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Contact Varja Hammar

+255 67 863 7218/ +46 720247781
P.O Box 15275, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Thottgatan 3, 621 58, Visby, Sweden
Skype Varja Hammar
Written on: June 2017

Dear Hiring Manager,
My name is Varja Hammar. I am a Communications Professional, specialized in NGOs and Sustain-
able Development looking for a position in Dar es Salaam with 0 - 50% travel time to rural areas
and/ or national and international travel. I am born and raised in Sweden and will now marry a
Tanzanian, which is the reason I relocate to our apartment in Dar es Salaam.

I am a skilled and innovative member of a team with leader experience. I have experience and educa-
tion within strategic communication as managing blogs, websites and social media content, manage
marketing strategies and stories of corporate identity, communicate success stories, create and
communicate materials for dissemination. I also have experience from the service sector. I have good
coherence of the greater picture and are picky with details and design. I am also a multitasker who
likes to dive into a task and with great loyalty to my employer.

I have a specially designed Bachelors Degree for communication work within NGOs. The target of
the education is specialization for Communication and Development. Oriented towards informa-
tion and communication-work in general and in different peace and development contexts in partic-
ular the focus is on developing communication, strategic communication for NGOs, field work,
intercultural communication and sustainable development. It is specially designed to create profes-
sionals within the field of well-aimed, recipient sensitive, communication for NGOs and interna-
tional sustainable business. I have great interest in my field and have at large worked with sustain-
able projects, speaks and events.

I am strategist, an innovative entrepreneur with a high level of understanding for and execution of
strategic communication on all levels; that creates effect and gives the receiver opportunities to
engage in the organization with its message, strategy and visions. I believe in constant learning and
work strategically and planned, letting my personal qualities and technical skills make sure that the
goal of my position and team are met with attention to detail, vision and effect.

With this I am looking for employment in Dar es Salaam. I would love to know more about you as a
employer so please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel we would fit as a team. Thank you for
taking time with my presentation and Cv. I hope to hear from you.


+255 67 863 7218/ +46 720247781 Thottgatan 3, 621 58, Visby, Sweden P.O Box 15275, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania