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Volume 134 Issue 14 Friday, June 16, 2017 90 cents plus tax

INSIDE High Flying Motocross Action

O n Sunday, June 11th,
thrill seekers from
around Manitoba came to
Minnedosa and set their
two wheels to the track in
the McNabb Valley Moto-
cross, located northwest
of Minnedosa.
Th ere were approxi-
Marketing mately 300 entries for the
day’s races, and spectators
Excellence travelled from all over the
province to see the dust
Award For fl y behind the racers. The
two-wheeled racers took
Minnedosa to the skies on the jumps
along the dirt track, and
appeared to turn almost

3 sideways around the
many sharp turns.
“It was a good day,”
said Brad McNabb, pro-
moter for the event. “I
think we were a little down
on spectators.” He noted
that he was unsure of the
reason that the number of
spectators was down com-
pared to previous years.
There were many dif-
ferent races that took
place, and there were rac-
Support The ing opportunities for dif-
ferent age groups as well.
Food McNabb said they had
racers from age four to
Photos by Darryl Holyk

6 over age forty. This year,
fortunately, there were
no major injuries, and the
ambulance was not called
at all during the races.
tocross to Minnedosa.
Alex Macpherson, Mike
Wilman, Mike Shackel-
ford, Chris Relpers, Mike
Harms, Clark McNabb,
Les Moff at, Ryan Beatty,
and Trans Canada Motor
Sports all put in extra ef-
fort to make the day a suc-
cess. These people helped
pects of the day.
The event at McNabb
Valley has been held for
more than six years now,
and typically is held twice
be held once this year, but
they will host another race
day again in 2018.
Full race results from
Sunday’s event at McNabb
Th e track is main- Greg Harvey, Max McNabb with getting the a year. This year, Due to Valley Motocross can be
Happy tained by many people, McNabb, Donna Gwyer, track ready, manning the McNabb’s son, Ryder’s found at www.mbmotox.
Father’s Day and McNabb is grate- Gerry McNabb, Meghan entrance to McNabb Val- busy Motocross com- com
ful for their assistance in Harty, Tara Wark, An- ley, and for all of their petition schedule in the
Sunday, June 18th bringing Manitoba Mo- drew Koral, Cardale Tech, support in many other as- United States, it will only

7 out of 10
7 out of 10 Canadians take action after seeing an ad in a newspaper.
It just makes sense to advertise with your local newspaper!
Source: Totum Research