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Delta Modulation and Demodulation

To study Delta Modulation & Demodulation.

Connecting cords, power supply, DSO, tr kit.

Delta modulation:

It is the differential pulse code modulation scheme in which different signal is

encoded into a single bit, in digital transmission system the analog signal is
sampled & digitally coded, this code represent the sampled amplitude of the analog
signal. The digital signal is sent to the receiver through any channel in serial form.
At the receiver the digital signal is decoded & filtered to get reconstructed analog
signal sufficient no, of samples are required to allow the analog signal to be
reconstructed accurately. DM is an encoding process where logic levels of the
transmitted pulses indicate whether the decoded o/p should rise or fall at each

Delta demodulation:
The delta demodulation consists of D- f/f followed by an integrator & a second &
fourth order low pass Butterworth filter. The delta demodulator then receives the
data stream from D f/f of delta modulator. It catches this data at every rising edge
of receiver clock. This data stream then fed to integrator its o/p tries to contains
sharp edge which is smoothened by the low pass filter whose o/p freq is just above
the audio band.
The practical use of delta modulation is limited due to
1. Noise: It is any unwanted random waveform with in signal
2. Distortion: It means that the receiver o/p is not true copy of analog i/p signal
at the transmitter. In the delta modulation when analog signal is greater than
integrator o/p the integrator ramps up to meet the analog signal.
3. Delta modulation is unable to pass DC information.


1. Carry out the connections as shown in fig.

2. Connect the power supply to kit
3. Select the Sine wave input 250Hz of 0V though pot P1 & connect post in
of I/p buffer.
4. Connect o/p of buffer to digital sampler I/p post IN1
5. Keep switch S2 in delta position
6. Keep connect o/p of digital post out to i/p post In of integartor1
7. Connect o/p of integrator 1 to i/p post IN1 of digital sampler.
8. Connect o/p observe delta modulated o/p at o/p of digital sampler
9. Observe delta modulated o/p test point. Increase amplitude of 250Hz sine
wave to 0.5V. Nearly 250 Hz is available at integrator o/p.
10.In crease amplitude of 250Hz sine wave further high.
11.Repeat the above procedure with different signal sources & selecting
different rates.
12.Connect delta modulated o/p post Out of digital sampler to I/p of delta
demodulator section post IN of demodulator
13.Connect o/p of demodulator o/p to i/p of integrator 3.
14.O/p of integrator 3 to i/p of buffer
15. O/p of O/p buffer to I/p of 2 nd order filter in
16. O/p of 2nd order filter to I/p of 4th order filter in
17.Keep switch S4 in High position
18.Observe post point in delta demodulation section reconstructed.