have have enjoyed reading the BHCC news. I would also like
the magnificent seen Nev leave his government to apologise to everyone else. Thanks also to Trish for
countryside. This was the job and build up a photographic putting together the best publication in our fabulous
start of a magnificent love empire. This, however, was not town. Thanks to all in the
affair and a love of bicycle touring too. We ran out of to be his legacy. His legacy was Barwon Heads Cycling
money and headed back to London where I worked as a to be on the bike, where Nev Club. its been a great
chef. Id ride my bike to and from work, through the continues to become stronger ride so far!
congested traffic every day. and stronger. Nev, I would like to Andy McNeilly
We eventually made it back to Australia. Once again, I take this opportunity to publicly
thank you for who you are and
page 26


Almost half the year gone, where has it gone?
Annual General Meeting and Community Bank Sponsored
Friendship Day have come and gone.
AGM saw some changes to Club Executive, new people are
President: Bernie McCartney,
V/President: Tom Henderson,
Secretary: Laurie Stendt,
Treasurer: Noel Charman.
Additional board members are, Ray Charman, Sandra Green, Pat
Mann and Ken Allen.
The 29th May saw another successful Friendship Day run and won once again a big
thanks to the Community Bank.
Our Club will over the winter, be conducting a campaign to attract new bowlers.
As everyone would appreciate bowls in the main is played by the elder members of
our community. Unfortunately of late we have lost more bowlers, for various
reasons than we have gained, so numbers have fallen.
One of those lost, is retiring Club Secretary Ann Way. Ann, who didnt really put her
hand up for the job did a marvelous job and the Club thanks Ann and wishes her
well. We wish others leaving the Club all the best and thank them for their service to
Barwon Heads Bowling Club.
Finalists in Ladies Club Championship The Club will be conducting various bowls activities over the Winter aimed at new
Anne Way winner and bowlers, stay tuned for details.
Margaret Leonard runner/Up Until next time, good bowling.
Barwon heads seagulls have entered three teams in
the Geelong Basketball League. They are Under 14
boys, Under 12 boys and Under 10 girls.
The competition so far has been incredible to be
apart of.

The standard of basketball is challenging for the new teams. There has yet to
be a win on the scoreboard, however it hasn't discouraged the players. This
may have a lot to do with the warm welcome we have all received from the league. All have been very friendly and
helpful to our new teams. The teams have all been finding their
feet in the faster paced competition and continue to gel and get to
know each other, as many haven't played together before. All the
teams have been encouraged from the referees and opponents.

Seagulls basketball would really encourage anyone who wants a

bit extra or more with their basketball to contact us to discuss the
Geelong League. It's a fantastic opportunity and such a great
experience not only for the kids but the parents. The teams have
all learnt a lot since the season began. The enthusiasm is
incredible and we would love to see the seagulls expand in this
League for the summer season.
The games are played in stadiums around geelong, with one
stadium also becoming available in Belmont, which is handy for
Barwon Heads travel. The kids have enjoyed playing at the Arena
in Geelong, where the Supercats play. If your child is playing in
the Bellarine comp at the moment, consider them to play in
Geelong as well OR instead of over the summer. It has been a
very positive and fun experience.
Jaki Cornell
Photo - MMcEvoy
The night was a roaring success and we
managed to raise $4740.05 for such a great cause
which was more than we thought on the night!

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank

a few people who put in their time and efforts to help K2 ROOF PLUMBING
Having a Ball
make the night so great. New, Re-Roof and Repair Specialists
The boys from footy for helping set up and
Kerry: 0402 071 093
pack up the hall.
DJ Wag aka Anna Quayle for keeping the
The night of Saturday May the 13 saw
the inaugural Barwon Heads Social Foot- dance floor full
Elisa Strode for your help on the door and
Ball. The night saw a sell out crowd of hosting the after party
150 great people in formal get up Claire Gemes (aka FLO) for the solid FB
enjoying delicious food and drinks with marketing
some high quality live entertainment. Lizzie Lawrence for the beautiful flower
Barwon Heads Social football is played Nathan Dyer for stepping in as the
every Thursday night at the soccer pitch or footy oval Paparazzi free of charge
from 730pm. We play an abridged version of Aussie Paul Kelly for designing the flyers and
rules footy with no contact where there is a turnover if tickets free of charge
the ball hits the ground during play. Sam Casboult for the donuts
This has been played every week bar a few over The Barwon Heads Winestore for supplying
the drinks and Bar.
holidays since August 1st 2016. Over the course of that
The Barwon Heads Hall
time more than 70 different blokes have come down
The empire grill for the food and staff
for a kick at various stages and weekly we see solid
numbers still. This is social sport at its finest with no
The Disco Rockers for some quality live PLUMBER
commitment and no insurance. We play a game then
Mel Walter and Emma Webb for putting up All jobs big and small
enjoy a cold drink and a chat. Feel free to come down,
with us
bring a light and a dark shirt and $10. Same day service
I would especially like to thank the rest of the 25 years local experience
The Foot-Ball was organized by a committee of
committee for their tireless dedication and hard work Bellarine Peninsula
five of the players with two important aims.
to get a gig like this off the ground.
Lastly thank you to those that bought a ticket and
Plumbing Service
1. To get together and celebrate the ongoing
came. We were all able to have a great night and do
success of social football with the players and their
some good for those less fortunate than ourselves. 0418 521 352
partners, and to extend that celebration to our friends
within this great community.
Till next time
2. To use this opportunity to raise some
money for our chosen charity, The Give The Ball Committee.
Where You Live Foundation, Geelong.

P. P. KING'S Painting &

Home Maintenance Services
Painting the blues, greens, reds, yellows, whites
After running a successful painting and home maintenance service in the northern suburbs
of Melbourne, I am relocating my life and business to Barwon Heads...Lucky me!
Repairs, rejuvenation and refreshing your home A comprehensive professional
Exterior and interior painting and timber repairs service solution
Brendon Brice Electrical Pty Ltd
Window Frame repairs Obligation Free Quotations * All electrical Work * Phone & Internet Points
Varnish and timber repairs and restoration Insurance Quotes * Free Quotes * TV Points
* Split System Air Conditioning * Safety Switches
Minor plaster repairs Negotiable timelines to suit you
* Domestic & Commercial * Stove & Hot Water
Maintenance services for Holiday Homes Local Discounts Repairs
and rental properties All work covered by Insurance * Installation & Maintenance
* Computer Network Cabling
Small jobs welcome All Work Covered by a Certificate of Safety
Contact me to arrange a quote 0419 185 450 or email: Mobile: 0416 165 855
page 28 page 03-5254 1878 0416 119240

Photo: Peter La Fontaine

So proud of how well our Barwon Heads girls footy teams are going.
U/12,15 & 19s have amazing girls in each including some BH netballer's giving it a go.
Also to mention past player Knoxy is coming to train our 15 & 19s.
Sophie Dineen in U/19s got 6th on the Falcons B&F ladder. Woo hooo! Kim Hogue

Boys S Under 12s girls


The Barwon Heads Community Bank is calling for
applications for the next round of funding.
Application Periods.
January 1st to March 31st Grants announced in
June 1st to August. 31st. Grants announced in
The Bank has delivered over $135,000 to the local
community since opening.
To apply visit the Branch or apply online at
HAVE YOUR SAY in late May and June
Council is currently updating the Barwon Heads Structure Plan to make
sure it meets the communitys changing needs around demographics, A drop-in information session for
development pressures, housing diversity, residential character, the rural and
natural environment, climate change, flooding, transport and infrastructure.
Get involved and have your say on the DRAFT STRUCTURE PLAN
STRUCTURE PLAN will be held
In October and November 2016 we held the HELP SHAPE THE PLACE
on Wednesday 7 June 2017
engagement activities for the Barwon Heads Structure Plan Update. Since at:
then we have used your inputs as well as studies undertaken to prepare the
DRAFT STRUCTURE PLAN. Barwon Heads Uniting Church
The next step for the Structure Plan update will be the opportunity for the Hall
community to get involved and have your say on the DRAFT STRUCTURE
PLAN. This is now available for people to download from the Councils
71 Hitchcock Avenue
website. Submissions can be made: Barwon Heads
Online via the Councils website - you can respond in the box provided, 4.30pm - 7.30pm
or by uploading your submission. Please go to www.geelongaustralia. and visit Have your Say
By email to: or
By post to: Planning Strategy & Urban Growth, PO BOX 104, GEELONG At the session you will be able to come along and talk
VIC 3220 to Council officers about the Structure Plan.
If you have any questions please contact:
YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE A SUBMISSION UNTIL FRIDAY 23 JUNE 2017. Bernadette Notting on 5272 5078 or email
The plan is also available to view only at the following locations:
or Andr Schmid, Project Manager on 5272 4879
Ocean Grove Customer Service Centre, 66-70 The Avenue Ocean Grove or email
City of Greater Geelong Council offices, 100 Brougham Street, Geelong;

The Structure Plan and the following supporting documents are available on the Councils website to
download. Please visit and visit the Have Your Say page. See
overpage for Structure Plan Map.

Barwon Heads Residential

Barwon Heads Structure & Landscape Character Barwon Heads
Barwon Heads Design
Plan Draft 2017 Assesment Significant Residential
and Development
Overlay Case Studies Tree Assessment

This eclectic exhibition showcases hundreds of
original handcrafted entries from across the globe
inspired by the cosmos

2 JUNE TO 27 AUGUST 2017

National Wool Museum
26 Moorabool Street, Geelong
03 5272 4701
City of Greater Geelong has been at the forefront of providing high quality aged
care services to the Geelong region for over 30 years. Our Home Care Packages
Program assists you to remain living safely in your home.

Our pool of Community Care Workers are reliable, experienced and trusted. Your
package can be spent on a huge range of services as directed by you. Eligibility
is determined by contacting My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

If you are allocated a package, you can choose City of Greater Geelong by
contacting us on 5272 4677. Ask to speak to a case manager to find
out more about our services and competitive pricing.

Alternatively visit us at:

Recycle your mattress
and save!

o p o f f y o u r old
Dr u ne
s s d u r i n g J



100 Douro St, North Geelong. Becks Rd (off Murradoc Rd Drysdale).
Mon to Sun, 7.30am - 4.15pm. Mon to Sun, 8.00am - 4.15pm.
CONTACT: 5272 2613. CONTACT: 5251 2935.

A pick up service is available on request for customers who do not have transport.
You can book your pick up with The Mattress Recycler during June, contact:
5248 2227. This pick up service is $15 per item. Mattress and base charged
separately ($15 each). Please note: this pick up service is only available in the
City of Greater Geelong municipality.


Domestic quantities only (limit four per customer). Mattress and base charged
separately ($10 each). Offer ends at 4.15pm on Friday 30 June 2017.
This mattress offer is part of the Citys recycling program and is in partnership
with The Mattress Recycler.