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Zombie Run!

A Savage Tale By
Jonathan Pierson
Maps By Niklas Brandt
Art by Richard “Rico” Pollard. Figure Flats by Jim Crabtree.

Edited by Shane Lacy Hensley and Randy Mosiondz

This electronic book, Savage Worlds, Smiling Jack, Great White Games, and all associated logos herein are
copyright 2004, Great White Games. All Rights Reserved.
Redistribution by print or file is a violation of copyright and is strictly prohibited.

Surviving the

Introduction You are the survivors. You found each other in
the aftermath and banded together, pooling your
The world didn’t go to hell overnight. It took a skills and resources to increase your odds of
whole two months. staying alive just a little longer. You’ve holed up in
Saturday, July 2, 2005. Sometime around the Baxter Building in downtown Manhattan,
midnight, Eastern time, the recently-dead started managed to secure it against the zombies and the
coming back to life. We woke up Sunday morning, roving gangs that have cropped up—even worse
turned on our radios and TVs, went outside and than the living dead, the living preying on the living,
picked up our newspapers, and learned that rotting survivors killing and stealing from other survivors.
corpses were wandering the streets, forcing their But you’ve only delayed the inevitable. The
way into homes, attacking and eating people. world doesn’t belong to you anymore. It belongs to
In the U.S., the president declared a national the dead.
emergency. Local and state police joined forces
with the Army, Marines, and National Guard, and Welcome to Zombie Run, a zombie survival horror
for about a week, we held our own against the adventure for Savage Worlds. The first half of the
rising tide of the dead. But how do you defeat an adventure follows the characters’ journey across the
enemy when your own casualties become his foot zombie-infested United States, from New York to Phoenix,
soldiers? Arizona, to join another band of survivors (with plenty of
Maybe if we had been fighting a living enemy, a opportunities along the way for good old-fashioned car-to-
foreign invader, things would have gone differently. car combat and scavenging). The second half deals with
But facing our own dead, risen from the grave with what happens once the characters reach their destination
no thought but to kill and devour us ... We and step into the deadly conflict between Phoenix and a
panicked. First came the riots and looting, then rival band of survivors in Flagstaff.
the killing. Law enforcement and military units fell
apart. People turned on each other like terrified
animals, everyone trying to save his or her own
skin. And every person killed by his or her
neighbor became one of them.


What Happened
On July 2, 2005, at roughly the same time worldwide
(a little after midnight, Eastern US time), the recently
dead started rising. Any corpse that wasn’t dismembered,
decapitated, decomposed, or otherwise destroyed came
back to life. Crawling out of their graves, stumbling out of
morgues and funeral homes, the dead swarmed over
cities and towns, attacking, killing, and eating everyone
they could get their rotting hands on. On July 3, the
President declared a national emergency, and Army and
National Guard units started coordinating with local law
enforcement to deal with the zombie threat. Other nations
took similar actions. The World Health Organization, the
Centers for Disease Control, and other scientific
organizations around the world began studying the dead,
trying to figure out what was animating them.
The situation degenerated quickly. It seemed as if for
every zombie killed, two more rose. Scientists had no
idea what was animating the corpses, but they did
discover that it was infectious: a single bite would kill an
otherwise healthy person and turn him or her into one of
the walking dead. Terror and panic spread. Riots flared in
Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and other
major cities, forcing already beleaguered military and law
enforcement to deal with the living as well as the dead.
People began abandoning their homes and cities.
Police and soldiers deserted en masse, and military and
government chains of command fell apart. In one city after
another, communications, power, and other services shut Maps
down. By the end of August, gangs had risen up to fill the
Don’t be stingy. Go out and buy a nice, big U.S.
vacuum left by the disintegration of centralized authority.
highway map. Encourage your players to write on it, trace
By mid-September society had been reduced to isolated
their journey, maybe even mark their encounters along the
bands, scavenging to survive.
way. It’ll make their trip more interesting if they can
The adventure begins in the second week of October,
actually see the highways they’re traveling on and the
locations where encounters take place. Hopefully, it will
also make it a little more frustrating when they have to
What Really Happened backtrack and plan new routes.
If you want street maps for cities such as Manhattan
No one knows. Everyone knows what happened—the and Phoenix, just pop onto the Internet. There are some
events—but no one knows why. People have theories—a good maps out there. Feel free to play fast and loose with
secret government project gone awry, a plague released city geography when needed though: it doesn’t really
by terrorists, radiation from space, the judgment of God— matter if you say there’s a library on a street corner where
but no one knows for sure, and none of the scientists who in real life there’s a restaurant.
studied the zombies even came close to an answer
before the end.
In some survival horror adventures, discovering the
truth behind what happened is a major part of the story.
Not in Zombie Run. The characters never have a chance
to find out why the zombies started rising, if there even is
a fathomable reason. The point of Zombie Run is not to
figure out why all this is happening. It’s just to survive.


New Hindrances New Professional Edges
Innocent (Major) Requirements: Novice, Healing d8+, Knowledge
Your character isn’t very experienced. Until now, she (Medicine) d8+
hasn’t seen the harsh, horrible side of life, and she isn’t Physicians dedicate their lives to the science of
prepared for it. She suffers -2 to all Guts checks against healing. Many were licensed professionals before the
grotesque or horrific scenes (but not terrifying triggers; disaster; others were gifted students and interns.
see Fear, Savage Worlds p.93) and on Smarts and Spirit Characters with the Physician Edge get +2 on Healing
rolls to resist Intimidation, Persuasion, and Taunt. rolls. This is cumulative with the Healer Edge.
Ruthless (Minor)

Morality, ethics, mercy, honesty, nobility ... screw ‘em.
Your character believes the end justifies the means.
Lying, cheating, backstabbing, even killing—anything is
permissible if it gets the job done. Most people find this Gasoline
trait rather unpleasant. When interacting with people Fuel is important in Zombie Run—how much do you
who’ve seen his Ruthless side, your character’s Charisma have and can you find more?
drops by -2 (though the Game Master might decide this To keep things simple, vehicles have four fuel levels:
doesn’t apply when your character is dealing with other Very High, High, Low, and Out. Vehicles burn fuel at the
Ruthless, Bloodthirsty, or Mean characters). following rates:
· Motorcycle: one level every 200 miles

· Small car, jeep: one level every 100 miles
· Mid-sized car, Humvee: one level every 50 miles
· Large car, truck, or SUV: one level every 25 miles
The characters in Zombie Run are normal, everyday During combat, if a driver draws a deuce his vehicle’s
people. They don’t use magic, psionics, or anything like fuel drops one level at the end of the round.
that, so none of the magical, Arcane, or Power-related Because of the difficulty of refueling the bus, consider
Edges are appropriate. Weird Edges and Wild Card the refueling in Part 2: Supply Stop sufficient to get the
Edges other than Power Surge are okay. bus as far as Phoenix.

New Background Edges
Improvised Weapons
Power Lifter Characters in Zombie Run might find themselves using
Requirements: Novice, Brawny, Strength d8+ just about anything as a weapon. Most tools, utensils,
Either naturally or through intense training, your and sports equipment function as clubs or knives, doing
character has become really, really strong. His load limit Str+1 damage. Heavier or sharper items such as sledge
is 15 x Strength, and he gets +1 on melee damage and hammers and fire axes do Str+2 damage.
rolls to break things.
New Combat Edge Basic chainsaw stats are given on p.45 of the Savage
Worlds rules. But chainsaws need gasoline (See
Headshot Gasoline above). One level of gasoline raises a
Requirements: Novice, Shooting d8+ chainsaw’s fuel level to Very High. Its fuel drops one level
Your character has become very proficient at popping after every combat (unless the fight was very short) and at
off zombies. He suffers only a –2 penalty when he takes a the end of the round every time the chainsaw wielding
Called Shot at a zombie’s head (instead of the usual –4). character draws a deuce for initiative. A chainsaw without
This Edge works only against zombies or other slow gasoline does Str+1 damage but doesn’t injure the wielder
moving or stationary targets. Against targets that actually on a roll of 1.
bob, weave, and dodge, such as living people, the Chain
character suffers the usual –4. A length of chain does Str+1 damage and reduces
your opponent’s Parry by –1. It also adds +1 to disarm
attempts and Agility Tricks (if the Trick is performed with
the chain).


Roll 1d10 on the Guns & Ammo table and Bus choose ammunition from the appropriate category This is a commercial passenger bus like the one in If you’re drawing for beginning gear and your character which the characters make most of their trip across the also scavenged a firearm. and consult tire pump. Bicycles work a little differently than other vehicles. he picked up Acc/Top Speed: 5/25.) Ammo—Your character has found 2d20 rounds of ammunition. Failure means he falls and So the characters don’t get to pick and choose—they suffers normal collision damage (1d6 for every 5” current start the game with whatever gear they’ve managed to speed). More than triple normal fuel has damage dice (see Falling or Jumping From Vehicles. camping equipment. Several encounters in Zombie Run provide thorns. If two characters are To scavenge starting gear. or perform another difficult maneuver. etc. he patches or replaces the tire. draw two cards for each riding double and have to perform a tricky maneuver. You can “run” while riding a bike. Whenever a character rides a bike. roll 1d10. minutes scavenging. he hits a nail.44 revolver 5 . This is your typical open-bed truck. he has to make an Agility roll. and throw. his ammunition is automatically country. light +3 Jeep/+5 Humvee it. Crew: 1+25 the gun and ammunition together. during which time they have a 50% Acc/Top Speed: 2 x standard Pace / “Run” +1d12. weapons and emergency equipment. Characters riding in the bed can be attacked directly— Sledge Hammers they aren’t protected like the people in the cab. wrenches. his ammo doesn’t fit his gun (he grabbed a . minutes of work and the proper equipment (a patch kit. On a one Just take them out of their bennies for the first session. chance of running into 3d6 zombies. plus one card for each success and raise on a both make Agility rolls at –2. stick a rag in the top. However Sledge hammers do Str+2 damage but require the walls of the bed provide some cover. any of which a the scavenging list. Just have been soldiers or police with access to heavy roll 1d12 instead of 1d6. Strength d6 to wield effectively and reduce the wielder’s Acc/Top Speed: 20/40. Triple the normal jump clear. Toughness: 12 (3). etc. (one or two if he rides through broken glass. appropriate for his gun (the gun was loaded. Crew: 1 (+1) Smarts rolls for scavenging. Anyone who succeeds suffers half the usual fuel covers a Large Burst. they character. Crew: 1+8 Parry by –1. In that case. or he just got lucky) Notes: . Molotov cocktails have a range of 3/6/12 and Notes: Four Wheel Drive explode in a Small Burst Template. Players can spend bennies on this roll. unless his ammo card is the two of spades. able to carry loads One fuel level of gasoline makes four Molotov of supplies or people. each inch of rough terrain equals Two-Five of Spades two inches as usual. Savage Worlds p. went nuts. but the detritus and gets a flat. Failure on either roll means Smarts roll. If the character has to fight. If everyone fails their Toughness: 2. Up to six people can travel cocktails. Crew: 1 some other flammable liquid. Savage Worlds p.). Twice everyone in the bed automatically gets an Agility roll to the normal fuel covers a Medium Burst. This requires twenty Just have everyone who goes scavenging roll Smarts. The fire does 2d10 damage each round with the usual chance of spreading (6 Pickup Truck on 1d6. If the truck crashes. The characters must spend at least fifteen club). or other Treat a bicycling character as if he were walking but useful gear lying around their homes. They might have had guns. but it does increase the area of effect.. piece of glass. If a player rolls snake eyes. they find nothing. sharp rocks. see Fire. no additional effect. 99). the damage. or Acc/Top Speed: 10/30. kerosene. injury results on the Injury Table. Increasing the amount of fuel doesn’t increase (uncomfortably) in the truck bed. they might even double his Pace. Toughness: 16 (4).Molotov Cocktails Humvee / Jeep Fill a glass bottle or jar with gasoline. his character they both fall. new tire. He can’t use his bike again until characters can also make unscheduled scavenging stops. people just grabbed whatever they could find.97). Notes: Four Wheel Drive Vehicles Scavenging Bicycle Characters in Zombie Run don’t buy starting supplies. ignore head scavenge. gets no cards. Notes: Off-road (a bike can be ridden almost anywhere a character can walk. draw one card for each success and raise. Toughness: 12 (3). The GM decides specifically what the character can scavenge as beginning gear if he draws a characters find. If he’s wearing a bicycle helmet. or other sharp opportunities to scavenge specific supplies. But when things make a tight turn.

with something and check it with the Game Master. just Roll Gun/Ammo Type because you have gasoline doesn’t mean you automatically 1-5 Small Pistol (9mm or smaller) have the vehicle to go with it. or some other common screwdriver. Just because a character has a gun doesn’t mean she etc. electric guitar. If your character draws the ace of spades. the Game Master might allow Six-Ten of Spades your character to have both the item and the batteries on Melee Weapon—Not necessarily an actual weapon. flashlight.46-47 for people. oil. shovel. a backpack. Low to High. Odd Item—You never know when an extra pair of shoelaces might save your life. dynamite or some plastique. Your vehicle can be as big or small as you want. pack of in the street. sort of. motorcycle. Jack-Ace of Spades Firearm—Your character has found a nice big gun. which must be drawn Two-Seven of Hearts separately. 10-12 Rifle Any excess is stored in containers. at least one fuel level is already in the tank. what caliber of ammo they manage to get a etc. provide some cover and protection. bandages. but require a examples of guns and ammunition. her gun is empty (unless she also draws an Medical Supplies—Your character has basic medical appropriate ammo card).56mm rounds).). van. Queen-Ace of Hearts Otherwise. 20 Machine Gun Smaller vehicles are slower. supplies: pain killers. lot more fuel and can be harder to maneuver though zombie-clogged streets. Of course just Guns & Ammo because you have kerosene doesn’t mean you have the matches to light it . More likely a tool. mosquito repellant. packaged.. he might let you get away with a couple sticks of gasoline can. Whenever a hero is lucky enough to Six-Nine of Diamonds scavenge some guns or ammo. pen. portable stereo. package of batteries. etc. 18-19 Submachine Gun bicycle. Just come up and consult the table normally. kitchen utensil. 13-15 Shotgun Ten-Ace of Diamonds 16-17 Assault Rifle Vehicle—You have a car. extension cord. has bullets. likely kerosene.44-. butcher knife. lighter fluid.).from the gun store. deodorant. etc. golf club. chemical. warm socks. For items that require batteries. truck. but remember. an extra pair of shoes. chainsaws require gasoline. Eight-Jack of Hearts Roll 1d20 on the the Guns & Ammo table and choose a Water—Your character finds 2d10 quarts of potable gun from the appropriate category. This is the end of the world—you’re lucky to be alive. blanket. Gasoline is covered under fuel. 6 you have five levels. but if your GM is feeling particularly generous. A Well. antiseptics. crowbar. equipment that can be used as a weapon—a baseball bat. It can some sort of explosive or flammable substance—most be any simple gadget or piece of equipment—a rope. water and the containers to hold it (jugs. Your character grabbed Two-Five of Diamonds something useful (or seemingly useless) as she went out Flammables/explosives—Your character found the door or ran around fleeing zombies and gangs. Without such supplies. and often leave you exposed. he found only 5. or otherwise non-perishable food. As with all other scavenged gear. flasks. or you might have to draw this result twice. can of WD-40. Food—Your character has 1d10 pounds of canned. you suffer -2 on all Healing rolls. one draw. enough kerosene to douse 1-10 zombies or make 1-10 Molotov cocktails. length of chain. You have Any Clubs enough to heal 1d10 wounds. larger vehicles can transport more goods and See Savage Worlds p. chainsaw might seem the best choice. or piece of sports Don’t grouse if your GM decides to be stingy about it. roll 1d20 on Fuel—You have gas. Roll 1d20 cigarettes. she was lucky enough to find a fully loaded gun. See Gasoline above for more details. etc..50) car or motorcycle. oven cleaner. canteens. but when he searched the dead soldier book. If you did manage to scavenge a 6-9 Large Pistol (. chainsaw. 6 .). hold less. See hold of: Gasoline above for an explanation of fuel levels and vehicles’ consumption rates. 4-5 you have three levels. Roll 1d6: 1-3 you have one level of the table below to fun what type of gun or fuel (enough to raise a vehicle from Out to Low. You have enough for 1d10 applications (1-10 sticks of dynamite.

He was alone. you’re still relatively comfortable. and you’ve let them in to your little of food. files. just empty offices with empty office type things—computers. Characters The characters have no way to communicate with the can walk eight hours per day without any trouble. then skip ahead a few days and run “I’m hungry . Molotov cocktails or. and you’re beginning to feel slightly helpless and hopeless. glass. pencils. makeshift bedrooms and living spaces and Gordon Bister. Walking outside world. Turns out this second passable bombs (small burst template. lawyers. The characters will most likely end up traveling on foot at least once during this adventure. hoses. with a few blankets. You don’t have lights or successful Persuasion roll. 3d6 if they include shrapnel such as nails. This also requires a Fatigue roll each hour. he can’t get on the Internet. 2005. unarmed. 3/6/12 range. etc. Probably the most useful items in the building are the supplies in The characters start the adventure holed up in the the janitor closets—tools.Black Joker In addition to the occasional zombie pounding Discard the joker and draw two more cards. The power went out sedan is still parked on the street out front. miles per hour for characters with Pace 6”). won’t find anything new if they do again. Of course the power is out. The more the merrier. let them mess around for a The Baxter Building bit. desks. all she can pick up is hour. Arizona.. You’ve been holed up here a month The Long Walk now with nothing to do. paper. Hopefully. The Baxter Building is your typical New York office building: thirty floors of suites which. You’ve turned the offices into they can borrow one from one of the other survivors. 2 vehicles. someone wants to try to get off Manhattan You’ve been living in the building for about a Island. but the deep winter cold hasn’t set in yet. most players will probably start coming player characters and their companions to come along. 2d10 pounds shown up. Less aggressive survivors have also quantity (2 firearms.” October 16. etc. 7 . resting—one level per hour walking or one level per half The group has already explored the building. scissors. The characters they go out to scavenge food or find a way off the island can also use the flammable cleaning chemicals to make but find themselves overwhelmed by a horde of zombies. 4d20 ammo. His brown furniture you could move. Maybe rest.e. mops. 6 miles per hour for characters with and cell phones are dead. With a about three weeks ago. damage. month now. put together some and pulls their fat out of the fire. They invite the At this point. at the doors.). and is planning a little cross-country road trip to staples. were leased Getting off the Island to accountants. staplers. but all the local pace can recover by walking at their normal pace or providers are down. and all hardlines miles per hour (i. and marketing firms. Characters who lose Fatigue by walking at a faster there are servers still working somewhere. the computers in the building don’t work. who drove up in front of the building about barricaded the main doors with conference tables. up with ideas for things to do.. in the days of the living. draw another card. You’re safe and secure.) fortress. Great! Let them do anything Now all they have to do is make it off Manhattan alive … they want. and any other harmless enough. If someone longer than this requires a Fatigue roll each additional has a battery operated radio or TV. brooms. Part 1: All Aboard! pens. so the group let him in. knick-knacks. Characters can also walk faster: up to their Pace in static (no one’s transmitting anymore). but a few Red Joker shots fired from the second floor windows chased Discard the joker. so him to give them the keys—reluctantly. sleeping bags. and seemed chairs. filing cabinets. and double the them away. all of Baxter Building in downtown Manhattan. two weeks ago. and they hour resting. They’re completely isolated. with a Knowledge (Chemistry) or In the nick of time. a couple gangs of living scavengers have come by and tried to break in. strips of aluminum cut from cans. If none of the characters have a usable vehicle. but even if some Characters who lose Fatigue by walking longer than eight clever soul has a battery-powered handheld or laptop with hours can recover by resting—one level per four hours of a wireless connection. a second party of survivors shows up Knowledge (Demolitions) roll at –4. join the community of survivors out there. But you’re also getting antsy. At some point which can be used as makeshift weapons. and sweaters. so Pace 6"). the characters can convince heat. But if they don’t come up with anything that takes them out of the building. 2d6 group has picked up a short-wave signal from Phoenix. A character’s average Put as many extras in the Baxter Building as you want walking speed in miles per hour is half his Pace (so three and think you can handle.

Actually. They can’t catch it: the streets are Spread 1d20 zombies around the edges of the jam and mostly clear. The mob following them is still several screwed. Fittingly apocalyptic. but make them think it. stalled cars. When the rounds to clear the jam). they find the situation just as he just says. Unfortunately. But they have a description. through the graveyard of silent. and when the characters go down the sweat a little. up and start closing in on the characters. all the way to Jersey. the zombies surround If they do the smart thing and head back to their car. 14+1d6) has closed in behind If they still insist on pressing ahead. Go pounding the windows. The point here is to make the players realize comes next). following the car. but about a attempt to get off the island. Trains. which start on and on. They can drive most of the way. In front of the characters— characters start the car and start driving. not close enough to pose a threat. the sound and through the tunnel or across the bridge—the jam just goes motion attract a few of the rotting things. But what the hell.” If If despite Gordon’s warning the characters try the someone protests that they’ll be coming back. it and start hammering at the windows. Make your players feel the city. Make it seem like they’ve made the right choice and might actually have a chance of getting off the island. all the tunnels and bridges to leave their car and make their way on foot. zombies (about 15-20. even crawling a little tension to carry you into the serious encounter that under them. When you set up the If this doesn’t dissuade the characters. coming across the bridge or out can keep up a good pace. 8 . mile from the entrance they hit the traffic jam. have them turn a corner and run into a major that they’re completely overwhelmed and scare them traffic accident. “Yeah. empty except for (so a character moving at a Pace of 6” needs three to four a few zombies shuffling around in the distance. keep rolling each round and turn around and go another way. with them. But a small procession of of the dark tunnel entrance. clambering over them. dead milky eyes leering in at the characters. don’t bother them. There’s no way through. stairs. zombies found all those people trapped in their Treat the traffic jam as rough terrain—each inch uses cars . bogs down and stalls. Just cut back to the Baxter Building. then next round the car starts on the stolen a long time ago. there’s no The players might go looking for a helicopter or danger at this point—the zombies pound at the windows airplane. They have “From what I saw. with about 9-12 The Trip inches of cars packed to their left. and Helicopters might actually break into the car.” two inches of movement as the characters squeeze between or climb over stalled cars. it should at jam on the tabletop. fleshless faces and to The Bus to the Promised Land. precious ammo) or just plow through with the car. “Hate to lose the car. place the cars bumper to bumper and least set the tone for their own attempt to get out of the no more than 1/2" apart. They can either shoot their way through (using up finishing the battle. the meaty “Thump! Thump!” of rotting fists GM ex machinae coming to pull their fat out of the fire. the streets are eerily quiet. the disfigured. You just want to make your players closest station. right. The ended up creating the biggest damned traffic jam characters find themselves in danger only after they’ve in the history of the world. picking are completely blocked. they find that the mob of them. Of course they don’t. Every usable aircraft in the city was for one round. Next round. Bumper to bumper cars.. No amount of Persuasion can get Gordon to come claustrophobic horror of moving through this mess. he bridges or tunnels. Sure. Play up the they still find themselves overwhelmed. and have them make up new characters. Deal out initiative cards and make a few dice rolls as if the zombies Planes. Seems when the good folks When the characters get out of their vehicle there are of Manhattan realized they were collectively no zombies around. so the characters in front of the characters. It’s driver’s initiative and the characters can plow through the only a couple blocks from the Baxter Building to the mob and get away. it’s not Bridges or Tunnels doing us any good parked out there anyway. No dice. working their If you feel like giving your players a scare (and building way around the cars. The zombies start showing up in force just as the characters reach the middle of the jam. which tell your players that the brave fools who went out never requires a successful Driving roll. Failure means the car returned.” then relates his own described. I worked their way into worst possible position—the middle suppose. they find the place empty.. Each round. 1d20 more show zombies starts collecting behind the car. so they have to back. and behind them Outside. No escape that way. If they press ahead. only a few stalled cars. Must have been a massacre when the of the traffic jam. Another option is the subways. they all tried to evacuate at once and blocks away. when they packing more and more zombies around and in front of try to back up or turn around.

The mob following the car has caught up with them. but that. If you feel like it. and the mainland. they find them abandoned. If the refrigerators on all the floors. The Ferries Before the disaster. Remember that the characters can see only the ones in the flashlight beam. whatever group. there are too many zombies to fight. A going to start getting very hungry. they turn around and go back the way they came. but it doesn’t matter. the characters can meet the and vegetables. deep in the dark and well out of sight of the platform. they find themselves facing a little claustrophobic corner) and attack by surprise (they don’t problem. Use this option if the characters don’t decide to go Anyone who succeeds on a Notice roll sees or hears wandering on their own. dairy products. but finally they’re down to characters split up. 9 . It shouldn’t be too hard getting past these five. the streets are relatively quiet when the remembers that ferry service to Manhattan and the other characters come out. Go to The Bus to the Promised Land. the other islands. All that’s left are meat. they find many. They docks. but when the characters get back up to the street. If they go to the following of zombies. find them in the same condition: picked clean. but their movements soon attract a islands stopped sometime in late August. the zombies attack the smallest just the food that people brought with them (i. About fifteen minutes down the tunnel. the characters run into a stalled train. freezer. The zombies follow them. or everyone’s store. unlike the tunnels and bridges. this means The characters find a small corner grocery store. several ferries traveled between The heroes (and maybe some extras) need to make a Manhattan. all spoiled. them. squeezing past the train as best they can (Pace = 1"). they find a flashlight under the counter in the subway ticket booth (a flashlight provides light in a cone template. After the characters get past the train and advance a hundred yards or so down the tunnel. They’ve raided the vending machines and get the Drop. If the characters are smart. The tunnel is pitch dark.e. the ferry docks are the place has already been picked clean by other clear of cars. but they can squeeze around it (at a Pace of 1"). have them make think it would be interesting. anything beyond the template is in pitch darkness). Either way. Anyone who succeeds above. However. character left on guard sees this and can alert the others. This becomes important later. they find five zombies waiting for them—two wandering around the platform.. three more coming down the stairs. While the characters are coming up empty in the Someone has to sneak out and find food. This should provide a little extra incentive to get out of the city. run them through The Trip Common Knowledge rolls. There’s no way they can get the train running. By the time they get out of the store. survivors. or some other but after a few weeks. docks.. Otherwise the two zombies catch the characters in The Baxter Building survivors are more or less comfy. they move too slowly). let the group from The Bus to the Promised Land at the characters find and explore a couple more stores. however. Start with 10 zombies in front of the characters and roll 1d10 each round and add that many more. Go to The Bus to the Promised Land. if you characters want to check the docks.” There are two zombies hiding in one of the dark stores. many more converging on their position. If the grocery run. fruits. a dark aisle (or in the stock room. “I’m hungry . but if the characters search. they hear the now familiar shuffling of dead feet. If it seems appropriate. the horde of zombies following them is closing in. When the characters get back to the platform. You can take them right to the store or. the player characters drew for their initial scavenge).

dry place. zombies get stuck under the tires and tangled up in Back to the Baxter Building the bumper. This Fatigue can’t companions. Jeremy rounds equal to half his Vigor. players have become fond of) decide to stay in Manhattan but even if they don’t. just a chance to harass your players a little and knew their little signal was going to reach this far. go back to the Baxter Building to gather the other horde. Apparently there’s a group of survivors they return with the ferry in just under two hours. and bring it back. but it find the ferry docks and commandeer a boat. we’re not sure what we’ll find out there. The horde is too large (it is a raft trip. No matter how many zombies they kill. The characters hear it first: the roar of anywhere’s got to be better than Manhattan. and we managed to Fatigue level for every fifteen minutes spent resting in a get our hands on a generator. but how do a big diesel engine. the leader. about the trip to Phoenix. row across the Hudson River to the New Jersey shore. get hack. Maggy closes and dumps them all into the frigid water. This should be an survivors to come join them. Greg Roman. and invites the kill. or divide up and do both. Another the doors and quickly backs the bus out. put as many extras on the bus as struggle in the cold water they have to make Vigor rolls. out there trying to rebuild. I don’t know if they easy kill. listening for signals. and the shouting for the characters. The Persuasion rolls. dying in a number of “We’ve been hiding in the bus station. cooperative Boating roll at –4 rights the raft and allows and heads off down a less zombie-infested street. they can drive the bus aboard without having to maneuver through a bunch of stalled cars. they have to plow.” then the zombie isn’t discovered. and they’re calling for other zombie shambling around below decks. If the characters don’t think to search the but right now anywhere seems better than boat or no player characters go along to pick up the ferry. survivors. well. once everyone is aboard and they’re heading The Ferry back to the mainland—preferably when someone is alone Roman plans to take one of the ferries off the island. more keep coming. All the way from Phoenix. story—everyone thinks Phoenix is a great idea! Third round: the bus’ doors and windows open and Rafting the Hudson the people inside start shooting at the zombies and It’s windy when the characters set out. As with everyone to climb back in. or shoot off a couple rounds. they find one secure the city. introduces his Anyone who fails gains a Fatigue level. Manhattan. “You say the bus shows up. All they need now is the 10 . someone drowns on the way over). Characters recover one here has a short wave radio. smashing half a dozen zombies. comes rumbling in from a side street. after all). the raft capsizes Once everyone living is safely on board. How many zombies they have to (if none of the characters has Boating. Two days ago we finally Once the characters reach the opposite shore. It pops out later and attacks. maybe make them wonder if there are more zombies but . They’ve managed to If the characters think to search the boat. so they can make it in one round the characters must make three cooperative Boating rolls with a good running roll. so we’ve been relatively warm. when they a sporting goods store.e.. Barring was a real human voice. It was fuzzy. they picked one up. make some but who hasn’t spotted them yet. but each round the characters the Baxter Building. you want. hiding on board. explains what they’re doing. she spots them before the bus … or just skip the whole thing if you want get on with the backs away completely. or more gangs? What if the roads and highways screeches to a stop. have some NPCs (preferably ones the characters can wave. major disaster (i.The Bus to the Promised Land boat. 10” to get to the bus. and the car finally bogs down and stalls. others are wary. What if there are even more of those things roaming First round: the bus pulls in from a side street and around. Some of the Baxter Building survivors are excited Just when the situation seems completely hopeless. Arizona.. turns around. or pummel their way through a horde of zombies. in a dark place! Since the docks are clear (see The Ferries above). but once a character reaches Incapacitated he sinks characters to join them. are jammed and we can’t get your bus through? What if Second round: the driver—Maggy “Zippy” Alexoff— we can’t find food?” whom the characters can see through the front window You can roleplay this as far as you want. give one of the get past on the way is entirely up to you. Then a commercial passenger bus we know that? We don’t know what it’s like out there. If they try to plow through with their car. If everyone fails. To reach New Jersey. starts to back up. and a couple of them are going to finally come back to their car. The heroes can go along on the And they won’t be able to. NPCs Boating at d6). The characters have to cover Hudson River is choppy and cold. shout. Roman’s group has scavenged an inflatable raft from No matter which option the characters take. shoot. lots of static. like a stone and begins to drown. a ferry.

big enough can scoop up everything in one minute (10 rounds). • 200 9mm hollow point rounds (2d6+1 damage). and drive back out. But things don’t go quite as planned. they should reach Phoenix in about two days.357 M rounds. just run for it. mouth. says it should work okay. Within an hour of Once the hose is hooked up and the pump running. while they’re hooking up back to Jersey. and if they stick to the stops. As a matter of fact. one zombie who can drive taking turns. ROF 1 Weight 4 Shots 6 AP 1). everyone it brought to town. and buses. If the to have a truck stop and even a mall. and they’re off! the fuel line. creating some pacing for the see Sammy’s Sure-Shot Guns and Ammo. they also trip as long as you want. picks up something off the ground. they brought food and gun store. They should find a place to stock up. but at least they don’t have to make it brought enough.Detours The area around the truck stop is open—to the west is the mall parking lot and a wide street runs along the So the characters pilot the ferry back to Manhattan. and all entrance. Cards and extras—in the entire group. so the characters can thing in survival horror. Part 2: Supply Or they can be smart. the characters can split up to do cars and wrecks along the highway. Fuel • 150 . While hooking up the • Five 9mm semi-automatic pistols (2d6 12/24/48 ROF fuel line.45 pistol rounds. any of which the characters can Stop hotwire with a successful Repair roll or a Common Knowledge roll at –2. With a successful Notice roll. distance. The highway is do try to find a subtle way to split them into two groups— completely blocked by stalled cars. When they reach the main they’ll still hit traffic jams and have to backtrack. Then they can just smash the vehicle through the mall’s main doors. from the entrance to the store and back on foot. not just the This serves two purposes: first. deep (20 encounters and making supplies a major issue. should frustrate your players a little bit—always a good The store’s shutters are open.45 M1911A1s (2d6+1 12/24/48 ROF 1 Weight 4 jot it down in the characters’ path. Of course this is a fictional town. three people come across the perfect town—Camettesville. there’s no telling if they close the shutters). This puts a major kink in their plan: even if they avoid Ammo larger cities and major interchanges. Just • Two . east—so the characters can see any zombies pick up the bus and the rest of the group. the group nears a major population Maggy goes off to investigate the truck stop’s combination center (which one is up to you. lesser used sections of highway. They still have to other supplies with them. she complains that the equipment is old but 1 Weight 3 Shots 15 AP 1). At this point. chances are it’s the nature of the beast. • 1000 9mm pistol rounds. fight through the zombies. drive down to the If the characters are smart. about four hours down the road. take the boat approaching. they Sammy’s is a small store: if they hurry. then fight their way back out. apparently oblivious to the bus and the free meal Roman’s plan is to drive all night and all day. and puts it in its Interstate. But now that they don’t know fight zombies while they load the vehicle (unless they how long the trip is going to take. they spot a couple shambling by in the Sort of. they get: have a major traffic jam. • One S&W . It probably as the leaders of two NPC scavenging teams— looks like the Manhattanites weren’t the only ones to so they can get the full Camettesville experience. Fortunately. Within fifteen some serious scavenging. Don’t railroad your players but minutes they hit a major traffic snarl. 11 . depending on the route diner-convenience store to see if she can find anything to your players decide to take) and starts noticing stalled eat or drink. load up. There are two cars and a pickup in the mall parking lot. the nozzle and work the equipment. leaving Manhattan. so don’t bother looking for it on your highway map. second it inches) in the heart of the shopping center. grab all the guns and ammo they can carry. it lets you lengthen the scavenging party).357 Magnum revolver (2d6+1 12/24/48 The truck stop is equipped to refuel a passenger bus. stick to back roads Some of the characters probably check out the mall— and old. and if none of the heroes have the appropriate skill or Common Knowledge. attempt a mass exodus. Shots 7 AP 1). Maggy Alexoff knows how to attach • 50 . small enough to not characters clean the place out. trucks. they see lots of zombies wandering the that meandering makes it impossible to estimate how concourse (10 times the number of characters—Wild long it’ll take to reach Phoenix. As the characters watch. The group has to backtrack and find another route.

• Three . The Church of the Dead When the characters get close to the church. There’s no reply if the characters knock or shout. two magazine).38 pistol rounds. and a bakery in town. Regardless of how they do it. laying across car hoods.56mm rounds for the M16 (already in the This is the fun one. 1 Weight 8 Shots 6). 12 . and anyone who makes a Smarts roll realizes it’s a makeshift barricade. they find only moldy bread and spoiled cheeses. There are four restaurants. • 600 . If they spend only five • Two . and preserved has already been looted. they Shots 6 AP 1). A chainsaw reduces this to three minutes. and rotten fruit and vegetables. They have to spend at 10 Shots 6 AP 2) one of which is outfitted with a scope least five rounds. canisters of icky mayonnaise. Of course they’re fighting off zombies (1-3d6 12/24/48 ROF 1-2 Weight 11 Shots 2). which are not nearly as well sealed (this takes one person about 5 minutes). meats. This is 8 Shots 20 AP 2). It looks like everything canned. There are “dead” zombies everywhere: sprawled in the street. The church doors are cracked and splintered. but if the characters have axes they can hack through in about ten minutes. firmly barricaded from inside. they find that the barricade of cars completely surrounds the church. they roll at –4. A block south of the last store or restaurant they check. been disabled. Alternately. they can • One double-barreled.308 hunting rifles (2d8 24/48/96 ROF 1 Weight rounds scavenging. Food • 20 5. It looks as if all the canned and • Two 12 gauge pump shotguns (1-3d6 12/24/48 ROF preserved foods have been cleaned out. the whole time. but still standing. and strewn all the way up the church steps. All the zombies have bullet holes in their foreheads. The cars are parked two and three deep. the characters find the First Methodist Church of Camettesville. and the • One M16 (2d8 12/24/48 ROF 3 [currently 1] Weight entire mob follows them back out when they leave. but when the characters search they find only perished perishables— warm freezers filled with spoiled meat. But if they search the • 1000 . the characters can bash through the boarded up windows. But the zombies obviously got in anyway: the church’s back door and rear windows are smashed in. If the characters go around back. This was a showpiece. when the characters enter the mall they get the zombies’ attention. over-under 12 gauge shotgun scavenge the mall. The autofire has the group’s cue to get out of town. and fruits. If they spend ten rounds scavenging. If the characters want to take the time. but anyone with some firearms experience—anyone with Shooting d6 or higher—can fix it with a Common Knowledge roll. bottled. and they notice something odd: it looks as if every car and truck in town is parked in a semi-circle around the front of the church (the characters can’t see the back yet). they see that the windows are all broken. all—is food. make their scavenging rolls at –2. they • 200 12 gauge rounds. The only thing they can’t find here—at (+2 to hit).308 rounds. the openings boarded over from the inside (with just enough space between boards for a gun barrel to poke through).38 revolvers (2d6 12/24/48 ROF 1 Weight 3 If the characters look around the mall concourse. The front doors are too well sealed to bash open by hand. store. small grocery stores. also spot Bouquet Gourmet Foods.

but they couldn’t get into the barreled shotgun. Once the characters get past the children. A heavy bookshelf. everything the people looted from town. The children ate three .22 revolvers. so when the zombies Most of the furniture—pews. Use It should be obvious what happened here. The question now is. Savage Worlds p. floor. maybe. half- with holes of varying sizes—handgun. But the equipment is old. so it takes the Smarts rolls. The terrible irony is that the room is full of food— scattered on the floor—six 9mm semi-automatic pistols. There’s also a door in the main basement that’s partially The characters have to hold off the zombies until the ajar. else they could get open. they still need at the people in the church are the ones who hoarded the least eight rounds to finish refueling). Useful. timing: no matter how long the characters take in the It should have occurred to your players by now that mall. They eventually starved moved to barricade the front door. zombies just under four rounds to reach the bus. There are no guns Leaving Camettesville down here (the church’s defenders exhausted their ammo This is where things get tricky. each player character and two for each NPC extra. None of the guns has Of course now that they’re dead the children have any ammo left. they find Unfortunately. The normal zombie stats but lower Strength and Vigor one die survivors who couldn’t or wouldn’t leave town retreated to type. bus in two rounds. Inside. blocking the door shut. single location. There are. Hotwiring one of the vehicles requires a Repair A wide trail of blood leads down the stairs to the main or Common Knowledge –2 roll. when they get back to the bus. but not edible. There are three child zombies for casings. just fudge the jugs are empty). cookies. In this case. floor. Everyone in the party has to broke into the church. their way in through the back. the church is a mess. pans. two crowbars. the zombies reach the spoons. The ammo scavengers upstairs). have everyone make inches) across the mall parking lot. but during the fight the the resultant –1 penalty throughout their exploration of the bookcase got knocked over. and lots and lots of dried blood. Whoever succeeds gets it. their luck—stopping at eight rounds gives them barely and what water didn’t run out evaporated (i. (see Fear. The walls are peppered than a few inches. and to get to the food the characters characters can’t move without stepping on empty shell have to deal with them. their heels. The turned into zombies. chairs.308 ammo from Sammy’s). The door has no lock. There are also Within any disaster are a thousand smaller tragedies. room of the basement where the characters find the same gruesomeness as upstairs: dead zombies. then disconnect the fuel line and fight. and shotgun a-dozen hands suddenly reach out and grab for him—tiny. some with scraps of dried meat One such tragedy occurred in the basement of the First still clinging to them—the thoroughly gnawed remains of Methodist Church of Camettesville.45 all the crackers. They swarmed over the church. might have been used as weapons. battered for two weeks (roughly 15 pounds of food per character). probably knocked over during the bus finishes refueling. If it hasn’t. three . The 13 . and it’s been neglected for four months. The children tried to break them open by throwing and even a chainsaw.45 semi-automatic. Three more jugs lost their caps. one . There are also 46 plastic gallon jugs filled with clean. rifle. podiums—has finally wandered away. None church. as well as several stout boards that them on the floor and stomping on them. pots. downstairs and shut them in the storage room to keep Characters who fail both their Guts and Vigor rolls suffer them safe. this just let the zombies gang up on a enough food to last their entire group. It’s 30 yards (15 town’s canned goods. keeping the door from opening more close the tank. It takes a Strength roll at –2 to move the bookcase. the survivors herded their children make a Guts check for a grotesque/horrific trigger. one . A few dented cans lay on the concrete the . torn clothes and bones. surrounding streets. leads from the main basement to a kitchen. however. there was no one to move the been broken up and nailed over the doors and windows or bookcase and let the children out. and everything revolver. and the chainsaw is out of gas. but if the 20+1d10 zombies converge on the bus from the characters search they find only utensils—knives. the church and barricaded themselves inside. potato chips. stripped bones. and “dead” zombies lay everywhere. one 12g double. When the zombies the church’s defenders. those three enough fuel to reach Phoenix … they hope. lies on its side. two baseball bats and an come back from the mall with a mob of zombies hot on axe. three 12g pump shotguns. A small arsenal lies to death. blasts—dried blood and other fluids stain the walls and rotting hands. where’s all the food? A short hall If the heroes killed off most of the mall zombies.30-06 hunting rifles (they can fire canned goods. many of them tipped over. as Maggy complained. apparently finish refueling (and even then the characters are pushing scattered during the fight. If someone gets close to the door. but the bus still needs at least eight rounds to drinkable water. one axe. forks. requires at least three trips (about 20 minutes) or the characters can use one of the cars or trucks from the The Basement barricade.e. no matter how big.93) of the adults survived the fight. and finally overwhelmed the Transporting all the food and water back to the bus on foot people.

just in case the people on the bus turn out to be not so friendly. Elijah and Mary become very excited. they might newcomers. As the bus enters the town. is destroyed. When the bus stops and the characters try to talk to them. The characters have to to convince Elijah and Mary that they’re on the up and up. Have your diesel fuel pours across the blacktop. the bus and everything and everyone Meet The Family inside and near it explodes into flames. they decided to see if whoever was on board was friendly. Elijah and Mary are friendly. reducing the number of the truth. and Where’d you get that nice. They were scavenging for food when they heard the bus approaching. so they people defending the bus. The young man is Elijah Mathis. Zachariah Mathis. so they you? Where are you from? What are you doing here? have to disconnect the fuel line while it’s still running. each carries an empty rucksack. If the characters follows them. the travelers are following an old stretch of two- lane highway when they come to the town of Vicksville. really: a cluster of old shops and businesses that seems to pop up suddenly out of the surrounding farmland. the church can complicate this situation any way you see In fact. the mob of zombies everything was looted a long time ago. They haven’t had any luck: bus to the church and load up there. but they also want some cover. mention they have lots of food and might be willing to On the off chance the characters are stupid enough to share. Cammettesville’s zombie population is reduced to realized that what they were seeing was the resurrection cinders. Any survivors have to find new transportation Back in July. unless the characters are determined to start a The problem of transporting the food and water from shootout. they haven’t had any luck finding food. and the girl is his sister. deal with the zombies without the benefit of firearms. Elijah (and smarter friends). They want to be seen so the bus will stop. Dean’s Grocery. fire their guns amid the diesel fumes.). shiny bus? etc. most of and Mary’s father. they seem downright excited to meet the fit. a Baptist preacher. Their story. they ready their rifles and move behind one of the cars parked along the street. Or if the characters drive the came to town to find some. On the plus side. need more than eight rounds to finish loading the bus. and the bus so excited about. The characters can’t shut it down. Shooting off guns players make a couple of Persuasion rolls as if they have at this point is not a good idea. if anyone asks). Mary. If the characters are hauling it all on foot. Zachariah believes that the risen dead are God’s agents of judgment upon the sinful world. but a resurrection of judgment. show no mercy. when things started getting bad. In addition to their weapons. Everyone in the area is dead. Roll 1d6. 14 . When Elijah and Mary get out on the sidewalk. Don’t bother Of course it isn’t the canned goods Elijah and Mary are rolling damage. of the dead as prophesied in the Bible—not a resurrection to glorious judgment as most Christians believed. Part 3: Cannibal Zombie Death Cult A day or two down the road. Elijah and Mary answer the characters’ questions Some of the characters might be at the church when the simply and (more or less) honestly. Not much of a town. is that the Family is running low on food. On a 1-3. the characters see a young man and young woman run out of a small grocery store up ahead (Mr. after many discouraging detours. Actually. Their stats and usual weapons are listed under Wild Cards in the NPC section below. essentially zombies flood out of the mall. and after a quick discussion. Elijah and Mary ask the typical questions (Who are pump jams.

“But we share around this time the Family’s food supply started running what we have. just convince them to stay and live with the Family what happened to him when the zombies came. he’s more than willing For the past two months. Vicksville and the surrounding story. Zachariah farms lost contact with the outside world. characters to sit with him on the back porch and tell their Around mid-August. but characters lemonade. (Healing d8) who can tend any characters who have taken Eventually. The see the characters. If he’s adamant. up the townsfolk. All that remained was Ruth brings out a small platter of sliced fruit and cheese. but he doesn’t push his beliefs too they made good eating). (there’s no electricity. or other wholesome that doesn’t mean the righteous can expect to sit idle and drinks (no booze—Zachariah prohibits the consumption of remain untouched.—and for a bit. the zombies are God’s takes him instead. and Healing roll that evening before things turn nasty. a few have actually eventually asks—very quietly. But now. he received his “Great it down the players’ throats). them. Finally. well armed. but the Family has several large. It might be nice to sleep Zachariah and the characters still talking on the porch. a actions of his servants. and a small copse of trees near the At first. his daughter main food is human flesh. and Zachariah invites the if they get within chomping range. In other words. Capturing everyone was simply a matter of going Zachariah’s speech is peppered with religious and from farm to farm. and organized. If the characters ask though. vegetables. if not. Looks like the Lord about it. most of his congregation in a soft bed in a warm house and eat a nice. judgment). Ruth offers the believe the zombies are God’s judgment on the world. people are perfectly willing to blow the zombies’ heads off It’s a pleasant afternoon. so they can see characters to the farmhouse. She flirts and flounces and around to warn the characters). As they walk. But they don’t push too hard. once again. All of them are friendly and seem happy to The Family was large. Zachariah doesn’t eat with Revelation. They can see the Phoenix. remaining inhabitants of Vicksville were spread out and It’s like stepping into a Norman Rockwell painting. If it becomes seems absolutely fascinated by everything he says. starting to turn brown with the whole messy cannibalism business. out of her father’s hearing— converted and joined the Family. some of his old congregation returned.” God had already shown them the way by the them. coming winter. she asks him about himself— to end their trip in Vicksville. characters who accept her ministrations an extra Natural The Family retired to Zachariah’s large farmhouse. If he says no. but their While everyone chats with Zachariah. but he was offering answers. Zachariah anyone—or anything—approaching. Elijah and Mary suggest they simply stay with farmhouse in the distance and the tiny figures of the Family and rest a day or two. Ruth. He began to call them since their wounds are over an hour old. Some captives have escaped from their Attractive Edge (if one is available. She can’t actually heal many new members sought him out. Zachariah might and his wife. doesn’t want to raise suspicions. They supplement their diet (and feed their captives) with fruits. flat fields. but most have just been if the character wants to take a walk with her and see the eaten. The farmhouse is Elijah and Mary climb in their pickup and lead the surrounded by acres of open. soda. greet them warmly. Elijah and Mary try to convince the characters farmhouse.e. They obviously believe it as strongly as Mary shows the character around the farm—lots and Zachariah. Zachariah spent many long nights praying and characters eat and drink (this is important. obvious the characters are determined to continue on to Eventually they come to the barn. the Family has been eating to enlighten them with his views on the apocalypse.” she says.When he started preaching this. isolated. hard. When they arrive. But people need to make sense of things. tea. etc. but he does have some lemonade. she backs off and lets it go. hot meal abandoned him. for a while they lived peacefully. supplies Mary zeroes in on a male hero with the Attractive or Very are running low. farm. she pouts prettily and pesters him And now the characters show up. she goes for the basement cells (they headed for the hills. so they’re not nicest male player character). themselves. They don’t try to convert who he was before the disaster. she insists that the low. Zachariah and his spirits).” In a very motherly way. Zachariah wood-burning stoves). and a non-zombifying wound or two. Much of the is still very friendly and very interested in the characters. The Family should do what the few other members of the Family come by and introduce zombies do: eat people. the Family and a few people in the outlying farms. waving grass. 15 . and a few other A Country Tryst items scavenged from the surrounding farms. She does indeed provide. Of course they conveniently skip over the lots of green. Though more subdued than his children. The Family needs fresh meat. what he did for a living. but give any them his Family. As they talk. The Family also has a healer might have been insane. she and his basic teachings (i. There were only a few casualties (and Biblical references. It was “Not much left in the pantry. If one of the other Elijah and Mary tell the characters about their father travelers overhears and is interested in going with her. but don’t force pleading for guidance. population had already died or left.

she’ll go with him when he and his with a variety of shotguns.” If the character is still alive at the end of the run. “We walked a bit. sure he doesn’t rise as a zombie. alone. character has caught on that something is weird and is If Mary and Elijah kill the character. Her brother. Mary tries very hard to get the character to go into the Coming Back to the Farmhouse barn with her. then they go out the front door. She’s even more vicious than her brother. sneaks up behind him. the Family Of course she’s just playing him. “Just in case any of the resurrected come calling combat. The siblings have decided to have themselves. but if he hits he none of the travelers asks where the missing character is. does +8 damage! Zachariah himself does. She locking Mary and Elijah outside. of his skull with a sledge hammer (Str+2. Anyone who fails takes a Fatigue level. Roll for Elijah and Mary saw him. Elijah. It’s about half a mile back subdued. He’s going for a headshot. they screwed up. and head back to the house. Each time one or both of them beat the character. they’re even crazier than their using the house as cover. Characters who reach Incapacitated fall unconscious. the jig is up. He really is angry. We don’t see many of If they kill the character.” him a little. Low fuel in each) and pursues them. Have one round of course. Elijah creeps out of the only two consecutive Driving rolls to Flee in the first two stall. For each character who goes on the search. If Elijah succeeds. Elijah and Mary just enjoy killing and eating people. then they munch on But he insisted he’d be okay. When the character’s full characters got a good head start. let character. when they get on guard. Zachariah chews her out for leaving the character clean up. but have them make a few Notice rolls anyway. 16 . is starts with High ammo). Zachariah and his logic. If the characters have covered father. but not for the reasons he says. If possible. Depending on your sized cars. and try to flank the characters. Also have any characters who ate or drank anything that Ruth brought make a Vigor roll or two. They betray no hint that anything’s wrong. If the If the character goes into the barn. He grabs his double-barreled shotgun and what he seems to respond to. he said he wanted to look around some more. the flirting and distracting him while Elijah watches. his Mary leads them to the copse of trees. It takes them one round to arm waiting in the barn. You can comfort level and the maturity level of your group. dinner snack. She says she runs into the house and locks the door (most likely likes him and that she’s never had a boyfriend before. Elijah adds Mary’s Charisma bonus (+4) to his back to the farmhouse they’re happy. they cave in his skull to make the resurrected out here. rifles. I showed him around survives the surprise attack and starts fighting back. She tells him that she thinks he’s very If the character actually makes it back to the brave and handsome (or very cute and shy and charming. Mary offers to show them all where she last him make it in three Vigor rolls. but they’re also clever and very character. both sides of the house. this evening. so his –4 Called convincing. come around some fun and spoil their appetites with a little before. told him we should stay together. If the character refuses to go into the barn in the first He knows exactly what happened. At least Zachariah’s actions possess a certain both doors or surrounded the house. and if the characters want to Flee. Since the play this out as far as you like. Scavenge below for an exact list of weapons]. hide what’s left in the barn under a pile of hay. the Family catches up. too. So I came back alone. farmhouse and is able to warn his companions. then keep running. If Shot penalty negates his +4 Drop bonus. the character’s Notice. relaxed. I (Str+1 damage). three mid- one of the empty animal stalls. Zachariah sends along two Family members. just to make them wonder. Zachariah if that’s more appropriate to the character). Of course the characters don’t find anything if plight. and pistols [see companions leave. If the character hears Elijah creeping up behind him or Mary replies. they alternates between coy and aggressive. you can run this on the tabletop or use the Chase Rules. people open the windows and start shooting. they search the woods. they need succeed on attention seems to be on Mary. Mary the farm. and he finds his place or escapes during the fight. Elijah and Mary try to children’s behavior disgusting and sinful. well away from companions at the farmhouse see him and notice his the barn. hidden in Family piles into their vehicles (two pickups. they have to succeed Roll Elijah’s Stealth vs. It’s also plain chase him down and kill him. but they do show up sometimes. Mary continues characters get back aboard the bus and try to flee. She even says that. armed of they catch up to him for a moment. and tries to bash in the back rounds. he gets The Drop on the smiles. depending on can suffer for it). They know if he gets back stupid—it could alert their “guests” before they’re properly to the farmhouse. if he alerts the rest of the Family (23 combatant extras armed likes her too. but if the character just runs for it. If someone insists on searching for the missing to the farmhouse. Str d6 to wield). They’re nuts. and all roll. After the first two rounds. But when I told him I wanted to come back to grabs a sickle off the wall and starts hacking at him the house. Unless the on three consecutive Driving rolls as usual.

For one thing. When one or more of the characters become noticeably fatigued. Zachariah doesn’t try to stop them. He seems genuinely horrified and outraged. they wake up in a cell in Smarts rolls. The Family constructed these cells for something wrong: they didn’t have any fresh meat with their captives—simple 10’x10' brick and mortar boxes with them. want members of the Family armed with baseball bats. Mary pretends to be upset: “One of the resurrected must have got him. Their There are four cots in each cell and on one cot. If your friend’s all right. At this point. By the time they’re sitting around be a short fight. Actually. there shouldn’t be any fresh meat left and glued together with two-by-four cross braces on the because there’s no refrigeration. cheese. Fresh Meat If the players don’t get it at this point. Zachariah and his followers use non-lethal the table they feel exhausted and groggy. they smell dinner cooking: the savory smell of roasting meat. guards try to subdue any escapees with non-lethal If all the characters fail their Smarts rolls and none of damage. a Bible. Zachariah sides with them and helps them interrogate Mary. The not. have those who were drugged keep making Vigor rolls every couple minutes. Have everyone damage to Incapacitate any characters not knocked out make occasional Vigor rolls. It just means his people have to drag them back to the house when they pass out. You must be exhausted. The walls are brick. then there’s probably nothing we can do anyway. Zachariah and resemblance to the person from whom it came. it should they’re invited to dinner. While Zachariah drags out the questioning. They use non-lethal damage at first. When more than one of the party falls Incapacitated or the heroes finally figure out what’s going on. for every character and NPC ally.” Of course there are obvious holes in her story. he’ll find his way back. go ahead and serve dinner. The Of course the meat they smell is what’s left of their plywood door requires only 10 damage to break. well. tea. Zachariah and his followers attack. trying to subdue their victims. 17 . Anyone who fails gains a by the drugs. Have the characters keep making Vigor rolls and the fight goes out of them and they surrender or retreat taking Fatigue until they’re all Incapacitated or they finally clue in and try to fight back. but missing companion. If the characters want to check the barn. If at any point half the Family is killed or Incapacitated. There are also two Family members at the table If the characters don’t catch on before dinnertime. Zachariah didn’t let anyone A Hot Meal bring weapons to the table. If not .. but there are utensils and dishes. Fatigue level. Zachariah doesn’t push if the characters want to keep searching. I should never have left him. zombies don’t save leftovers. so the meat bears no but if the heroes put up too much of a fight. the players catch on. Zachariah suggests they go back to the house and continue the search tomorrow. When the heroes become suspicious.. The Family puts four prisoners in each cell. outside).” Of course the characters have been drugged. heavy wooden doors (multiple layers of plywood nailed and at this point. friend has been neatly butchered. With the drugs. Zachariah might not like what his anyone who breaks out runs into four of the burliest children did. have them make If the heroes are captured. They find the partially-eaten corpse with a Notice roll (it’s not particularly well hidden). fruit … everything in fact except Zachariah’s lemonade. and Mary and Elijah didn’t find anything in town. They also don’t crush people’s skulls or hide their victims under piles of hay. Ruth put ground-up sleeping pills in their lemonade. And he’s his people just shoot them. he’s just trying to confuse and delay the heroes until the sleeping pills take effect. actually quite tasty. four layers thick. “You folks’ve been driving for days. Anyone who succeeds realizes there’s the basement. but he’s a practical sort—waste not.

antiseptics. it takes the rest of the the amount of edible food by one half pound each day Family 1d4+1 rounds to gather up weapons and lend a starting the third day (the tomatoes. mostly cheese. 6 shots) with 53 rounds. Notice gasoline). Great for putting buses sledgehammer. be a cooperative roll. • Five 9mm semi-automatics (2d6. Characters with the Obese • Eight . Reduce baseball bats. Zachariah lets him out of • Various tools and utensils that can be used as the basement. ROF 1. that can be broken. Characters can communicate from cell to cell by characters need to accumulate four successes/raises on shouting. This can The walls are too thick to allow surreptitious tapping. and hand.22 revolvers (2d6-1. To put it back together. Anyone who tries to lie to fuel (five fuel levels if the characters siphon the him must beat him in an opposed Persuasion vs. weapons—two pitchforks. 6 shots pump. all that remain of the residents • Three double-barreled 12 gauge shotguns (one of of Vicksville—who beg the characters to take them with them Zachariah’s) and one pump action 12 gauge (1- them and are more than willing to help escape. 12/24/ If some of the characters are captured and some 48. Zachariah has sledge hammers require Strength d6 to wield effectively the character brought outside. We’re as merciful as we can be. a Zachariah has two armed guards escort him everywhere sickle. Ruth keeps it all in the doesn’t run a heavily armed camp—at any given time pantry where it’s cool. he’s perfectly willing to accept If the characters defeat the Family and search the them as converts and let them go. else can squeeze through in 1d4 rounds. hammers. roll. Heard those pills can hang on for a while. two claw hammers. and a chainsaw waiting there along with one of the character’s with no gas. 2d6. Great for putting characters back Escape together. Pretend that’s the critical failure’s “Glad you’re awake. two hatchets. 12/24/48. There are two small windows high on the basement walls. 15 shots) with 100 rounds. companions (player character or NPC. people are cannibalizing it for parts. and so on. bread. your choice). 3d6. 6 Hindrance or Brawny Edge can’t fit through. • Lots of useful tools such as wrenches. If the characters take the food. Enough to heal 25 wounds. apricots.38 revolvers (one of them Mary’s. comfort knowing that you’re serving the Will of the Lord. 12/24/48. I hope you can take some to put the engine back together.” If any of the characters actually show an interest in Scavenge Zachariah’s nonsense. apricots. If the character succeeds. but the guards can hear everything they say. The Family from the surrounding farms. etc. each with Low of it—Zachariah’s pretty cagey. They’ve just started taking apart the engine. and pain relievers. an extended Repair roll (one roll per 10 minutes). but anyone shots) with 70 rounds. and five and doesn’t let him have a weapon. apples. they can scavenge the following: its own. the bread is the last thing to go). But when the characters try to start the bus. • Twenty pounds of food. If all the characters are captured. We’ll goof. • Medical supplies—basic bandages. The Family doesn’t eat farmhouse and barn. something inconvenient happens—she them—armed with a pistol and with a number of guards cracks her knuckles with a wrench. The only door out of the basement is at the top of apples go bad first. slits her hand open equal to twice the number of prisoners. then puts the phony convert back in his cell. 10/20/40. it over. just below the • Guns and ammo. A few hours before dinner. women and a young man. But until the character proves himself. the stairs and leads into the kitchen. Hope you aren’t feeling too hung only effect. aren’t. If the hero doesn’t kill his companion. There are three other captives in the basement—two AP 1. This can be particularly interesting if the Family is keep you good. screwdrivers. four large kitchen knives. the 18 . ROF 1. ROF 1 pump/1-2 db. If anyone working on the engine rolls Soon after the characters wake up. Zachariah himself does the deed (Finishing Move). baseball bats. back together. • Six . and when the time comes. Once a fight starts. we’ll make it closing in around the barn while the characters scramble as painless as possible. hands tied behind his back. potatoes. They have to open up the engine again and “So you know what’s going to happen next. don’t you? succeed on one more Repair roll to fix the character’s Don’t be afraid. their escape plans can get more creative. all of which do Str+1 damage. the most likely way carrots. Zachariah visits snake eyes. ROF 1. won’t turn over. with a screwdriver. AP 1. ceiling. two axes The new convert gets a chance to prove his sincerity and two sledge hammers which do Str+2 damage (the that very night. Most of the Family is and reduce the wielder’s Parry by -1). But in spite of his looniness—or maybe because • Two pickups and three mid-sized cars. it there are only the four guards in the basement with starts getting moldy and rotten after two days. and tomatoes scavenged to escape is just to fight their way out. 2 Zachariah has had the bus moved to the barn. and his shots db) with 34 shells. Zachariah hands the hero a ratchets.

One level of kerosene failure means the bus Rolls Over. the bus can move in any direction. the bus is high up on a above). Kerosene heaters use the same fuel level system as Roll collision damage for the bus and passengers as cars (Very High. skids. snow comes early. • The Family has two old kerosene heaters. The bus has all- weather tires.). as the characters wend higher into the vehicle) in the snow requires one Driving roll every hour at snowy mountains (or slog through the snow if they’ve lost –2. two 19 . 8 shots) with 42 rounds. this might be Of course halfway through the mountains. but they should reach temperature inside the bus quickly drops to just below Phoenix within a day. or spinning. and the characters are might surrender. or skid (roll again to see which. have the driver make a Driving roll at –4. 6 shots. it rolls 1d6 times before it slams to a stop among the trees. Low. skirting the window or two. getting the bus moving again requires a Driving roll at –4. 15/30/60. The snow continues for a whole day and is Through the about two feet deep when it finally stops. Failure means the bus can kill. they suffer the effects of the carbon edge of winter. even ROF 1. 50-62 The Family has two drums of kerosene. face. makes two Molotov cocktails. the bus continues to • One . slope. A critical ten levels of fuel (55 lbs each). and burn one fuel level usual (1d6 per 5” or: under 13 mph = no damage. Each heater weighs 10 lbs.44 magnum (Elijah’s. too gas just before the snow stops. 8 shots) with 14 rounds. Roll 1d6: 1-2 = spin. If she fails. see the description of the kerosene heaters When the snow starts falling. 75-87 mph = 6d6). or slips. Unfortunately. etc. It’s around the last week of October. Of Zachariah and would die rather than betray him. each of Remember. the bus runs out of curving mountain highway and making good time (i. 2d8. 2d6. characters don’t have to make side before they strike one slope or drop off the other. and stops. 63-74 mph = 5d6.30-06 hunting rifle (Elijah’s. • Four . In this case. into a slip.e. They’ve had a few If the characters turn the engine off while they wait.94). mph = 1d6. 5-6 = slip. At the end of the skid. suffers a collision with a tree. Out). 24/48/96. the bus is stuck until the Spring thaw and the characters are Two or three days after leaving the Family. 2d8. characters reach the Rocky Mountains.22-250 varmint rifles (one of them Mary’s. A tree-lined slope rises on the left and the fuel gauge realizes they’re running low on fuel. AP 2. spin. a slip into a spin. Fatigue rolls against cold). they start catching glimpses of a small modifier (but forces the driver to make more rolls to travel convoy coming up behind them—five motorcycles. etc. Reducing speed below 20 mph gets rid of the –2 their vehicles). Handling the bus (or any other After five hours. The bus Every member of the Family is fanatically loyal to and everyone inside suffer normal collision damage. • One . Snapfire Penalty) with 12 sliding backwards: just roll 1d12 and read it like a clock rounds. but if the driver fails. if the heaters Draw it on the tabletop so your players can see just how are used in an area without proper ventilation (say a close they are to disaster. Mountains and The characters might decide to just stop and wait the storm out. disaster a good time to use them (but if they forget to crack open a strikes. If the characters wait this long. monoxide. A character who checks far up to turn back). Woods adding cooperative Strength rolls. but it’s still Anyone who fails suffers a Fatigue level. a skid can turn AP 2. 15 lbs fully fueled. but when it starts snowing the road still Raiders gets very slick very fast. 38-49 mph = 3d6. skidding. High. the more detours along the way. 25-37 mph = 2d6. This Fatigue slipping. 25/50/100. or spin the driver must make another Driving roll. They course the bus can’t be salvaged. If the bus runs up the left-hand closed-up bus) carbon monoxide fumes accumulate. barring any major disasters … freezing and everyone has to make Vigor rolls against the cold (see Cold. Other characters can get out and push. Failure indicates the vehicle spins. a similar slope falls away on the right. Success forcing everyone to make a Vigor roll at –2 each hour. each containing mph = 4d6. Savage Worlds p. 13-24 per hour. slip. Characters recover one Fatigue level per day. the same distance). ROF 1. the characters are driving along a which can comfortably warm a single room or Small mountain highway: they have only six inches to either Burst area outdoors (i. 3-4 = skid. large rock. but none of them will join the heroes. Refer to Flat Tire below. If they don’t turn the engine off. slip. ROF 1. means she pulls the bus off the slope. If the characters Snow took the kerosene heaters from the Family. in big trouble (unless they happen to have another vehicle Part 4: Over the or two). If the bus drops off the right-hand slope.e. and in the mountains. Use the info from Flat Tire below and remember that the characters are on foot when they meet the Raiders. the on foot.

The thing is mangy and take them too as long as they’re not too badly wounded ratty and rotting. This leaves backs of the bikes. the raiders close and try to shoot are they’ll freeze to death or run out of food … Or be out the bus tires (5 piercing damage). They kidnapped Even if the characters fight the raiders off. are camped out. There are ten raiders bus goes Out of Control. they attack. so if given the opportunity. They just saw an opportunity to get a little more. so if the characters shoot back they hit Eventually. the raiders the possibility of zombie mosquitoes). characters have. This section assumes the bus is the only vehicle the Of course these are bad guys—raiders from Flagstaff. raiders went. so they through the side of the bus. the raiders race on ahead and leave the characters behind. Exactly how much they take is up to you. the raiders woods looking for fresh meat. 20 . this fight takes place in the snow. the raiders are in range. course it immediately attacks the characters and tries to The raiders aren’t in for a big fight. and a pickup. picking scavenging (or actually manage to keep the bus intact). through the towns and cities on the other side. because of the scouts ahead and tries to find new transportation. the characters have plenty of time to Flat Tire discuss how to deal with them. tire. encumbrance. they can force a few more handcuffs). chances are three young women who are riding handcuffed to the at least one of the bus’ tires gets blown out. curving mountain highway. they have Bear heavy cover (-4 to be hit). while the characters survivors alive. The ride is bumpy but not impossible. thirst. they shoot to kill. or spins. Alternately. any Force maneuvers gain a Whichever option they choose. They don’t need more characters to know that animals can be zombified too … prisoners. picked up enough supplies in their raids. Each they can take only a fraction of their supplies. Of (they don’t want to have to take care of anybody). allow them Notice rolls at –4 to figure out stretch of mountain highway. They’ve already eat them. their arms are obviously twisted at odd angles. some headaches. killing and modify the scenario appropriately. get down behind them for this happens. huge hunks of skin and fur sliding off. You can play this discovered by more raiders. but this means Remember.Humvees. If they acquired other vehicles through They’ve been all the way across the mountains. If the characters kill two raiders or disable one Humvee. the driver has to make another Driving roll at cover. The raiders’ vehicles provide +3 This is just a quick encounter to cause the characters armor. which provides +4 armor. Also. The whole group can abandon the bus. the moment the driver has to make three Driving rolls. Make them Characters can duck down below the bus windows to pick very carefully what they take. throwing showers of sparks. thieving from any survivors they found. If after 2d4 miles the remaining rubber shreds and leaves the the characters stop the bus. Failure means the bus goes Out of Control. Feel free to drop it if you want to get on The raiders are trying to disable the bus so they can with the story (though it might be interesting for the steal the characters’ supplies. Even if she makes all three rolls. If the raiders stop and hide behind their vehicles. position bus riding on its rims. which leaves them with medium cover (-2 to be hit). and hunger rules. If she fails one. Or have to travel forward—the same direction the surviving they can open the windows and shoot back at the raiders. their prisoners. When their vehicles to block the road. and open fire. the truck. When the characters see the raiders the heroes in a very nasty position: they’re on an empty in the distance. Of course the raiders don’t uncuff -2. They the captives on a roll of 1 (Innocent Bystander). The Whatever the characters decide to do. or two of the bikes. If the have no way to repair the bus. gain full cover. cold. They have no way to replace or repair the frightened. the characters have to start walking. the raiders stop too. plus the three young women handcuffed to the bikes. The only way to hit them is to shoot There’s nothing helpful behind the characters. a zombie bear comes lurching out of the If there are any attractive females in the group. and if they stay where they characters keep driving. Before the convoy gets within weapon range. driver must succeed on a Driving roll at –2 each round or the main group can stay with the bus while a small party his vehicle skids. be a stickler about the +2 bonus. slips. and it might make them a little paranoid. in the snow. out on the tabletop or use the Chase Rules. thinking about If the characters lose the fight or surrender. take most of their food and supplies but leave any The first night after losing the bus. miles out of it. or maybe the characters even catch a glimpse of the If the bus has only one flat. with no the girls aren’t riding along willingly (the girls seem transportation.

Next round. They see some familiar vehicles parked in the vehicles. The opponent may only attempt to are doubled up. in the previous encounter). Anyone who fails gone through almost all of it. buffeted by the cold heavily for about a day now. then rends them with think straight anyway. Notice d8. Life Sense. Toughness: 14 Bystanders. a window. Swim d4 the usual chance of hitting the girls as Innocent Pace: 6. comes outside. Its gas is Low. log characters mess with the truck. Stealth rolls and kill the raiders in their sleep (Finishing Size +2: Just like a live bear. 21 . they can still Shaken by wounds. opposed Strength roll. pickup. and bikes. The raiders made a refueling stop here and there’s an old pickup out behind the gas station. it is handcuffed to the second bed. for every five minutes the story building. a pickup. Have everyone in the bed in their scavenging. only enough to take them When the characters show up. two to a room. Vigor d12+2 catch all the raiders in one room. both to lick their wounds characters can get it running with a Repair roll at –2 (10 and to enjoy the spoils of their raids. Of course they stand Skills: Fighting d8. there’s a 1 in 6 chance cabin feel. actually. but they can’t be If the characters don’t pick up a vehicle. etc. Bear Hug: The zombie bear uses its weight to They’re not expecting trouble. one minute to fill the tank).Zombie Bear If the characters attack right away. and the girls are there too (any who weren’t killed or freed There’s room for three people in the cab of the truck. sunset. except the the characters don’t interfere.000 pounds. but if anyone fails his roll (or fires off a gun. and so on. Spirit d8. The characters can sneak into the rooms with simple Claws: Str+2. considering the –2 modifier on most of them). Smarts d4(A). The raiders have been drinking Everyone else has to ride in the bed. the raiders are in one about 25 miles. This replaces the zombies’ Grab The lead raider has his own room. but there is a large window in them. but they can fuel it up at the station (5 of the motel rooms partying. characters can try to take them out individually at this Special Abilities point. The rest of the raiders pins its opponent. Smarts. Infectious: The same (simple Notice rolls if the characters make lots of noise). and they’ve make a Vigor roll at –2 against the cold. but the other raiders are likely to hear the fight Undead. all the raiders are settled zombie bear’s claws are also infectious. however. when they’re thinking about making camp (or they can hotwire any of them with a Repair roll. the raiders pursue them. they gain Attributes: Agility d4. Again. The maybe turning back and giving up). Even more easily than should require many Vigor rolls (and might kill a few of usual. time is completely up the GM’s cruel and devious imagination. They don’t care. The raiders have their weapons with them. If the zombie bear hits with a raise. the raiders in the room wake up and raise an alarm. The characters don’t stand a shot in hell of one of the raiders wakes up. the every room. and spots busting through the walls. made of whole logs to give it a rustic. its claws and teeth. the start stumbling off to different rooms around midnight. its maximum pace is 6”. If the characters wait and watch. The motel is a small. Their rolls for Agility. into bed by about two AM. they don’t post guards. They picked up a lot of booze wind as the truck speeds along. If the characters don’t disable the remaining station. and related skills are at –2. and the other girls are escape on his action. This takes several days and Tricks. which requires a raise on an divided among them. All the raider vehicles motel parking lot—Humvees. all the raiders wake up and come The Rescue running. the raiders Hindrances: Dead slow—just like human zombies. right before If the characters decide to just steal a vehicle or two. The zombie bear never runs. the characters come raiders wake up when they hear their trucks and bikes across a roadside motel complete with restaurant and gas pulling out. Parry: 6. and they’re too drunk to overbear and pin its opponents. Spirit. mostly beer and whiskey. At the end of their second day of hiking. If powers that human zombies possess. minutes per roll). Fear.). and one of the girls and Bite attack. breaks around 8’ tall and weighs over 1. infectious. whatever’s left of the raiders after their attack on the In addition to the raiders’ Humvees. However. Tests of Will. and bikes (or are at Very High fuel (they fueled up at the station). raiders don’t chase them. characters). the zombie bear stands Move). Strength surprise—the raiders don’t have any guards—and can d12+2. If the characters get away with the pickup. They can. still be Shaken by hike along the highway. takes a Fatigue level. The decided to stay a couple days. Anything else that happens to them during this their rolls.

David Burdick. One mountain highway at night when they see something member of the group is assigned as secretary. A banished things were going. and The characters are driving (or hiking) along the ammo allow and pick up anything useful they find. decided they wanted Flagstaff all to themselves. and the but now they’ve found a whole city lit up in the night. food. and often executioner. Sometimes Maxis assigns a raiding party a specific destination and items to look for. The Law in Flagstaff When the characters are finally out on the street.—which are often traded at The men open trunks and compartments and thoroughly The Golden Goose. and distributes supplies as evenly as Burdick. Sgt. and each guard has a rifle with a scope. This is not necessarily a good thing. scavenging and stealing to survive. Not the locked. Maxis. magazines. their story. community’s laws are loosely defined. They’ve established themselves in the When the characters pull up. and their criminal is thrown out of town with only the clothes on his families deserted—one of the first large-scale military back—no weapons. the power has been out. small city. They headed into the Maxis doesn’t have the time or patience to deal with mountains. cinderblock. or other minor crimes. The Committee keeps a census extras for each hero. Community. took over an abandoned apartment complex in petty theft. so he. 22 . Basically. CD’s. and any other building budge on this. brick. In such cases. take and reports this back to Burdick. The guards don’t of wood. etc. candy. they don’t open the and cars. cigarettes. one for each NPC extra). Until they see the characters standing on materials they could find. and the battles were bloody and brutal. they’re not going to be growing their own food or making their own goods. quickly established itself as one of the largest. What made this incident unusual was that a death sentence. vandalism. Many simply surrendered. These people aren’t farmers or Empire of Scum craftsmen. or water—the next best thing to desertions. Everyone in Flagstaff is armed. the guards hail them and downtown area and fortified it with makeshift walls made demand they get out of their vehicles. A quick check of the maps (or Flagstaff has no official police force. Maxis and his second in command. He saw pretty early on where community—public execution or banishment. etc. Maxis’ second in command. clothing. they find the fought. fuel. the All necessities brought into Flagstaff—food. including derelict buses. On the other hand. a gun: folks are real polite. Joining Flagstaff They waged a systematic (and very efficient) war against the other gangs in the area. radios. Maxis kept his group together. much territory. search the characters’ vehicles. so most conflicts Other survivors soon gravitated to Maxis’ group which either end peacefully or with someone being very dead. There are two main Allan Maxis was a Sergeant in the Army when the punishments for doing something that threatens the whole zombie thing started. booze. strongest Interesting thing about living in a city where everyone’s got gangs in Flagstaff. books.—are given over to the out and begin searching the vehicles (two combatant Distribution Committee. the guards don’t open fire unless the characters act aggressively. weapons. Community joining Maxis’ growing Flagstaff Community. Eventually. a bunch of his friends. The main gate is closed and Now Maxis and his people control Flagstaff. so Flagstaff. fights. A Distribution Committee so they can plan future raids. People are allowed to keep luxury items— and questions the characters. anything that hurts the community is bad. ammo. is with the group possible. such situations are usually resolved between the people they became raiders. Others If the characters enter Flagstaff. involved. and other supplies. each with whole city: there aren’t enough of them to defend that two guards. but still a city. jury. Dave of the population. gates open and a group of tough-looking armed men come ammo. He also wants an inventory of all their supplies. Maxis acts as Community judge. getting their names and televisions. food. downtown area walled off. gum. and as military and law enforcement fell apart. weapons. and Allan Maxis decides Sergeant Maxis and the Flagstaff what hurts the community. There are guard towers on either side. gate. and the highway signs) shows that they’ve reached Flagstaff. So they send out regular raiding parties authorized to use any means necessary to The characters discover the thriving Flagstaff acquire food. Part 5: The Maxis and Burdick have established an aggressive scavenging program. the street with their hands in the air. but most of the time Lights in the Night they’re told to go as far in one direction as fuel. trucks. He keeps ahead that should get them pretty excited—lights! a record of which cities the party hits and everything they Everywhere else they’ve been.

The main character of interest here is Doctor Sophia Thule. Many of the guards and The Hospital raiders owe her their lives. The point is to introduce the characters to doesn’t like a lot of what goes on in Flagstaff. they’re officially accepted into Flagstaff Community and given permanent quarters in an apartment complex. and compassionate. might just come across the hospital while exploring town. probably the best meal they’ve had in a long time. raise a family. but lets her get away with it: she’s might be sent to the hospital to pick up supplies. Burdick gives them one more chance—“You sure about that?” If they lie again. Burdick asks the characters pointedly. and thanks to her. Now she’s the Flagstaff has power because the Palo Verde nuclear plant one surviving medical professional in town and runs the is still running. hospital. If the characters lie. Burdick explains that few exams away from earning her degree. but they will be issued new weapons (pistols). Burdick sends them to the hospital. they withdraw back into the city. steals a few weapons. most Characters can end up at Flagstaff hospital for any people are willing to look the other way while someone number of reasons. but she Flagstaff Community. they take all the characters’ stuff and leave the survivors in the mountains with nothing. Sophia is forceful and strict and runs a tight ship. Sophia runs a sort of underground railroad. but or don’t have to occur at all. General Hospital. the characters are escorted everywhere by armed guards and aren’t allowed weapons. Any other items they had with them are Doctor Thule: Sophia Thule was an intern at Flagstaff returned. helping people sneak out of Flagstaff. sensitive. If Burdick goes down or half his men are killed or incapacitated. If Burdick and his men win. “Where’d you get these vehicles?” He already knows of course. The hospital has plenty of supplies (medical supplies are one Here: Encounters of the main things raiding parties are instructed to look The following encounters don’t have to occur in any order for). They receive a good-sized daily ration of food and whatever they want to drink. If the characters tell the truth. he’s just giving the characters a chance to lie to him. When the week is over. For now. 23 . Their food. He also confiscates all their supplies. You want them to feels a strong responsibility to the people. vehicles. hate others. If the characters are driving raider vehicles. there are some angry murmurs from the Flagstaff ruffians. Or they more important to Flagstaff than a few guns and bullets. he orders his men to beat the tar out of them. If any of sneaks out the main gate. Flagstaff has a Something Ain’t Right competent staff of healers (extras with Healing d6-d8). so when she asks. She offers first-aid and advanced first-aid training to anyone interested. one of the men comes back and whispers to Burdick. they doctor’s activities. and then into town. She with your own. He puts them up in a hotel and explains how the law works in Flagstaff (see above). She might be like some of the folks. water. the good and the bad. She wanted to be a surgeon and was a If the characters think to ask. but overall get the feeling persuaded to go with the characters when they leave that Flagstaff’s probably not the best place to settle down and town. Burdick and his men use non-lethal damage unless the characters use lethal. fuel. in which case the Flagstaffers switch to guns and all bets are off. This becomes important later. If Burdick is satisfied with the characters’ answers. and of course you can come up she’s also very kind. Maxis knows about the the characters are assigned to a raiding party later. if the characters haven’t caused any major trouble. If anyone is wounded when they come slips into the armory. and weapons have been turned over to the Distribution Committee and are now the property of the community. but Burdick silences them. he lets them in to Flagstaff. For one week.

and so on. They can challenge each other and climb in when the Ring is should get the idea that there are good. If Some fights are just for fun. This is an interested comes and finds him. chainsaws. even though he’s run with a tough crowd all his life and Use the Ring any way you want. First time offenders middle of this mess. books. knives. willing to share a little information. but it’s still the person who botched. cigarettes.) indicates the baby dies. the place is jumping. and it’s the fault of is scrubbed down after almost every fight. and anyone and/or Driving are assigned to a raiding party. People even haul in captured recover in later rounds by rolling raises. tavern. People with professional skills—doctors. Only breathing! Hand me that! No. (Though win or lose. have opportunity to show both the good and bad side of the a drink. and if the characters make friends with him. clothing. The Ring is often used to settle become the major social center of Flagstaff—sort of a disagreements or grudges. Flagstaff’s recent history was the night Dave Burdick ruled and gladiatorial ring. feet. Dr. but electricians. others are to the death anyone rolls snake-eyes during the operation and the (and many that are supposed to be fun turn deadly. They can request certain duties. buy or sell. 1-4 bitten doesn’t get out of the Ring alive. and make the deal. section. He’s basically a nice. The Goose is run by Jason Ramirez. one of the women in town has gone usually get a warning. The Golden Goose is a former casino that has and looked down upon. challengers. Repeat offenders are disagreement in the Ring or just fighting for the fun of it. construction. anyone who gets five successes and raises in five rounds. It’s your basic fighting arena—a round have one player roll for Dr. scrubbing toilets. He hears just about everything that’s going on. a former hours—until he passed out from exhaustion at noon the drug dealer. One reason the Goose exists is to give killed. and anything to perform the operation successfully. baseball bats. Shooting. A failure indicates goes: fists. 5-6 indicates the mother dies. brown with bloodstains. Thule has to perform an emergency C. There’s always a party at the Golden the Ring. Second time offenders are into labor. Maybe one of the characters themselves. She catches the characters as they try to stand Ramirez has set aside several rooms with video and back out of the way—“You! Come with me!”—and hauls DVD players. Some black market food and raiders and works best if the party includes NPCs that the 24 . Letting the characters can be ruthless when necessary. Anyone who refuses a challenge to fight in the Ring The Golden Goose is considered a coward and is generally teased. mechanics—are given appropriate jobs. He climbed in around midnight and for twelve Goose. Brawny. banished. one-on-one to five-on-five. He’s friendly with his witness a fight is a good way to show Flagstaff customers and treats them well as long as they behave Community’s brutal side. and group fails to accumulate the necessary successes and even the small fights tend to be pretty brutal). assignments are up to Burdick. The Birth: When the characters visit the hospital. Fighting d8. The Goose employs a large staff of bouncers (Strength d10. Thule. brothel. abused. or you can challenge the winner of the last fight. there!”—but Thule can guns are not allowed. Have everyone make cooperative Healing rolls The Ring: One of the main attractions at the Golden (characters without Healing can make unskilled rolls). They sit at a table. but this is highly whatever their reason. booze. Two people involved in the Flagstaff Community in a good way. roll 1d6. something’s gone wrong—”Damn! The baby’s stopped lead pipes. But anyone who busts One of the characters might even end up resolving a the place up too badly is thrown out. just has to barter with him. he might be everyone else is given grunt work: cleaning. etc. Anyone who wants to fight can. banned. A raiding illegal and anyone who gets caught is detained by the party has come back with heavy injuries. Burdick assigns them Characters can find almost anything at the Golden jobs. enclosed by a chain accumulate five total successes and raises in five rounds barricade. that. One of the great events of combination flea market. The canvas raises. There’s no official trading area—if someone wants to Any characters with at least d6 in Fighting. The main point of this event is to get the characters There are no set rules for using the Ring. 20 feet in diameter. swords. Anyone who wants to use these facilities them into the operating room to assist. chains. but final Goose: drugs. He won’t stick his garbage collection. Of course some trouble is expected—even jumps into the Ring to protect someone who’s about to be encouraged. one person can climb in and take on any here as well as raiders and ruffians. They have to canvas floor. characters have proven themselves. average people free. people a place to blow off steam. gambling hall. Power Lifter). he just spreads the word. both the baby and mother die. pets. This might make him very unpopular … if he loses. If they don’t get zombies to fight. smart enough to know when to keep his mouth shut. next day—fought and beat all comers. He’s in and help. Once the neck out for them though. and Goose is the Ring. weapon trading goes on at the Goose. Raiders Revisited Ramirez is probably the best source of information in Everyone in Flagstaff Community is expected to pitch town. easy-going sort of guy. and in the bouncers and turned over to Burdick. axes.

outside and ambush the characters when they leave). Henry Gorman. rocket launchers. judicial the number of combatants. If the characters accept the banished). But there’s a good side to Maxis acquired all this firepower by sending raiders out to Flagstaff too. bringing together their small bands of survivors to form a but they can’t take any weapons. 50/100/200. they’re cast out into the mountains with members. Chris Kale. or functioning society. If you want to roll for it. them. She can persuade some of her friends to they come across. anyone the heroes have made friends with joins Phoenix their side. Who strip the military bases in the surrounding area. Brownings mounted on their roofs (2d10. then They want to preserve as much of their knowledge and takes the leaders of the two sides into custody. the characters The Armory have to make Persuasion rolls at –4 and convince Dr. fuel. Burdick allows them to leave. she might even leave with If the characters refuse the raiding party assignment. He has the Brownings fire off a few find and archiving them at the Phoenix Public Library. they’re assigned to a raiding party. throw any challenges you want in the raiding to sneak or fight their way out. grenades. she course the raiders are raiders: they take any supplies might help them. fuel). vehicles) and the Distribution Center (food. The characters might come across the armory while Thule that Phoenix probably needs her as much as exploring town or might be sent there for supplies if Flagstaff does. even if it means robbing or killing other let the characters into the armory (weapons. to become heroes and leaders. ammo.50 system. Of If the characters have made friends with Dr. or both might be disaster. several people have stepped up. and Phoenix go to war. things turn nasty. Suppression rounds to get everyone’s attention. you can still run the rest of the adventure with only limited Familiar Faces alteration. toughest hero to a fight to the death in the Ring. and the fight The people of Phoenix are doing more than just trying escalates into an all-out riot. if the characters to stop the Palo Verde shutdown. flamethrowers. And if the characters don’t go along with this. Just play out the Palo Verde and War If any of the raiders from the highway survived. Thule. and survivors. toughest one challenges the strongest. The strongest. banished. AP 4). handguns. characters don’t want to live.characters have come to like. food. the raiders. (This knows.) If the characters do decide to stay in Flagstaff. the raiders’ friends join their side. right now is collecting all the books and records they can ROF 3. and one of their main projects cal. This. the raiders go troubles are far from over. There is no Allan Maxis in Phoenix—no one leader. and police force. The armory is very well stocked—assault rifles. Juanita Paro is in charge of the brought before Maxis. vehicles. they have assignment. they. and the players might decide to stay. and depending on how the project. and anything Staying in Flagstaff else you care to add. the wrong place. water. they might even try to overthrow Maxis and information will become very useful later on when Flagstaff Burdick or work with them to reform the town. If the character accepts. the Ashes surviving raiders pull their guns and start shooting (unless The characters finally reach Phoenix. no single personality that drove the formation of the Escaping from Flagstaff community. If the confrontation does turn into a shoot-out in the streets. Burdick to survive: they’re trying to rebuild a small chunk of shows up leading a heavily armed squad equal to twice civilization. After 1d4+1 rounds. If the character refuses. in this case. plus two Humvees with . it doesn’t matter who wins the fight: the raiders consider the issue settled and let it go. It takes some persuading though: she’s the only Burdick banishes them. other survivors. mines. and the other raiders turn on them. skilled physician in town. They’re history as possible. nothing but the clothes on their backs (just as if they were James Archer. elected by popular vote: Rebecca Sertis. rival gangs. But their they’re in the Golden Goose. gather weapons for the coming conflict. etc. Instead. and Julia 25 . and she feels responsible for the people of Flagstaff. They’ve established a government. should tell the characters they’ve stopped in Phoenix. Flagstaff. There are even two fully armed Flagstaff Community is designed to be somewhere the Apache helicopters on makeshift landing pads nearby. party’s path—zombies. Basically. machineguns. Phoenix is ruled by a council of five ammo. If the characters invite her. and she’s also writing her own history of the characters play it. If the characters don’t like this idea. Part 6: From the The surviving raiders hold a grudge. the scenarios from the other side of the conflict: Maxis sends characters eventually run into them in Flagstaff. If at any point the characters decide they want to leave willingly and unwillingly. spy on nothing else.

James Archer and Rebecca Sertis are the characters have their pick of apartments or motel both in charge of defenses. In addition to mundane assignments police. and/or dig graves. and/or Heroic Hindrances—no Of course she’s been informed that they’re probably going Mean. The council doesn’t want rumors flying around. who guides them around 26 . and about it. its members hand. They also bring back and arrested by the police and brought before any available bury any zombies they kill (“They used to be human. and and water as they can carry. Father Maximillian Cristavo. Anyone with a green thumb can work on the Farm. At least two council Father Cristavo explains. The project The characters’ arrival in Phoenix plays out much like started in early October. Ruthless. and turned it into a cemetery. Father crimes. If the characters ask to be let in. There’s plenty of living space. author.” and many are council. or Bloodthirsty characters can get on to shut down the Palo Verde reactors. Once they settle in. they work. looking for human remains— Practically. and lock them up. and There is a police force in Phoenix. and Polina are in charge of food such as repair. They search house by United States as they existed before the disaster. Once the celebrate still being alive and to remember those who council members are satisfied with the characters’ aren’t. the more greenhouses. house. Minor basic respect. answers. and other vegetables. “They still deserve this last. and apologize for detaining them. prove him or herself honest. Gorman also works with Paro on the library become involved depending on their interests and skills. If anyone picked by Rebecca Sertis. Shooting d6. where community Thanksgiving night—a chance for everyone to are you from. demonstrates genuine remorse and willingness to reform. cataloging. a banished criminal can return to Phoenix if he uncomfortable with its Christian bias. The council is currently busy deciding how best to town and explains the rules for living in Phoenix (see The divide the responsibilities and administrative duties of the Law in Phoenix above). also help prepare Phoenix’s Thanksgiving celebration.” members of the ruling council.Polina. the resident Catholic priest. are Cristavo has consecrated the largest park inside the walls punished by imprisonment in the jail downtown. He’s always looking for Anyone deemed a serious threat to the community or people willing to help search the ruins. and so on. I can’t talk obey the law as enforce it (Fighting d6. She insists that each text’s title.” the Loyal. It’s dangerous. the people of Phoenix uphold the laws of the city outside the fortifications. they mix a basic understanding of the law usually all they find are gnawed bones—which they bring with high principals and common sense. interviews). they let them go. Most people call it “deadwork. and as willing to If the character presses. subject be recorded by hand on index cards. Gorman. As in Flagstaff. Father Cristavo’s project criminals banished from Phoenix are given as much food isn’t very popular. and trash collection. and Gorman is trying to get his hands guards open the gate. guard duty. and storing every book and record that can be The Law in Phoenix found. Henry Gorman has supervised the construction of several Arriving in Phoenix greenhouses where the Phoenixites are trying to grow tomatoes. beans. such as theft. they can contact Salvador for fortifications and finding weapons and ammo. which includes upkeep of the rooms. Kale. However. At this point. guard the party as its members is banished. leads a small party into the Ideally. building by building. The characters are turned over to one of the council’s assistants. brawling. Rebecca work assignments. Criminals are back inside the walls and bury. To be on the police force. disgusting. The After a few hours. so town. trustworthy. enough to fake their way through one of Sertis’ two hour Every day except Sunday. three members of the ruling council ruling council wants to hold a huge party for the whole show up and question the characters: who are you. much like in Flagstaff. return their possessions. “I’m sorry. she says. everyone is expected also assigns and schedules guard duties and selects to pitch in and work. there are supplies and repairing and maintaining buildings and city several special projects in which the characters might services. the characters are on some fruit trees so they can plant a small orchard. a asks why they aren’t using the library’s computers—which person has to know how to shoot and fight but also must are set up to handle just this task—she becomes evasive. members must be involved in any judgment. why are you here. the characters might weapons. Code of Honor. project. Salvador Juarez. which means in a the police force unless they can curb their nastiness long few weeks none of the computers will be working. At the judgment of the depressing.”) With the council’s permission. escort them to the jail. so they haven’t seen their first their arrival in Flagstaff: downtown Phoenix is surrounded crop yet (everyone’s still living off canned goods by a makeshift wall. and armed guards man two towers at scavenged from local stores) but they’re already building the main gate. but once inside. or vandalism. immediately accosted by the police who take their Depending on when they arrive. Juanita Paro’s archive project involves collecting.

we know. cars. and clears his throat. and they think the characters are would eventually come by and fix it. were designed with one simple assumption in James Archer and Rebecca Sertis seek them out. The trip to Palo reactors in the United States. one of the men stands up. jeeps. [He indicates the picture on the The council puts Joseph in charge of the screen].Part 7: Palo Verde safety systems with multiple redundancies and backups. and several other people are “We’ve decided to shut down Palo Verde. The reactors are Verde takes about thirty minutes. Once the characters are meltdown in a matter of weeks. Before the zombies for people who get no say in the matter. It was a tough seated. other survivors in the greater southwest without “Some of you know me. This means that the Palo Verde handguns. But we came. vehicles. and some basic equipment such as tents. and whatever else characters] have probably noticed the power is on they request (within limit: Phoenix has access to there too. 27 . But as far as the perfect people for the job. motorcycles. tools. An overhead all we know. It means leaving not only us but any uncomfortable. rifles. the reactors might run for years projector and screen are set up. You all know that the power is still on mission and asks the characters to go along to here in Phoenix. Salvador Juarez. and it’s horrible having to make that choice name is Joseph Briggs. For gathered in one of the conference rooms. Problem is.” They bring the heroes to the town hall where the ruling James Archer interrupts: council. My power. And those of you who’ve been to protect and assist him. They mind: that if something went wrong. but they don’t have any heavy near Wintersberg. driving through the desert housed in concrete and steel containment about three miles from the facility. there’s no one alive at Palo Verde. someone starts buildings and there are all sorts of automated shooting at them. Or we might be looking at a of a large facility or compound. The characters are other cities in the southwest [he glances at the outfitted with weapons. all those safety measures After the heroes have been in town a few weeks. trucks. looking slightly decision. someone have a special mission. showing an aerial image without a problem. When the designed to be as safe as possible.” nuclear plant. “Palo Verde is about 45 miles west of here. I worked as an engineer at the Palo Verde can’t let those reactors keep running untended. The cores are characters get close. and flashlights. reactors are still running. some of you don’t. It runs the three largest nuclear military vehicles or weapons).

The raiders start at Hostile on the NPC Reaction Table. 25/50/100. but they shouldn’t ROF 1. “We’ve got a low core flow warning on number three. Neither side gets surprise. Shooting d10. The team can try to chase them stop the group from Phoenix. and are armed with . they stop shooting and leave the characters alone to complete their mission. and they’re pretty stubborn. Use the combatant extra stats for all the raiders. the snipers attack with Surprise. Give the characters a Notice roll at –2 spotted). If they reach Helpful.) down. the characters notice a red warning message blinking on one of the computer screens and hear an alarm pinging. the to let Phoenix shut off his people’s power. Each sniper has a dirt bike close at hand. +2 for as they fight their way past the zombies. The snipers are prone. succeeds spots several motorcycles and Humvees parked Give the characters one Notice roll to spot them before by one of the buildings—the raiders’ vehicles. they might actually help the characters shut down the reactors. the shooting starts.” Briggs is going to perform an emergency shutdown: small explosives fire inside each reactor. Since the raiders are cornered. characters enter the control room and get the Drop. Anyone who medium cover) to determine how well hidden they are. You can roleplay this out or use dice. If the they alerted him to the council’s plan. They’re on opposite sides of the road. main gates open. They attack with surprise the moment the reactors. +2 to hit for the pose too much of a threat. since they’re being shot at from both Turns out Sergeant Maxis has spies in Phoenix. Deal everyone in normally when the characters enter the room. and the When the characters reach Palo Verde. band of raiders to stop the Phoenixites. but Briggs insists they head straight to scrubby desert plants (–4 cover even after they’re the control room. Have whoever’s doing the talking make a Persuasion roll each round at –2 (make it a cooperative roll if several characters chime in). The raiders reached the area well ahead of the characters and left two snipers in the desert to cover the road. the window in the middle of an apocalypse. If the characters took down both snipers. they find the Marksman Edge. 6 shots. the raiders have been takes a wound during the fight. The characters might feel scopes). There are 5d4 06 hunting rifles with telescopic sights (2d8. Security procedures apparently go out about 100 yards out (50 inches). zombies wandering the compound. Emergency Shutdown but give the snipers Stealth d8. then they’re the ones sent to characters are coming. The raiders are waiting in the control room. Once the firefight is over.Snipers The characters can take cover inside their vehicles but not behind them. AP 2. Each success and raise moves them up one level. Briggs investigates the warning message. and sides. they fight to the death if it comes down to it. so he’s sent a snipers jump on their bikes and take off across the desert. he’s Incapacitated but not warned the characters are coming and are hidden behind dead. Snapfire Penalty. If Briggs was wounded in the desert. They shoot and any other NPC extras who came along. But it doesn’t have to. Roll their Stealth +4 (+2 for prone. the raiders are waiting in the control room but don’t have a chance to hide.” he says. There are If they’re not spotted. but they don’t have a chance to investigate before the raiders open fire. two raiders for each player character and one for Briggs and each one gets the Drop on his first shot. “The coolant flow is dropping. If one or both to kill. concealed behind inclined to explore. Maxis isn’t about characters pinpoint their positions and return fire. driving control rods into the cores and immediately stopping the nuclear reactions. He can still help the characters shut down the the consoles. he needs the 28 . If Briggs snipers escaped in the desert. Right before the shooting starts. The raiders have their orders. (If the characters heading for Palo Verde to warn the other raiders that the decided to stay in Flagstaff. taking headshots whenever possible. but some fast talking might convince them to surrender or back off. If they get to Friendly.30.

the Flagstaff. if anyone has careful. She’s on the third floor. and/or 9mm It starts with the characters sneaking into the pistols (2d6. Worse. Patrols the rules for exposure to high radiation. Patrols park in the woods along and Flagstaff. well outside the fortifications. AP 1. Roll collision damage as talkie) to get the heat transfer system working again. They doors. stalled car. shambling around inside the reactor (former workers who Characters with the Ace Edge add +2 to their Notice rolls returned to the plant after being zombified and somehow when driving in the dark. have them Of course the zombies attack whoever comes in. 6 shots). he drives off the road and it. UZI submachine guns (2d6. If a collide with a Flagstaff patrol vehicle. 20 shots). the nuclear fuel Driving without lights requires the driver to make a Notice remains superheated for several hours. The the attention of a few zombies. this section can be played out make Notice rolls at –4. 12/24/48. If they drive to radiation—even if the character soaks the wound! Use with their lights on. watching for melt down. ROF 1. motorcycles. and directions to an apartment in Flagstaff’s of zombies swarming into the building through the front unprotected outskirts. 12/24/48. so they’ll have to be Smarts roll at –2 (or Knowledge (Computer). 29 . and the character is exposed 6 chance they’re spotted by a Flagstaff patrol.characters to type the shutdown commands into the council also tells them that Flagstaff has started patrolling computer for him. If the unprotected outskirts of Flagstaff to extract a spy who has characters are spotted. normal. This might be a good time to earlier. Even after the reactors shut down. the skill) and add a cooperative roll for Briggs: Knowledge (Alternative: If the characters bypassed Flagstaff (Nuclear Engineering) d10. Of course this doesn’t work if the to the Palo Verde problem. deal initiative cards and proceed as usual. telephone pole. from either Flagstaff or Phoenix. he can enter If the characters go straight up Interstate 17. (If you’re feeling particularly mean. They can reduce the chances of a patrol spotting Number Three Core them if they turn off their lights about halfway there. the highways with their lights off. Without some way roll at –2 every twenty miles. 12/24/48. It ends with all-out war between Phoenix patrol at the same time. Flagstaff. the reactor will rolls. If they don’t spot the patrol. Once inside. but this increases the If anyone checks the closed circuit camera. Have all the characters As with Palo Verde. Have the heroes make a cooperative the highways between the two cities. The council gives the characters a jeep. it takes a cooperative Repair vehicle collides with a tree. Turns out Mary got here a little early and attracted are to meet Mary there at 1AM the next morning. however. has learned something very important and has requested When the characters reach the apartment building in extraction. ROF 3. This gives you another chance to use some of the the reactors. the raiders attack with surprise and get Spies Like Us the Drop. don’t know why. the Phoenix council can send them into the city as spend bennies: the characters get only one roll. other obstacle in the dark. Mary Kurtzman. it bites right through the If the characters drive with their lights off. or roll at –4 (–2 if Briggs can talk them through it by walkie. 32 shots). found their way into the core). it’s a little the commands and shut down the reactors by himself.97. AP 1. One of their spies in Flagstaff. No over 145 miles to Flagstaff (about 2 hours. They have to come up with another solution Flagstaff encounters. they’re locked out of the system and can’t shut down Mary. lots weapons. traveling at 30mph or slower.) If Briggs wasn’t wounded in the desert. there’s no sign of Mary. 25 minutes at roll required. the patrol has time to radio back to About three weeks after the Palo Verde incident. There are. there’s a 5 in 6 chance. The driver can get rid of the –2 penalty by three and get the cooling system working again. ROF 1. 24/ Part 8: War 48/96. she sees amount of time they’re on the road—make two d6 rolls why the cooling system has failed: three zombies are instead of just one to determine if a patrol spots them. not fail. ROF 3. AP 2.) zombie scores a wound. Savage Worlds consist of two raiders in a Humvee or pickup and two on p. Flagstaff knows they’re out here … they just mission. has to make a Driving roll or the car goes Out of Control. if the characters take another route. characters lived in Flagstaff for a while—they’re known. They must have damaged If the driver fails a Notice roll. figure out the distance and travel time from your own map). armed with your pick of M16 rifles (2d8. there’s a 2 in character’s protective suit. If the characters spot the patrol. 15 shots). 60mph. and they’re the ones who find out Maxis’ plans. 12 gauge pump shotguns (1-3d6. everyone squinting into the dark. If they spies. give them a chance to spot the vital information. These can be cooperative to transport the heat away from the core. Someone has to go into the core of reactor obstacles. you’ll have to But someone still has to go into reactor three’s core. A Any characters who go into the core must don critical failure on either a Notice or Driving roll means the protective suits. so even if the characters kill or incapacitate Phoenix Council approaches the characters with another everyone.

32 pistol (2d6. a cooperative Strength roll to force their way into the The main gate is padlocked shut. use …” Then she croaks. so they roll at –4. The characters must Drake. some top secret or hidden facilities they missed. derelict. Again. (she’s an extra with the usual d6’s in everything). road beyond the gate shows signs of having been heavily She has a . Take note: This is just for fun. 30 . At this and very. The raiders are out hunting for them. and a faded sign says apartment. Place them wherever you want to roleplay it). This approach requires a on the third floor. but there might be they closed the base. The buildings contain no weapons or characters are sent to find such a facility and bring back anything else useful. 5 in 6 cooperative Investigation rolls to enhance their Tracking with their lights on). The Kurtzman or the characters. the elevators location of the supposedly abandoned base and deduces are still working. she manages to playing a game in which zombies have taken over the whisper. latrines (there’re toilets). trying to get at Mary. the Whether the characters save Mary or not.e. It’s impossible to tell what the rest of the buildings were used for. If Kurtzman survives the trip. And all without running into zombies. travel 20 inches up the stairs to reach the third floor. the characters can convince the want. the zombies make twelve-foot high chain link fence topped with razor wire. The characters Tracking roll at –2 each day (this can be a cooperative can find her easily—just follow the zombies and the roll). The records are sketchy. There’s a 2 in 6 chance that 2d4 zombies Persuasion roll at –2 (or a really convincing speech if you have wandered onto the base. the way in and the patrol had a chance to radio Flagstaff. If they want realism they can go out and get nice. because of their four zombies to roll each round. (If the who succeeds on an Investigation roll at –2 finds the characters failed to shut down Palo Verde. doors are point. ROF 1. and each day the characters have a 4 in 6 chance of screaming. sparks a heated debate in buildings are all in the same condition: run-down. and boards are splintered and in decides to gather weapons to defend Phoenix. remind them that they’re zombies or in an encounter with a patrol. Fortunately. showers. After all. Without input from the characters the council stained and cracked. the tiles in the showers are council. There are four zombies in the The characters can just go out into the desert and hunt building for each player character. which the characters most likely become involved. All that’s left are large. they have the same chances of running into The characters can also combine approaches. council to try to make peace with Maxis and Flagstaff. swimming pool. what’s an then the characters automatically run into three patrols on action-adventure game without an occasional trip into a their way home. when the zombie eight rounds and a butcher knife (Str+1 damage) that she mess started). metal is rusted. If the characters ran into a patrol on rolls or vice-versa. running into 4d4 zombies. giving them a significant tactical edge in the upcoming Fort Drake—Above Ground battle (see Assault on Phoenix below). the narrow doorway allows only the base was closed in 1998. Windows are broken. 12/24/48. they have to characters can make one Investigation roll per day until make it home again. Playing Success on a Tracking roll indicates the characters out what’s going on upstairs should give the situation a find Fort Drake. weapons and equipment. and Arming Phoenix motor pool. empty. However. The echoing barracks. “Maxis … going to attack Phoenix … going to world. Each round.) on there. and Mary has pushed successful Tracking roll. With a need of paint. AP 1) with traveled up until a few months ago (i. front of the building and assign one player to play Mary Phoenix is out of luck. messes. Anyone who runs up the stairs rolls at –2. It’s still possible to recognize the administration Both outcomes are detailed below.barricaded in an apartment. either by busting your cajones about it. so if the characters haven’t found a base by then. into town. she reveals Maxis’ entire plan to the Phoenix council. Something fishy was going on at Fort grabbed from the apartment kitchen. the characters notice that the two chairs and a sofa against the door. hoping to find a base. very empty. Maxis is going to attack in six Start combat rounds the moment the players pull up in days. Above ground. sensible accounting jobs. but anyone top. but most of them are around. their opinions should carry a bit of weight with the missing. building (it’s obviously divided into offices). The Army took everything that Maxis and the Flagstaff raiders have already stripped wasn’t nailed down—and some things that were—when most of the military bases in the area. If they didn’t run into a patrol coming they find the base or run out of time. whether delivered by supposed to be—an abandoned military base. creepy secret underground complex? If your players start If at any point Mary Kurtzman is killed. Fort Drake looks just like what it’s The news of Maxis’ intentions. This old army base is surrounded by a greater sense of urgency. and The other way to find Fort Drake is to search the everyone has to make a Fatigue roll when they get to the Phoenix archives. using one on the way back (2 in 6 with their lights off. it takes six rounds to get to the third that there might have been some secret operation going floor by elevator.

Messes—There’s nothing gets a success and raise. the only other way to open the doors is was obviously a small airfield. Every utensil and piece of cooking equipment If they need to. and the signs of traffic they noticed at the gate straight to the mechanics’ pits and tool shelves remain. access and activate the hydraulics. Swimming Pool—This building was part of the rec The elevator shaft goes down two-hundred and fifty complex. The doors aren’t concealed: a Anyone who succeeds on a Notice roll at –4 as they simple Notice roll determines what they are. Just as obviously. it hasn’t with explosives. The explore spots tiny cameras hidden around the base— elevator—the only access to the base—was used to move under eaves. bone dry. Showers. The only identifiable feature that remains is the feet. discolored on a Knowledge (Demolitions) roll reduces the door’s rectangles show where they were. one at 200. The Army took all the furniture. effective Toughness two points (i. These security cameras personnel. one at 100 feet. Otherwise. If the characters can’t Airfield—An empty control tower and a runway—this work the system. Of Building are empty.e. This is the motor pool and the elevator. A Tracking roll at –4 allows the characters to follow the Motor Pool—The floor is still stained with oil. onto an elevator shaft. in ceiling corners. to get explosives. were used to monitor the area from the underground Opening the doors requires a Repair roll at –2 to control room. she needs only enough interesting here. Climbing down requires two Vigor rolls. concrete-lined swimming pool. the characters can go back to Phoenix has been removed from the kitchen. This Fatigue 31 . and equipment in and out. and there are two maintenance ladders on the walls. if the demolitionist Latrines. Knowledge (Engineering) roll determines that they need Administration Building—The offices in the Admin. enough explosives to do at least 20 points of damage. they have to important building because it contains the entrance to the stumble across the motor pool elevator as they explore real base—a 30’ x 30’ set of heavy metal doors that open the base. rust-stained and explosives to do 16 points of damage). though small. They even removed the as knowing how much you need: each success and raise nameplates beside the doors. The base isn’t going anywhere. and office equipment. A successful Knowledge (Demolitions) or been used in a long time. just the usual fixtures. file course knowing where to place explosives is as important cabinets. Failure incurs a Fatigue level. supply trucks.

which was security conscious. and they don’t respond successful Investigation roll discovers supply requisitions immediately to the characters’ presence. then tried to issues. sealed. so they killed him. they can and glues the shredded remains of a dozen army override the base lockdown from here. so he didn’t become a zombie. and vodka. There’s no way to raise the elevator activate the elevator. inventories. There are also ten M16s. Characters who fail both their Guts and Vigor rolls suffer the resultant –1 penalty Fort Drake—Underground throughout their exploration of Fort Drake.) as well as they can’t tell where it’s coming from. There’s a small bar on one and emergency lights. Narrow slits in the wall allowed the guards to and control all the base’s systems. Franklin is still here. and the only way to get them open is If the characters search the office. from the surface (incoming trucks would radio down to the Everyone in the party has to make a Guts check for a base and request access). His fuel a few days ago. wall. (see Fear. Unfortunately. because of privacy doors. dead in his chair. but they couldn’t get the door closed again—and ordered an emergency lockdown. The characters can also scout out most of the base When they realized the zombies were going to overwhelm using the security monitors in this room (including the them. He was taken to The steel security door to the storage bunkers is the infirmary where he died and became a zombie. the floor. Thomas was apparently and kill has lulled them into a state of semi-dormancy. flashlights they suffer a –1 dim lighting penalty. A They’ve gathered in the barracks. quite ripe after sitting here for six months. scotch. However. but it finally ran out of is. might return any moment from a coffee break. They encounter the transport and storage orders and extensive weekly zombies only when they enter the barracks area. office equipment. however. The base’s halls and receipts (the things you’d probably expect for a small and rooms are eerily quiet and empty as the characters military base: weapons and ammo. The stink is incredible. five of them crossed out. If the power shuts off completely. amber light.can be fully regained by resting for fifteen minutes once override the lockdown codes themselves. but the filing cabinets are trapped underground for months with nothing to chase undisturbed and neatly organized. They might hear occasional. six M9s (standard 9mm the security code in Major Franklin’s office. one of Savage Worlds p. But being the emergency power). cleaning supplies. The signs of their seems perfectly normal. If they didn’t find clean. explore. The few surviving soldiers made their last stand here. a believer in using real paper in his paper work. trying desperately to escape. The There are a lot of zombified soldiers down here—five computer on the desk can’t be turned on (not hooked into for each Wild Card and two for each Extra. A battery backup is currently keeping sidearm—a standard issue M9—is still in his desk drawer the emergency systems running—mainly the door locks with a full 15 round magazine. they tried to convince Major Franklin to unlock the base above ground). according to the nameplate on the desk) they enter the complex. but he had a bad memory. Knowledge (Encryption). The emergency lights fill the halls and discovers a yellow post-it stuck under the bar. The CO. If the characters don’t have digit numbers are written on it. faint shuffling. all the doors lock.93) the soldiers stationed here was bitten. The one that’s not crossed out is the master lockdown Entry Checkpoint. Major Derik Franklin. food. escape. there are no descriptions of the This is intended to creep your players out and build a items transported and stored. He refused. a Notice roll at –2 with explosives. He characters shut down Palo Verde. and the soldiers bypassed the security lock when they tried to infection quickly spread. They’re hooked into fire into the room if necessary (with –6 cover). there are no security cameras in the housing 32 . they can pistol). Guardroom—Everyone entering code for the base. only various quantities and little tension: they know there’s something down here. but kitchen supplies. He sealed. Dried blood covers the walls characters want to make their lives easier. If the This room is an abattoir. usually manned by six armed guards stationed in the Control Room—The computers in this room monitor guardroom. Early on when the whole zombie mess started. twelve- rooms with dull. the more convinced they’ll CO’s Office—The door is closed but not locked. The guns are all empty. Major become that it’s something very big and very nasty. this office entrance. which opens the uniforms to the floor. Major Franklin might have been the base had to be cleared at this checkpoint. and the base was they tried hard). gnawed security doors on the storage bunkers. code numbers. etc. the emergency power and are still running. Six. as if the clerk (Thomas final struggle are the first thing the characters find when Deguzman. A critical failure means caught them here and slaughtered them as they tried to the character falls. and the more they find nothing. but the door to the operations wing is open (the attacked the base doctor and several nurses. His troops shot him The base’s emergency generator kicked in when the through the forehead. The last surviving soldiers died at the main Clerk’s Office—Except for the low lighting. The zombies the characters reach the bottom. stocked with top quality bourbon. There are bones everywhere. and literally hundreds of spent shell casings on attempt a Knowledge (Security). or similar roll at –4. grotesque/horrific trigger.

33 .

and Commissary/PX—The level of security and secrecy air conditioning systems for the base. There are transported away once a week. and a steamtable/serving counter with trays and conventional door lock (not a security lock) and can be utensils. you’ll see. Fresh water was brought to soldiers could buy almost anything here: food. beer. Showers. vegetables. Storage Bunkers—These are the reason for Fort Drake’s so the backup system—a bank of twenty.000 rounds of ammo for the the first round and the characters get the Drop on any M16s. mops. and a basic cafeteria: long tables. There are roughly 400 clothes. syringes. basically small apartments with what these rooms were used for. duct. bathroom. and plumbing they’re not seeing. but metal shelves along one wall of the kitchen hold If the characters enter the latrines or showers first. Just what you’d base is still locked down.000 rounds for the M9s and 4. give each character a Smarts roll to schematics. These concrete cells—is providing power for the emergency lights and and steel rooms were used to store … well. the base is equipped with more weapons than it would If the characters enter the barracks before all the probably ever need. a large grill. 1d6 cans and jars of fruit. A metal prep table runs the length of the kitchen. so the characters can’t see the zombies. weaving slowly from side to died. If the characters overrode the base lockdown from the Janitor’s Storage—Cleaning supplies. So the base kept a Water Tanks—The base has a self-contained water well-stocked combination commissary and PX. gurneys. two pinball machines. become active and attack. ventilation. the contents of which were pumped out and Infirmary—It’s obvious what this area was. they find clothes. and stews. wander out. these tanks. and the cabinets and drawers are with these tanks. and barracks. candy.section. Enough to tend the basic needs of around 50 room. The following round all the zombies the M60s. four-foot tall dry existence: the high-security storage bunkers. bandages. Just what you’d the officers at their tables. There are 50 M16s. Waste Water—Wastewater and sewage are stored in still in perfect condition. control room. stocked with medical supplies—antibiotics. steel doors close off the area itself and each individual bunker. active. The door to each apartment is locked with a chairs. kitchenette. This is a great find in and pool tables. 20. sinks. and tables where the of itself if the characters have a way to haul it all back to soldiers could play cards or board games. pain killers. TVs. There’s also an indoor shooting range. the doors open with the touch of a button. living room. The supply stored in these tanks. bumping into walls and each other. There’s a separate game room with four people for at least six months. and other personal items. half in the women’s. On the fourth round. Heavy electronic security systems. all guard the high security items in the storage bunkers. Generator Room—The generator has run out of fuel. brushes. so the zombies become active and come pouring out. and maintenance and repair logs. tablecloths and no steamtable. spoil. If the brooms. and Latrines—This was the Along the walls are metal cabinets and counters. Phoenix. zombies become active. the base once a week by truck. deep base’s living area. and attack the infirmary this is another great haul if the characters anyone they find. soups.000 rounds for attacks they make. If the the base. video games. requires a Knowledge (Security) or similar roll at –4. 50 M9 pistols. Recreation Area—This is a small recreation area with surgical instruments. wiring. photographs. CDs. 3d6 on the third. antiseptics. Some are shuffling around a walk-in freezer. Each round. If they weren’t the spend their entire tour on base. Mess. industrial dishwashers and ovens. There are 20. snacks. The freezer didn’t count as an in a dull-witted stupor. The officer’s mess is much smaller and looks picked with a standard Lockpicking roll. lots of uncomfortable plastic storage area. which meant living place would be stifling. the zombies become more can transport it all. portable gallons of drinkable water here. 34 . They’re still surrounding Fort Drake required most of the soldiers to humming away on minimum power. buckets. a gymnasium. This is where they kept their tools. The shelves and stock room are full of such items. Officer’s Mess—It’s also obvious these private quarters. weight and so on. underground for six months to a year. HVAC—This room houses the heating. Officers Housing—The officers on base occupied Kitchen. and even two M60 machine guns ones by surprise—the zombies don’t get initiative cards with tripods. spare parts players don’t catch on that there’s an area of the base for the generator and HVAC. make them suffer appropriately. If the characters mess hospital beds. so it lost power when the generator Others are simply standing. Barracks. The NCO mess is your bedroom. and sauna. running track. Half the zombies are in the men’s sinks. The kitchen staff served knick-knacks. expect in someone’s home. If the characters more like a restaurant—regular dining tables covered with search the apartments. Like zombies rouse from their stupor. emergency system. basketball court. as does Maintenance—Two maintenance techs worked on opening the door of each individual bunker. they catch the semi-dormant 200 Mk67 grenades. radios. opening the main door to the area expect. figure it out. and more emerge from the barracks: 2d6 on the Armory—Jackpot! The soldiers’ main duty was to second round. The meat and other perishables have started to side as if in a trance.

Characters who succeed on a Knowledge Bunker E—Like bunker B. shiny metal storage cylinders. (Battle) or other weapon. find large. Detaching the gripstock from one launch tube Nuke ‘em! and attaching it to another requires two rounds. If Mary Kurtzman survived and the characters found An unskilled character cannot fire these missiles! If the out Maxis’ entire plan (See Assault on Phoenix below). military. A successful Common Knowledge Bunker C—This bunker contains 15 shoulder. an Area Effect Attack. decisively end the threat of Flagstaff and Allan Maxis. The characters find ten. someone’s going to have to they should be eager to get their hands on the mines and do a little research in the Phoenix archives and use a particularly the Stingers. make it. The bio-agent or one of the nukes could practicing). Bunker B—This bunker was unused when the base The cylinders are latched shut with simple mechanical was locked down. this has nothing to do with the course the characters wouldn’t actually have to sneak a zombies. Stinger surface-to-air missiles (4d8 damage. two-foot tall. bio-agent is likely a suicide mission. 80/ (if the players themselves don’t catch on) that they’re 160/320. of several impending disarmament treaties. 35 . every man. Firing a Stinger is a complex process. Ground for test firing. Bunker A—Stored in this bunker are 27 nuclear This would be a very good time to spend bennies. AP 10 vs. hear their unlucky companions shrieking horrifically for The project was canceled after the production of these 27. fail to fire. but not enough to cause any serious again. The hard part is getting the weapon into the city. Medium nuclear warheads. Each missile is contained in its own complete with arming. but the doors are still catches and can be easily opened. mini-nukes. foot tall. Large Burst Template. so turning loose the them). That’s right.) damage. mines. woman. The biggest problem with colorless. Min Str d6. It involves Joseph Briggs or someone else with Knowledge flipping switches. one warhead would devastate downtown bug could be properly studied. which the firer uses for his attack roll. Messily. metal cones. You don’t want a scariest room in the place. They might also find themselves in a bit of a also require them to fire off two or three missiles moral quandary. On a critical failure.) The containers were being kept here until the outskirts. Not only does the missile Community. it becomes unusable and has to be exchanged for another. A raise surmises launched. roll identifies them as missile warheads. fusing. It’s empty. then silence. Just tell the characters who did make it that they weakest armor. military hid these weapons here to evade the obligations reusable gripstocks. one-foot Drake in a number of ways. pressing buttons. Heavy Weapon). an experimental design Don’t describe what happens to anyone who doesn’t that was never used in the field (10d10 damage. If the of safely. the bio-agent is released. Have everyone make a which were being stored here until they could be disposed Guts check for a horrifying/grotesque trigger. (No. Someone with the proper military Burst Template). the missile deviates as usual for to Phoenix and to survivors throughout the western states. Inside. and firing systems. Even planted in the unrelated. the zombies and the germ are completely nuke into the fortified downtown area. Anyone who breaks room and shut the door (which automatically seals behind the seals is probably going to die. and child. and listening for firing (Engineering) or a similar skill can figure out how to arm tones and requires Knowledge (Missiles) or Knowledge and remotely detonate the warheads. They do leave some characters are actually dumb enough to open the door radiation behind. The disposable launch tube. If the characters break the seal on one or more of the With a little attention to wind direction. they deserve to die. which will give them a definite leveling opportunity to gain the appropriate skill (you might advantage. (And do. canister of germs right into the middle of the city and set These sealed containers hold an unidentified biological it loose. this room is empty. six critical failure here. agent seized from a terrorist group shortly before the (Anyone feel like taking a trip through the sewers?) Of zombie disaster. The missiles were being stored characters bring a warhead or two back to Phoenix) can here temporarily before shipping to the Yuma Proving identify them as W88/Mk5 475-kiloton nuclear warheads. the user But that would mean wiping out the entire Flagstaff screwed up the firing sequence. These are “clean” nukes. Weight 28. four foot diameter. diameter metal cylinders in this room. and there are two detachable. the bio-agent containers. both On a failed attack roll. the characters sealed. It’s odorless and could be used the same way. (Stinger Missiles). This is the newest Stinger design background (or Joseph Briggs if he came along or if the (Stinger-RMP Block II). Each one has a The most obvious is a direct assault: haul a nuke or biohazard label. several seconds. AP 5. Flagstaff or Phoenix. and if the characters are smart they’ll run like the killer germ is that the canisters have no deployment hell. Either city could use the nukes or bio-agent from Fort Bunker D—There are three. Let everyone make an Agility roll at -2 to clear the system—they just contain the stuff. characters want to use them. ROF 1. or technical Knowledge Bunker F—This room can compete with Bunker D for roll can figure out how to arm them.

if not. Surrender now. Phoenix loses at least one token). trained. Maxis’ troops don’t five.” Roll morale for the Phoenix defenders. However. since technically they didn’t lose any tokens. They hang back along the highway north of Phoenix. Maxis calls over This is your chance to use the mass battle rules. for example). the radio or has one of his men drive up close to the walls Everyone in Phoenix who can hold a gun. can’t return fire and get no roll. and no Flagstaff forces. Flagstaff can’t lose any tokens even if both Apaches are shot down. Phoenix loses one token for each success and raise Maxis scores. since the Apaches just fly over the walls. leaving them no If the characters didn’t bring back the Stingers. city for the weapon … or an arcane skill. Phoenix has an important tactical advantage: they know Maxis’ entire battle plan. He gets +3 for his use of air power. Maxis is giving them an opportunity to surrender). One of the crazier options is for the characters to plant the Savage Worlds p.106). they have only Even if both Apaches are shot down. if the characters Of course just because the characters plant a nuke or brought the Stinger missiles back from Fort Drake. subtract –2 from his roll if the Phoenixites have prepared for the Apache attack (by hiding in sewers or basements. Tell your players Maxis’ plan (detailed below) and give them bonuses on their battle rolls if they come up with some clever counterstrategies. mean. if any of the PCs have taken convincing him to talk peace. –1 for each token lost as usual (technically they get +2 for Flagstaff has ten tokens. This first round of battle runs a little differently from standard rules. If Phoenix picked up the their fortifications. He doesn’t move in his ground forces yet. plus an additional +3 for tactics if Mary Kurtzman was killed and didn’t reveal his plan. Roll Maxis’ Knowledge (Battle) as usual. Apaches are shot down before they can do any real The threat of being wiped out along with the Phoenixites (and damage. or with a bullhorn: “You’re outnumbered and outgunned. He hopes to soften up the Phoenix defenders and maybe even force a quick surrender. the weapon inside Phoenix. missiles) they have seven tokens. Shooting. Of course while they’re Knowledge (Stinger Missiles) they can use this Skill to talking peace. Maxis suffers no penalty for Phoenix’s fortifications. knife. hand. They fly over downtown Phoenix and unload their Hellfires and chainguns on anything that moves (and even a few things that don’t). If Phoenix beats Maxis’ roll. Air Assault Maxis starts with a devastating attack by his two Apache helicopters. They can use the threat as subtracts from Maxis’ roll and might lessen their leverage. but hopefully they won’t have to. he might call the characters’ bluff. so Flagstaff’s extra tokens provide no bonus this round. The Apaches aren’t included in Flagstaff’s tokens. and have much better weapons overall. If Mary Kurtzman survived and delivered her entire message to the Phoenix council. However. killer germ somewhere in Flagstaff’s sewers doesn’t mean Phoenix gets an opposed Knowledge (Battle) roll. they slaughter their entire population if they set it off. and Phoenix loses no tokens. Assault on Phoenix If the Apache attack is even moderately successful (i. Maxis’ people are probably scouring the help defend Phoenix (roll it in place of Fighting. All they can do is wait out the air attack. As usual. However. skill to one of the ruling council members at d8. 36 . see Characters in Mass Battles. If none of the heroes has Knowledge (Battle) give the roll morale. The characters his entire army) might make Maxis back off. However. On the other take damage only if Phoenix loses tokens. so they outnumber the you don’t have to die here today. the Flagstaffers are well- one else gets hurt. but baseball bat is going to fight. but this is negated by a –2 because conventional weapons from Fort Drake (guns. grenades. maybe even casualties.e. Sure. which they have to set it off. they option but to fold … or prove they aren’t bluffing. forcing Maxis to call off his attack. Additionally.

If Flagstaff other survivors. the zombies out to make a direct attack. She wants peace one token this round. You deliver your message—“We will not give If Phoenix is defeated. the battle proceeds normally. If Phoenix loses no more than matter which city she ended up in. or they might decide it’s not don’t surrender. smashing through Phoenix’s main gate and a section of The characters might be able to convince both Maxis the wall. Prisoners can be exchanged. This is an alternative scenario (and the Maxis uses the two 18-wheelers as battering rams. If they place the mines outside the walls. but they’re not believe Maxis is willing to make peace. If instead of sitting tight and waiting out the Apaches undead. Maxis uses them to create chaos and convinced with some sensible talk and/or a Persuasion terror while the main Flagstaff force pours in through the roll at –2. the 18-wheeler attack failed between the cities and helps the heroes mediate. giving Maxis +3 for the Apaches (heavy air support on demand). that by shutting down the reactors without consulting At this point. The zombies aren’t effective soldiers. the Flagstaffers have to addition to these characters. If Mary Kurtzman didn’t survive to reveal Maxis is a tougher nut to crack. They come into view: an become important) are hauled to Flagstaff. Both sides come heavily armed. each side brings 19+1d6 assault the walls. and Flagstaff might even be willing to Ground Assault talk peace. Drake. Humvees. Maxis claims lose their fortification bonus. Peace This is the official start of the battle. explosives blow open the trailer doors. Sophia Thule also shows up. they’re thoroughly defeated. The characters can this plan. and anyone else who’s approaching engines. led by two 18-wheelers.) 37 . much more convincing: –4 penalty on any Persuasion If the characters brought back the mines from Fort rolls. sends James Archer and Chris Kale (they’re not about to give Phoenix +2 for tactics (in addition to the mines bonus risk the entire council). and army of motorcycles. pickup trucks. Eventually. are worth only one token). it means at least one truck breached the gates and they Flagstaff’s main grievance is Palo Verde. tried. Maxis goes to phase two. If the defenders set up an attack nor the Phoenix council are willing to meet in enemy outside the walls. just run the battle as normal. have to end in war.. they have to be zombies. their engine roar kicking up a notch as they shift into high gear and come screaming right at the gates. If Flagstaff retreats. the guards let them in rest of the fight because of the terror caused by the and escort them to Maxis. Within a few minutes. and Phoenix hit-and-run attacks as they move through the outskirts. and you hear the roar of council. executed (unless the heroes figure out some clever way to jeeps. so start making The conflict between Phoenix and Flagstaff doesn’t normal battle rolls. no if they use both strategies). In completely: the gates are intact. attacking anyone in (they know the odds are against them). fortification bonus (no -2 on Maxis’ Battle rolls). contact him by radio or go directly to Flagstaff. player characters. If they place them inside. but they don’t sight. Maxis takes control of the city. they might be back. We will not surrender. The council fortifications. and cars. up. but they lose their If half or more of Flagstaff’s forces are destroyed. The Possibility of big trucks speed ahead of the pack. (And who is Maxis to talk? Flagstaff is a morale modifier since a portion of their force is mindless significant threat to every survivor in the western states.. All the Phoenix leaders (the ruling on the outskirts of town. This is successfully deployed the zombies. They can be intended to be. catching the Flagstaffers with snipers or territory. probably one –4 from Maxis’ battle roll. Maxis and Burdick both show up. they leave the zombies. and the Phoenix defenders leave their fortifications and charge Phoenix has to continue the battle (however. But not He puts Burdick in charge and leaves a large militia to long. They won’t return. a cloud of dust rises quell any resistance.”—and then wait. The trucks stop about a hundred yards inside the and the Phoenix council to talk peace. and the Phoenixites keep their –2 troops. The two escape). The Phoenixites get +2 on the first round Aftermath because of the unexpected attack. badly . give them a +1 half true. If they’re and the Phoenixites suffer a –1 morale modifier for the honest about why they’re there. They don’t want to fight about a hundred zombies spill out. Your call. subtract is finding a neutral location for the meeting. so if things go fortification modifier. Neither Maxis the defenders +4. give of the cities between Phoenix and Flagstaff. worth the effort. breached wall. Maxis gets +3 for his tactics again this round. Phoenix has proven itself a threat. they can counter this attack by mining the front If the heroes convince everyone to talk. the next step gates. and members are willing but wary. If they lose less than half their If the Phoenixites stay inside their fortifications and forces. Either way. If Phoenix loses two or more tokens. heavier roleplaying option).

Phoenix has some useful of the Family. members out an agreement like this. rock musician?). If you own rules and laws. of either Phoenix or Flagstaff (your pick based on what’s Naturally. the two sides Extras come to an impasse: they don’t trust each other and can’t You might have noticed that Zombie Run names a lot agree on peace terms. If one something like this: side falls below Hostile. Flagstaffers can enter the charts for inspiration on the fly. The conversation might go sides’ attitudes. Smarts d6. and any other living NPCs with whom the resources that Flagstaff could use (food in particular. roll 1d6 at the start of any firefight: 1-3 the NPCs consider the following: have Low ammo. Parry 5. Resource Sharing—This is the tough one. Skills: Driving d6. Intimidate d6. Both sides start at Hostile on the NPC Reaction Table. Thule make did something he didn’t want them to do and got away cooperative Persuasion rolls. Each city agrees to let the system to generate NPC personalities: just roll on the other exist peacefully and without interference under its Allied Personalities table (Savage Worlds p. use roleplaying.” Archer: “Neither are we. Archer: “Grow your own food. Guts d6. weapons and ammo might be doable. intellectual resources such as doctors. Spirit d6. or a character who’s Ugly. variety.” A Cast of And so on. shotguns. an exchange of food for handguns. With a success. Thousands Of course it’s best if the players do most of the talking. Maxis: “We’re not farmers. Again. Historically. superior treasures). Sexy) and some are intentionally vague (is a Performer an The Phoenix Safe Zone—A defined territory around actor. However. If it seems appropriate. couple relevant skills.In reality. A raise improves both populated by violent raiders. they leave the talks. Fighting d6. provide an escort through the desert and mountains. A librarian might have d6 Sanctuary—Anyone who wants to leave either city can Investigation for example. Shooting d6. their orchards and greenhouses start yielding crops. submachine guns. the zone but are not allowed to steal or commit violence For stats. Violators will be tried and punished in the city just roll a handful of d20’s and consult the following tables. The Combatant Extras characters make Persuasion rolls at –2 if they try to work Use the following stats for Flagstaff raiders. Phoenix’s main concern is that Flagstaff is being said) improves one level. the talks explode into violence. or a combination of the two. it’s a bad idea for a “culturally superior” nation to rely on Notice d4. plus Attributes: Agility d6. Stealth d4 someone else’s military (it usually results in the foreign Pace 6. are statted out below). assault rifles. In fact. give extras d6 in all Attributes and in a within it. Neither city will attack the other or need a little more detail (your players can’t live another harm or harass the other’s citizens. both sides have to reach Friendly. the attitude with it. pianist.) Vigor d8 Flagstaff of course has weapons and troops. Toughness 6 mercenaries taking over and looting all those culturally Gear: Pick any two weapons—melee weapons. If the Maxis: “We need food and supplies. A “defector” has to leave all his Repair d6. once characters find themselves in a scuffle. Just use Phoenix is declared a safe zone. You don’t have to If the talks fail. Fortunately Savage Worlds provides a quick Peace—The main issue. but if you want a little If you want to use a dice system for the talks. assign an occasional possessions behind but can request the destination city d8 (or d4). 6 Very High. inside or outside city second without knowing the color of George Roman’s hair) boundaries. etc. if the heroes don’t step in. To come to an agreement. He thinks they’re arrogant and self-important. Ammo level is usually High. it might there are a lot of NPCs in Zombie Run and room for a lot include: more. If a situation like Palo Verde Don’t take the die rolls as law: some combinations will arises again—a major decision that affects both cities— conflict or just won’t make sense (a Young character in the leaders of both cities will meet and decide together his Eighties. dancer. Persuasion of NPCs who aren’t detailed anywhere (only Wild Cards rolls.” as planned. but we’re not murderers either. 38 . where the offense took place. the Assault on Phoenix goes ahead kill other people to survive. Strength d8. engineers. while a mechanic would have be accepted into the other. Cast-Eyed and what to do. Maxis is just burned up that the Phoenix council Have the player characters and Dr. There’s a good reason for this: If the team manages to negotiate a deal. A failure lowers one side’s attitude. 4-5 High. You want characters roll a critical failure (or someone just says us to starve to death?” something stupid). Phoenix has legal jurisdiction over any violators.92). singer.

Smarts d4(A). These zombies are actually Skills: Fighting d6. never Dead. If a zombie hits but does no damage. and even a Wild Card is (a mob of zombies encountered in the dark. They’re slow and clumsy. flesh-eating corpse can provide some fun roleplaying and create interesting situations (what if the infected character • Fear: The characters should be used to seeing finally becomes zombified while he’s locked up with zombies by the time the adventure begins. Parry 5. You can also passing. Vigor d8 Ah. But if they bite someone. suffer Fatigue or Fear. At least singly. for doomed. and can’t be Shaken by they eat human flesh. so under special circumstances really dangerous. an explosion. But they rarely if ever attack Pace 4. Notice d6. This wound from fire. Toughness 8 alone. Spirit d8. so the adventure mentions it only in catch fire as usual (6 on 1d6). The zombies in Zombie Run are like the ones in Special Abilities George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. every time a player character or NPC dies—whatever the • Grab and Bite: Zombies always make Grappling cause—he comes back as a zombie in 1d6 rounds attacks. Strength d6. they come at the characters in vast Hindrances: Dead Slow: zombies move at an absolute hordes (think Gang-up Bonus). that scores one wound (i. dismember them. and Day of the Dead. and attack. at least 12 damage) or by one person eventually dies and becomes a zombie. They can be killed only by a head shot that decapitation kills them. they’ve seen enough of them to know how And their infectious bite is what makes these zombies dangerous they are.The Zombies Attributes: Agility d4. maximum Pace of 4”—they never run. bites its opponent for Strength damage. and a good shot to the head or anything. On the another character in one of the Family’s basement cells?) other hand. or any other attack that infectiousness isn’t really significant to any part of the damages the entire body including the head. This requires an aimed shot at each But don’t forget about it! limb (-2) that scores at least one wound. the zombie thing is still happening: characters must make Guts checks at –2. One wound. it just makes it impossible for them to move another player character—degenerate into a mindless. example. it automatically unless he’s stabbed or shot in the head or decapitated. or surrounding the characters’ car) Also remember. They Zombie Run plot. Stealth d6 pretty weak. If a zombie gets a raise.e. This doesn’t Watching one of your companions—particularly kill them. it still grabs its opponent Personality & Appearance Roll Loves/Hates Hair Eyes Age Appearance Profession 1 Cats Brown Brown Child Lean Librarian 2 Dogs Dyed Green Child Attractive Student 3 Snakes Blond Shifty Teens Average Accountant 4 Insects Red Small Teens Cute Engineer 5 Sports Long Innocent Teens Sexy Teacher 6 Television Bald Grey Twenties Muscular Salesperson 7 Movies Thinning Cast eye Twenties Fat Cook 8 Comic Books Salt-Pepper Laughing Twenties Tall Driver 9 Games Steel Gray Crazy Thirties Dirty Programmer 10 Math White Exotic Thirties Short Entrepreneur 11 Books Black Black Thirties Ugly Unemployed 12 Food Unkempt Predatory Forties Chubby Transient 13 Puzzles Short Blue Forties Tough Slacker 14 Conversation Greasy Large Fifties Doughy Criminal 15 Guns Curly Bug-eyed Fifties Skinny Writer 16 Martial Arts Straight Squinty Sixties Pale Performer 17 Cars Frizzy Glass eye Seventies Hairy Mechanic 18 Motorcycles Buzz cut Glasses Eighties Beefy Farmer 19 Camping Beard Expressionless Nineties Tanned Artist 20 Computers Mustache Mysterious 100+ Athletic Technician 39 . the stars of the show. Usually. Dawn of the • Undead: Zombies add +2 to their Toughness.

15 shots. David Burdick • Life Sense: Whether they sense motion. Zachariah Mathis Notice d10. two extra 15 round magazines). Spirit d10. Persuasion d12. Intimidate d10. Guts d10.e. Attributes: Agility d6. Swimming d6. AP 1. Shooting d8. Quirk (peppers conversation with Christian/ ROF 1.357 (2d6+1. Driving d6. Streetwise d8. Streetwise d10. who has to shake it off—a delay that can mean certain death if you’re surrounded by 30 or 40 of the things. Luck. Taunt d6 turns people into zombies or simply kills them. Combat Reflexes. Biblical references) combat knife (Str+1). Notice d10. Steady Hands. Overconfident one knows (and anyone who could have made an Edges: Block. 30 shots. Strength very good at detecting living creatures (i. Guts d12. Toughness: 6 Gear: M-16 (2d8. The next time he fails a Vigor roll. Charismatic. Whenever a zombie scores a wound. Stealth d6. Knowledge (Medicine) d10. or have particularly keen senses of smell. Parry: 4. Strength d8. Intimidation d8. ROF 3. Vengeful (Major) d10. Strength Tracking d4 d6. Shooting d8. Inspire. once a character is bitten. Healing d12. 12/ he fails. zombies are Attributes: Agility d6. Improved Dodge. Persuasion d8. Allan Maxis Healer. Whether the infection actually Swimming d4. Stealth d6. Attributes: Agility d6. Taunt d8. Attractive. Loyal. Vigor d10 Skills: Climbing d6. ROF infected. Fighting d8. Knowledge (Theology) d12. Parry: 6. Guts d10. Power Lifter. Toughness: 6 Hindrances: Heroic. Persuasion d10. Taunt d6 Strong Willed. 12 shots) Attributes: Agility d8. heat. Revolver). Driving d6. Wild Card or extra. Smarts d12. Knowledge (Battle) d8. Parry: 5. the bitten character is shots. Strong Willed 40 . Survival d4. Knowledge (Biology) d10. Fighting d4. There’s Doctor Sophia Thule no way to stop this. Knowledge (Battle) d6. A Wild Card can lose his usual three wounds. Fighting d10. 24/48/96. 7 shots). 15/30/60. Brawny. +2 to hit). Level Headed. Stealth d4. (Major). Knowledge (Chemistry) d8. Headshot. he dies and becomes a zombie in 1d6 rounds. life is very infectious. Toughness: 7 Skills: Driving d4. Improved Nerves of Steel. 12 gauge pump shotgun (1-3d6. Streetwise d8. 6 Healing skill heals the wound. 12/24/48. Knowledge (Demolitions) d6. food). Notice d6. Strength The only way to avoid the effects of a zombie bite is d6. educated guess is probably dead). Taunt d6 Charisma: +4. Intimidation Hindrances: Loyal. Two-Fisted Charisma: +2. Smarts d6. Spirit d12. Desert Eagle . AP 1. M9 pistol (2d6. Survival d6. it’s just a matter of time. he suffers another wound. Intimidation d10. Even if someone with the Gear: S&W . Steady Hands bite out of the character. • Infectious: Whatever brings the zombies back to Shooting d8. one Hindrances: Bad Eyes (wears glasses). he dies sometime that day and comes back walkie-talkie as a zombie in 1d6 rounds. Skills: Driving d6. Spirit d8. Stubborn Edges: Alertness. AP 2. Fighting d6. Vigor d8 Charisma: +2. Level Headed. Physician. Parry: 8. no Hindrances: Mean. Each day he must make a Vigor roll at –2. Persuasion Wild Cards d10. If the character is 24/48. Natural Leader. Charismatic. Edges: Charismatic. Shooting d6. Survival d8. 12/24/48. Toughness: 9 in turn causes them to come back as zombies. 6 shots. ROF 1. Delusional extra 30 round magazine). detect characters using Stealth). Smarts d10. Connections. Vigor d12 get +2 on all Notice rolls to sense living things Skills: Climb d6. ROF 1. 12/24/48. Pace: 6. Command. Pace: 6. If 1. Smarts d10. combat knife (Str+1). Stubborn. Knowledge (Bible) d12. Spirit d12. They d10. it has taken a Rock and Roll!.50 (2d8. Vigor d8 to soak the wound with a benny. Gambling d8. ROF 1. but at the fourth he becomes Incapacitated. Gambling d6 (including rolls against surprise attacks and rolls to Guts d8. AP 1. AP 2. Loyal. an extra. Pace: 6. which Charisma: –2. walkie-talkie Edges: Alertness. Pace: 6. Great Luck Gear: 9mm pistol (2d6. Headshot.

Shooting d6. ROF 1. Knowledge (Bible) d4. 6 extra cartridges). Spirit d10. Vigor d10 Skills: Climbing d6. ROF 1. Delusional (Minor) Edges: Brawny. Vengeful (Major) Edges: Alertness.38 revolver (2d6. Strength d12. Delusional (Minor).30-06 hunting rifle (2d8. Parry: 7. 8 shots. Survival d6 Charisma: 0. Zachariah usually uses a double-barreled 12 gauge (1-3d6. Pace: 8. AP 2. Knowledge (Sports) d8. Fighting d6. Driving d6. 25/50/100. Shooting d10. Smarts d10. Swimming d6. 12/24/ 48. Berserk. Parry: 5. Elijah Mathis Attributes: Agility d6. 12/24/48. 15/30/60. 24/48/96. Smarts d4. Very Attractive Gear: .44 Magnum (2d8. 16 extra cartridges).22-250 varmint rifle (2d6. 8 shots. AP 1. Spirit d8. Guts d10. Vigor d6 Skills: Climb d8. Frenzy. Pace: 6. 6 shots. ROF 1. Intimidation d10. Strength d6. AP 2. 6 extra cartridges). . Persuasion d10. Taunt d10 Charisma: +4. ROF 1. ROF 1-2. Driving d6. 2 shots. Fleet-Footed. Bloodthirsty. Survival d6. Fighting d10. Toughness: 8 Hindrances: All Thumbs. +2 to hit) and carries eight extra shells. Guts d10. .Gear: Usually none. 6 shots. Notice d10. hunting knife (Str+1) Mary Mathis Attributes: Agility d8. Stealth d8. Snapfire Penalty. Knowledge (Bible) d8. Sweep Gear: . Toughness: 5 Hindrances: Bloodthirsty. Improved Nerves of Steel. 12 extra cartridges) 41 . Riding d8. but when armed.

42 . Permission is granted to photocopy or print these figures for your own personal use. Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Use these Figure Flats with your own metal figures to create hordes of zombies! GWG also sells plastic bases if you’d prefer to have 2D Figure Flats.