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Manolo Loco vs. Ken lee

Parties: Manolo Loco (lessor) and Ken lee (lessee)

Subject: Manolo Loco asserting his right to recover the apartment being leased by Ken lee
due to non-payment of lease for 3 months.
Date: October 13, 2016

The mediation of the matter between Manolo Loco and Ken lee having been concluded
by settlement, the said parties hereby evidence that agreement to settle the referenced
action on the following terms:

1. Ken Lee will pay to Manolo Loco the total sum of P24, 000.00. The said amount shall be
in cash and the same will be for the payment of rent for 3 months.
2. The said amount shall be paid on October 30, 2016 personally by Ken Lee.
3. Upon payment thereof, Manolo Loco shall give Ken Lee two (2) months stay in the said
apartment with the same monthly lease of P8, 000.00 so as to allow Ken Lee to look for
a new apartment.
4. All parties will execute a mutual release of claims.
5. Each party shall pay for the costs and other fees proportionately.
6. The court may use this agreement in promulgating a judgment.
7. The parties intend that this document be binding, enforceable, and admissible as
8. This agreement shall be binding and final whether or not a further formal agreement is
9. If one of the parties is required to enforce the terms of this agreement, the prevailing
party shall be entitled to attorneys fees and costs.

Plaintiff:_____Manolo Loco_____ Date:___October 13, 2016____

Defendant: _____Ken Lee______ Date:___October 13, 2016____
Mediator:_____Billy Jean_______ Date:___October 13, 2016____