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solo pieces
Francesc Llompart

I Love
Think of a sound that you know you have never heard before, such as the sound of an iceberg on ire or the
sound of a ly screaming against the wind. Close your eyes and concentrate on the chosen image for as long as
it takes until you can vividly imagine your chosen sound with all its details. Then, take a recorder and go out to
a place as quiet or as loud as you see it to search for a sound that sounds exactly as you imagined. Record it
and bring it home and never listen to it again.

II World
Find a conch shell. Shut yourself away with it and sing to it. Go to the seashore, put the shell close to your
ear and listen to yourself singing. If this exercise sounds too spiritual, you can substitute a plastic bottle for the
shell and listen to it in another noisy ambient like a bus.

III Change
Go to the countryside and search for rocks. Strike each rock to hear the pitches they produce and select
twelve rocks spanning one octave of the whole chromatic scale as precisely as possible. This can take a lot of
time. Break each rock into two pieces and then recombine and glue them producing twelve rocks again. Check
that none of them produces a tone found in the original scale. Gift them to musicians. Alternatively you can
throw them at a musician that you dont like.

IV Counterterrorism
Find a muzak speaker. Record its tunes and, using a sound editing software, study their waveform pattern.
Remember that when the wave moves up this represents the moment within the vibration when the speaker
moves towards you (and vice versa). When you are familiarized with the pattern, design a dance using such
movements that when the speaker pushes the air in your direction you push it back, and when the speaker
tries to pull the air you pull it towards you, thus canceling all the noise. Go back to the speaker and dance for a
better world.

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