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California State University of

Long Beach
By : Tyler belthius
Admission Requirements
A-G Requirements

A- History -2 years

B- English -4 years

C- Mathematics -3 years (4 recommended)

D- Science -( 3 recommended)

E- Language other than English-2 years (3 recommended)

F- Fine Arts -1 year

G- Electives- 1 year
Admission Requirements
● Average GPA 3.5
● The Admission rate is at a 35%, THat means that for every 100 students 35
are admitted
● You can take both a SAT or ACT to apply
Admission Requirements
● Community service recommended
● Tuition for in state→
● Tuition for out of states (below)
● Community service is

Some scholarships are ----------->

Scholarship- President’s scholar award (full ride)

D1 sports, Baseball (boys), Basketball (boys and girls),

Cross country (boys and girls), Golf (boys and girls),

Soccer and softball( girls), Tennis (girls), Track(both),

Volleyball (girls and boys), Water Polo (boys and girls)
Majors and Demographics
Most popular majors→

The offer a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and


Demographics →
Map and Location
Location in Long Beach, California

It is 324 acres

Map of Cal state Long beach →
Clubs and Dorms
Some clubs are choral group, concert band, dance activity, drama, film society,
fraternities, government activity, jazz band, literary magazine, music ensembles,
musical theater, opera, radio station, sororities, student newspaper, symphony
orchestra, television station, yearbook.

Sports and clubs
Sports- some sports are track, water polo, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc.

Some school events that they have are drama performances, dance performances
and many others.

Mascot name- Prospector Pete
The college that I chose was Cal State Long Beach. I chose this college because
it is close to my home. It is also cheaper to go to a school in state compared to an
out of state school. Cal State Long Beach is a D1 school in many sports. For
example it is D1 in water polo and basketball. Another reason why Cal State Long
Beach is a good school for me because it has hockey, my favorite sport. They
have many clubs and activities going on in the school. The college has a very big
campus because it is 324 acres. Cal State Long Beach is a public school that is
one of the reasons why the campus is so big. Cal State Long Beach is an okay fit
for me. They have one of the degrees that I want to get, but I would like to get a
leadership degree and it does not show up on the website but they might have it.
I would have to say I would try to look at other colleges that have the degrees that
I want. Also it is good to look at other colleges because I might not get accepted
to go to Cal State Long Beach.