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Bert Huijsen, director cloud services and customer care
and Rick Wijers, business process improvement consultant

Extreme insight into
customer satisfaction
How Ctac is learning from every customer interaction

Ctac’s service desk handles dozens of calls from customers every day. These interactions
greatly influence customer satisfaction for this IT service provider specialized in cloud
integration. How does Ctac measure the key performance indicator of customer
satisfaction? And what knowledge do they gain from customer satisfaction statistics?
Text: Niek Steenhuis Photography: Aad Hogendoorn

Ctac implements and manages its own where do you want to be in five years, we’ll use comply with all service level agreements while
hi-tech cash register solution for omnichannel our expertise to help you get there. ‘Enabling both you and your customer aren’t satisfied.”
retailing, XV Retail Suite, and Microsoft and your Ambition’ is our guiding principle.”
SAP systems on any cloud. The company serves If you really want to collaborate with the
hundreds of customers from different size customer, you need extreme insight into Automatic registration
companies and in different lines of business: customer satisfaction. Huijsen: “We already In 2015 Ctac takes the first step towards
from retail and wholesale to manufacturing took care of this for projects and consultancy making their processes more measurable,
and real estate. Bert Huijsen has been director services. At least once a year, each consultant helping them map customer satisfaction for
of cloud services and customer care at Ctac asks his or her customers what they think calls. Rick Wijers is closely involved in the
since 2014. His primary task? Making sure all of him or her. And we’ve added a Customer change as process improvement consultant.
customers are happy with the services Ctac Improvement Program (CIP) to our contracts. “We started looking for an efficient and
offers them. Once or twice a year we have a session with simple way to record customer satisfaction for
the customer where we look at their strategy each call.” TOPdesk provided the software they
and how Ctac can support that strategy.” needed. “The organization was already using
Getting closer to the customer While Ctac takes care of management for TOPdesk to structure calls and malfunctions.
“Managed service providers can’t survive its customers, there was no proper insight into Our TOPdesk consultant told us that TOPdesk
if their customers aren’t happy. We focus customer satisfaction. Huijsen: “We process provides an easy way for customers to rate the
everything we do on making life better for the a lot of calls every day and of course we strive way their calls are dealt with. When we heard
customer,” says Huijsen. He has a clear vision. to solve them within the existing SLAs. But this, the decision was easy.”
“We want to be as close to the customer as that doesn’t give us any information about
we can be. So, what we say to our customer is: customer satisfaction. It’s perfectly possible to
Feedback as part of the process with a click. Our service desk no longer has Huijsen and Wijers are optimistic for the
Wijers: “We want to make it easy for the to spend time checking whether calls have future of customer satisfaction at Ctac. “We
customer to give feedback. So, we made been closed. And potential friction between want to streamline our processes as much
feedback part of the process for closing the service desk and consultants is prevented as possible. The only way to know you’re
calls. When one of our operators puts a because they don’t have to send emails or call successful is if your customer says you are.
call on ‘finished for process,’ the customer back-and-forth about the status of a call.” We’re meeting our SLAs, but does that mean
automatically receives an email. The email we reach our goals? Having the right process
contains a link to a form where the customer in TOPdesk is a big step towards making sure
can indicate whether their call has in fact Goal-oriented improvements we do. And we’re working hard on increasing
been resolved. Before they press the button Ctac uses the feedback they get for different customer satisfaction. After all, happy
to confirm, the customer rates, on a scale of purposes. Huijsen: “All calls are stored in customers is what it’s all about.
1 to 4, how happy they are with the way their a database so we can use them to create
call was dealt with. The customer can leave reports. To help us find out the scores for each
written feedback as well. And if the call hasn’t team, for example. If a customer provides
been resolved? The customer can indicate why additional feedback, we always send the
they don’t feel their call has been resolved feedback to their consultant. If a customer
and the call is returned to the consultant who gives a low rating, we always give them a
worked on it.” call. We don’t want to debate their rating. We
simply want to know why they’re dissatisfied
and we want the customer to know we listen
Three birds with one stone to them and use their feedback to improve.
This feedback method lets Ctac kill three birds This way, we take steps towards providing
with one stone: they collect the customer’s better services to our customers.”
feedback for each call, it’s easier for the
customer to click on a rating rather than write
an email, and the process has monitoring for From collecting to improving
calls that are resolved but haven’t been closed. Ctac tested the system internally for six
“Consultants used to send an email to the weeks before rolling it out to ten customers.
customer when they believed a call had been The system is now widely used and Huijsen
resolved,” Huijsen explains. “Sometimes the and Wijers are satisfied. “The first challenged
consultant would forget this step, but more we faced in this transformation was how to
often the customer would forget to respond. collect data. But we made it work. Now we’re
There was a build-up of calls that didn’t get working on the next step: we discuss the data
closed even though the work was done. Now in meetings, we have screens showing how
we’ve automated the whole process. If the teams are performing, and our customer care
customer doesn’t respond to the first email, managers use the input for meetings with
we send a reminder after three days, and individual customers,” says Huijsen
another one after six days. After nine days, Wijers adds: “The more insight and data we
the call is closed automatically.” get for customer satisfaction, the more we
can improve our processes. We can compare
priorities and teams to see what we can learn
Benefits to the organization from each other. The input from customers
“The new approach has clear benefits for all is also important to our problem manager.
parties,” Wijers adds. “For customers, all it With more input the problem manager can
takes to close a call is to pick a rating, give identify more problems that would otherwise
additional feedback if they want, and confirm go unnoticed.

“We are taking steps
towards providing better
services to our customers.”