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MSPs in focus
TOPdesk’s functional designer about developing
software specifically for MSPs
Organizations are focusing more and more on their core business. Others tasks, such
as services, are being outsourced to Managed Service Providers. TOPdesk recognizes
the importance of MSPs in today’s business. How does TOPdesk show this? Discover
the latest developments that help boost your service delivery.
Text: Acacia Kooij Illustration: Frank van Klink

The best service delivery record specific agreements and customer wishes in TOPdesk. How did
What is the primary task of managed service providers? Service one of our MSP customers respond? “We can now easily record our
delivery. This is different to other TOPdesk customers, who often services and ensure that every service desk employee always links the
use service management software for internal support. If TOPdesk’s right service. The service desk employees know exactly what they need
software doesn’t meet the MSPs’ service needs, MSPs won’t be able to do.”
to perform their core tasks as well. As a result, MSPs contact TOPdesk
directly. Understandable? Certainly. After all, they want to offer the
best service possible. Reports
Why are reports important to managed service providers?

It starts with the basics Showing added value
The most important goal of managed service providers is customer When an MSP does a good job, everything goes smoothly and the
satisfaction. A happy customer is loyal and won’t switch suppliers customer won’t notice anything. Customers only notice when
as quickly. Which role does TOPdesk play in improving customer something goes wrongs. Reports make your added value visible.
satisfaction? It starts with facilitating a stable basic service delivery.
Which steps does TOPdesk take to get the basics right? Identifying bottlenecks in the process
Good services start with smooth processes. The data from your reports
help you discover what is going well and what isn’t. Is it you or your
Service Level Management supplier? Based on this analysis you can improve your processes.
If you’re a managed service provider, how do you improve the
collaboration with your customers? Make sure your customers and TOPdesk is currently working hard to signal bottlenecks faster. We’re
service employees know exactly which agreements are in the contract. working on reports that show you how long it takes before a call is
Your customers will know what to expect of you, and your service desk picked up. You’ll be able to see how long it takes before the end user
employees know how to support the customer. responds, or whether a supplier is doing their job.
At TOPdesk we’ve been working hard to make it easier to record
service levels within SLM. With the newest functionalities you can easily
Self-service portal
The help desk is not always open. And your customer doesn’t
always feel like calling. How can you still offer your services? Let end

“Reports make your
users solve problems themselves by giving customers a self-service
portal. TOPdesk helps you create a customized self-service portal for each
customer. The look-and-feel is easily adjusted to match your customer’s
corporate identity. And you can also adjust functionalities to meet your
added value visible.”
customer’s needs.

How does this work in practice? Imagine if you manage the IT
infrastructure for a school. This school also has customers: teachers and
students. One of the students has a question about a test. What does the
student do? He or she logs a request in the self-service portal with the
corporate identity of school A. But the self-service portal doesn’t belong
to school A. It belongs to the managed service provider. The end user is
helped, and has no idea which invisible service provider is hidden behind
the look and feel of the school. Mission accomplished.