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… is a marketeer at team Worcade.

Integrating with your
customer’s service
management tool
Do you support other organizations? There’s a big chance that your customers have their
own service management tool. Link your TOPdesk environment to Worcade. You and your
customer can easily share information while still working in your own tool.

What is Worcade? Automatic information transfer
Worcade is a collaboration platform for service professionals. From Searching information, copying, pasting, emailing — sharing data
customer to manufacturer: everyone works together in Worcade, no with your customer requires some handiwork. Worcade eliminates
matter their tool or location of choice. This has three benefits. this. When your customer sends you a message via Worcade, a call is
automatically logged or updated in TOPdesk.
All communication in one place Does your customer also work with TOPdesk? Then sharing
Your customer communicates with multiple suppliers via different information is done with a single click. Your customer sends requests,
channels, like phone, email and service management tools. Your actions or attachments in a call directly from their environment
customer doesn’t have a central portal for all his information and no to yours.
real overview of all these channels. Maybe you meet your customer in
the middle and log into his service management tool. But this means Manage your login details
that you don’t have an overview of your activities. Are you giving your customer access to your TOPdesk environment?
With Worcade you communicate through a single channel and have Understandable, but not ideal. Your customer needs to keep track of extra
all information in one place. You work via TOPdesk and the customer login details and it costs you more time to keep your books. You need to
has its own service management tool. keep track of which contact persons need access, because most of the
time your customer don’t keep you up to date on personnel changes. also describes what you need to do when you have communicated
Logging in to your customer’s TOPdesk environment isn’t a solution either more than one support email address to your customers.
— it would just shift the problem.
In Worcade, the conversation participants automatically collaborate. 2. Link your TOPdesk environment to Worcade
No need to log into the customer’s environment or vice versa. In TOPdesk, go to Functional Settings > Worcade and click Connect
to Worcade.

How do you communicate via Worcade? 3. Set up a mailbox for Worcade
Your customer can initiate a Worcade conversation by sending an The email address you choose for Worcade can be set up in TOPdesk via
email to the email address provided by you. These messages are Functional Settings > Worcade > Mail import email address.
automatically processed in TOPdesk. For a good overview of the link you can create an alias for Worcade, for
example This way, you
• For new conversations, TOPdesk creates a call card on the name of can automatically process email messages with rules on your mail server.
the original caller. The Worcade conversation is directly linked to
the new call. What does my customer need to do?
•  For messages about current calls, TOPdesk updates the existing Does your customer also work with TOPdesk? Then the only thing your
call card. customer needs to do is enable Worcade in their TOPdesk environment
via Functional Settings > Worcade > Connect to Worcade. After enabling,
they can start a conversation with your organization from each call card.
How do I link TOPdesk to Worcade? Does your customer use a different service management tool then
Worcade is available for free for all versions of the new TOPdesk. In just TOPdesk? They can link the tool to the platform via the public API
three steps you can link your TOPdesk environment to Worcade. from Worcade.
Your customer doesn’t have a service management tool? Then they
1. Configure a TOPdesk mail import can work in Worcade.
Create a mailbox on your server Worcade can send emails to.

 o you already have a mailbox that is linked to TOPdesk and you What to do with my knowledge base and forms?
would like to use for this? Perfect, move on to step 2. With Worcade you offer your customers an easily accessible
• No mailbox linked to TOPdesk yet? Or do you want to use a new email communication channel. At the moment, this communication does not
address? Configure a new mail import for TOPdesk according to the include any knowledge base and forms used in your organization. How
step-by-step plan on this webpage: This plan can you solve this if you do need that information?

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If you have a well-maintained TOPdesk knowledge base, you want your other service providing organizations. TOPdesk Magazine
customers to search this system before they log a new call. Nothing needs is intended for managers, service desk employees, facilities
to change there. Ask your customers to first consult your knowledge base organizations and electronic city councils — anyone who
before they log a call through Worcade. is involved with supporting clients on a daily basis. This
Do you intensively use forms to collect important information to concerns both the processes and the technology behind
quickly process a call? Then you need to consider if and when you want these services.
to use Worcade. Do you want to make customer contact as accessible
as possible? Then you can use Worcade. Do you think it’s important TOPdesk Magazine is a TOPdesk publication,
that a customer fills in all information for a call in one go? Then it’s +44 (0) 207 803 4200,
probably better to use forms. In this case, you can still use Worcade to
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