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Simple present

Complete the text

Meg is a very active person and she's really fit. She's mad about tennis. She________
(practice) a lot and she's a fantastic player! I ________(not play) because I'm terrible at
sports, but I ________ (love) to see her play tennis. I ________ (go) to the tennis club to
watch her. I'm lazy, so I ________ (not exercise) a lot. Meg is a very friendly person and
people ________ (think) that she's great. She's always with someone -she ________ (not
like) to be alone. We ________ (go) to a lot of parties, sometimes two or three a week!
Everyone is her friend and she ________ (speak) to everyone. People ________ (tell) her
their problems. She ________ (know) everything about everyone!

Write affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences using the present simple
a) Peter watches TV in the evening everyday
b) Do you brush your teeth everyday?
c) Sheila doesnt study English.
d) Does your sister meet up with friends on Saturdays?
e) Mark and Linda dont do their homework everyday.

Complete the text using the present simple

(1)_____ you _________ (like) sport? My sister (2)___________ (love) sport. She
usually(3)_________ (go) swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays and(4) _________ (do)
karate on Fridays. My friends Andrew and Keira (5)_______________ (not do) much sport.
What (6)_________ they _________ (do) in their free time? They (7)_____________ (not
play)football and they (8)___________ (not do) gymnastics. They (9)____________ (be)
very lazy! Andrew often (10)____________ (chat) on the Internet and Keira (11)
___________ (write) e-mails and (12)__________ (go) shopping on-line.

Order the following words to create a sentence:

1 brother / your / friendly / look / doesnt
2 David / hate / alcohol

3 my sister / parties / enjoy

4 my / play / brothers / basketball

5 teacher / my / like / music? / does

6 never / I / read / a / book

7 I / drink / sometimes / coffee

8 she / study / every / day

9 Pili and Sofia / eat / ice cream? / do

10 go / the disco / to / we / Saturday/ on

Complete the following texts with the words in the box and, then, try to recognize the
time markers:

Break On On brush by does does finishes get get go goes goes goes has
has have have his in past play plays starts surf to until watch watches

"On weekdays, I_______ up at half past seven. I _______ a shower, _______ my hair and
_______ dressed. I go to school_______ car. School _______ at a quarter_______ eight.
_______ is from quarter past eleven _______ quarter to twelve. School_______ at half
past two. I _______ lunch at three o'clock........."

"............................Every afternoon, I _______ to the gym, I also _______ with the computer,
_______ tv and _______ the net. _______ Saturdays and Sundays I play basketball."
Everyday, he_______ his homework and at nine o'clock he_______ a shower and _______
dinner. Then, he _______ to his bedroom to listen _______ music.

...............On Saturday, he _______ hockey _______ the morning. In the evening, he

_______ to the cinema and _______to bed at half past one. _______ Sunday morning he -
_________________ homework and in the evening _______ tv.


a) Sam _______ (not) a lot of clothes.

b) I _______ a guitar and a tennis racket but I _______ (not) a soccer ball.
c) They _______ a computer and a printer on their desk.
d) You _______ a CD-player on your shelf but you _______ (not) a MP3-player.
e) Rebecca _______ (not) posters on the wall. She _______ frames.

1) you a favourite singer?

2) he a pen in his pencil case?
3) they a garden?
4) she a yellow bike?
5) your parents a stamp collection?
6) Ben a green felt tip?
7) your teacher a computer in his room?
8) we milk at home?
9) Anne a budgie?
10) Where you your headphones?

Simple past

1) I ________in Canberra last spring.
2) We _______ at school last Saturday.
3) Tina _______ at home yesterday.
4) He _______ happy.
5) Robert and Stan _______ Garry's friends.

6) You _______very busy on Friday.
7) They _______ in front of the supermarket.
8) I _______ in the museum.
9) She _______ in South Africa last month.
10) Jessica and Kimberly _______ late for school.

Rewrite the complete phrases into Simple Past.

1) we wash - ________________
2) I arrive -________________
3) they destroy -________________
4) you hurry -________________
5) she elects -________________
6) you marry -________________
7) we plan -________________
8) he discovers -________________
9) they travel -________________
10) I prefer - ________________

Complete the following text:

Mary (live) in Paris ten years ago. She (work) as a teacher there. Her
flat (be) near the Sacre Couer. She (can) see the Tower Eiffel from her window.
Her flatmate (be) Antoine. He (not / be) a painter. He (paint)
beautiful portraits. Mary (have) a small green car. She (drive) her car to work
every day but she (ride) her bike on Sundays. Mary (eat) crpes every day. They
(be) delicious! She (not / drink) red wine and he (not / eat)
scargo. Mary (not like) snails. Her best friend Anette (live) in Versailles.
Mary (visit) her in the summer. They (play) tennis or
(go) on picnics. On rainy days they (play) cards or (watch) a

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