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ittna Private and Confidential


Datei Seplember 01,2015

Ms.Farzana Faiz
unlo OfFcer
inlemal Control&Compliance Division
Head Ofrce

Subjectl Annual lncrement 2015.

Dear Ms. Faiz,

We are pleased to inform you that your pay package has been re-fixed due to annual increment of
2015. The

new modhly salary package is given below and it is eflective fromJulyil'Z)15:

Particulars Amount (BDT)

Basic Salary 17,90000

House Rent Allowance 8,95000

Conveyance Allowance 1,42000

Medical Allowance 4,26000

Leave Fare Assistance 1,42000

Gross Salary 33,95000

ln this regard, all other benefits, terms and conditions of you employment will be applicable
as per existing rules.

in fixation of
While effecting payment, excess or shortage (if any) should be adlusted. Eno(s) and omissions
\ salary, if detected, are subject to rectification. ln this context you are reminded that salary and benelits are

confidential and as such should not be discussed with anyone else.

YouE truly,

Md Shalqur Rahman

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