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Job Application email

To :

Cc :
Subject: Job Application

Dear Mr. Bambang Soeprapto,

I am writing this E-mail in response to job advertisement in Daily News Newspaper for
accountant positions in your company. My name is Ario Pamungkas. I am 25 years old and I
have just completed my education in one of refutable university in Jakarta.

I want to apply for this position because the position is in accordance with my capabilities and
interest. I also have the criteria that you had described in your advertisement. I am a hard worker
and I have willing to develop. I believe I can contribute in your company

As your consideration, I’ve attached a scanned certificate and identity cards.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to have an interview at your convenience. I am
looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Ario Pamungkas
St. Sumpah Pemuda, no.1, Bandar Lampung Lampung


Bahagia Sejahtera St. No 3 . 2015. Best regard. Bambang Soeprapto Administrative Director PT. Merdeka. In response to your application for accounting position.Interview Invitation email To : ArioPamungkas@gmail. We are looking forward to seeing you. West Java 0753 4321 Bambang@yahoo. Mr. Please contact us by phone (0753 4321) or email. If you cannot follow the interview at the time and date specified. You will have an interview with the Department manager. Sudirman. I would like to invite you to attend an interview on March 1. Please bring your ID card to Cc : Subject: Interview Invitation Dear Mr. At 9 AM in our branch office in Bandar Lampung. The interviews will last about 30 minutes. Ario Pamungkas.

Jakarta. This meeting will also be attended by all representatives of our company branch offices. West Jakarta. Michel Gordon Michel Gordon Managing Director PT. Mother Blessing Jalan Merdeka. 2015 at the hall building in our company.Invitation email To: MerpatiPutih@gmail. Regards. The event starts from 10 am and will end at 6 pm. Abdurrahman Nugraha. no. This email is to invite you to a meeting that will discuss further the cooperation between our companies. This meeting will be held on April 2. Thanks for your attention. This meeting will also discuss further about the steps we are going to do to develop our company. in Merdeka Street. Jakarta . Merpati Putih attend to this meeting.9 Jakarta Cc: Sub: Invitation for Business Event Dear Mr. The reasons to invite you are to build trust in this cooperation that we had made and to create sense of kinship between our companies. It would be an honor for us if you and the rest of manager PT.

Thank you for teaching me a lot of valuable knowledge. I hope you will always healthy and happy. Thank you for being such a great teacher. deep down in my heart I am really happy to have a very good teacher like you. Ms. Your student. I know that I had a lot of mistake to you. I would never forget anything you have taught me.Dear Ms. but you still trying to understand us. You are so patient when dealing with all of your students. I often made you upset or angry because I was hard to be controlled. Rita.Pd. But. Although your students are sometimes naughty. Rita Suherman S. thank you for anything you have done. Handriadi .

Dear Mr. Thank you for helping me in comprehending a lot of subject that I could not comprehend well. Thank you for anything. Mr. I will also pray for you so that you will always become a great teacher like you are now. I want to say thank you for all what you have done during my last year in this school. Please always be healthy and be happy. Sudiro . Please pray for me to achieve my dream to be a teacher. Junaidi. I hope we still can meet each other after I graduated. Your student. Junaidi.Pd. Junaidi S. I feel really lucky to have a great teacher like you. I will miss you Mr. You are the best. you have inspired me to be a teacher as good as you someday.

Bramantyo. Through this letter I also want to thank you for anything you have taught to me. Indriyana . Thank you very much Mr. You are so kind and really patient dealing with the naughty students. See you Sir. I am so grateful that I have a dedicated teacher like you. I really liked it when you teach us. You are like my second father at school. Bramantyo you are my favorite teacher among the others. I really adore you. You made the lesson feels easy to understand. because I know that your students will enjoy your lesson and they can comprehend the lesson well. I will come to see you once I have become a successful person. Bramantyo Mr. Please wait for me. Please continue to teach like you do all this time.Dear Mr. You took a good care of me just like my father does. Your student.