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Coverage: Sampling and Sources of Data

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I. A professor wishes to conduct a study on the usefulness of statistics as perceived by his

former students in Statistics numbering 1,445 students, 895 of which are male.
1. Compute the acceptable sample size with margin error of 2.5%.

2. Using equal allocation to select a stratified random sample of 750 students, find the
number of samples from each gender.

3. Using proportional allocation to have a sample size of 700, how many men and
how many women should be included in the sample?

II. Identify the type of sampling technique used. Write answer on the blank before each
number using the following short forms: RS for simple random sampling, SS for
systematic sampling, SR-Eq for stratified random sampling using equal allocation,
SR-Pro for stratified random sampling using proportional allocation, CS for cluster
sampling, C for convenience sampling, and Q for quota sampling.

______ 1. A campaign manager interviews qualified voters from 12 randomly selected

vocational schools.
______ 2. A car maker conducts a marketing study by interviewing potential customers
who happen to request for test drives at a local dealership.
______ 3. A researcher conducts a study involving test drives performed by a sample of
ten men and ten women in each four different age brackets.
______ 4. A mayor selects 5 men & 5 women from each of all 13 barangays in his town.
______ 5. A medical researcher interviews all AIDS patients in each ten randomly
selected cities.
______ 6. A political analyst interviews every 15th person on the voters list of a city.
______ 7. A principal writes the names of his teachers on cards, shuffles the cards, and
then draw 14 names.
______ 8. A sample of products is obtained by selecting every 100th item on the line.
______ 9. A student sends a text message to 50 of her friends to know their favorite
______ 10. An auto parts retailer obtains five to ten samples of auto parts from all eight
car shops in the vicinity.

Adopted from: Essential Statistics by J. Gonzales and R. Nocon, 2013. AMSEVILLA 2017