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RAKESH GOENKA Contact Address:
Senior SAP-FICO Consultant 10/C Halwasia Road
Email: 3rd Floor
Mobile : +919830811843 Kolkata-700007,
West Bengal

Career Objective:

To be in a challenging and professional environment in a result oriented company that seeks an ambitious and career
conscious person where acquired skills and there is ample scope for Organizational growth as well as individual

Current Status:

B.COM(HONOURS) Graduate From Umesh Chandra College under Calcutta University and working as Senior SAP
FI/CO CONSULTANT at Mayur Ply Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Organizational Experience:

I am working in SAP R3 for more than 3.6 Years and Overall More than 6 years (approx) as SAP FI/CO Functional
Consultant. I have good Knowledge in Accounts, Finance, Costing, and Company Law.

 Having experience as an Enterprise Resource Planning -- SAP FI/CO Consultant.
 Excellent analytical, quick learning and problem solving skills with a desire to work in a team oriented
 Achieve a challenging position in the area of Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP), where my
analytical, academic and professional skills can be used to the benefit of the organization as well as my
career growth
 Have good presentation, written and oral communication skills and good problem solving skills.
 Have good team spirit, goal oriented and high interpersonal skills.
 Handling the Entire SAP Operation’s of the Organization.

Professional Experience

Company : Mayurply Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Duration : April 2014 – Till Date
Designation : Senior SAP FI/CO Consultant.
Software & : SAP R/3(ECC 6.0) & SAP B1

About the Company
Mayur Plywood ( is one of the most well-known brands in Plywood Sector, in the country
today. With unprecedented growth in the past decade, it has been a journey of success few companies can boast of.
Quality has been the keystone to Mayur Plywood growth and the brand has been certified with the ISO 9001, ISO
14001, OHSAS 18001, and ISI mark. In addition, it has also been CE certified thanks to its compliance with European
A strong distribution network has given Mayur Ply, a pan-India presence, in even remote reaches of the nation.
With an extensive range of high quality products manufactured in ultra-modern plants near Kolkata, Chennai and
Bhavnagar (Gujarat), and an upcoming plant in Guwahati, Assam, Mayur Plywood has attained the coveted position
of being one of the leading players in the Indian plywood industry in just a short span of time. It Ranks 3 rd In the
Plywood Sector and has an Upcoming Cement Plant Located in Guwahati.

 Assisting User’s in Preparing BRS (Manual Bank Statement).  Actively Involved in Integration with P2P Cycle and O2C Cycle.  Undertaking Mass Changes in Vendor.  Conducting All Activities Related to Period End Closing (Balance Sheet Preparation) in SAP.  Configuring Validation’s in the System.  Creation of Cost Centre.  Ensuring Proper Accounting Process is followed by the Users.Customer Clearing.  Testing of Customer Ageing Reports.Responsibilies ( Roll Out .House Personnel’s to get the Daily Issue’s Resolved through them. PP). Customer and GL Master.  Good Knowledge of CIN (Country India Version). BDC.  Providing Functional Spec’s for Customer and Vendor Ledger Printing.  Maintaining / Reviewing Number Ranges.  Providing FI inputs in Integration for MM.  Preparation of USER MANUAL’S for User’s including Standard and NEW ABAP Development’s.  Tracking of Daily Issue’s assigned to Support Vendor until Solution is provided.  Providing Functional Spec’s for Journal Voucher Printing.  Providing Training to In. Vendor and General Ledger.  Understanding the Business Operations and Facilitation of Mapping the Same in SAP R3. Configuration .  Testing of TDS Report with Pan Number and Section Codes along with Document Number.  Configuring Double Customer / Vendor Master Data Check.  Reversal / Cancellation of Excise Invoice .  Preparation of Financial Statement Version (Balance Sheet) in SAP Environment.  Creation of Tax Codes (Including Changes in Excise as per 2015 Budget). Testing Activities:  Conducting QUALITY Testing of the ABAP Development’s Done by Support Partner in Various Situation’s.  Testing of Vendor Ageing Reports.  Upload of Master Data Through LSMW. Asset’s).  Actively Involved In GO LIVE of the Roll Out Project.  Testing of BRS BDC. House Bank. Support and End User Training ):  Understanding the requirements of the Management and Preparing the Deliverables From SAP R3.  Providing Support to Other Modules (MM. Vendor. Other Activities:  Receiving the Daily SAP Issue’s arising within the organization Post Implementation and resolving the same.  Capitalization of AUC. Vendor Clearing.  Testing of BADI implemented for Blocking MIRO before MIGO. Tracking Cheque Register and Voiding of Cheque’s.  Stabilizing the system immediately after the Go Live of the SAP R3 Implementation in the Organization. Development Activities:  Providing Functional Spec’s for Developing Cheque Printing Programme for Automatic Cheque Printing from SAP R3.  Good Knowledge of SD – Pricing Procedure Maintenances – Maintaining Condition Record.  Conducting Corporate Training for Management and End User’s. Profit Centre. SD. GL.  Receiving Feedback / Suggestion’s from Various Stake Holder’s of the Organization and Using the Input’s provided to get the Output from SAP.  Helping User’s in Ledger Reconciliations for Customer.  Testing Of New Tax Codes Created.  Involved in Finalizing the Blue Print for the Roll Out Project.  Configuring Depreciation Key and assigning the same to Assets.  Testing of Cheque Printing Programme for all Company Codes.  Undertaking Manual / Automatic -.  Understanding the Needs of End User’s and Delivering Solution’s to them.  Checking of Z Report’s From Time to Time. GL Clearing.  Creation of Internal Order’s. SD.  Assigning work / Issue’s to Support Partner and Ensuring Time Bound Delivery of the same.  Maintaining Cheque Lots.  Creation of Master Data (Customer.  Undertaking Depreciation Run.

 Creation of Customer/Vendor Accounts Groups.0). PROJECT:2 Client : THE GLOBAL GREEN COMPANY Role : Associate FI/CO Consultant Project Type : Post Implementation Project. Tolerance groups. Global Green is part of the Avantha Group. .  Creation of Primary and Secondary Cost Elements with appropriate Cost Element Category.  Configuring Automatic Payment Program and Dunning for Vendors/Customers. Company : Geematic Technologies (www. number ranges and Payment configuration etc. Retained earnings accounts.  Structuring the Organization as per Requirement. Responsibilies:  Understanding Business process of the Client’s Business and actively involved in SAP-FI/CO Implementation. Account groups. System : SAP R/3 ECC ( Duration : April 2012 – March 2014 Designation : FI/CO Consultant Software & : SAP R/3(ECC 6. Previous Organizational Experience: 1.0) Languages SAPSKILLS: Financial Accounting  Creation of G/L Masters.  Defining Fiscal year variant. Declaring Materials as Input and Output Materials. Defining Reference interest rates. Number Ranges.  Accounts Receivable (FI-AR).  Defining Interest Calculation Types. Assigning Accounts for Automatic Posting for Interest Calculations. 6.  Configuring Input/Output Tax and Withholding Tax. Database : Oracle9i Duration : July 2013-March 2014 CLIENT DESCRIPTION : Global Green is a multinational food company with a worldwide presence across the retail. and Customer/ Vendor Masters Creation. Document types and number ranges. It was originally set-up in 1992 as a joint venture between India’s Thapar group and a European partner.  Maintaining and Monitoring Credit Limit’s Assigned to Customer’s.  General Ledger (FI-GL) taking care for uploading master data and configuring the pre-requisites which includes Creation of Chart of Accounts. Distribution of costs.  Creation of Activity types and Statistical key figures and Allocation.Geematictechnologies. Cash Journals. etc. food service and industrial segments.  Integration with MM and SD modules. Since its inception. and Accounts Payable (FI-AP) master data uploading and maintaining the prerequisites such as creation of account groups. Controlling  Creation of Cost Centres and Definition of Cost Centre Hierarchy. Global Green has been the pioneer and leader of the pickled cucumber business out of India. Posting periods. House banks and Maintaining Field Status Variant and Posting Keys.  Maintaining Chapter ID’S of the Materials.

PST ROADLINES: October 2008 to March 2012 Role : Finance Executive RESPONSIBILITIES:  Assisting in maintenance of books of accounts and record maintenance. Database : Oracle9i Period : April 2012 to July 2013 CLIENT DESCRIPTION : Patnaik Minerals Pvt. one of the pioneers of mining in the state of Orissa and a visionary entrepreneur who made significant contribution to the development of the Keonjhar district in Orissa. Contribution in project:  Changes Bank data. Maintaining number ranges for planning and actual transactions in CO and Defining primary and secondary Cost Elements.  Verification of the book keeping and record maintenance of the clients.  Ensuring proper collection.  Preparation of MIS reports for management review purpose.  Establishing quality of works as per client specifics. disbursement and deposit of funds. Ltd.0).  Modification of terms of Payment for Customers/Vendors and Bank Inerest Payments.  Verification and evaluation of companies accounting policies and procedures and their application in the preparation of Books of Accounts and Financial Statements.  Creation of different Internal Order Types. House banks and GL accounts  Modification to the Field Status variants according to Clients specifications  Timely Run of interest calculation methods for Customers/Vendor Payments and Bank Interest. It is also an exporter of Iron Fines to China. PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS  Learned man power managing and time management in achieving some target within due date. Maintaining CO version. 6. Ltd. PROJECT: 1 Client : Patnaik Minerals Pvt. The company has emerged as a major producer of high grade calibrated iron ore (Fe +65%) for the raw material requirement of the Sponge Iron & Pig Iron plants in the region.  Acquired GOOD in Probation Appraisal. .  Assistance in creation of Financial Statement version as per client’s Requirement.  Configuration of Controlling area(CO) . Role : Associate FI Consultant Project Type : Post Implementation support System : SAP R/3 ECC (ver.  Creation of Cost Centre and Profit Centre Hierarchy and Cost and Profit Centre’s. (PMPL) was originally founded in 1955 by Late Bansidhar Patnaik.  Verification of compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.  Physical verification of stock and ensure that they are complying with the Stock records. 2.

11.Derivatives Module-2011 NSE.Com(H) Calcutta University (15 Years) Professional Qualification: Qualification University / Institution C. Final Cleared Group 1 ( Dec 2013 ) Other Qualifications: NSE. Hindi.NIMS Currency Module-2011 PERSONAL PROFILE Name : Rakesh Goenka.S. I hereby declare that the above information are true to the best of my knowledge Place: Kolkata. Date: Rakesh Goenka . Bengali. making new friends. Language known : English. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION Qualification University / Institution B. Inter Cleared ( 16 years) C. Hobby : Playing football.Capital Market Module-2008 NSE.S. Father’s Name : Ramesh Goenka .1986 Nationality : Indian. Date of Birth : 06.