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Gonzalez 1

Britany Janeth Gonzlez Salinas

Mrs. Stultz

21 March 2017

A Feeling for Literature

A student from Pacifica High School which name is Brandon Gonzalez once stated No words
English 1 P; Per.6in all the languages can explain all the emotions as a feeling that is created with just
one image Is interesting how individuals represent their emotions by the interactions that we do
depending on what position we are, or what we see around. The experiences that every person pass
with has so much to do with what we feel or think , but also there is another way that might change our
feelings. Is like when we listen to a song, we feel something depending the rhythm or sounds of it, and
when we read something and discover about someones situation we can feel something for it, for
example reading a newspaper and see about the people who is in a difficult situation makes us feel bad
about the kind of position that this people is passing through, but when we hear about someone whom
we have a strong relationship with we get to feel excited and joyful for them. In one of the most
famous play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet written by the famous writer since centuries ago
William Shakespeare, the author shows to readers how his admirable way of his work for his plays
made people feel many emotions such as pain, and passion. This play tells the story of the forbidden
love at first sight. Romeo and Juliets families each other making them to be struggle to be together. In
the literary work Pyramus and Thisbe written by Ovid and translated by Allen Mandelbaum, the
reader is introduced to the story of Pyramus and Thisbe to lovers whose relationship was denied by
their parents, making them to be forced to meet each other and die after a misunderstanding,
demonstrating to the readers the big conflict that this couple spent in their last minutes of life, and
making us think about how they got to such cruel final. When people read stories written in literature,
like Romeo and Juliet, they can start seeing how this work express many feelings by every character in
each act, making us feel more interested about the stories and also wait with excitement what is going
about to happen with the characters.. Literature can express every feeling that the author wants,
depending the meaning that this wants to leave, and while there is more work and passion in every
prologue we are able to feel even more involved to find out about the play, that is why literature is
very interesting.
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Int the play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet we were able to find divers passion between the
characters especially between Romeo and Juliet. This facet of love made this written portion be so
interesting because all the things that the protagonist said to each other made us feel good because all
the romantic things that they expressed to each other. The author points out But to be frank and give it
thee again, and yet but for the thiren I wish but for the thiren I have my bounty is as boundless as the
sea, my love as deep; treasure I give to thee the more I have for both are infinite I hear some noise with
fear love advices! (Shakespeare II). This example explains how Juliet was expressing herself saying
how much love she felt for Romeo, her new romance. This is apparent that Romeo and Juliet felt the
same passion to each other. Furthermore we can find that Romeo also felt the same for Juliet and
promise each other to get marry soon With loves light wings did I o'erperch these walls for stony
limits cannot hold love out, and the love can do that dares love attempt. Therefore thi kinsmen are no
stop to me. (Shakespeare II). To better understand the position readers learn here that Romeo wants to
give the example that he was able to risk himself and jump through to the Capulets wall to see Juliet,
and there is nothing to care more about than the love that he feels when he saw her. This reveals that
the words that Juliet and Romeo said to each other demonstrated all the passion that they felt to each
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Like there is always a happiness there is also many conflicts in every person's
relationship that makes our stories to be more interesting, especially when a literature piece is
added in our creations. The text allows readers to recognize Now this same night will see two
lovers lose their lives: she was one more worthy of long life: Its I who bear the guilt for
this(Ovid 3). The evidence displays that after Pyramus thought that Thisbe was dead he started
to feel that he was guilty for her death making him to suicide because there was no other reason
to stay alive. This is important as how the couple had conflicts to be together, and after they
could finally be together something wrong happened and they died making the readers to be
shocked and feel disappointed in that sad end. Furthermore the resulting when Pyramus opened
his eyes and saw Thisbe alive he noticed that he killed himself for no reason and after he died.
Dear boy died by your own hand: your love has killed you. But I too command the force to
face at least this task: I can claim your love, and it will give me strength enough to strykr
myself. Ill follow you in death (Ovid 5). This example explains that after she saw Thisbe she
decided to do the same thing because that was what he did for her. This is important because as
Pyramus waste his life for Thisbe she decided to do the same thing for him, as a result we can
see that their love was very strong for making them to kill themselves after they noticed that
they lost the only person that they loves.
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Pain is recognized as the other fact that Shakespeare greatest writing piece represented in this
play, is so enthusiastic to think about all the tenderness that all characters that all the characters passed
through during this play, and there is many examples in the entire film or book, which this makes this
play be more dramatic and make us feel more interested about the story, especially because all this
trouble made this forbitten love to be more romantic and dramatic. The text states, If my trust the
flattering truth of sleep my dreams presage some joyful news at hand (Shakespeare V). To better
understand this position, readers learn here that Romeo was ilusinating to much with just thinking
about Juliet, saying that he had a happy dream with Juliet. This apparent that while Romeo illuminates
more with Juliet before his servant tells him that she is dead, the more he will suffer after he get the
bad news of Juliets fake funeral. Furthermore whs en Juliet wake up and saw Romeos cadaver and
noticed that he was dead she decided to kill herself because Romeo was the only reason that kept her
alive. The text finds Whats thee? A cup closed in my true loves hand (Shakespeare V). This
example explains how Juliet noticed that Romeo was death. This reveals that she decided to died
because there was nothing painful than lost her forbidden love. Readers can come to the conclusion
that the most characters that ended hurted were Romeo and Juliet, they always tried to be together no
matter what, but all the family conflicts and struggles made all the characters to end up hurt and pass to
a big lose.
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Readers can came to the conclusion that literature is an impressive reading that makes people
change feelings depending the writing that is visualizable in the paper. The point is that when someone
reads how the author writes and express himself by what he wants for people feel when they look at
the portion that was written, readers can feel what the author wanted if he did it right by writing the
passage. Is curious react emotionally depending on what we hear about others, when we saw the
conflictions that Pyramus and Thisbe passed together and all the misunderstandings that made them
died we can feel so bad and think about all the things that they could have done to get a better
destination makes a little frustrated. When we heard about all the pain that Romeo and Juliet passed
through in all their difficulties we feel bad for them because we wanted the best for them in the way
that this that they gave to each other, and all the sweet words that they expressed to each other makes
us think a little happy for all the things that they accomplished while they were alive. Across the
reading we were able to find about different arguments about this incredible written portions. Like in
Pyramus and Thisbe we were able to identify confliction between families, struggles for love, and
tragedy. In Romeo and Juliet we found conflicts between the Capulets and Montagues, fights between
the characters, love or passion, friendship, and too much deaths. This stories written in literature were
interesting to find about because all the writing portion that made us change our pleasure.
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