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Newel 1

Jason Newel

Professor Kimberly Lark

Ancient History 134

25 May 2017

A Day in the Life of Titus
Hello, my name is Titus. I was born in Alexandria, Rome. The Roman Empire is the

greatest empire in the world. I come from a noble family who has been a part of Roman Politics

for many years. I grew up in a very wealthy family who forced me to get a good education from

smart people such as Aristotle. My father was in the senate for many years before he was

assassinated by other senate members who didn’t agree with him. I have followed in my father’s

footsteps and have had many children of my own with my first and second wives. I have

provided wealth and honor to my family’s name.

My family has been wealthy my entire life. We have lived in beautiful homes and have

been close to many legendary Roman leaders. When my father was killed there was a lot of

turmoil in the empire and power was being struggled over. Commodus was in power and was out

of control. He was such a barbarian and did unthinkable things such as slaughtering crippled

people. My father and a few of the other members of the senate got together to take care of the

issue. They ended up poisoning Commodus and killing him. This has been a very common

“practice” that happens to Emperors who the senate or other political members want to change.

A little bit more about me and my family is that we live in a large private home. Our

home has a vestibulum, atrium, tabinum, cubiculum, and a culina where my wife makes food for

the family. We have five children who will grow up to be strong Romans and represent the

family name.
Newel 2

I have just recently turned 32 which is very old for most of Romans in positions that I am

in. Many of my senate members are younger than me or have died before turning the age 32. The

politics are very corrupt and everyone wants more power. The senate always wants it their way

and if you disagree you will regret it.

The Roman Empire is the greatest empire in the world. We need to grow the empire and

spread our power and culture to neighboring countries who could never be as great as us

Romans. I do not like Etruscan people and I want to remove them from Italy. We Romans

deserve that land and the power in the wealthy civilization that they have. I have a great life and

a lot of money. My family will be strong and Roman for generations to come. We have had

slaves and so much wealth. There are many people with very little but we keep all of our wealth

for ourselves and could always want more wealth and power.