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When The Earth Wrote A Diary

The ocean laid down the boy silently,
From its cold arms onto the warmth of the sand.
That night the ocean shed a tear,
For the world bereft of life,
Which perished within those unheard screams.

The moon looked down that night,
It heard the loud banging cries of a mother,
But the voices started to feel numb on its ears as it looked closer,
As the guns roared even louder.
It didn’t shine as bright that night,
With the woman gathering pieces of her breathless baby,
That night the moon mourned for the untainted and lifeless souls.
For this world so deprived of love,
And they try to heal it with blood?

The Sun didn’t want to come up that morning.
It didn’t want to reflect on the seemingly depth-less bounds of oceans,
With all the right curves and edges,
As it lures you into its supposed beauty.
It could see behind those alluring sceneries and metaphors,
With unblemished hearts slaves to the fear,
Beastly souls which swallow all that is sacred and divine.
Dark gray clouds swallowed the sky as the sun hid behind,
The clouds couldn’t hold their tears so they tore apart,
Draining down on the ragged destruction,
Wishing if it could just clean away all the painful commotions
But maybe there’s a glimmer of hope
With scars and all,
To sew the world as it falls.



2016 Batch