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Hirano: I planned to write the Major waging war at full force.

Indeed, it was a fight that the Major, with

his calculations, shouldve won. If Zorin hadnt recklessly charged in, headquarters wouldve fallen, and
Section 13 and the Hellsing Organization wouldve unexpectedly fought together. But since the Major
loved both winning and losing, would he not think Unexpected things happen in war? Only with the
idea that, as long as its a war, one must do everything.

Interviewer: Those results, if they defeated the Hellsing Organization, I suppose they wouldve started
another war as well, right?

Hirano: Oh, I think theyd start one, and if they had vampires all over the world, next theyd probably
start a civil war together. The Major really wanted to have a big war. With that meaning, hes an easy to
understand character. Though he is war crazy, because he isnt combat crazy, his combat ability doesnt
really matter. To him, no matter what he was doing, it was always a war. Even if hes eating food, its a
war, even if hes sleeping, its war, preparation time leading up to war is also war. All that piles up, and
he only wants to say Yes, its a big war! Those results, both winning and losing are fine. In the story,
the path that this person in on, because its only for the purpose of the means (=war), he has a bad
personality * (/tachi is written in katakana here, but I think hes trying to say which means
personality or nature)

(Following: Because they somehow suddenly spoke on about Gargoyles, Muska*, Deslar*, and
Yamato 2199 its dealt a right hook* [so all of those were written in katakana and I couldnt think of
the English equivalent except for the first and last, but when I typed the katakana into google, these
were the names that popped up. Muska is a character from Castle in the Sky and Deslar is a character
from Yamato 2199, which makes sense cuz theyre talking about that anyways. Gargoyles is actually an
American show, and when I typed it into jisho to make sure that also came up as a result, and since they
were talking TV I think that fit better. As for the last bit, it literally translates that way, like a right hook in
boxing, so Im guessing its just a metaphorical way to say they cut that bit out.]) Hellsing is a work that I
wrote for me

Interviewer: How is the reaction of the new readers who knew Hellsing as a result of the serialization
of Drifters?

Hirano: Are there really those kind of people? If there are, I am very grateful. I think Hellsing is
something that everyone could read rapidly. Yea. Please read, please drink, please hug. (yes, this is
literally what it says :/ is a dialect form of // and to read, =to drink
and to hug)

Interviewer: What are some of the things you hear from your readers through things like fan letters?

Hirano: I dont get fan letters

Interviewer: What is the estimated gender ratio of your readers?

Hirano: Probably 9 to 1, no matter how much I think about it

(Following: including the editor in charge and why theyre excited by the development expectations of
One Piece, all cut because it has nothing to do with Hellsing)
Interviewer: So the conclusion is that Namis clothes and hairstyle are more erotic now than before?

Hirano: Dont cut this part!

Interviewer: Just the hairstyle then (laugh)

Hirano: *grr* (Japanese onomatopoeia is hard so I actually searched it up, was annoyance, so Im
guessing its the way youd get amusingly annoyed by a friend or something? Cuz I cant see why hed
get actually angry here)

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