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August 2017 Volunteer Schedule

If you need to replace yourself, please call the office (503) 646-1344 by noon on Wednesday before the Sunday you are scheduled knowing who will substitute for you.

Children's Lutheran Altar Catholic Altar Eucharistic
Date Greeters Presider 1st Reader 2nd Reader Coffee Hour Sound Bread Travel
Homilist Prep Prep Ministers

Neal & Annette Theresa & Joel
8/6 Katie & Jesse Bray Tudy Rogers Deri Bash Marianne Darby Theo Burke x x Jesse Bray x
Stixrud Overlund, Susan
Granata, Drew Caesar, Theresa
Christie & Dave Bernadetta Dick Hartung, Spanky Overlund
Susan & Doug April Brenden- April Brenden- Bernadetta Hering, Mary Lewis- Kate Bernklau
8/6 Susan Kruse Dennis Miller Bernklau Devlaeminck, C
Kruse Locke Locke Devlaeminck Rott Halvor
Halvor Marge Walters

Karen Lindquist,
Eleanor Campbell, John
8/13 Mike Houge Claire Gilbert John Ghormley Tim Leslie x Karen Lindquist x
Rosanne Parry Buesseler
Marcia Anderson, Jay
Anderton, Marianne &
Marge Walters
Christie Chad Darby, Ron
Marge & Fliegle Rebecca & Jon Jane Porter, Dougal, Katie & Jason
8/13 Bernklau- Michelle Hill Brad Newman Adele Hughes Jane Porter Brian Parry L
Walters Erickson Benneth Husted
Halvor Furgison

8/20 Judy Howell Spanky Hering Tudy Rogers Neal Stixrud Bill Howell x x Margaret & Ed Chad Darby x
Armstrong, Judy & Ron
Gene Hornof
Mary Brooks Lautt, Mike Houge,
April Brenden- Mary Brooks Theresa & Joel Mary Brooks
8/20 Fliegle Walters Annie Meyer Dennis Miller Conley, Mary Cyndy Heisler Jon Erickson C
Locke, Malia Harris Conley Overlund Conley
Lewis Rott

Tudy & Steve Kendra
8/27 Mara Howell David Taylor Mara Howell x x x Mara Howell, Jonathan Bill Parry x
Rogers Seymour
Monks, Malia Harris,
Katie & Jesse Bray, Lisa
Jane Porter, Rebecca Rebecca Manny
8/27 Blake Hromco Susan Granata x x x Jean Hoeffner x
Spanky Hering Erickson Erickson Hotchkiss

As of 6/14/2017