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IRELAND Music and Lyric by LAURENCE O° KEEFE and NELL BENJAMIN PAULETTE: Elle, do you know the umber one reason behind all bad hair decisions? Colla voce, but not too rubato Fiat bn Bot a ie - PAULETTE: Lovel You'relost with-out your love. Your heart ison the floor. Grat Ca -ill-te gan - gré. roi bris-te bru-ai~ te aim} 2 aye ptya © ff Freboun tie be- fe When I oeod we - l,1 et pt Dace lean ig im do chs — Maen thag-annfonnseth ons, Sam Sak RE GB SOE a | Gl A fa g NC. Po tracks from this © - DP 1 bough for — the store | seo races che - ann - aigh me don sio =" pa. ees ese tee eee ee) bing dalle igh nme by ity ea ened ak ne sae Wan Mak cupbout the wd hereon Capit seces tie Red me New Age-y Celtic, non rubato bs Dbsus pbs iu = i Abs. Bbm AbYIC DbTsus bo. wall” i fis] i ff PAULETTE: Isn't that relaxing? I's called “Celtic Moods.” pbyab nbs bb abjc Bbm Db/F ‘Gb{add2) Absus Qe bea abic brows ob obs with = En = ya Alita mbfonn Enya 4 * Gbypb Absus Ab Absus Ab a ci fr E ar ar and the whales. (Whale noises.) Agugna —miolia méra, : Asus ab bb abyc hm ‘bye ‘Gb{add2) ‘Gb Absus Ab ie ht ir ci and spend evry night 1 gan i , pre ~ tend _. guth-dn ist Btmim? aonar seal —