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Deep Learning of Behaviors for Security

[Keynote Talk Abstract]

George Cybenko
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

Deep learning has generated much research and commercial- ral computing, parallel computing and computational be-
ization interest recently. In a way, it is the third incarnation havioral analysis. He was the Founding Editor-in-Chief of
of neural networks as pattern classifiers, using insightful al- IEEE/AIP Computing in Science and Engineering and IEEE
gorithms and architectures that act as unsupervised auto- Security & Privacy. He recently started IEEE Transac-
encoders which learn hierarchies of features in a dataset. tions on Computational Social Systems as founding EIC.
After a short review of that work, we will discuss computa- He has served on the Defense Science Board (2008-2009),
tional approaches for deep learning of behaviors as opposed US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board and on review and
to just static patterns. Our approach is based on structured advisory panels for DARPA, IDA/CCS, NSA, BAE Sys-
non-negative matrix factorizations of matrices that encode tems and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Pro-
observation frequencies of behaviors. Example security ap- fessor Cybenko is a Fellow of the IEEE and received his BS
plications and covert channel detection and coding will be (Toronto) and PhD (Princeton) degrees in Mathematics. He
presented. has held visiting appointments at MIT, Stanford and Lei-
den University where we has the Kloosterman Visiting Dis-
1. SHORT BIOGRAPHY OF DR. CYBENKO tinguished Professor. Cybenko is co-founder of Flowtraq
Inc ( which
George Cybenko is the Dorothy and Walter Gramm Pro-
focuses on commercial software and services for large-scale
fessor of Engineering at Dartmouth. Professor Cybenko
network flow analytics.
has made research contributions in signal processing, neu-

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