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Fall 2011

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Marc Meyer
Office: ZH-110 Phone (909) 652-6282
e-mail: '
Facebook: "Meyer Anthropology" ^
OFFICE HOURS: Monday & Wednesday 8:00AM- 9:30AM
Friday 8:00AM- 9:00AM

CLASS: -S«6tk«r66?tt^ TTII 9.30AM lOi^O.VM Room SS-
Section66718 TTH 11:00AM- 12:20AM Room S S - 1 0 5
FINAL EXAM: -Section 66716 Tliuisda>, Dec 1-5 - ' S Q I V T Y M - ^ 1:15x\
Section 66718 Thursday, Dec 13 11:30AM- 2:00PM
.MottdayrDec 12 9:30AM - 11:30AM
- y l ^ ^ f n c s d a y , Dec 13 . . > ^=^nm\ —mm^
TEXTBOOKS: 1. Conformity and Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology
Custom Edition by Spradley and McCurdy. Pearson Publishing
[required] The bookstore will buy this back at the end of the
2. Cultural Anthropology Lecture Notes & Workbook
by Marc Meyer. Cengage Publishing [required]
3. iClicker [required] (available at the bookstore) The bookstore
will buy this back at the end of the semester.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Social/Cultural Anthropology investigates the social
dynamics of recent and modem human groups. This course will also explore the
meaning of culture from an anthropological perspective. We will be looking at examples
of human cultural variation from different societies around the world. With this "cross-
cultural" viewpoint, cultural/behavioral adaptations, trends, and tendencies that social

5=A 97. synthesize. Be prepared to work hard.5=A+ 80=B 82. The exams will consist of any combination of multiple-choice. IClicker: You must bring your iClicker to each and every class meeting. each section builds on the previous theoretical and knowledge base. You are expected to learn the material well enough to accurately summarize. No cell phone or text device use will be tolerated in class. I encourage you to ask questions and participate in discussions during the term. EXPECTATIONS: You must be on time. On occasion. You may not use books. • iClicker quizzes (20% of final grade) • 15 Written Essays on Reading Assignments (18%) of final grade) • Term Paper . You should review lecture and reading materials regularly during the semester (several times per week at minimum). indigenous nudity. human evolution.groups display in their environments will be explored. If you do not bring your iClicker you will not receive any credit for that day's quiz. explain. films and class discussions.5= B+ 70=C 77. homosexuality.5=B 87. PowerPoints.5 C+ 60=D. PDAs.5=D+ 59 and lower = F Examinations will cover the lectures. and (2) a signed medical note upon . human anatomy. note cards. short answer. readings. attentiveness. and apply the terms and concepts used in this course. You are expected to be able to answer my questions during class. and to participate in discussions.5=D 67.62. You are expected to treat your fellow students with respect. Make-up Exam Policy: There will be no make-up exams given except for medical reasons. and such as (but not limited to) gender. or true/false questions. however. We will also take a critical look at your own culture here in the United States. organized. matching. potentially sensitive images may be displayed and topics will be discussed. The exams are NOT cumulative. discussions etc. . circumcision. and prepared for each class meeting. No ear/headphones may be worn in class. and learn this semester. cell phones.r • Classwork: preparation. To be eligible for a make-up exam the Instructor must receive (1) an email prior to the missed class session explaining your absence. You are responsible for insuring that your iClicker is working properly before class begins. .Whale Rider (5% of final grade) . beliefs and religion. marriage. or any other memory aids during the exams. notes. (3%) of final grade) Grade Schedule: 90=A. GRADING: • Midterm Exam 1 (18% of final grade) • Midterm Exam 2 (18% of final grade) — " • Final Exam (18% of final grade) r. study.92.

preferably during the first two weeks of class. If you have extra time. See the current Chaffey College Catalog or the Chaffey College Student Handbook for a discussion of the official campus policies. EXTRA-CREDIT: There is no extra-credit in this course. Your instructor is available during office hours. You are responsible for confirming that you have been officially withdrawn from the course. then please contact the Instructor. Do not rely on the instructor to meet your withdrawal deadlines. Three late arrivals (arriving more than 5 minutes late) equal one absence. Please be sure to allow adequate time to arrange an appropriate accommodation. Plagiarism on any exam or assignment will result in an "F" grade (score of zero) for that particular exam/assignment. the student will be referred to the adminisfration for disciplinary action. Get the notes from a classmate or from the Instructor if you are absent. CHEATING AND PLAGIARISM: Cheating on an exam or any other assignment is illegal and will not be tolerated. and will be referred to the administration for disciplinary action. Failure to do so will result in grade forfeiture. An Anthropology tutor is available at the Main Campus Success Center. • NEED HELP? Numerous resources are available to you as a student. ATTENDANCE AND WITHDRAWAL: You are expected to attend every class meeting.your return to class. A make-up exam will be scheduled for the next class period and will consist of several long form essays. You are required to commit yourself to the regular credit. . concepts. CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR: You are expected to conduct yourself in an adult and professional manner at all times. an unlawfial act that is defined as the misrepresentation of the published ideas. as soon as possible. or the Disability Programs and Services (DPS) office. then use that time to study even more. Do not engage in private conversations during lecture periods. Also available in the Success Center are people who can provide assistance with study skills and many other student-oriented tasks that could help you in all of your classes. or words of another as one's own. After 4 absences / lack of academic progress / the Instructor may withdraw you from the class. See the current Schedule of Classes for deadlines. No memory aids of any kind may be used during exams. Any student who is suspected of cheating by the Instructor will have their exam confiscated. The Writing Center in the Main Library can provide assistance with written assignments and writing skills. Additional student services may be found in the Schedule of Classes and the Chaffey College Catalog. Please be courteous to your Instructor and especially to your fellow students. You are responsible for your own attendance. receive an "F" grade (score of zero) for the exam. STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: If you have a documented disability and wish to discuss academic accommodations. will not be tolerated in Chaffey College courses. The Instructor may withdraw students for lack of serious academic effort or for behavior deemed detrimental to the class. Plagiarism.

day.i 11/17 Cultural Revival Whale Rider pt. Language & Identity 8 9/29 12. Social Exchange 13 10/6 14. Cultural Characteristics 4.5 9/13 Synthesis & Review Practice Exam 1 Thur 9/15 Midterm Exam I Bring Scantron and # 2 Pencil 9/20 9.1 Reading # in& Conformity Date Meyer Topic Conflict Class Activity ^16. Dec 14 S. Social Communication 1 9/27 11.45AivI 11 Bring Scantron and # 2 Penci . Cultural Anthropology -»> 8/23 3. Language 6 9/25 10. Cultural Imperialism Ishi Film 12/1 23. Religion & Ritual E-Pritchard Film 11/8 20. Culture/Ethnography 2 ^8/25 4. Social Roles 11/1 Social Roles . Globalization 33 Whale Rider pt. The Human Race 9/1 6. 1. Ecology & Subsistence 11 10/4 13. Sex & Marriage 10/11 15. Descent 18 10/18 Synthesis & Review Practice Exam 2 Thur 10/20 Midterm Exam II Bring Scantron and # 2 Pencil 10/25 17. Culture as Adaptation 10 9/6 7. Culture & Belief Chagnon Film 8/30 5.The Veil 20 11/3 19. Status & Power 10/27 18. Summary Lecture !Kung Film 12/6 Synthesis & Review Practice Exam 3 12/8 Final Paper Submission FINAL EXAM: W^Jncr. Society & Inequality 23 9/8 8. Introduction Syllabus Review ^ 8/18 2. Kinship 17 10/13 16. ANTHRO 3: TENTATIVE LECTURE SEQUENCE Lecture #in .2 11/22 Independent Research 11/29 22. Supernatural Beliefs 11/10 Rationality & Magic 28 11/15 21.

If you need help see me or visit the Chaffey Writing Center. Schedule of Written Assignments Due Date Written Assignment Aug 23 #2 Sept 1 10 Sept 6 23 Septs 4. Assignments can be hand-written. spelling. Grammar and content are important for your grade on these assignments. No late submissions will be accepted. but please check your papers carefully for proper grammar.Whale Rider All written assignments must be submitted on the due date at the beginning of class. complete sentences. 5 Sept 13 Practice Exam 1 Sept 20 6 Sept 251'3L 7 Sept 27 8 Sept 29 11 Oct 4 13 Oct 11 17 Oct 13 18 Oct 18 Practice Exam 2 Nov 1 20 Nov 10 28 Nov 15 33 Dec 6 Practice Exam 3 Dec 8 Term Paper . etc. .

no emailed papers will be accepted. double spaced using Times New Roman font. complete sentences. 1) Your paper should be six paragraphs in total. Do not use Wikipedia or any other online source to complete this assignment. with a 12-point font size. 3) Please check your paper carefully for proper grammar. I will be checking every paper carefully against these sources through turn-it-in detection software. If you need help see me or visit the Chaffey Writing Center. etc. carefully addressing each of the topics below. Even one plagiarized sentence will result in a failing grade for the assignment -so don't even think about it. . The film will be shown in class. Grammar and content are important for your grade on this assignment. and 1 inch margins. 2) Your paper should be no longer than five pages.WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT This course requires one written analysis of the film Whale Rider. Dec 8. Meyer showed this film? Warning: Plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the assignment. The paper is due on Thursday. typed. Late papers will not be accepted.TERM PAPER -. Paragraph 1: According to the film what is the origin story of the Maori people in the fihn? Who or what do the whales represent in the mind of the Maori? Paragraph 2: What are the different roles each gender plays in Maori society? How does Paikea upset traditional gender roles in this culture? Paragraph 3: In Maori society whose status is ascribed? Whose is achieved? How does Paikea upset traditional status roles in this culture? Paragraph 4: In what ways has Maori culture changed from the ancient times? In what ways has it been preserved? Paragraph 5: What does the rope symbolize in the film? Who fixes it? What do you think this means? Paragraph 6: Why do you think Dr. This assignment is worth 5% of your final grade. punctuation. spelling. Papers must be submitted in person .

iclicker. (turn over for tips) . bring your iClicker to each class meeting. you must register your clicker's serial number at the iclicker website: www. During this time period. iClicker package at the bookstore iClicker remote transmitter 2) Next. The clicker must be the iClicker brand as shown below. You will also need to provide your student ID number (no letters—just the ID numbers should be used) Your student ID is assigned to you by Chaffey College. iClickers will constitute an important component of your classroom experience and a large part your grade. 1) You will need to buy a classroom response transmitter or "clicker" from the bookstore prior to the second class meeting. No other clicker will work. Meyer uses a classroom response system using hand-held iClicker remote transmitters. you can change your 3) Then. Questions will be presented a few times each class meeting. iClicker Info Dr. You will have a set amount of time to answer the each question. but only the last answer you click during the time period will be recorded. Your responses are automatically graded and stored on the instructor's computer.

Therefore. you must register it in your name immediately to overwrite the previous owner's information. A flashing red "low battery" light indicates that you have approximately 10 hours of battery power remaining. This will help to minimize the numbers from wearing off over time. • WARNING! Purchasing clickers online or by other means runs the risk of buying one with the ID number partially worn or worn off completely. • If you buy a used iClicker. but will not contain the letter and www theclickersticker.iclickerskinz.Tips: Your clicker ID (or remote ID) is a series of 8 numbers and letters on the white sticker on the bottom of your clicker. . Such sites include Make sure your clicker remote ID # is clearly visible! • Keep an exfra set of 3 AAA batteries always available. there is no problem in acquiring a pre-owned iClicker and registering it to yourself If you use the iClicker in another class in the future it is suggested you re- register your iClicker at the start of each semester to ensure the accuracy of your registration. • Believe it or not. NOTE: Your clicker ID may contain the number zero. there are a few online web sites where you can order a custom skin for your iClicker. • Cover the ID number located on the back of your clicker with a piece of clear tape. just below the iClicker INSTRUCTIONS located at the back of the remote. You should also record your clicker's ID number and keep it in a safe place.