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AP Human Geography Summer Assignments

Welcome Geographers! I’m glad you have decided to take AP Human Geography. I’m looking
forward to a great year with you. We have a lot to cover so we need to hit the ground
running. This packet contains the summer assignments you will need to complete before
school begins. Please have them done and ready to hand in on the first day of class. Good
luck and let me know if you have any questions. Email me at:

Ø Map Packet Assignment
During the first week of class you will be tested on your knowledge of world political and
physical geography. You will need to know the location of all the countries of the world and the
major physical features. This packet includes regional maps that will help you memorize the
countries and features.

For each map in the packet:

• Label and memorize the countries and physical features from the provided lists
o The black dots on the maps are for major cities. While you will not be tested on
the cities, it is a good idea to be familiar with their names and where they are
located- you are required to label them.
o Political borders change! You may need to draw in some new boundaries.
o You do not need to color your maps, just label. Although some students have
found that by coloring them, they are spending quality time with the maps and it
helps them memorize them and makes them easier to study from.

To help you memorize the countries and major physical features I recommend using the
website You could have your family or friends quiz you using blank
maps, too. I have organized a tournament for students to practice and compete against each
other on the website . For information on how to join the
tournament, join our APHG Summer Google Classroom. Go to
and enter code: phfluoe. (Make sure that your are logged into google with your school email.)
I will post some other helpful resources to help you with your maps as well.
Puget Sound Guatemala Havana Czech Republic

U.S. & Canada Map Rocky Mountains Guyana Denmark

Countries Appalachian Haiti Physical Features Estonia
Canada Honduras Pacific Ocean Finland
Mississippi River
United States Jamaica Atlantic Ocean France
Missouri River
Mexico Mexico Gulf of Mexico Germany
Colorado River
Nicaragua Baja California Greece
St. Lawrence River
Cities Panama Caribbean Sea Hungary
Tropic of Cancer
Toronto Paraguay Panama Canal Iceland
Ontario Peru Amazon River Ireland

Boston Puerto Rico Andes Mountains Italy

New York City St. Kitts and Nevis Yucatan Peninsula Latvia
Latin America Map
Philadelphia St. Lucia Tierra del Fuego Liechtenstein
Washington D.C. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Falkland Islands Lithuania
Antigua and Barbuda
Atlanta Suriname Luxembourg
New Orleans Trinidad and Tobago Macedonia
Miami Uruguay Malta
St. Louis Venezuela Moldova
Houston Monaco
Denver Cities Europe Map Netherlands
Phoenix Sao Paulo Countries Norway
Los Angeles Mexico City Albania Poland
San Francisco Bogota Andorra Portugal
Costa Rica
Seattle Buenos Aires Austria Romania
Lima Belarus Russia
Physical Features Rio de Janeiro Belgium San Marino
Dominican Republic
Pacific Ocean Santiago Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbia
Atlantic Ocean Caracas Bulgaria Slovakia
El Salvador
Gulf of Mexico Brasilia Croatia Slovenia
Hudson Bay
Spain Stockholm Republic of the Congo Seychelles Indian Ocean

Sweden Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Sierra Leone Mediterranean Sea

Switzerland Physical Features Djibouti Somalia Lake Chad

Ukraine Atlantic Ocean Egypt South Africa Lake Victoria

United Kingdom English Channel Equatorial Guinea Sudan Victoria Falls

Vatican City Baltic Sea Eritrea South Sudan Congo River

Strait of Gibraltar Ethiopia Swaziland Niger River

Cities Rhine River Gabon Tanzania Sahara Desert

Amsterdam Daube River Gambia Togo Rift Valley

Berlin Black Sea Ghana Tunisia

Glasgow Mediterranean Sea Guinea Uganda Southwest Asia Map

Helsinki Alps Guinea-Bissau Zambia Countries

Istanbul Pyrenes Kenya Zimbabwe Armenia

Kiev Meridian of Greenwich/Prime Meridian
Lesotho Azerbaijan

Lisbon Liberia Cities Bahrain

London Africa Map Libya Accra Cyprus

Madrid Countries Madagascar Addis Ababa Egypt

Moscow Algeria Malawi Cairo Georgia

Munich Angola Mali Casablanca Iran

Oslo Benin Mauritania Durban Iraq

Paris Botswana Mauritius Johannesburg Israel

Prague Burkina Faso Morocco Kinshasa Jordan

Rome Burundi Mozambique Lagos Kuwait

St. Petersburg Cameroon Namibia Luanda Lebanon

Cape Verde Niger Mogadishu Oman

Central African Republic Nigeria Nairobi Qatar

Chad Rwanda Saudi Arabia

Comoros Sao Tome and Principe Land Features Syria

Democratic Republic of the Congo Atlantic Ocean Turkey
United Arab Emirates Russia East Timor Taiwan Strait Cities
East China Sea
Yemen Tajikistan Sea of Japan Sydney
Mt. Fuji
Turkmenistan Cities Canberra
Gobi Desert
Cities Uzbekistan Tokyo Java Sea Perth

Abu Dhabi Afghanistan Seoul North Asia Melbourne
Lake Baikal
Baghdad Iran Beijing Auckland
Cairo Bangladesh Pyongyang Bering Sea
Kamchatka Peninsula
Damascus Bhutan Hong Kong Kuril Islands Physical Features
Arctic Ocean
Dubai India Bangkok Barents Sea Micronesia
Aral Sea Melanesia
Jerusalem Maldives Calcutta Polynesia
Ural Mountains
Volga River Coral Sea
Mecca Nepal New Delhi
Atlas Mountains Tasman Sea
Riyadh Pakistan Manilla South Pacific Ocean
Tehran Sri Lanka Jakarta Dateline
Oceania Map Equator
Tel Aviv China
Tropic of Capricorn
Japan Physical Features
Physical Features Mongolia South Asia
Indus River Fiji
Mediterranean Sea North Korea K2
Suez Canal Mount Everest Kiribati
Sinai Peninsula South Korea
Red Sea Marshall Islands
Taiwan Ganges River
Rub al Khali Bay of Bengal Micronesia
Euphrates River Brunei Maldives Islands
Tigris River Plateau of Tibet Nauru
Caspian Sea Cambodia
Hindu Kush
Persian Gulf New Zealand
Indonesia Andaman Sea
Arabian Peninsula Indian Ocean Palau
Arabian Sea Laos
Caucasus Mountains Papua New Guinea
Mesopotamia Malaysia East Asia
Zagros Mountains Samoa
South China Sea
Myanmar (Burma)
Pacific Ocean
Solomon Islands
Philippines Philippine Sea
East Asia Map
Mekong River Tonga
Singapore Gulf of Thailand
Strait of Malacca Tuvalu
Kazakhstan Xi Jang River
Vietnam Yangtze River
Yellow River
Yellow Sea