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July 2010
Letter from the Editor
Welcome to our first annual Youngstock issue! Who doesn't love babies? We have a full page of adorable foals, most of which were bred in Florida. We are fortunate to be surrounded by many successful breeders who continuously strive to breed the best. If you were ever wondering what it might cost to breed and get a foal on the ground, make sure you look at our table of associated costs on page ????????. Let's say you've bred a beautiful hunter prospect and win in the hunter breeding classes locally and at some prestigious shows up north. Do the in hand winners generally develop into winning performers? Seems this is debatable- and Kara Austin supports the side that purports American bred horses often DO become the next generation of successful performers. I think you'll recognize a number of the examples she uses in the article. Have you ever watched or participated in a breed inspection? Many are open to the public and offer good opportunities to learn what's involved in acceptance to a particular breed registry. Find one near you on the list of inspections in our Calendar of Events on the inside back cover. Look for our ad about the Junior issue (September) and the contests offered. Submit an essay telling us why your mom deserves recognition as a 'Super Show Mom' and your story may be published in the magazine. Thank you for reading Central Florida Equestrian magazine. Happy Riding,

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4 Featured Farm: Marabet Pg? A Family Affair: The Sakurai's Pg? 2010 Foal Photo Contest Pg? Hunter Breeding Debate Pg? Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber Pg? Cost of Foal on Ground

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Cover: Bragging Rights MF (2009), first foal by our stallion Balt’Amour, meeting his half sister Caught in the Act MF (in fly mask), cousin Palladium MF, and Pistol Envy TFH.


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Jumping Clinic



A Family Affair
Q&A Interview with Monica, Michele & Makoto Sakurai of Sakura Hill Farm in Gainesville By Sally Harvey How, where, when and why did the family business begin? Background: Michele (Mom) rode as a junior before moving to NYC to pursue a long career as an interpreter at the United Nations. Makoto (Dad) retired in 1996 as CEO of an international trading company. Daughter Monica started riding ponies at Arcadia Farm in Judy Richter's Coker Farm, Bedford, NY, moving up over the years. At 14 she competed in the USET Talent Search East Coast Finals at Gladstone and in the Medal/Maclay finals at Harrisburg on her Equitation horse, Cat Burglar. Sakura Hill Farm, LLC, (pronounced sa'-koo-rah - translates as "well where the cherries grow") began as a dream shared by Michele and Makoto Sakurai and Monica, to have a farm to produce outstanding jumpers and hunters. Michele wished to immerse herself in learning about bloodlines and provide Monica with high-quality prospects. Monica wanted to have a group of outstanding individuals to start and compete, while Makoto looked forward to retirement, gardening and playing with the babies. The dream became a reality with the purchase of the Gainesville, FL property and the first foundation mares in 2005 results obtained in competition by potential sires and their progeny. Because we have started and competed our Stallions are carefully selected to be mares ourselves, we have a clear idea of the perfect match for their mares; to their strengths and weaknesses which we complement the strengths of their broodmares and develop size, bone seek to complement by our choice of sires. We pursue our dream of producing and movement. international caliber jumpers and A-circuit hunters. Michele, Makoto & Monica Photo taken by Mary E. Andrews What do you most enjoy about the business? We love the babies each springeach a carefully planned outcome that nonetheless never fails to surprise! Michele enjoys meeting and learning from outstanding strong and competent women of "a certain age" who are successful in the industry. Monica likes competing in the jumper and hunter rings and networking, while Makoto loves the babies. What roles do you each play in the business? Monica is outstanding at marketing and Internet communications, plus she starts and competes the horses; Michele makes the breeding decisions; and Makoto keeps us on the straight and narrow by keeping the books and infusing the farm with his own sense of serenity. Tell me about your breeding program and your aspirations We chose to focus on a few Dutch mare lines, specifically the -niki, Bella, and -nita mare lines, renowned for producing international jumpers. (Visit p for more information on these lines.) Knowing that Ekstein (Team Nijhof-bred) was located somewhat off the beaten track and that his semen neither shipped nor froze we chose him as a sire, dam-sire and grand-sire of our future broodmares. Hickstead's (Ekstein is his dam-sire) triumph at the Hong Kong Olympics provided an unexpected endorsement of our choice! We continue to focus on adding strong We like to partner up-and-coming young riders with our talented young horses, facilitating that partnership by making it affordable. Maintaining long-term relationships with our clients is of utmost importance. We like to bring the horses along through their 5th year, then place them in the hands of a professional. Prior to breeding, we compete the mares to ensure they have talent to pass along to their offspring. The mare Sakura Hill Zorriola was imported as a yearling in 2006 and now is owned in a training/competition partnership with the Ocala-based GP rider, Aaron Vale. He has competed successfully with her at the 6 yr. old YJC Qualifying classes at HITS Ocala. We look forward to watching them compete this fall and winter.

What advice might you have for aspiring breeders?
Start small with quality! The rest will follow.

For more information on Sakura Hill Farm visit the website:

Sakura Hill Zorriola 2004 KWPN Mare (Ekstein x Corrado I) and Monica at the 2009 KWPN Keuring Photo taken by Reg Corkum

Sakura Hill Campai 2010 colt (Cunningham x Alla 'Czar) Photo taken by Jackie Finlayson



Breed Inspections: A Simple Description
By Heather Luing, MD Breed inspections are an annual and much anticipated event for breeders, but for the uninitiated, they may appear confusing. All of the major Warmblood and Riding Pony (or Sport Pony) registries have an annual inspection tour to evaluate foals and potential breeding stock (mares and sometimes stallions). Thankfully, there is much similarity from registry to registry although some differences in rules and breed standards do exist. Usually before being registered, a foal must be inspected by his registry. The breeder will trailer the foal, often alongside its dam, to an inspection site. The judges will evaluate the foal's conformation in hand and then usually grades its gaits at liberty. The judges are comparing the foal to the breed standard, and are looking for many aspects of conformation such as correct legs, an uphill build, and harmonious lines. They also look for the foal's correctness of gaits as well as elasticity and natural suspension. The inspectors will verify the foal's bloodlines with a breeding certificate, issued by the stallion owner, and the dam's registration papers. Some registries will pull a sample of mane or

tail hair for a DNA verification. Registries require that the foal's dam and sire have already been inspected and recorded into their registries mare and stud books. Foals are often then branded or microchipped. Some registries award exceptional foals a premium status, while a few grant numerical scores, in addition. Although this is only one day in a foal's life, it is an important one. Therefore, breeders usually braid and groom their foal to look their best. When breeding stock is presented at an inspection, it is not for registration, but rather for approval to a breeding book. Most Warmblood and Riding Pony registries have open books. This means there is a range of acceptable breeds that are eligible for inspection as breeding stock. Besides the Warmblood registries, thoroughbred and Arabians are also frequently eligible for Warmblood and pony inspection. In addition, many pony breeds such as Welsh, New Forrest, and Connemara are eligible in Riding Pony books. If a mare has an appropriate pedigree and sufficient quality of scores, she will be entered into the Main Mare Book. A mare with deficit in pedigree or quality may be placed in a lower mare book, often call a Pre-Mare Book. Exceptional mares

may be awarded a premium designation. Breeders are aware of the importance of these designations. Usually for a foal to receive full registration or be eligible in the future for premium mare status or stallion approval, their dam must be in the Main Mare book. At an inspection, mares are shown in hand, wearing a bridle. They are then shown on the triangle at the walk and trot. It is advantageous to have an experienced handler who can show a mare to her best and keep up with her most extravagant trot. The pinnacle of the inspection process is stallion approval. Very few colts are of the quality and class to be licensed as a breeding stallion. However, licensing is just the first step. A young stallion must then prove himself in a standardized 100 or 30 day test or with performance results in the show ring. This starts the cycle again, as mares are bred to the newly licensed stallion, foals are born, and the inspections continue. Heather Luing MD owns Whispered Wish Weser-Ems, a German Riding Breeding facility in Ocala Florida. She is also an FEI dressage competitor and stands the dressage stallion Burberry.



Quest for WEG
2010 Games Ticket Prices Lowered for Early Rounds in Special Promotion
Offer Available Through September 6th JULY 14, 2010 LEXINGTON, KY—71 days to Go— Select tickets for Dressage, Endurance, Eventing, Jumping and Reining competitions at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games are now available at with a 30 percent savings in a special promotion. The reduced prices will be available in a limited time offer, starting at 10 a.m. EDT on July 15 and run through the Labor Day weekend, ending on September 6. Only early session tickets in the competitions listed and tickets for Endurance are offered at the special rate. No other tickets are included in this offer and there will be no refunds for previously purchased tickets. In addition to viewing the world championships, all event tickets allow spectators to experience world-class food, shopping, music, the Equine Village, with world-renowned equine exhibitors, clinicians and demonstrations and the exciting, family-friendly EquiMania, as well as the Kentucky Experience Tourism exhibit and the Alltech Experience Pavilion. For assistance & general information, call the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Information Center: 888-934-2010. About the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games are the world championships of eight equestrian disciplines recognized by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI). The Games are held every four years and this will be the first occurrence in the United States. Tickets to the 2010 Games are still available and can be purchased at, at, through the Games Info Call Center at 1-888-934-2010, or at your local Ticketmaster outlet. The Games will be broadcast on NBC Sports, which marks the largest commitment to network coverage of equestrian sport in U.S. television history. The 2010 Games are expected to have a statewide economic impact of $167 million, and current sponsors include Alltech, Rolex, John Deere, Ariat International, Inc., Meydan, UK Healthcare and Kentucky Ale. For more information on the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games please visit,

Eventing Hilda Donahue-Apopka
Hilda is mad keen to now set her focus on London 2012 and is seeking a super talented youngster to prepare. Most successful upper level riders have at least two horses competing.

include Hilda and Extravagance. It is exciting that Ireland has a competitive team. As we all know and Genny Elliot (team coach and selector) stated "anything can happen" between now and the end of Sept. Some of you may recall the 1996 Atlanta Olympics- the show jumping team called up Damien Gardner last minute to fill the spot of horses & riders deemed unfit to compete. We wish them the best but in case we are needed we are staying fit & ready for Kentucky. Summer plans include more gallops and (hopefully) training time with Anne Gribbons during July & early August.

With another victory under his belt, Weber will also be competing at the Iron Horse CDE this month, where he will be teaming up with sponsors Charles Owen and SUCCEED to raffle off a helmet for a spin on their national “Helmets 4 Riders” campaign called “Helmets 4 Drivers”! Following Iron Horse, Weber’s focus will be on the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky this fall. A veteran of two previous World Equestrian Games, Weber said he would love to win medals for his country while on home turf.

Combined Driving Chester Weber-Ocala

Pony Club Quadrille Team to perform a week of Demonstrations at The 2010 World Equestrian Games
The United States Pony Club Dressage Quadrille Team will perform Dressage demonstrations during the World Equestrian Games Dressage & Eventing Competition in Lexington, Kentucky, scheduled for the week of September 29 through October 2, 2010. Currently, 15 Pony Club members are working to perform the Dressage Quadrille. The team members are from 13 different states and will travel with their horses to Kentucky to prepare for the demo

Hilda & Extravagance-The Fork CIC*** WEG UPDATE: The Irish Team for WEG has been selected. There were 14 well qualified candidates to choose from, Hilda and Extravagance one of the 14.... Not too shabby given their relatively recent partnership and much effort to improve upon X’s poor show jumping history. The best team to represent Ireland does not

Chester Weber continued his winning streak – this time on Canadian soil – when he won the FEI Four-In-Hand division at the Bromont International Driving Competition

10. 8.


Quest for WEG

September- Junior Issue!
Contests & Prizes: In Honor of Helmet Safety Awareness…
Hunt for Helmets
(find randomly placed throughout the Sept issue) Instructions provided in September issue on page 3 *Prizes for 1st 10 to find and respond by email

At the WEG competition, the U.S. Pony Club Dressage Quadrille Team will perform to music and choreography being planned by two FEI Dressage Rider/Coaches. The members are Katie Berube(NH), Noel Brown(Clermont, FL), Jess Buchanan(VA), Maggie Davis(PA), Christina Hoffman(NC), Melissa Homann(IL), Katlyn McMorris(IL), Claire Tyner(TN), Arial Wyatt(OH), Kiersti Wylie(CA), Elise Freed(MI), Courtney Kerns(VA), Caitlin Lane(IN), Rebecca Smith(OH), and Samantha Sedgewick(CT). In addition, the 15 riders are assisting with the planning of the routine. All the planning can be seen on the Facebook page, WEG Pony Club Quadrille. The Pony Club’s trip and Kentucky one week preparation in Lexington is sponsored by Florida Equine Veterinary Services, FeedmarkUSA, RJ Classic clothing, Troxel Helmets and other private donors. “Attending the World Equestrian Games is a grand opportunity for the Pony Club,” says Dr. Erin DenneyJones, president and owner of FEVS. “We are proud to sponsor these riders as they showcase their talents before an international audience.”

Best Show Moms
Write a poem or essay telling us why your mom is a super-show-mom! *Yours could be published along with recognition for your special show mom in the September issue and on the website, so hurry and send it to or request mailing address

What else is planned for the September Issue?
2010 Pony Finals & the Junior & Youngrider Championships!

To reserve space in this issue: Deadline August 10th

Weaning Services Young Horse Handling Specialized Training Programs Top Quality Feed & Hay Farrier On-Site
Renan Sauer and Laura McCormick 352-207-7475 352-263-9054

Noel Brown & Expresso (Clermont)




410-804-5813 410-804-5813

13. 11.





Goal oriented training programs for aspiring and serious competitors with FEI Trainer & Course Designer Mauricio Garcia and Certified Trainer & owner of Archer Farms, Sharleen Exler

Archer Farms Offers
Full Board, Lessons, Training Sales & Quality H/J Leases
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Purina Feed

Mauricio Garcia : 787-243-4045 Sharleen Exler : 352-359-4149
The facility is located in ARcher FL, 20 min from HITS and 10 min from Canterbuty Showplace

Bits & Tips
The exciting Jumper because you use software that keeps your boarders informed about the care Stakes will close the & well-being of their horses; Have a evening's activities. The second phase of waiting list of boarders because you took the extra step to show how much Stallion Inspections you care about their horses. will commence with Imagine how cool it would the "at liberty" and free jumping portions be to Just review, click and send monthly itemized invoices; on Saturday Have invoices paid on time because morning. your boarders have been updated & Announcements of informed about charges as they are any stallion incurred; Use software that pays for approvals will occur itself by adding a couple dollars to the at completion of monthly board as it provides a fantastic these last service for your clients. requirements. Think about the time you could save Branding is also available for any ATA horses that need it. To Having organized horse history records that you can save to your computer; wrap up the convention, on Saturday being able to assign tasks at night for evening the convention Banquet will be your workers to complete the next day; held at the hotel with Special Awards, Using software that takes minutes to dinner, and dancing. Contact the ATA learn, tracks your plans and gives office at or peace of mind knowing you won't phone 740-344-1111 for prices of dinners forget a thing. and more details on any events. What a relief it would be to Freedom Ride Celebrates 10 years with Never lose data or need to back up Arabian Nights! your files because they are already MARK YOUR CALENDAR to join us August safely stored and backed up for you. 15th for an evening of enchantment and adventure when Freedom Ride joins the talented team at Arabian Nights for our 10th Annual Fundraiser. Guests will be dazzled with a pre-show demonstration by IMAGINE A SOFTWARE THAT WILL: Freedom Ride's outstanding riders and Pay for Itself horses, experience the amazing Arabian Nights Increase Revenue show and enjoy a great meal- All for the discounted price of Keep You More Organized $25.00/person. 3081 Arabian Nights Blvd Improve Communications Orlando, FL 34747 Tickets: $25/person Reduce Billing Questions (child 3 and under FREE) Show tickets may be Limit Phone Tag and purchased online Create a Waiting List of Horse Boarders OR Call 407-293-0411 Check out this awesome Boarder Management Software! What would it feel like to Be the talk of the horse community

The 36th Annual American Trakehner Association Convention will be held Nov. 11-13 in Jacksonville All events at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center are free and open to the public. Events at the convention hotel, the Hyatt Regency Riverfront, are also open to the public, but advance reservations must be made and tickets purchased. A Stallion Service Auction will take place during the convention, with some of the stallions on offer being present during events. On Thursday at 1:00 p.m. the Mare and Foal Show begins, with special Produce of Dam, Get of Sire, and Materiale classes this year in addition to the "routine" age/sex groupings. Also as an incentive this year, if a Trakehner weanling or yearling is shown in the Mare and Foal Show as well as presented for voluntary marks from the Inspection Committee; the owner will receive a $50 check from the office at the Convention. Thursday evening is an informal "meet and greet" reception and dinner at the hotel, at which ATA Horse of the Year awards will be presented. It's a great time to mingle with members, talk about horses, and meet the Inspectors! On Friday, Mare Inspections (and Voluntary Foal Inspections) start at 8 a.m. and as soon as that wraps up, Stallions being presented for inspection will have measurements taken and do their hard surface and triangle work. Hunter Stakes and a brief educational session from experienced Hunter judge Sally Harvey, who is also a member of the USHJA Breeders Committee, will wrap up the day's activities. That evening, founding ATA member Jean Brinkman of Valhalla Farm is planning another spectacular exhibition and stallion parade.

More Boarders. More Profit. More Freedom.

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What does it cost to put a foal on the ground?
Beyond the cost of stud fees, booking fees, Fed Ex for “colt in a can” shipped semen and feeding of the mare, there are veterinary fees. 40 years ago, many breeders simply waited for a mare to come into estrus, then bred her every day or every other day until she went out of heat. Or in the case of pony breeders, simply turned the mare out with the stallion. As in humans, all sorts of complications can arise. Today’s reproductive science doesn’t guarantee that a healthy foal will result, however the chances are greatly improved. The following schedule was submitted by a reproduction specialist in Southeastern Pennsylvania, who wishes to remain anonymous. Costs may vary according to region, but this is the basic recommended schedule of care.

Open Mare (prior live birth but not currently in foal)
3 Reproductive palpation/ultrasounds Lutalyse shot (short cycles the mare to bring her in to heat .) 6 Farm calls Uterine culture and sensitivity Uterine treatment 2 shots Oxytocin (causes uterine contractions to facilate fluid removal from the uterus after breeding or uterine infusion) Deslorelin shot (ovulatory drug) 3 Pregnancy ultrasounds Caslicks procedure Total: $850.00 bare minimum

Maiden Mare (Never been Bred)
3 Reproductive palpation/ultrasounds 6 Farm calls ($40-65/trip for this particular vet) 3 Ultrasounds for pregnancy 16d/ 30d/ 45d 1 Shot of Deslorelin (ovulatory drug) 1 Lutalyse shot Total: $480.00 bare minimum

Pregnant Mare Maintenance
Pneumobort k shots 7/ 9/11 months Prefoaling shots (assuming mare previously had series of three botvac) Coggins Open caslicks 3 farm calls Total: $358.07

Baby's Here (no complications)
New foal exam Monitor IgG for level of immunity to assure foal’s healthy immune system Mare post partum physical exam Placental evaluation Farm call Total: $177.30

Additional Charges
Twin reduction $65.00 Hormonal Treatment: Regumate $335/mo (required if twins are reduced) Or injectable Progesterone $150/10 weeks

Dystocia or Foaling complications can easily add an additional $500-$15,000

18. 8.


CF Equestrian 2010 Foal Photo Contest

Top: Class Act Farm's Cassadega Z by their stallion Z . Peanut, the barn dog, is the self appointed babysitter; Marabet Farm's Bragging Rights MF (2009), first foal by their stallion Balt'Amour, Haven Sport Horse's Five KingsHsH colt by Berlin X Diamant de Semilly X Quidam de Revel 2nd row: Sakura Hill Campai colt (Cunningham x Alla 'Czar) Photo taken by Jackie Finlayson; Iconic Bay's Kyra filly is by Simsalibim out of D'Eloquent Step & Kinetic is by Mezcalero out of Naivitie; Flying Lion Farm's Simply Saniyha filly by Sonntagskind out of Skippin Jackie by Skippin Reed 3rd row: (Kinetic); Marabet Farm foal meets the neighbors; Marabet Farm's Twins- taking a nap 4th row: Whispered Wish Weser-Ems' Masquerade, reg Weser-Ems colt by Wedderlie Mardi Gras out of Nootka; Marabet's Glory first standing; Flying Lion's Baron Bonaventure colt by Baron Van Gough out of Imported Westfalen mare Passadena W by Polony; Eighth Wonder by Escapade out of Ms. Ritmo Latino, owned by Allison Armento of Worth A Shot Farm (with Carson the kitty!) 410-804-5813


20. 8.


NEW!! Stable & Trainer Directory
605 Charlie Wiggins Rd. Plant City. Florida 33567

Dan Crist 813-763-1411

Specializing in : Starting under saddle first 60 days Foundation Training Problem Solving Trail /Pleasure

Brock Clermont
General Manager / Head Trainer
5982 225th St E. Bradenton, FL, USA 34211 Tel. : 941-322-9196 Mob. : 561-578-1377 Fax: 941-322-9196





Ridge Point Stables
Marylu Gallagher

Located in Archer, FLorida 20 Min from HITS & 10 Min from Canterbury Showplace Full Service Boarding, Lessons, Training & Sales Mauricio Garcia : 787-243-4045 Sharleen Exler : 352-359-4149

The Pro's Nest
Young Horse Show Preparation and Handling Weanlings to Three Year Olds Consulting and Guidance 352-425-5987 or 352-362-2305

Brokewell Farm
Trainer: Joe Williams Specializing in starting young show horses for H/J, western pleasure, huntseat and general purpose. We also start ponies! Farm offers affordable board, training, sales and lessons. Learn to ride like a classic hunter. All ages*Flexible Scheduling*Summer Camps Excellent references 352-342-4416 Ocala, FL

NEW Stable & Trainer directory !
$30 1 month $165 6months $300 1 year 410-804-5813

Young Stock Broodmares Performance Horses
Breders of World-Class Show jumpers, Equitation horses, and Sport ponies from the finest European bloodlines

For Sale and Lease
Michele, Makoto and Monica Sakurai
7808 NE 75th Street Gainesville, Florida 32609

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July-August Event Calendar
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29-1 Fox Lea Plain Brown Wrapper H/J "A" $25,000 Grand Prix 31-1 Silver Sands H/J SS-New Smyrna 7-8 HSITP H/J @ Jacksonville 14-First Coast H/J- Clay Co Fairgrounds 14-15 Summer Sizzler II Dressage Canterbury Showplace 14-15 HSITP H/J @ Weirsdale 15- Freedom Ride @ Arabian Nights 18- Techniques in Sports Medicine Therapy Dr. Erin Denny-Jones of Florida Equine Vet 250 County Home Rd, Sanford, FL 32771 407-665-5560 20-21 GOHJA Over the Hill Farm 21- Silver Sands Dressage SS 21- Dressage, Jump & 3 phs SS 21- 22 SEHJ H/J SS-Tampa 27-29 NFHJA Summer "A" 28- Dressage & H/J SS- Vero Beach 28-29 Fox Lea Open H/J SS 28-29 Suncoast Dressage USDF/USEF Bob Thomas EC- Tampa

Breed Inspections
Aug 12-GOV inspection-Orlando High Life Farms Aug 13-GOV inspection Yancey FarmOcala Judy Yancey 352-369-5970 Sept 10-11 Belgian WB Inspection-Sanford WB Equestrian September 12-KWPN NA inspectionReddick Pennock Point 352-466-3661 Sept 23-ISR/OLD inspection-Reddick Pennock Point 352-466-3661 October 4th-AHHA inspection-Reddick Pennock Point 352-466-3661 October 13-Amer Hanoverian Soc-Reddick Inspection hosted by Home Again Farm & Star Quarry Farm, Pennock Pt 352-468-1670 November 11-13 ATA Convention Jacksonville Equestrian Center 740-344-1111 Check as well as our online event calendar for future inspections and information.

3-5 NFHJA Labor Day "A" 4-5 Sunshine Sport Horse Association Breed Shows Sunshine Classic I & II Canterbury Showplace 10-11 GOHJA Barrett Farm 10-12 Fox Lea Farm September H/J "A" 11-12 SEHJ H/J SS-Tampa 11-12 HSITP H/J @ Jacksonville 18-19 Marion Saddle H/J SS 18-19 Sumter EC H/J 25-First Coast H/J- Clay Co Fairgrounds 25-26 PCHA Non-Rated Show 25-26 HSITP H/J @ Canterbury



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