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Docket No: 16046326101 INTHE COURT OF QUEEN'S BENCH OF ALBERTA JUDICIAL CENTRE OF LETHBRIDGE BETWEEN: HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN Pond DEREK JAMES SARETZKY Accused AGREED STATEMENT OF FACTS Pursuant to the provisions of Section 655 of the Criminal Code of Canada, the following numbered paragraphs contain facts, which are alleged by the Crown nd admitted by the Accused, DEREK JAMES SARETZKY, for the purpose of ispensing with formal proof thereof on charges: Count 1. On or about the 14th day of September, 2016, at or ear Blalmore, Alberta, did unlawfully cause the death of Temry Blanchette, thereby committing fist degree ; murder, contrary to section 235(1) of the Criminal Code ‘ of Canada , Count 2, On or about the 14th day of September, 2018, at or Rear Blalmore, Alberta, did unlawfully cause the death of Halley Dunbar-Blanchette, thereby commiting fist degree murder, contrary to section 235(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada Count 3. On or about the 14th of September, 2015, at or near Biaimore, Alberta, did offer an indignity to the human remains of Halley Dunbar-Blanchette, contrary to section 182() of the Criminal Code of Canada, ‘Count 4, On or about the 9th day of September, 2015, at or near Coleman, Alberta, did unlawfully cause the death of Hanna Meketech, thereby committing first degree murder, contrary to section 236(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada, vv rer VOUUOVOOVOUSUULUUUDI ee 1 Tory Patrick BLANCHETTE CBLANCHETTE’) ved ct Js 2 __BLANCHETTE’s daughter, Halleyynn Elzabeth Dunbar Blanchette (O08 December 31, 2012, CHAILEY") was iving with him on September 13, 2018, Halley had been living with BLANCHETTE for the past five weeks, %. _HAILEY's mother, Cheyenne Dunbar DUNBAR") was living In Edmonton, AB, During all material mes, BLANCHETTE and DUNBAR shared custody of thelr oughter, HAILEY, DUNBAR was known to her ftlends, including Derek Saretzky, by the nickname *Chy*. 4 On September 14, 2018, BLANCHETIE’s father, Willom Blanchette, was ‘reveling from his home in Ekford, BC to Calgary, AB, The purpose of his rip wes 10 get some work done on his vehicle. He wanted fo Invite BLANCHETTE and HAILEY to have lunch with him when he stopped at Blakmore, 5. _Willam Blanchette went fo BLANCHETTE’s home and knocked. He opened ‘the door and yelled out fo his son, but there was no response. He retuned to his or ond at 1025 hrs texted BLANCHETIE, “are you up?* There was no response. He went fo Fas Gas in Frank, to get fuel for his vehicle. At 1056 his, he called BLANCHETIE’s cell phone, There was no answer. At 1100 his, he retuned to BLANCHETTE’s home, 6 _At approximately 1110 fis on September 14, 2018, Wiliam Blanchette Gecided fo enter BLANCHETTE’s home, He thought perhaps BLANCHETTE's cel! Phone had no charge, 7. When Willam Blanchette entered BLANCHETTE's home, he found his son's Body in the bathroom, He also discovered that hs grand-daughter was Missing, ‘She was nowhere fo be found in the residence. He called 911 and walted for EMS and the RCMP to arrive, ve eure euuUTUUVUVUVUUUUUUU 8 Willam Blanchette found his son’s body In the main bathroom of his residence, lying in a pool of blood, He was clothed and parttaly covered by a blanket. RCMP officérs noted Injuries to Blanchette’s head and wounds to his eck that included a large cut from one side of his throat to the other, (Tab 1 ‘photo MMQ0089, fkr4594), % Blood stains on bedroom pillows and blood smears on the floor led RCMP fo believe that the original attack happened In the bedroom and that BLANCHETTE was dragged to the bathroom. (Tab 2 photos MMO0089, fkr4601, 4600, 4598, 4597, 4592 and 4593), 10. Blood smears were located throughout the Blanchette residence, Including the door fo HAILEY’s bedroom, on @ doll found In her erlb, and on a blanket which was also In her crib, (Tab 3 photos MMO0089, fir4635, 4636 and 4641), 11. The RCMP believed, based on their observations of the physical evidence ot the BLANCHETTE residence, that the person who had klled BLANCHETTE, hac 'blood on his footwear. As a result, RCMP Forensic Identifcation Service used. Bluestar reagent, to locate footwear impressions from the back deck of BLANCHETTE's residence, across the grass yard and Into the back alley, (Tab 4 Photos MMO0O89, fkr4678, 4679, 4681 and! 4683), 12, Bluestar reagent causes microscopic amounts of blood to glow blue. Police Investigators use Bluestar reagent to determine the presence of blood. When blood has been wiped off of an object, washed down or is Invisible to the naked eye, Bluestar reagent wil react to microscople amounts of blood and Produce a blue gow. 13. RCMP Investigators canvassed the neighborhood around BLANCHETTE's residence. At approximately 1201 hours, on September 14, 2015, Darren Ryplen SOOSTUVUUUUU ATA si KHFSSSISISTS SISOS UE who lived behind BLANCHETIE told the RCMP that he had woken from his sleep. between 0320 to 0330 hours that morning by the sound of someone walking outside, 14, The RCMP made Inquiries with businesses with security survelliance ‘cameras along 20" Avenue in Blalmore, AB. 18. The “Kanata by Best Canadian Motor Inns" fs approximately one klometer west of 125m Street, in Blaimore, AB, It Is located on 21s Avenue, but its parking lot securty cameras also record traffic on 20" Avenue. 16. At approximately 0331 hrs on September 14, 2018, the securlly cameras at the “Kanata by Best Canadian Motor Inns” recorded a white coloured van, with 0 “buggy whip* antenna traveling westbound on 20" Avenue. The antenna: ‘oppeared to have a blue tinted light on the end. No windows were observed in the rear of the van. 17. An Amber Alert had been initiated by the RCMP at 1415 hours on September 14, 2015, for HAILEY. A thorough search of the Blanchette residence had confimed her grandfather's inital conclusion that she was missing.“ 18 The Amber Alert identified the suspect vehicle as a “newer model white von. with @ large rear antenna, with flag attached’, The RCMP watched the secutty video from the “Kanata by Best Canadian Motor. Inns” at 1852 hrs on September 14, 2016. A short time later, the Amber Alert was updated to clarity that the antenna had a blue light on the end. 19. Kevin Soretzky worked at Prestige Cleaners, a family business that he ‘owned with his brother, Larry Saretzky and thelr parents, Tina and Nick Saretzky. Prestige Cleaners|s located at 13237 20" Avenue, Blalimore, AB. 20. At 1947 hours on September 14, 2015, Kevin Saretzky Informed the RCMP that Prestige Cleaners had a fleet of vehicles that included 3 white, full-sized ‘vans with "buggy whip" antenna, Prestige Cleaners’ vans have orange flags ‘and a bive light on the top of thelr antenna. 21. Kevin Saretzky reported that one of these white vans, van #5, had been taken without consent of the owners of Prestige Cleaners, sometime between September 13, 2016 and September 14, 2015. Kevin Sareteky was the last person (who had permission) to diive van #5 on September 11, 2015. When he had finished his delivery on September 11, 2016 he parked It near the curb at Prestige Cleaners. While using van #5, he recorded the odometer reading at 192557 km at the Sparwood, BC checkpoint, 22. _ Nick Saretzky allowed the RCMP to selze Prestige Cleaners van #5 bearing AB license plate NUC 600, and fo tow It to the Crowsnest Pass detachment. (Tab ‘5 photos MMOOI79, fkr4701, 4706, 4707, 4711 and 4712). 23, Suspecting that the van had been used in the death of BLANCHETTE and the abduction of HAILEY, the RCMP Forensic Identification officers used Bluestar reagent. It weacted postivaly for blood (by glowing blue) on the following Items: @ the driver's seat (Tab 6 photos MMO0179, fxr4714) . (©) steering wheel © window crank @ _ightswitch (@) _blinker lever (Tab 6 photos a to e shown on fkr4714) (© floor (Tab 6 photo fer 4720) (@ _ side door (Tab 6 photo fkr 4721) (®) door handle (Tab 6 photo 114733) © large smear on the floor of the van that has two barefoot prints present in the smear Tab 6 photo fkr4738) UU UU EUV UUOUUOUUOOGOUE 24. In the early moming hours of September 16, 2015, the RCMP determined. ‘that Derek Saretzky was a “person of interest” in the abduction of HAILEY, based ‘on the following: @ _ There was no evidence of bloodletting In her crib or bedroom. (©) Darren Rypien reported hearing a chid cry outside his home between 0320 to 0330 hours on September 14, 2015. (©) _Bluestar examination of Prestige Cleaners van #5, AB license plate NUC £00, indicated blood transfer, but no “pooling” or significant ‘blood loss. @ Prestige Cleaners van #5 matched suspect vehicle description. ©) Van #6 was contimed missing for unknown period around the time: of the murder of BLANCHETTE and disappearance of HAILEY. © Derek Saretzky was suspected of having used van #5 in the past ‘without permission, (©) Derek Saretzky was in the area around the time van #5 was refumed, @) The floor mats from the back of van #5 were missing, 25. Derek Soretzky was Identified as a suspect in the murder of BLANCHETTE and the abduction of HAILEY by the RCMP on September 16, 2015 at 0726 hous. This was based on evidence gathered by the investigative team and as a result of Inconsistencies between a witness statement taken from Derek Saretaky in the early moming hours of September 15%, 2015 and other witnesses interviewed by the RCMP. 26. On September 15, 2015, at opproximately 0737 hrs, the RCMP conducted simultaneous searches of Derek Saretzky’s apartment in Blaimore, AB, as well as his mother’s home in Coleman, AB, where he occasionally resided. The focus of these searches was to locate HAILEY. HAILEY was not found at elther location. OHGOOOUOOO00 Too. « 27. Lamy Saretky, Derek Saretzky's father, approached the RCMP on September 15%, 2015 while they were searching Derek Saretzky’s partment. Lary Saretzky asked the RCMP to speak with his son, Derek Soretzky, Prestige Cleaners was located next to Derek Saretzky's apartment. Three members of the RCMP accompanied Lamy Soretzky to Prestige Cleaners where Derek Soretzky was sitting In a room at the back of the establishment. The RCMP watched from a distance while Larry Saretzky spoke to his son. Moments later, st Wikinson, Cst Koroluk and Sgt Browne approached Larry and Derek Saretzky. The RCMP asked to speak with Derek Soretzky. Lamy Saretzky was present throughout the conversation that took place between his son, Derek Saretzky and the RCMP. 28. Cpl Joany Paradis, the primary investigator In the homicide Investigation of BLANCHETTE and abduction of HAILEY, decided that the RCMP should arest Derek Saretzky as a suspect in her investigation while the RCMP were speaking to Derek Saretzry in the presence of his father. Cpl, Paradis made this decision based on the evidence gathered by the RCMP fo that point and on the bass of the following adaitional Information: @ While searching Derek Saretzky's apartment for HAILEY, investigators ‘observed what appeared to be blood on an Inner doorkneb, what ‘appeared to be blood droplets on the main floor from the entry into the ving room area, what appeared to be blood on the wall going upstairs to the second floor, latex style gloves with what appeared to be blood stains and what appeared to be blood on the second floor bathroom cupboard. (©) While searching Sher! Megi's home for Halley, investigators observed two hammers and a baseball bat in Derek Saretzky’s bedroom and two roled up mats that were similar to the ones missing from van #6, VN ) FETT TEATS EU UU UU UU UU UU UU UT | 29. Derek Saretzky was stil speaking to RCMP officers at Prestige Cleaners when Cpl, Paradis’ decision to arrest him was communicated to Sgt Browne, through the team commander, Sgt: Kropp. Sat. Browne asked Cst. Koroluk to ‘arrest Derek Saretzly for the murder of BLANCHETTE and the abduction of HAILEY. Conte o roy oo EE 30, The campsite on Grassy Mountain Road Is part of a 160 acte property ‘owned by three sisters, Carmelia Saretzky, Glory-Jo Ritrovato and Adele Comstock. Carmella Saretzky Is mattied to Kevin Saretzky, Lamy Saretzky's brother. This property is referred fo by the family of the owners as “the ranch’ 31, Carmelia Saretaky’s son, Shane Koinberg, had been at the property on September 13, 2016, with his mother and father. Prior to leaving the property at approximately 1830 hours, he made sure the fre pit had bumed down to ash ‘and there were no foreign objects in the fie pit. Carmeliia and Kevin Saretzky loft the property about two hours after thelr son, . 32. On September 15, 2016, Shane Koinberg had heard the Amber Alert and. knew the community was searching for HAILEY. He retumed to the campground on Grassy Mountain Road, which was the family property at approximately 1400 his in order to look around and to recover some of his personal property. 33. Shane Koinberg noticed smoke from the fire pit and stired the debris with stick, He noticed some debris and a curved bone that looked ike a smal bone. He aiso noticed a plece of melted rubber, some meited plastic with o bone protruding, and some bumt books in the fre pit. There were 2 white 2 ? ? 2 BTGCOO OV OVO VOU U BU UK UU UO OU 0 UU FUUV OO UU lighters near the fire pit. The Items he observed were nor in me me pur wives had left the stte two days eattler. 34, Shane Koinberg called his mother (Carmela Saretzky) and his aunt, Giory- Jo Ritrovato, to confirm that they had not been to the property since September 13, 2015. Cormelia Sareteky told Shane Koinberg that the police seemed Interested In Prestige Cleaners and that she had taken Derek Soretzky to the family propery on Grassy Mountain Road some time before the weekend. ‘Carmella Saretzky told her son to call the police Immediately, which he did. 35, Shane Koinberg called 911, After speaking with the operator, he drove Into the town of Blaltmore, AB and subsequently led the RCMP back to the site. 36. The three property owners of the campstte on Grassy Mountain Rood gave the RCMP permission to search their property. 37. After taking the RCMP to the family property on Grassy Mountain Road, shane Koinberg went fo the Crowsnest Pass RCMP detachment and provided a statement at approximately 1617 hours on September 16", 2015 about what he had discovered. 38, Derek Saretzky gave a statement to Sgt McCauley on September 15%, 2015. Exhibit 2 ct Tal). Subsequent fo that statement, Derek Saretzky directed Sgt. McCauley to the property on Grassy Mountain Road. When Sat. McCauley cond Derek Soretzky artived at the property, RCMP investigators were already present at the campsite, They remained out of the way so:that Derek Saretaky could conduct a re-enactment for Sgt: McCauley. Exhibit ot Tal). 39. The campsite on Grassy Mountain Road is accessible through a gated private road, The location of the fire pits not visble from the road that accesses the property. There were several structures and camper trailers on the properly uring material mes. (Tab 7 aerial video MMO0176). Pere ToQQOQVOVOSSUUSSSUSTUVVVUUUY a 40. A Search of the fre pit disclosed bones (fab 8 photos MMOcO9, DWO7060. 7061), cn “unserrated” knife (fab 8 photos MMCOD91, DWO68S), ¢ hatchet (Tab 8 photos MMO0091, DWO6992) and partially bumt books (Tab 8 Photos MIMO0091, DWO6942, DWO668®). Evidence of bumt fabric and rubber soles were also located in the fre pit, 41. Ametol pot was located near the tke pit that had blood drops or smears Iccatled, Inside and outside of the pot. (Tab 9 photos MMO0091, DWO6961, PWwO67E0, DWO69ET and DWOS9E2) A yellow child's toy located near the fre it had blood on it (Tab 9 photos MMOD091, DWO7083, DWO7087, and PWO7086), In both Instances. DNA analysis confimed that the blood on these lems (the pot and the toy) belonged to HAILEY, 42. Or. Anne Katzenberg, a forensic anthropologst, examined the bone and ental roaments from the fire pit and determined that they were from a human Between the ages of 2-4 years, The extensive buming made Identying each ffagment Impossie, Both femoral fragments (left and right) and a rib from the left side of the torso had cut marks made by a tool : 43, Attempts fo confi through DNA analysis that the bones and teeth 'ccated In the fie pit belonged to HAILEY were unsuccessul. All DNA present in {he fragments recovered from the fhe pit was destoyed due to the duration they were exposed fo high temperature, ‘Search of Derek Saretzky's Apartment and Sheri Megl’s residence 44. The police searches of Derek Saretzky’s apartment and his mother’s ‘esence (het Megi) were executed in an attempt fo locate HAILEY, She was not found. Some observations by Investigators that conducted the searches led AOR PREF PU TUVUUUWUUUUUUUUUUUU UU the RCMP to obtain warrants to allow them to see Items likely relevant to the Investigation 45, On September 16, 2016, the RCMP executed a search warrant on Derek Soretzky’s opariment and the folowing Items were located and selzed trom (@) _Accalenciar hanging on the wail (Tab 10 photos MMa0182, FKR5O32, FKR5034, FKR5O35) with the words “Set me Free” wltten in the date boxes for September 1, 2015 to September 9, 2015 and the word “Strength” wittten In the date boxes from September 13, 2015 to ‘September 18, 2015; (©) A notebook that was located on the floor of his apartment and wiitten on one of the pages, “Medicine Fresh” at the top, and under It, the words "Hannah’, “sleepers for the dogs", “chy”, “Terry” ‘and “The hideous baby". Those words were wittten and crossed out ab 11 photo MMoqz09); (©) In the entry way to his residence, a copy of “The Harper Collins lustrated Medical Dictionary” was laying on top of a tool box: (Tab 12 photo FKR 4892) @) A copy of “Hannibal, a book about a fictional serial killer who Practiced cannibalism was located on the Gpartment's coffee table (Tab 13 photo FKR 4917); (©) Copies of “The Killer Book of Serial Kilers", “The Killer Book of Infamous Murders” and “The Killer Book of Cold Cases* were located In his apartment; rt () _A16 ounce measuring cup was located in a cabinet drawer in the bathroom of his partment. DNA analysis of the died red stain at the bottom of the measuring cup established that it was Derek Saretzky’s blood: (Tab 14 photo MMO0207 FKR 5082) @ A crowbar was selzed from the basernent of his apartment (Tab 15 photo MMO0182}; (M)_Ared aluminum baseball bat was located In a craw! space in the basement of the apartment (Tab 16 photo MMO0113): 4. On September 16, 2015 the RCMP executed a search warrant at Derek Soret’ mother's house, I tho folowing tems were seed: (@ een backpack with several places of crumpled poper, which were pages from “The Killer Book of Serial Killers” (Tab 17 photos : MMeo18s, GLD4101, GLD4102, 6104103) (b) an IPhone was found under the sheets on a mattress in the > basement of his mother’s home (Tab 18 photos MMO0183, GLD4129,, ‘ @1D4130) 47, Carmeliia Saretzky gave a statement to the RCMP on September 16, 2015 ‘at 1922 his. She told the RCMP that on September 8, 2015 she saw her nephew. : Derek Saretzky at evening mass. After mass, she invited Derek Saretaky to join her 4 ‘and Kevin Saretzky for dinner at thelr home. 48, On September 9, 2015, Carmeliia Saretzky attended a funeral service at 1100 hs. She saw Derek Saretzky at the service. After the funeral service, Carmella Saretzky had to go out to her property on Grassy Mountain Road and she asked Derek Saretzky to join her. Derek Soretzky was walking around the “2: Property ond Carmella Saretzky asked him what he wes doing, to Which he ‘responded “Oh, I'm ustlooking around, | haven't been here for so long’, DATED at the City of Lethbridge, in the Province of Alberta, this 31st lay of May, 2017, Pattick Edgerton Derek James Ly Counsel for Derek James Saretziy Accused Photin! Papadatou” Michael A. Fox Crown Prosecutor Crown Prosecutor rR seE RRR :