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tips + tricks
Setting up flexible opening hours per call Staying up-to-date on status
Do you strive to provide perfect services? Don’t leave your of search indexes
customer stranded in front of a closed door. Record the Quickly want to find a card, like a call or operator, in TOPdesk?
opening hours of your sewrvice desk on a service window Use the TOPdesk search function. You can find this option in
card in TOPdesk. This way, you create a service window in de quick search bar under the magnifying glass icon.
which calls are processed. When you indicate a duration in
a call, TOPdesk takes this service window into account when TOPdesk generates automatic search indexes to ensure the
determining the target date. search function works correctly. Is this not the case? Then
the search function is unavailable. You can see this when
Did you agree with your customers to process certain calls the search field turns red and has a red border.
outside regular opening hours? In the latest TOPdesk you can
easily offer a different service window in a service per priority. Do you as operator want to know when the search indexes
This means that a call with high priority can be processed are generated incorrectly? Fill in your email address and
outside office hours, but that normal calls are only processed automatically receive an email when a search index can
within office hours. not be generated.

Via the Contract Management and SLM module you can easily 1. Go to Technical Settings > Search > General: Search index
change the service window per priority: 2. Fill in your email address under ‘Email address for
failing index’
1. Go to Modules > Contract Management and SLM > 3. Save the settings
Service levels
2. Open a Service Level card To send an email, you need to have set up an SMTP server
3. Fill in the Priority matrix for TOPdesk.
4. Indicate a service window for each filled-in priority
Do you have a SaaS solution? Then TOPdesk monitors if the
search indexes are performed correctly for you. You don’t
(and can’t) set up an email address.