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Our Mission

To provide Virginias K-12 students with the economic knowledge

and financial skills needed to thrive in our dynamic economy.

Why It Is Important
Important for Students
Students will learn real world financial skills
they can use now and in the future to make
What We Do better informed decisions
Teach the Teacher. This is the most effective, Economic education leads to more informed
Who We Are
efficient model to reach the greatest number of decision making
VCEE is a nonprofit organization working as a students. Annually, we serve 2500 teachers who
Important for Workforce Development
public/private partnership. Partners include reach 120,000 students. These educators impact Students who understand the economy and
businesses, foundations, individuals, universities, additional students every year that they continue
the role they play in a companys bottom line
the Commonwealth of Virginia and local school to teach a strong multiplier effect.
are more productive employees
Ensure accessibility to quality teacher training for all Economic education produces a better
We are the primary resource for Virginias K-12 school districts, through affiliated university-based equipped workforce to meet challenges of
teachers and school divisions seeking training Centers for Economic Education across Virginia. a fluctuating global economy
and classroom resources for economic and financial Students, who understand how the economy
Provide intensive training for teachers of the new,
education. This is made possible at little or no cost works, and their role in it, become more
required high school course through Economics
due to generous financial support from VCEEs responsible citizens and voters.
and Personal Finance Institutes.
Make learning fun and engaging through our
We are an advocate and resource for:

programs, such as the Governors Challenge in
A new, required high school course in
Economics and Personal Finance, Mini-Economy
Economics and Personal Finance

Day, Awards and Scholarships, and the Stock
Inclusion of key economic concepts at each
Market Game.TM
grade level K-12
School divisions, local and state governments