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Coverage: Important Terms

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I. Decide whether descriptive or inferential statistics will be used in each of the given
situations. On the blank before number, write DS for descriptive and IS for
______ 1. A manager wants to know the average age of his 50 rank-and-file
______ 2. As a result of a favorable opinion poll, a president expects the plebiscite
to be in his favor.
______ 3. A reporter wishes to list the win-loss record of all basketball teams in the
NBA for the year 2011.
______ 4. A fresh milk distributor wants to estimate the average life of milk in
storage by studying milk spoilage in the past six months.
______ 5. A CEO wishes to obtain information from his managers by asking them to
fill out a managerial and executive practices profile.
______ 6. After studying the effects of the gradual increase of dosage of a certain
drug on cancer patients, a scientist concludes that the drug can arrest
cancer cell growth at increased quantities in all cancer patients.

II. Classify the following variables as qualitative or quantitative. On the blank before
each number write L for qualitative and N for quantitative.
______ 1. Room temperature in classrooms
______ 2. Color of cellular phone casing
______ 3. Number of dining customers
______ 4. Serial number of car motors
______ 5. Dimensions of a lot
______ 6. Flavor of ice cream

III.Classify the following variable as discrete or continuous. On the blank before each
number write D for discrete and C for continuous.
______ 1. Refueling time required by a planes maintenance crew
______ 2. Appearance of heads in six flips of a coin
______ 3. Number of students who failed a test
______ 4. Weight of content of a carton of milk
______ 5. Number of small businesses
______ 6. Depth of water in a lake

IV. Determine which of the four scales of measurement is most appropriate to

measure the given variable. On the blank before each number write N for nominal,
O for ordinal, I for interval and R for ratio.
______ 1. Number of appearance of seven in five tosses of a pair of dice
______ 2. Weight of people who have completed a months work-out
______ 3. Temperature readings in Cabadbaran for the month of February
______ 4. Teacher rating of outstanding, very satisfactory, satisfactory, fair or poor.
______ 5. Appearance of a head in a toss of a coin
______ 6. Height of mercury level in barometer
______ 7. Educational attainment of teachers

Adopted from: Essential Statistics by J. Gonzales and R. Nocon, 2013. Page 1 of