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One Day Remains

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One Day Remains is the debut studio album by the

American rock band Alter Bridge, released on August 10, One Day Remains
2004 on Wind-up Records. The album was produced by Ben
Grosse.[1] It has been certified Gold in the United States with
worldwide sales reaching 750,000.[2][3] It is said the album
received its name from the band members' attitudes that life
should be lived as if only one day remains. Guitarist Mark
Tremonti also said in an interview that the title is a reference
to the title cards that appeared in the movie Donnie Darko,
and it is one of the names the band considered using before
settling with Alter Bridge.

Contents Studio album by Alter Bridge

Released August 10, 2004
1 Track listing
2 Track information Genre Hard rock, alternative metal, post-
2.1 "In Loving Memory" grunge, Heavy metal
2.2 "Metalingus" Length 55:23
3 Chart performance
3.1 Album Label Wind-up
3.2 Singles Producer Ben Grosse, Alter Bridge
3.3 B-sides
4 Personnel Alter Bridge chronology
5 References One Day Fan EP
Remains (2005)
Track listing Myles Kennedy chronology
Second Skin One Day Fan EP
All tracks written by Mark Tremonti, Myles Kennedy, Brian
(2001) Remains (2005)
Marshall, and Scott Phillips[8]. (2004)
Singles from One Day Remains
One Day Remains
No. Title Length
1. "Open Your Eyes"
1. "Find the Real" 4:43
Released: June 11, 2004
2. "One Day Remains" 4:05
2. "Find the Real"
3. "Open Your Eyes" 4:58
Released: February 10, 2005
4. "Burn It Down" 6:11
5. "Metalingus" 4:19 3. "Broken Wings"
6. "Broken Wings" 5:06 Released: June 27, 2005
7. "In Loving Memory" (feat. string 5:40
arrangements by David Campbell )
8. "Down to My Last" 4:46
9. "Watch Your Words" 5:25
10. "Shed My Skin" 5:08
11. "The End Is Here" (feat. string arrangements 4:57
by David Campbell)
Total length: 55:23
Track information Professional ratings
Review scores
"In Loving Memory"
Source Rating

Although never released as a single, "In Loving Memory" is Allmusic [4]

one of the band's most popular songs among fans and is Blender [5]
performed frequently in concert. On November 5, 2008 in
Glasgow, an electric version of the song was performed for KNAC [6]

the first time, and has since become a regular feature in their Slant [7]
live shows.

Mark Tremonti wrote the song about the death of his mother, Mary Elizabeth Tremonti. In an interview he said:
"There are a lot of themes on this record that are very personal, for example 'In Loving Memory' is about my
mother who recently passed away. In terms of purely personal significance, you cannot get any deeper than
that. It is definitely a sad song."[9] In Loving Memory was used in a WWE tribute video for Eddie Guerrero on
an episode of WWE RAW on November 14, 2005, one day after his death.


Like "In Loving Memory," "Metalingus" was never a single, but it is one of their most popular songs and is a
live staple. The song was used by Edge as his entrance theme from 2004 until his retirement in 2011.

Chart performance

Chart (2004)
Australian ARIA Charts[10] 37
German Albums Chart[11] 61
Netherlands Albums Chart[12] 56
New Zealand Albums Chart[13] 25
Swiss Music Charts[14] 54
UK Albums Chart[15] 102
US Billboard 200[16] 5


Year Title US Alt [18]
Main [17]

2004 "Open Your Eyes" 123 2 24 49

"Find the Real" 7
"Broken Wings" 29
"" denotes the song failed to chart, was not released, or was not certified.

"Save Me" (3:31), featured on the Elektra soundtrack.
"On My Way Now" was an acoustic song they had written, but it was never recorded. It was performed
only once in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mark Tremonti used the intro to the song on his instructional DVD
The Sound and the Story for an alternate tuning and finger-picking lesson.
"Solace" has been recorded during the ODR sessions, but it didn't make the record. The song "Solace"
was a possible band name they were seriously considering before deciding on Alter Bridge. The lead
guitarist Mark Tremonti said that in the guitar one interview from the October 2004 issue, Myles was
singing a line from it. The line was "I'll find a way". The intro can be heard played by Mark on the DVD
The Sound and the Story. Some sections from the song were reportedly used by Mark for a song on his
first solo record "All I Was"
"Breathe" is another song written during the ODR sessions, "Breathe" has been recorded, but "it's just
sitting in the vault" according to the lead singer and rhythm guitarist Myles Kennedy. It is finally being
released on the Best Buy exclusive version of The Last Hero.
"Cruel Sun" is an unrecorded song written during the ODR sessions. It has yet to be heard.

Alter Bridge

Myles Kennedy vocals

Mark Tremonti guitars, additional vocals
Brian Marshall bass guitar
Scott Phillips drums, percussion


Ben Grosse production, mixing

Tom Baker mastering

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