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Gold Advanced Progress test 2

Section 1: Vocabulary

1 Read the text. Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form
a word that fits in the gap in the same line.

Although the subject of history has gained in (1) ____________ over the past POPULAR
few years, many people believe that history is a waste of time and have an
(2) ____________ to reading or thinking about it, believing that it is better to AVERSE
concentrate on the present rather than the past. However, there are those who
believe that (3) ____________ to the exciting world of the past should start at EXPOSE
a very early age. Unfortunately, maybe we are somewhat (4) ____________ if GUIDE
we believe the premise that by studying history, we may be able to avoid the
mistakes of the past in our own age. It is obvious that man has learned very
little about living together from his past. Furthermore, in some cases,
deliberate (5) ____________ of past actions are used to justify modern warfare. INTERPRET
Scientific discoveries which have accumulated over the past millennia no
doubt lead to a more comfortable lifestyle for many people today but there
are still frontier disputes and (6) ____________ . Its important to remember CONFRONT
that much of history has been written by those that have conquered others and
history is a record of their (7) ____________ instead of an objective view of ACHIEVE
their exploits and the era in which they lived. Nevertheless, this should not
deter people from studying the past because for every negative and
(8) ____________ event there may have been, there are also many more FAVOUR
positive ones which show how amazing the human race can be. For me, it
is (9) ____________ that some schools may no longer be teaching the subject THINK
in the future.


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Section 2: Grammar

2 Complete the text. Use only one word for each gap.

As Rory watched his life slipping past him, he realised that it was high (1) ____________ he
actually did something worthwhile, so he decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and raise money for
the local childrens hospice. However, halfway through the climb, he wished he (2) ____________
spent more time getting fit before he set out on the climb. He realised that he (3) ____________
have climbed a few more steep hills back in England but he had just been too lazy. Furthermore, he
hadnt done enough research on it, otherwise he would have known (4) ____________ difficult it
was going to be. He had heard about lots of ordinary people who had done it for charity and
thought it could not be as hard (5) ____________ the leaflets made out.

But the reality was nothing (6) ____________ he had thought it would be it was a great
(7) ____________ tougher than he expected. Having said that, he was not going to give up. The
rest of his group were moving farther away from him as he tried to catch his breath, and
(8) ____________ of the organisers was sent back to find out what was wrong. Rory pulled
himself together, had one last gulp from the water bottle and strode towards the man walking
towards him. He (9) ____________ rather die than fail to reach the summit and raise the money
for the hospice.

Section 3: Listening

3 02 Listen to an interview with Diana McLeod about happiness at work. Complete

the sentences.

1 In the survey various _______________ were ranked according to how interesting people
felt they were.

2 Apparently, teachers said they enjoyed being able to employ their _______________ .

3 If there is _______________ , its almost impossible to enjoy your work.

4 The _______________ of bullying in smaller companies is not as high as in bigger ones.

5 When you work for yourself, it can be difficult to separate the work and leisure
_______________ .

6 Being responsible for ones own _______________ is likely to make people happy.

7 In the long run, _______________ can be reduced by financial incentives.


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Section 4: Reading

4 Read the text below. For questions 19, choose from the sections (AF). The sections
may be chosen more than once.

In which section of the article does the writer mention

1 statistics regarding how well or badly products have done? _____

2 an awareness of the detrimental effect of failed products on individuals? _____

3 something which seems to be an impossibility? _____

4 a refusal to face and accept weaknesses? _____

5 a mans obsession with every product launched? _____

6 what producers could have done for themselves? _____

7 a dismissal of historic events? _____

8 the temporary nature of material objects? _____

9 the irony of the museums origins? _____


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The Museum of Failed Products
A starting in the 1960s, he began purchasing and
In an unremarkable business park outside the city of preserving a sample of every new item he could
Ann Arbor in Michigan stands a poignant memorial find. Soon, the collection outgrew his office in
to humanitys shattered dreams. It doesnt look like upstate New York and he was forced to move into a
that from the outside, though. Even when you get converted granary to accommodate it. Later, GfK
inside, it takes a few moments for your eyes to bought him out, moving the whole lot to Michigan.
adjust to what youre seeing. It appears to be a vast What McMath hadnt taken into account was the
and haphazardly organised supermarket; along three-word truth that was to prove the making of his
every aisle, grey metal shelves are crammed with career: most products fail. According to some
thousands of packages of food and household estimates, the failure rate is as high as ninety
products. There is something unusually percent. Simply by collecting new products
cacophonous about the displays and soon enough indiscriminately, McMath had ensured that his
you work out the reason: unlike in a real hoard would come to consist overwhelmingly of
supermarket, there is only one of each item. unsuccessful ones.
The storehouse, operated by a company called GfK By far the most striking thing about the museum,
Custom Research North America, has acquired a though, is that it should exist as a viable, profit-
nickname: the Museum of Failed Products. This is making business in the first place. You might have
consumer capitalisms graveyard or, to put it less assumed that any consumer product manufacturer
grandly, its almost certainly the only place on the worthy of the name would have its own such
planet where youll find A Touch of Yogurt collection a carefully stewarded resource to help it
shampoo alongside the equally unpopular For Oily avoid making errors its rivals had already made. Yet
Hair Only. The museum is home to discontinued the executives who arrive every week at Sherrys
brands of caffeinated beer and self-heating soup door are evidence of how rarely this happens.
cans that had a regrettable tendency to explode in Product developers are so focused on their next
customers faces. hoped-for success, so unwilling to invest time or
energy thinking about their industrys past failures
that they only belatedly realise how much they need
There is a Japanese term, mono no aware, that
to access GfKs collection. Most surprising of all is
translates roughly as the pathos of things. It
that many of the designers who have found their
captures a kind of bittersweet melancholy at lifes
way to the museum have come there to examine
impermanence that additional beauty imparted to
or been surprised to discover products that their
cherry blossoms, for their fleeting nature. Its only
own companies had created, then abandoned.
stretching the concept slightly to suggest that this is
how the museums manager, an understatedly F
stylish GfK employee named Carol Sherry, feels It isnt hard to imagine how one downside of the
about the cartons of Morning Banana Juice in her positive-thinking culture, an aversion to confronting
care or about Fortune Snookies, a short-lived line of failure, might have been responsible for the very
fortune cookies for dogs. Every failure, the way she existence of many of the products lining its shelves.
sees it, embodies its own sad story on the part of Each one must have made it through a series of
designers, marketers and salespeople. It is never far meetings at which nobody realised that the product
from her mind that real people had their mortgages, was doomed. Perhaps nobody wanted to
their car payments and their family holidays riding contemplate the prospect of failure; perhaps
on the success of products such as A Touch of someone did but didnt want to bring it up for
Yogurt. discussion. By the time the truth became obvious,
the original developers would have moved to other
products or other firms. Little energy would have
The Museum of Failed Products was itself a kind of
been invested in discovering what went wrong.
accident, albeit a happier one. Its creator, a now
Everyone involved would have conspired, perhaps
retired marketing man named Robert McMath,
without realising what theyre doing, never to speak
merely intended to accumulate a reference library
of it again. Failure is everywhere. Its just that most
of consumer products, not failures per se. And so,
of the time wed rather avoid confronting that fact.

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Section 5: Writing

5 Complete the essay. Use only one word for each gap.

It is true that keeping fit will benefit a persons health in many ways. It has
(1) ____________ clear in recent years, that a large number of people are doing less and
less exercise and this is now causing many serious illnesses, putting a strain on doctors
and hospitals. However, some experts believe that too much exercise can do just as much

(2) ____________ it is true that moderate exercise such as walking can be very beneficial
to a persons health, it is only one factor which keeps us healthy. Diet is also extremely
important and I (3) ____________ argue that it is probably even more important than
exercise, although the ideal is for both of these factors to work together. It
(4) ____________ to me that many people are unwilling to put in the effort required to
become fitter.

I know from my (5) ____________ , however, that too much exercise can also cause
problems, so people are urged to take moderate exercise and eat moderately healthily
rather than embarking on extreme diets and training. I have heard of too many instances
where otherwise ultra-fit people have had heart attacks or dropped down dead.

In my (6) ____________ , governments need to find ways of motivating people to take

responsibility for their own health. (7) ____________ all, people need to realise that eating
healthy food does not have to cost a fortune, nor is it difficult to prepare healthy meals
themselves. (8) ____________ I see it, people need to be better educated about their health.


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Section 6: Speaking

6 Talk to your teacher about your views. You should:

explain how difficult you think it is for people to achieve their dreams and why.
describe what you would change about the modern world if you could change one thing.
say if you believe money can buy people happiness and give reasons.
outline what you think the role of the government should be in preserving cultural heritage.

Your teacher will mark your presentation using the score card below. The teacher circles 1
mark if a student includes the area and 2 marks for communicating it accurately and
effectively. There is a maximum of 8 marks.

The student:
explained how difficult it is for people to achieve their dreams and why. 1 2
described what they would change about the modern world. 1 2
said if they believe money can buy happiness and gave reasons. 1 2
talked about the governments role in preserving cultural heritage. 1 2

TOTAL: / 50

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