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Sales Process Cheat Sheet

Opportunity Opportunity Executive Solution Solution

Strategy Sponsorship Development Close
Qualification Confirmation

10% 25% 40% 60% 75% 100%

The rep SDR hands-o a lead to [internal Step] The rep works with the The team conduct a The recommended The rep coordinates
collabora,vely rep through a phone call internal champion to series of mee,ngs to solu,on and proposal ac,vity between his/her
develops the plan with the prospect; The rep works with the iden,fy the Economic understand and qualify are validated and company, the prospect's
with manager to create Accepted greater team (Coach, Buying Inuence (EBI), the prospect's business rened during a series legal, nancial, and
include analysis, Opportunity. Manager, Team Lead, to whom the rep then objec,ves, the solu,on of mee,ngs at the procurements
strategies, and SE, etc.) to dene a conducts a needs audit requirements, and the technical level, the departments to ensure

tac,cs to exceed The rep works with the strategy and approach and presents the decision-making process. business level, and with progresses is achieved
the sales quota, coach and manager to needed to accelerate solu,on. the EBI. as agreed.
whether a set of iden,fy opportuni,es the opportunity A solu,on is developed
named accounts or for targeted accounts forward. A clearly An EBI op,mally: along with a compelling If required, Pricing and payment
a geographic and with customer dened strategy is -owns the business business case for demonstra,ons and terms are conrmed,
territory. contacts to iden,fy new created and populated problems, buying implemen,ng the customer reference and the customer signs
needs and in the CRM process, budget, and solu,on. Rep presents contacts are conducted. the nal contract and
The sales plan is opportuni,es. nal approval. prospects with 'good, Contract is sent, issues purchase orders.
reviewed and The Opportunity Plan -Will inuence other beXer, best' op,ons, reviewed and mutually
updated quarterly Sheet is reviewed and decision-makers with builds and sends agreed upon.
with their manager updated weekly/ recommenda,ons and proposal with prospect's
monthly with sales proposals. top choice.

Detailed sales plan Rep validates the The team agrees to EBI validates need for Product trial begins (if Trial of product is Prospect reviews and
created by rep. prospect value and strategy and and understands the needed) validated. signs the contract.
Manager signs o proposed solu,on. responsibili,es for solu,on.
on plan. Business review and moving the opportunity Decision-making process Legal team reviews All success criteria are
CRM is updated. presenta,on delivered forward. A budget is approved understood. contract and makes met.
to and understood by adjustments if required.
prospect. Manager agrees that A ,meline to close is Legal approach & terms. Sales rep schedules

this is in fact a validated determined. Schedule Kick-O Call follow-up with client
Rep emails summary of strategy. Prospect Legal/Financial and implementa,on throughout rst 90 days
phone call to prospect Schedule a ,me for processes understood date. (all opt-out contracts
The team represents: solu,on presenta,on need weekly aXen,on).
CRM is updated. mgr., execu,ves, legal, ROI dened & veried CRM is updated.
SE, implementa,on Addi,onal Business CRM is updated.
team, consul,ng, sales Reviews and CRM is updated
coach, sales ops Presenta,ons (as
(especially for needed)
enterprise deals)
CRM is updated
CRM is updated

Prospect's internal EBI organizes internal ROI Conrmed Trial success criteria are Both legal teams

champion validates support, invites other met. approve

approach and agrees to DMs to individual EBI and DMs agree on Proposal Q & A
next steps. business process proposal. Prospect gives verbal Contract signed
reviews. agreement
Prospect & internal EBI and DMs agree on a Agree to Kick-o Call PO issued
team set date for next All DMs agree to a ,me specic ,me for a Prospect iden,es
mee,ng. for a Solu,on Solu,on Conrma,on implementa,on success
Presenta,on. metrics/criteria


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