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This project is designed to demonstrate the technology used in metro train movement
which are used in most of the developed countries. This train is equipped with a controller that
enables the automatic stopping of the train from station to station.
The main objective of this project is to design a prototype to implement in metro trains
which help in providing automation like door open/close and also updation of station info.
Presently metro trains are like revolutions in transport. How will be if it is automated and
secured? Our project is such a type which provides both security and automation and updation of
information about stations. Our project consists of two sections one is RFID TAG section
another one is RFID reader section. Every passenger will be provided with Tokens instead of
tickets at stations. These tokens consists of travelling details of the passenger, means from and
destination stations. At each entrance of metro compartments there will be RFID reader, the
passenger show tag at reader. If the tag shown by passenger is valid then only the compartment
door will be opened. So the passenger will get into the train from entry door. If the card is valid
then the door will be opened. Along with these the train driver is provided with RFID tag to
operate the train engine. So that the driver only can access the train.
The main objective of this project is to develop an embedded system which detects the
alcohol. This project is implemented AT89S52 developed boar interfaced with alcohol sensor,
Most of these days, we hear lot of accidents due to drunken driving. Drunken drivers will
not be in stable condition and so the rash driving is the inconvenience for other road users and
also question of life and death for the drunken river and for others. The main purpose behind this
project is Drunk driving detection. Now a days, many accidents are happening because of the
alcohol consumption of the driver or the person who is driving the vehicle. Thus drunk driving is
a major reason of accidents in almost all countries all over the world. Alcohol detector in car
project is designed for the safety of the people sitting inside the car. This project should be
fitted/installed inside the vehicle. In this project, we are developing an Auto Lock System.
Alcohol sensor will be attached with our micro controller. While alcohol wafers smelled by the
sensor. Sensor sends the input voltage to microcontroller. If there are any traces of Alcohol
above the set limit, then the system will lock the engine at the same time will automatically gives
a buzzer we can avoid accidents by checking the driving people on the road. So that we can
avoid accidents. The system uses a compact circuitry built around flash version of AT89S52
microcontroller with a non-volatile memory capable of retaining the password data for over ten
Home automation involves introducing a degree of computerized or automatic
control to certain electrical and electronics system in a building. There is an increasing
demand for smart homes, where appliances react automatically to charging
environmental conditions and can be easily controlled through one common device. This
paper presents a possible solution whereby the user controls devices by employing a
Central Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). Where control is communication to the
FDGA from a mobile phone through its Bluetooth interface.
Traditionally electrical appliances in a home are controlled via switches that
regulate the electricity to these devices. As the world gets more and more technologically
advanced, we find new technology coming in deeper and deeper into our personal life
even at home. Home automation is becoming more and more popular around the world
and is becoming a common practice. The process of home automation works by making
everything in the house automatically controlled using technology to control and do the
jobs that we would normally do manually. In this project we propose a unique system for
Home automation utilizing Dual Tone Multi Frequency that is paired with a wireless
module to provide seamless wireless control over many devices in a house. This user
console has many keys, each corresponding to the device that needs to be activated. The
encoder encodes the user choice and sends via a GSM transmitter. The GSM receiver
receives the modulated signal and demodulates it and the user choice is determined by the
DTMF decoder. Based upon this the require appliance is trigged.