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The Practice Of Feng Shui
The 24 Mountains
Module 6 2010

202. To help you determine your facing direction and find the chart that applies to your house.5 .5 SouthEast 2 127.5 .352.5 West 2 262.5 .277.5 .5 NorthWest 1 292.5 . and so on.5 NorthWest 2 307.5 .5 South 2 172.5 NorthEast 3 052.5 NorthWest 3 322.5 East 1 067.5 North 2 352.322.5 North 1 337.5 North 3 007.187.5 .5 . 1 THE 24 MOUNTAINS THIS IS THE NAME GIVEN TO THE TWENTY-FOUR DIRECTIONS USED IN FLYING STAR FENG SHUI. refer to the table given below and look for the direction that corresponds to the facing direction of your house.5 .5 West 3 277. West 2.067.5 .The 24 Mountains .292.5 . .5 SouthWest 3 232.5 .5 . West is divided into West 1.5 .5 .232. South 2.037.5 .5 NorthEast 1 022.307.007.5 .5 East 2 082.262.5 2 Module 6 . . and West 3. EACH OF THE EIGHT MAIN DIRECTIONS IS DIVIDED INTO THREE SUBDIRECTIONS.5 .5 SouthWest 2 217.127. MAKING A TOTAL OF 24 SUBDIRECTIONS. and South 3. FACING DIRECTION BEARING (MAIN / FRONT DOOR) (IN DEGREES) South 1 157.142.5 NorthEast 2 037.5 .5 South 3 187. Each subdirection occupies fifteen degrees.5 SouthEast 1 112.157.337.112.5 . This means that South is divided into South 1.5 East 3 097.5 .5 West 1 247.5 SouthWest 1 202.5 SouthEast 3 142.5 .

By adding this into your Eight Mansions practice. The 8 heavenly stems To see which of the stems is good for you. The twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac make up half the 24 mountain directions. The 4 major trigrams These refer to the father. making it more potent and effective. On closer examination of the 24 mountains. it is extra beneficial for you to check if any of these directions also coincides with your good directions. you can go deeper into fine-tuning the selection of auspicious directions. To see which of these subdirections is best for you. W2 or W3 when determining your facing or sitting direction. Module 6 . you will find they are either yin or yang. W3 is a yin direction and so is more suitable for a man. The 24 mountains reveal if a bad direction’s bad influence is modified by other attributes of the 24 directions. This creates the balance of yin and yang.Having mastered Eight Mansions.e. Note that W1 is a yang direction and so is more suitable for a woman. EXAMPLE: If your KUA number is 6. You will also discover that the 24 mountains comprise the following: The 12 earthly branches The animal signs. But you can choose W1. W2 is the Rooster direction and thus is excellent for those born in Rooster years. then use the yin and yang essence to fine-tune your choice of directions. choose an element that produces the element of your yearly birth heavenly stem. mother. This is done by examining the subdirections of the main directions i. W2 and W3. you can select which subdirection amongst your good directions is most suitable for you. Upon doing so. W3 is again a heavenly stem direction known as Sin and its element is yin metal. Use this information to fine-tune your use of Eight Mansions feng shui. so this direction is suitable if you need metal based on your birth chart. When studying the 24 mountains. One of these trigrams will correspond to your status within the family and when tapping your good direction. looking at the 24 mountains (and their corresponding directions) to tell us other attributes and meanings of the subdirections. investigate them in detail and learn to use them in your selection of directions to maximize wealth and other kinds of luck.The 24 Mountains 3 . examine each of the three subdirections W1. you will discover that W1 is a heavenly stem direction known as Ken and its element is yang metal. If you are a Rooster. then your sheng chi or wealth direction is West. then W2 is the best for you. so you can see that the animal sign you are born under plays a crucial role in the selection of good fortune directions. son and daughter. When none of the subdirections seem to apply to you in any special way. This helps you to take your use of personalised Eight Mansions deeper.

The 24 Mountains . Of more immediate significance however is that while using Eight Mansions you can also factor in the direction that indicates your animal sign (i. 4 Module 6 . this means that if you have no choice and have to sit facing Northwest and NW is bad for you based on Eight Mansions.e. This extra dimension of the Eight Mansions formula is extremely useful for those whose choice of sitting. then you know that if you are born in the year of the Dog. But the element of the heavenly stem of the year 2008 is Earth. when one produces the other as in water with wood. This explanation is to tell you something about earthly branches and heavenly stems. the earthly branch of your year of birth).e. Bo ox ar Note also the name of the mountain. which is a RAT year. If you are a West group 1 3 Dr nk e y S ag person. 2 TWELVE BRANCHES OF THE 24 MOUNTAINS Half of the 24 mountains are 12 subdirections that represent earthly branches. This is another name for the 12 animal signs under which all of us are born. Generally. this mountain direction will be excellent 1 2 2 on Mo 3 2 1 3 for you. This is because NW 3 is the direction of the earthly branch that corresponds to the Boar. These 12 animal signs are located at fifteen degree intervals around the compass. It expands the possibilities and the alternatives for the practitioner considerably. which are used in advanced feng shui practice. The element of the year is known as its heavenly stem. or wood with fire) then the year is harmonious and auspicious. When these two elements are in discord (i. the good indications of the earthly branch of this p Sn ee Horse ak Sh subdirection will overide any bad luck brought e to you by this inauspicious West direction under the KUA formula. From the illustration you can see the corresponding Rat compass directions for each of the animal signs. If you are an East group person. If you were born in a Boar year however. Note that under the Chinese calendar system there are two elements in each year. 12 Horoscope Chart So in addition to KUA directions. they are in a destructive relationship with each other) it indicates a year with problems. One is the element of the earthly branch. shifting your angle of sitting slightly to face NW1 would nullify any harmful luck coming towards you. At a practical level. the element of the RAT or earthly branch is Water.e. 1 2 3 1 Do g 3 2 ge r ti N These earthly branch directions indicate an 2 NW NE 1 2 3 1 3 additional dimension that can be factored into 3 2 1 Rooster W E Rabbit Eight Mansions analysis. For instance. The elements of the year 2008 are thus said to indicate discord. in the year 2008. Your animal sign direction is considered auspicious for you. we should add the extra dimension of earthly branch direction to fine-tune your choice of directions. The heavenly stem element of Earth destroys the earthly branch element of Water. you know that NW1 is SW SE a good direction for you. when the two elements of the year are in a harmonious relationship (i. then NW3 would do the same for you. The animal sign that signifies your year of birth is described as your year earthly branch. sleeping and facing directions are limited. The animal signs are the earthly branches of the year. So if you are born in the animal sign of the Dog. the other is the element of the heavenly stem.

is the place of the trigram Kun which stands for the mother. which is signified by the subdirection NW2. since this direction will not then be so harmful and could even bring good luck. is the place of the trigram Chien which stands for the father. The Northwest.3 FOUR TRIGRAMS OF THE 24 MOUNTAINS In addition to fine-tuning based on the year animal signs. In practical feng shui. What is required is only a very subtle shift in direction and this can easily be done with a compass and a swivel chair. Shun which stands for the (middle) daughter. This part of the formula can only be used when you are considering these four directions. is the place of the trigram Gen (also spelt Ken) which stands for the (middle) son. This direction benefits the mother. 3. Thus: 1. then if you were a daughter of 巳 ting 丁 wu 午 ping 丙 the family. This direction benefits the daughter. then SW2 is definitely the direction for 24 Mountains you. 2. So instead of facing NW1 or NW3. mother or daughter of the family facing this direction. Now if you are the father. If you are the father. Using the Later Heaven Arrangement of the trigrams around the compass. you can fine-tune n n ge NW 2 乾 NE the auspicious corners of the home based on 2 NW NE s 寅 hih N 3 yiu which member of the family you are. you should face NW2. which is signified by the direction NE2. NE 戌 W1 The Four 甲 sin E1 chia W3 Thus if your KUA number is 8 and the SW 辛 Trigrams direction is good for you and you are the mau 卯 yu 酉 W2 E2 W E of the mother. which is signified by the direction SE2 is the place of the trigram. Southwest. son or daughter. Another way to use this information is when the direction is bad for you. then if you are the father in your family. This aspect of Eight Mansions overrides the East/West group lucky and unlucky directions thereby offering greater flexibility in using personalized directions. which is signified by the subdirection SW2. The Southwest. This direction / location benefits the father.The 24 Mountains 5 . these are the four trigrams that make up the 24 mountains in the secondary directions and they are placed in the Northwest. The Southeast. once you know this. whatever good luck happens to you will benefit the daughter also. This direction benefits the son. 4. zen 壬 cher 子 y癸 From this diagram you can see that these four subdirections correspond to a component kwa ha N1 N2 丑 i 亥 N3 oh ie ch 3 NW N E1N ch 艮 member of the family unit. Northeast and Southeast of the compass. these four directions correspond to the four component members of the family unit. you would fine-tune the way you sit to face the subdirection SE2 to get a double benefit. The Northeast. Module 6 . ken E3 W1 yi 乙 taking this direction means whatever good luck 庚 comes to you will also benefit the mother… 1 SW n辰 SE sen SW SE 3 e SW sh 申 2 2 SE 巽 If your KUA number is 1 and the direction SE ku SW un n 坤 1 S SE3 sh i未 S3 S2 we S1 tze is good for you. If the direction NW is bad for you because you are an East group person but you have no choice but to face NW in your office. This then is the huge advantage of knowing these fine points in compass formula feng shui. choosing NW2 of the three subdirections of the NW will nullify any bad effect this direction brings you under the Eight Mansions formula. you can also fine-tune based on another set of criteria represented in the 24 mountains.

The stem direction with an element that produces your stem element is good for you. This is illustrated below: The heavenly stems are the first and third cher 子 zen 壬 y癸 kwa subdirections of the four cardinal directions ha N1 N2 丑 i 亥 N3 oh NW ch E1 North. The stems are mau 卯 yu 酉 yang Ping (S1) and yin Ting (S3) W2 E2 W E of the 24 Mountains ken E3 W1 yi 乙 In the East. That which has an element that destroys or exhausts your stem element is bad for you. In the Chinese calendar system. East and West. Once you know that. So how do you determine if you are yin or yang? By noting your year of birth to determine if your heavenly stem is yin and yang. Next. Also if you are female. there are really 10 heavenly stems. the element is water. Note the ELEMENT of each of the 24 directions corresponding to the STEMS as follows: • S1 PING is YANG FIRE • S3 TING is YIN FIRE • N1 ZEN is YANG WATER • N3 KWAY is YIN WATER • E1 CHIA is YANG WOOD • E3 YI is YIN WOOD • W1 KEN is YANG METAL • W3 SIN is YIN METAL Use the productive and destructive cycle of the elements to find out which of the stem directions are good for you and which are bad. But facing a stem that brings luck is said to be very auspicious. you are yin. If you find it is not worthwhile to apply this part of the formula. But yin wood does not produce yang fire. The stems ih NW 3 yiu NE 戌 here are yang Zen (N1) and yin Kway (N3). the element is wood. take note of the elements above. you can pass on it.The 24 Mountains . 4 EIGHT STEMS OF THE 24 MOUNTAINS The last component set of directions of the 24 mountains are the eight heavenly stem directions. you will need to know the element of the heavenly stem of your year of birth. 1 The Eight 甲 sin E1 chia W3 辛 Heavenly Stems In the South. the element is metal. South. but in the twenty four directions of feng shui. The stems 巽 ku SW un n 坤 1 S SE3 sh are yang Ken (W1) and yin Sin (W3) we i未 S3 S2 S1 tze 巳 ting 丙 丁 wu 午 ping To use these directions in the fine-tuning of your application of Eight Mansions. note that yang water destroys yang fire. ch 3 N N ie 艮 n n ge NW 2 乾 NE 2 NW NE sh 寅 In the North. but also note if the elements have a yin or yang aspect. and if you are male. 6 Module 6 . But yang water does not destroy yin fire. Note also that yang wood produces yang fire. you are yang. The stems are 庚 yang Shia (E1) and yin Yi (E3) 1 SW 辰 SE sen SW SE en 3 SW sh 申 2 2 SE In the West. the element is fire. The use of the stems formula can be confusing and difficult. only 8 of the stems are represented.

It is really that simple. Then use the charts to analyze the Eight Mansions chi distribution within your home. You will find the Eight Mansions charts below. and thus different distributions of luck within the house Eight Mansions charts use descriptions to reveal the type of chi present. Compatibility of house and individual The Eight Mansions chart describes the distribution of luck in exactly the same way as Eight Mansions works for individuals. then you and the house are said to be compatible and the house is excellent for you.The 24 Mountains 7 . A house facing southeast would be best for you. since the distribution of luck in this house will correspond exactly to what is good for you. It is called Eight Mansions because there are eight types of 'mansions' with different distributions of chi. EXAMPLE: If your Kua number is 1. and find the chart that corresponds to that direction. When the chi distribution of your home exactly matches your personal good luck and bad luck directions based on your Kua number.5 EIGHT MANSIONS CHARTS The Eight Mansions charts are simply a visually efficient way of showing you how the eight types of luck are distributed in your home. A South Facing House A North Facing House SE S SW SE S SW Fu Wei Tien Yi Five Ghosts Nien Yen Sheng Chi Ho Hai Personal Health Romance Bad Luck Growth Nien Yen House Sits Six Killings E Fu Wei House Sits Chueh Ming W E W Personal North Total Loss Romance South Growth Six Killings Tien Yi Five Ghosts Chueh Ming Sheng Chi Ho Hai Health Total Loss Bad Luck NE N NW NE N NW Module 6 . then your sheng chi direction is southeast. Locate the chart that applies to your house by using a compass to check your house-facing direction. In this instance. This is different from the eight mansion charts and Flying Star charts which express information as numbers. that is on the facing or sitting directions of the house. it is east group people who would find the house to be compatible. All three use the nine squares (known as the Nine Palaces) to express the distribution of chi and all three are based on house orientations. Always try to live in a house that is compatible with your Kua number. since the good and bad luck directions would be the same for the house and for the individual.

The 24 Mountains . A East Facing House A West Facing House SE S SW SE S SW Tien Yi Fu Wei Six Killings Ho Hai Chueh Ming Nien Yen Health Personal Bad Luck Total Loss Romance Growth Sheng Chi House Sits Five Ghosts Five Ghosts House Sits Sheng Chi E W E W West East Ho Hai Nien Yen Chueh Ming Tien Yi Six Killings Fu Wei Bad Luck Romance Total Loss Health Personal Growth NE N NW NE N NW A Northeast Facing House A Northwest Facing House SE S SW SE S SW Five Ghosts Six Killings Fu Wei Six Killings Five Ghosts Tien Yi Personal Health Growth Ho Hai House Sits Tien Yi Chueh Ming House Sits Fu Wei E W E W Bad Luck SW Health Total Loss SE Personal Growth Sheng Chi Chueh Ming Nien Yen Nien Yen Ho Hai Sheng Chi Total Loss Romance Romance Bad Luck NE N NW NE N NW A Southeast Facing House A Southwest Facing House SE S SW SE S SW Sheng Chi Nien Yen Chueh Ming Chueh Ming Ho Hai Sheng Chi Romance Total Loss Total Loss Bad Luck Tien Yi House Sits Ho Hai Six Killings House Sits Nien Yen E W E W Health NW Bad Luck NE Romance Five Ghosts Fu Wei Six Killings Fu Wei Five Ghosts Tien Yi Personal Personal Health Growth Growth NE N NW NE N NW Extracted from Total Feng Shui and Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy by Lillian Too 8 Module 6 .