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Republic of the Philippines

Bohol Island State University
Calape Campus

Vision: a premier science and technology university for the formation of a world class and virtuous
human resource for sustainable development in Bohol and the country.
Mission: BISU is committed to provide quality higher education in the arts and sciences, as well as in the
professional and technological fields; undertake research and development and extension services for
the sustainable development of Bohol and the country.
Goals: to address the needs of strategic sectors, BISU shall:
Develop and offer quality and innovative curricular system to meet the human resource requirement of
the strategic sectors;
Plan and implement a focused R&D and extension agenda;
Enhance institutional capability in resource generation;
Promote effective governance and deliver efficient administrative and support service;
Develop and promote culture of quality service and excellence.

Course Syllabus
Course Component Major
Course Code Eng 7ed
Course Name The Teaching of Listening and Reading
Pre-requisite Educ Strat 8
Course Credits 3 units
Contact Hours/Week 3 hours
Course Description
Course Objectives At the end of the semester, the student
should have attained the following
Cognitive: Understand the nature of
listening and reading
Know the steps to better listening whist
overcoming the barriers
Implement the correct sequence of
instructional strategies for listening and
Read with comprehension, correct
pronunciation and intonation

Methodologies/Strategies/Techniques Research, oral and written reports, listening
and reading activities based on DepED
Junior High textbooks, listening to BBC

Orientation (including VGMO) and leveling off 2 hours

THEORIES ON LISTENING The Nature of Listening Importance of Listening Barriers to Listening/Factors that Impede Listening Characteristics of Effective Listening Steps to Better Listening Types of Listening LISTENING STRATEGIES Pre-Listening Strategies During/While Listening Strategies Post Listening Strategies THEORIES ON READING READING STRATEGIES Locating the Main Idea Skimming. GOFREDO Instructor Approved by: MAE A. Scanning and Inferencing References: Designed by: RAMIL R. College of Teacher Education .D Dean. Ph. EVARDO.