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Country: Syria

Committee: General Assembly #2

Delegate: Vanessa Rodriguez
School: High Tech High Chula Vista
Topic: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

The Syrian Refugee Crisis is a global issue that affects countries on an economic, social, and political
level. Syria has been in a conflict that has forced more than half of all Syrians to leave their homes. An
estimated 4.9 million Syrians have fled the country and more than 6 million are internally displaced. The
crisis, described as the worst humanitarian disaster of our time, has caused untold suffering for Syrian
men, women and children. Because of this civil war, Syria is committed to bring this conflict to an end.

In 2011 the war began in the southern city of Deraa. It began because local people decided to protest after
15 school children were arrested and reported for writing anti-government graffiti on a wall. This
triggered nationwide protests demanding President Assad's resignation. Violence escalated and the
country descended into civil war as rebels were formed to battle government forces for control of cities,
towns and the countryside. The war is being fought by several factions like the Syrian Government and its
allies , Sunni Arab rebel groups, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levet and many more. Syria
opposition groups formed the Free Syrian Army and seized control of the area surrounding Aleppo and
parts of Syria. Fighting reached the capital Damascus and second city of Aleppo in 2012. By June 2013,
the UN said 90,000 people had been killed in the conflict. By August 2015, that figure had climbed to
250,000, according to activists and the U.N. International organizations have accused the Syrian
government, ISIL and rebel groups of severe human rights violations and of many massacres. The conflict
has caused a major refugee crisis. The refugee crisis has caused more than 4.5 million people fleeing
Syria since the start of the conflict, most of them women and children. Neighbouring Lebanon, Jordan and
Turkey have struggled to cope with one of the largest refugee exoduses in recent history. About 10% of
Syrian refugees have safety moved into Europe, creating political divisions as countries argue over
sharing the burden.

Resolutions are being made in Syria by The United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Mr.Staffan de
Mistura is the current director of Villa San Michele on Capri and United Nations special envoy for the
Syria Crisis, he is working tirelessly to bring the parties to the negotiating table and an end to the war.
The Special Envoy has also convened the parties to the United Nations office at Geneva for intra Syria
talks. Rounds were held from 23rd of February to the 3rd of March 2017 and the second one was held
from the 23rd of March to 31st of March 2017. The government is also focusing to schedule and process
to draft a new constitution and the holding of elections as the basis for a Syrian-led , Syrian-owned
process to end the conflict of the war.

The resolving of this conflict will require the incoming president administration to renew its commitments
to the United States refugee resettlement program and to challenge the international community to
provide greater support to the frontline states that are supporting and helping these Syrian Refugees.With
neither side able to inflict a decisive defeat on the other, the international community long ago concluded
that only a political solution could end the conflict in Syria.


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