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Full coverage of #Resist March Remembering Pulse LA Dodgers embrace the gay kiss




LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM JUNE 16, 2017 05

The peoples parade: Resist! Persist! Stay woke!

A celebration of diversity
and intersectionality and
a show of deance


Santa Monica Boulevard was bare

Sunday morning but for a few early birds
anticipating something new.
I want to see how many people show
up for the Resist March, said 71-year-old
Fernando Padilla, picking up his two-year-
old long hair Chihuahua, Oliver. Its a very
dierent parade from last year.
I hope people see the solidarity thats
happening in Southern California,
said John Milovich, 57, wearing a faded
American ag T-shirt, claiming a spot
outside West Hollywood City Hall. Hed
driven up from Long Beach with his
long-bearded partner, Robert Martinez,
36, whose T-shirt sported the old Dairy
Queen logo with Hairy Queen instead.
This is America, said Martinez, as if that
explained everything.
The gay Americana tableau was jarred
by three trucks with heavily armed
sheris deputies driving by, receiving a
smattering of applause from the occupied
tables at Hamburger Marys. Hanging ten
on the cusp of consciousness was the Rep. MAXINE WATERS (center) with Black AIDS Institute founder PHILL WILSON (right) and Empire actor JUSSIE SMOLLETT (left).

recognition that this was the one-year LOS ANGELES BLADE PHOTO BY KAREN OCAMB

anniversary of the massacre of mostly gay

Latinos at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. another scorching tragedy that could have the day after Trumps inauguration last call to action was to empower ordinary
West Hollywood had its own scare that been prevented with gun safety laws and an January, Pendleton posted a note on his people to take charge of the change they
morning, too, after an Indiana man was acceptance of common humanity. Facebook page insisting that the response want to see.
arrested with a cache of weapons on his But out of the ashes, the spirit of to the terror of Trumps vision for America We will resist being driven back into the
way to WeHo. Courageous organizers and Resistance sprouted, nourished by the was to stage a #ResistMarch instead of closet by regressive policies, Pendleton
participants went on with the LA Pride loving blood of the Orlando victims and the usual party parade. This is not normal, said. The march would also underscore
Parade anyway, joyfully deant of the pall the unrelenting murders of transgender Pendleton said, and we must not pretend that we included LGBT undocumented
of terror hanging in the air. women of color. Tearful, shaken, the LGBT like it is. He got 30,000 likes in 24 hours. immigrants at risk of being snatched up
In fact, while Republican presidential community was nevertheless unbroken. The #ResistMarch was planned to and deported by ICE; the LGBT elderly and
candidate Donald Trump framed the The LGBT community would persist, resist coincide with similar marches in other disabled at risk of drastic cuts to Medicaid;
deadliest massacre in American history as and overcome. cities on June 11. Like Christopher Street and those with HIV/AIDS, especially young
the work of a radical Islamic terrorist, many in Brian Pendleton could feel it. Inspired West co-founder Rev. Troy Perrys vision gay/bi men of color, expected to be hard-
the LGBT community considered it a massive by the massive and peaceful womens in 1970 for gay people to get o the
hate crime targeting gays and Latinos marches that mesmerized the world sidewalks and into the streets, Pendletons CONTINUES ON PAGE 06
06 JU NE 16, 2017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S BL A D E . C O M LO CA L N E W S

Resist March delivers powerful display of deance

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 05 being groped or raped. And we resist in into the streets, waving signs, crossing
solidarity with all of those people who generations and cultures where Grand
hit by the proposed $300 million cuts to are going to lose their healthcare if those Marshall Alexei Romano, who in 1967
AIDS funding in the federal budget. crazy people in DC get their way. organized protests against the LAPD after
Pendleton made sure the speakers LGBT people must resist for immigrants the raid of the Black Cat bar in Silver Lake was
reected and broadened the true and LGBT people worldwide, Heilman just as important as nervous courageous 22-
intersectionality of the LGBT movement. said, and we resist on behalf of black and year old speaker Jose Guevara, who told the
This year the LGBTQ+ community is brown people who are tired of getting crowd in WeHo that he is an undocumented
lending its iconic rainbow ag to anyone shot and killed! DREAMer ghting leukemia.
who feels their rights are at risk and to Heilman said: We resist to tell the world They joined Jacob Gibson, 17, and
everyone who believes that Americas we will not be silent! We will keep ghting Jennifer Grand-Champs, 42, from the
strength is its diversity, he said. When they until there is full equality and human Valley who said she was marching for her
come for one of us, they come for all of us. rights for every person. sons equal rights.
Which is why we our diverse intersectional Rep. Adam Schi, who gained national Watching the joyous determination
community must unite as one. prominence as the ranking Democrat on of Maxine Waters alongside Black AIDS
The #ResistMarch represented the twin the House Intelligence Committee, said Institute founder Phill Wilson and Empire
ideals of love and positive activism. Its Trump was decient in basic human star Jussie Smollett at rst reminded me
about love and giving love, being able to decency. Schi was one of the public of an updated version of that famous
receive love, said drag superstar RuPaul. ocials who marched in last years Pride post-Stonewall photo of happy gay
Thats our secret weapon. Thats the one parade, sharing the grief of the Orlando liberationists in New York City intent on
thing they dont have is our love, our music massacre and the fear of what might claiming their rights.
and our joy. come. For years, we have gathered in And then the image inspired a deeper
LA LGBT Center CEO Lorri Jean, just back these streets to celebrate our pride, and feelingthe 1967 Summer of Love when
from the week-long AIDS LifeCyle ride, led the this year we are as proud as ever, but we so many people of all ages, colors and
crowd in a chant: LGBTQ people are under are also mad as hell, he said. backgrounds called each other brother
attack! What do we do! Act Up! Fight back! House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and sister and joined together in protesting
West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman said marching is not enough and called on the Vietnam War. Death was a constant far
noted that the city had been a sanctuary, the resisters to get engaged in the 2018 away terror with the government lying to
pro-choice city with anti-LGBT and AIDS elections and to call Congress to pass the keep the illusion of winning alive as bodies
discrimination laws since its inception. Why, re-introduced Equality Act, which amends of our drafted friends, family and loved ones
hed been asked, should the LGBT community and expands the Civil Rights Act of 1964 came home silently, as if each was an image
resist when Trump had not done anything to include LGBT Americans. Every step we of national shame.
drastic to harm the LGBT community? take forward to end discrimination in our Our outrage surfaced gradually, until
Because we know there are people country is a patriotic act, said Pelosi. more and more strangers became friends,
in Washington, D.C. who want to take Rep. Maxine Waters received countering the war, racism, sexism and
away all of those rights from us. And we thunderous applause as she called for America Love it or Leave it hatred with
will not let them! Heilman said. And we Trumps impeachment. Impeach 45! she love, protests and dazzling psychedelic
dont just resist for ourselves, we resist for said. Hes not my president. Hes not your unity. We really did believe we could
those LGBTQ young people in other parts president. He lies. He cheats. Hes a bully. change the world.
of the country that are still being sent to He disrespects us all. And if he thinks he Perhaps something old is new again.
conversion therapy. And we resist on can mess with the LGBT community The #ResistMarch made many feel like
behalf of the LGBT community who can hed better look at what happened right resistance, persistence and staying woke
still get red because theres no national here in West Hollywood. But it wont be could sprout a new counter-Trump-culture
anti-discrimination law. And we resist on easy. Stay woke, she warned. movement and change the world for the
behalf of the trans community in Texas Unlike past parades where stars and better. At least theres hope.
and North Carolina who just want to go to important people were pampered and Equality Florida is still raising money to
the bathroom without being arrested. And protected, the #ResistMarch was a help the survivors and families of the Orlando
we resist in solidarity with the women and peoples parade. 49. If you would like to contribute, go their
girls of this country who want to succeed Schi, Pelosi, and Waters melted into the #HonorThemWithAction GoFundMeaccount.
and go to school and go to work without mass of humanity stepping o sidewalks

After Orlando: The resistance continues

Remembering Pulse
and moving forward


A panel of activists held a forum at the

Los Angeles LGBT Center Villages at Ed
Gould Plaza on Tuesday to discuss how
to move forward one year after the Pulse
nightclub massacre in Orlando, and the
fallout and signicance of a President
Trump administration.
Apolonio Morales from the Coalition
for Humane Immigrant Rights, Mariana
Marroquin from the Los Angeles LGBT
Center, Shedrick Davis of Lambda Legal, PHOTO BY ALEX SCHMIDER

and Nikki Levy, an activist and actor, focused

their talk on the mission of intersectionality, and a lot of people in the community, the one element needed to overcome
among various communities and strategies and its played out now for the general for a safe future for those most at-risk
for unifying them. LGBT community as well, its not been just communities, (immigrants, people of
One of the topics that came up in the the direct attacks that immigrants and color, and LGBTQ) is vanquishing the
discussion again and again was that despite Muslims have faced. It marked a turning fear that exists around people with
the horror of Pulse or the November point. Were back on defense. varying opinions, and the importance of
election, there have been surprisingly Marroquin made the point that although understanding and talking to one another.
positive signs of groups aligning. theres been a new era of resistance, I want to make sure that when I wake up
Pulse shattered the illusion of many of people should consider some in the every morning, I ask myself, Am I excluding
our perceptions and it brought home that community who dont necessarily have the someone? Am I being intentional? Am I
the brutality and the violence that exists strength to ght back. being considerate? Do I have gaps in my
in other communities can exist in the To say, we have to ght back is thinking? And how do I close those gaps?
gay community in such a shocking way, powerful, but for someone who has been And with all the things happening around
Morales said. all their lives ghting to be who they are, the country, the Womens March, the
With the Evangelical community coming it may be a little bit too much to ask, she protests at LAX after the Muslim travel
in to engage with victims and their families says. Lets keep those people in mind. ban, the Resist March, I ask have to ask
-- which you dont normally see. So, in this Davis says that since Trumps election, myself, do I know enough about the other
moment, in a terrible tragedy, you also Lambda Legal has adopted a strategy of to recognize their humanity? I think thats
see these moments of opportunity and resistance. Weve come too far to give an honest conversation I have to have with
opening up of dialog and conversations, these rights away, and we took notes on myself, Morales said.
he added. the obstruction tactics of our opponents Undeterred by tragedies such as Pulse,
Davis said the Pulse nightclub shooting during the Obama administration, of ling or the senseless deaths of 22 transgender
was a wakeup call for activists. suit with something they disagreed with women in the U.S., or Southern Poverty
Pulse set in motion the perception and slowing it down, he said. Law Centers documented 1,372 hate
that violence against our ability to just Davis adds that Lambda Legal has a crimes between the 2016 U.S. presidential
be, and the backlash against the rights four step approach to ghting Trumps election and February 2017, Tuesdays
that seemed to have been granted by positions: resist, slow or stop legislation panelists remain hopeful.
decisions and progression regulations and regulations that infringe on LGBT We will survive this and we will make it
that the Obama administration had begun peoples rights, shed light on those laws, work and keep providing a safe space for
to implement, Davis said. and educate people on their rights. those who arent empowered enough and
Election night reinforced that for me, Almost all of the panelists agreed that are still living in fear, Marroquin said.
0 8 J U NE 1 6 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

JEFFREY KING, Village Health Foundation




history of queer women
Black Our Pride launches in Leimert Park
History has a selective eye, especially
It was a classic California day: 76 degrees, blue skies and Phill Wilson, founder and President of the Black AIDS Institute, when presented from the point of view
palm trees swaying in the wind, a perfect setting for the rst Greg Wilson, Senior Manager of In The Meantime Mens Group, of outspoken men who believe they
Black Our Pride celebration in Leimert Park. More than 100 transgender activist Chandi Moore of Childrens Hospital and speak for an era. How many women do
members of the LGBTQ community and allies showed up, David Solorio of the Wall Las Memorias. you remember from ACT UP? How many
strong and dierent, celebrating as one. The panelists spoke about the intersectionality of oppression, remember the hard frontline work of
Marqueece Harris-Dawson, who represents South L.A. on stigma, homophobia, racism, and sexism. Young activist Greg such ACT UP/LA and Being Alive activists
the Los Angeles City Council, was arming in his remarks Wilson highlighted the resiliency of oppressed people and how as Mary Lucey, who is HIV-positive, and
from the stage. Now is the time, more than ever, when we as solutions are rooted in maladies, understanding internalized her wife Nancy MacNeil, who started the
a people must rally together to resist oppressions and forge a oppression and how it manifests within our communities. Women Alive newsletter? They not only
united front to combat fear and ignorance, he said. Jewel Thais Williams, founder of the Catch One and the endured rough arrests by the LAPD but
The powerful words spoken by the charismatic Harris- Village Health Foundation, joined the community for the also worked on the inside for the late L.A.
Dawson resonated with those who gathered in front of the discussion. Momma Jewel expressed how pleased she was City AIDS Coordinator Ferd Eggan.
legendary Vision Theatre amid the open-air space of the to be a part of another rst as she has facilitated a lot of On June 2, the couple reconnected with
historic Leimert Park Center. Later on his Facebook page, rsts in her long-standing career of activism and community fellow women warriors from the late 80s/
Harris-Dawson said: Very excited by our inaugural, Our Pride mobilization. early 90s activist days of ACT UP/LA, Queer
last night, with a DJ spinning on People St., a panel of LGBTQ Its great to see everyone present. This type of convening Nation, the Dyke March and Lesbian
activists at the Vision Theater, and an outdoor screening of is long overdue. I hope to see it grow and ourish so that our Avengers at Lesbians to Watch Out For:
Moonlight! youth will know that it is OK for them to celebrate who they are 90s Queer LA Activism, a multimedia
Vendors representing organizations and agencies from within their own community Thais-Williams said. month-long History & Art exhibit at the
around L.A. County shared words and resources, smiles and It is in moments like this that we are called to remember historic Long Hall in Plummer Park,
hugs. Out City Councilmember Mitch OFarrell with his partner how far we have come, said In The Meantime Men founder West Hollywood and a GRASSROOTS
and sta greeted constituents and engaged everyone who Jerey King. And yet how much future we dream and desire ORGANIZERS TELL ALL! panel with
approached. to go. We are a family and being stronger together allows Lesbian Avenger founder and author
Renewed Church Pastor Curt Thomas huddled with Rev. us to realize how important it is to build stronger coalitions, Anne-christine dAdesky on June 14.
Russell Thornhill, senior pastor of Unity Fellowship of Christ focusing on our strengths and similarities and celebrating our From the AB101 protests to Hollywood
Church and shared history with Denise Williams of the Village common bond while embracing our dierences. Homophobia actions to organizing for the
Health Foundation. JavonTae Wilson, a 23-year-old lead HIV Some of the attendees endured sporadic homophobic 93 LGBT March on Washington, 90s lesbian
tester for In The Meantime, laughed and swayed to the old slursfaggots whispered from the lips of some hanging and queer womens activism in LA reected
school music of Marvin Gay in the background while manning out on the fringes. The evening culminated in an outdoor the energy of the decade: dyke visibility
the outreach table and greeting passersby. screening of the Oscar-winning lm Moonlight. marches, public kiss-ins and declarations
Taking the stage for a panel and community discussion were JEFFREY KING of we recruit! says co-organizer and ACT
UP activist Judy Sisneros.
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM JUNE 16, 2017 09

Los Angeles Dodgers are LGBT Proud

Pride night at
stadium full of kisses


Eric Braverman and Andrew Sync helped

make history this year at the Los Angeles
Dodgers Pride Night, selling upwards of
8,000 tickets a record for any team
and the kiss cam was not at all shy about
it. It was the rst time the ve-year-old
event partnered with LA Pride.
The whole stadium celebrated and
cheered as couples of every gender pairing
were spotlighted by the camera and
responded with the traditional kiss. Social
media exploded with beaming seles in
celebration of the Dodgers LGBT Pride.
The team is committed to LGBT inclusion,
this year featuring the leagues rst print
advertisement in a gay publication with a full
page in the Los Angeles Blades Pride issue.
Dodgers Executive Vice-President &
Chief Marketing Ocer Lon Rosen told Seven gay couples were featured on the famous Kiss Cam and the crowd cheered like it was a grand slam.

Cyd Zeigler of Outsports that his aim is to PHOTO COURTESY OF THE LOS ANGELES DODGERS

create a genuine and reciprocal aection

between the community and the team. reason the attendance grows every year is an inclusive MLB. in sports and to champion LGBT equality.
Diversity is part of that intention. because of the fan experience, Rosen told Bean praised the partnership with At LGBT night on June 9, that commitment
People from across sports have Outsports. Erik and his team work hard to LA Pride, a rst in the nation. The to diversity was on full display. The Trans
asked us what has made our LGBT Night program the night in way that entertains partnership with LA Pride is a perfect Chorus opened the night by singing the
resonate and grow so much over the past and connects with all fans. As I said, our example of an ambitious, determined National Anthem. Several high-prole
ve years and I think the answer is pretty fans are diverse in every way possible. The inspired community building something LGBT community members threw the rst
simple. We practice what we preach.they one thing everyone can agree on is their to make it better and better, he said. Im pitch (including actor Matt Bomer and
arent just words when we say the Dodgers love for the Dodgers. really proud of LA Pride for making this #ResistMarch founder and entrepreneur
organization embraces diversity, inclusion Major League Baseball has implemented work and getting the word out to the rest Brian Pendleton). And the jumbotron came
and equality for ALL, said Rosen. an outreach strategy to the LGBT community. of our community. alive with a half-dozen same-sex couple
And the eort is not a one-night stand. In 2014, one year after Major League Kirk Walker, an out gay Division 1 coach, kisses. And, in a show of diversity, producer
Braverman, who is the teams vice Baseball issued a policy prohibiting established Equality Coaching Alliance, an Andrew Sync made sure to highlight a few
president for marketing, communications discrimination against players based on anity group for LGBT baseball organizers straight couples kissing as well.
and broadcasting, told the Los Angeles their sexual orientation, Commissioner at the high school, college and professional The team also created a special rainbow
Blade that support for the LGBT Bud Selig appointed former outelder Billy levels. I thought it was important that logo, which was on display. The logo was
community is lasting, that LGBT people Bean, as ambassador for inclusion. Bean, there be a place to let others know that displayed during the game, printed on
are as important to the organization as any who played in the major leagues for parts they are not alone. thousands of T-shirts and displayed on
other community, he said. On Facebook of six seasons from 1987-89 and 1993-95, MLB has even allied with an LGBT non- signage throughout the stadium.
he wrote, we try to make it all about the and wrote a book titled Going the Other prot, Athlete Ally, whose mission is to Maybe it was luck of Pride or just the
experience...not just the game. Way: Lessons from a Life In and Out of educate and activate athletic communities enthusiastic joy of the audience, but the
At the end of the day though, the real Major League Baseball, has advocated for to eliminate homophobia and transphobia Dodgers beat the Cincinnati Reds, 7 to 2.
1 0 J U NE 1 6 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

Outbreaks of meningitis, mumps reported

On the same day LA Pride was set to kick o, Los Angeles County Public Health issued
a press release reminding men who have sex with men that they may be at increased
risk for invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) and therefore need to be vaccinated. Public
Health reports that there have been 28 outbreak-associated cases of meningococcal
disease since March 2016 in Southern California. Meningococcal disease is a rare, but
serious disease that can lead to swelling in the brain and spinal cord, loss of a limb,
deafness, brain damage or even death.
Of the 28 people diagnosed, the latest was identied one week ago. One person died
earlier this year, though the county has not yet provided statistics on how many of the 28
patients were LGBT.
Meningitis is transmitted casually, through the air in closed quarters such as when
someone sneezes and through saliva such as kissing or sharing drinks, utensils, food,
toothbrushes, joints or cigarettes.
There is also an outbreak of mumps in LA County involving more than 40 patients. [H]

#ResistMarch posters were irresistable ealth ocials said most of the patients are men who have sex with men, and the majority
of the cases were linked to patients being at large venues such as gyms, bars, theaters and
nightclubs, the LA Daily News reported.
If you were one of the nearly 100,000 people who attended #ResistMarch on Mumps typically begins with a few days of fever, headache, fatigue, and anorexia
Sunday, June 11, you surely spotted a few placards and posters in the crowd. They followed by development of salivary gland swelling, pain, and tenderness.
ranged from serious, to apolitical, to humorous, bizarre and cute. But they all Public Health clinics provide vaccines for all people at higher-risk for Invasive Meningococcal
made a statement. Disease, regardless of health insurance status. Those who do not have a regular health care
#ResistMarch was a joyous experience and the signs tell the story. provider or health insurance that covers vaccines can call the LA County Information Line at
TROY MASTERS 2-1-1 for referrals to providers oering vaccines at no-cost or a reduced cost.
The following locations oer free meningococcal vaccinations for all people at higher-
risk (please call to conrm availability):

AHF Wellness Center West Adams 2146 W. Adams Blvd,

LA, WeHo mayors celebrate Pride Los Angeles 90018, 888-836-5946
AHF Wellness Center Hollywood 1300 N. Vermont Ave, Suite 407,
Los Angeles 90027, 866-339-2525
What a dierence a mere seven months can make. Prior to the 2016 elections last AHF Wellness Center San Fernando Valley 4940 Van Nuys Blvd, Suite 200,
November, progress on the LGBT equality front was so presumed, inculcated in every Sherman Oaks 91403, 866-625-4559
day life, few Angelenos got excited about celebrating LGBT Pride. It was a done deal. That APLA Health Gleicher/Chen Health Center, 3743 S. La Brea Ave,
changed with the campaign of Donald Trump and his shocking ascension to presidential Los Angeles 90016, 323-329-9900
power. This year, the June 11#ResistMarch supplanted the traditional Christopher Street APLA Health Long Beach Health Center 1043 Elm Ave., Suite 302,
West Pride Parade, ironically a return to the roots of post-Stonewall protest. Long Beach, CA 90813, 562-247-7740
But, as CSW co-founder Rev. Troy Perry reminded us, Los Angeles decided to have a Los Angeles LGBT Center 1625 N. Schrader Blvd,
parade to celebrate the joy of gay liberation, in conjunction with the ongoing anger over Los Angeles, 90028, 323-993-7500
still being denied rst-class citizenship. So, of course there needed to be some parties Central Health Center 241 N. Figueroa Street,
celebrating Pride and who better to kick that o than Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Los Angeles 90012, 213-240-8204
and West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman, both held on June 7. Hollywood/Wilshire Health Center 5205 Melrose Avenue,
Garcettis LGBT Pride Garden Party was held at the historic Wattles Mansion in Los Angeles 90038, 323-769-7800
Hollywood. Guests ranged from LAPD brass to LGBT city sta to grassroots artists and North Hollywood Health Center 5300 Tujunga Avenue,
activists from both political parties and voters who declined-to-state their political North Hollywood 91601, 818-766-3982
preferences. Pomona Health Center 750 S. Park Avenue,
Heilmans party with CSW was held at the Penthouse at historic Factory on Robertson Pomona 91766, 909-868-0235
Boulevard. The mayor greeted guests decked out in a shimmering jacket. Ah, WeHo. Antelope Valley Health Center 335-B East Avenue K6,
Guests mingled, gossiped and foot-tapped to Anthony Fedorove singing Calling on You. Lancaster 93535, 661-723-4526
A joyful attitude of Pride was plentiful and on parade.
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM JUNE 16, 2017 11

The Los Angeles Blade hosted a jubilant Rainbow Carpet on Santa Monica Boulevard.
1 2 J U NE 1 6 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

#ResistMarch delivered on the organizers promise to bring diverse communities together under the Rainbow ag.

Pentagon celebrates Pride with LGBT service members

Military ocial wont Anthony Kurta, who said during his remarks of sta for logistics, engineering and force
all men and women who serve, including protection at Headquarters U.S. Air Force.
comment on potential
civilian and military personnel in the Celebrating Pride month, or any other
delay of trans accession LGBT community are equal contributing diversity month, is really about validating
members of the DOD total force. that theres one inherent trait we all
By CHRIS JOHNSON Diversity is more than race, gender and possess and our nation benets from,
ethnicity, Kurta said. It includes, among and thats the diversity of our unique
The U.S. military has entered a new other things, diversity of thought, diversity of backgrounds and experience, Rose said.
era under the Trump administration as ability, diversity of background, diversity of Emphasizing the importance of diversity,
many wonder if the LGBT progress after language, culture and skill. It is very broad. Rose said U.S. history provides ample
Dont Ask, Dont Tell repeal will remain DOD Pride had invited Defense Secretary evidence undercutting the notion that value
in place, but one thing that hasnt changed James Mattis to attend the event, but is just some aspect of political correctness.
is the annual reception at the Pentagon Kurta represented Pentagons leadership World War II provides bold insight to
recognizing Pride. in place of the secretary. Later in the day, the power of inclusion as opposed to
The event coordinated by DOD Pride, Rep. MARK TAKANO (D-Calif.) delivered the Mattis was set to testify before Congress on exclusion, Rose said. While our enemies
the Pentagon anity group for LGBT keynote address at a Pentagon Pride event. President Trumps plan tofund the Defense were trying to prop up the superiority of
service members and civilians took PHOTO COURTESY OF TAKANO Department in the upcoming scal year. their monolithic cultures, we were utilizing
place on Monday as it has each year after Also speaking at the event on the day the vast and distinct skills sets our diverse
repeal of the militarys gay ban, and now Representing the Defense Department she was poised to exit military service military had to oer.
after the rule change allowing transgender at the event was acting Under Secretary was Maj. Gen. Patricia Rose, a lesbian and
people to serve in the armed forces. of Defense for Personnel & Readiness mobilization assistant to the deputy chief CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM

Obama officials reminisce, talk road ahead

Not the White House overturned the Defense of Marriage We cannot only focus on our issues, into Michael Flynn a move that potentially
Act, to remind attendees the Trump Jarrett said. We have to be our sisters constitutes obstruction of justice.
Pride reception
administration is temporary. keeper. We have to be our brothers keeper. Asked by the Blade during the event if
I saw Edie literally two days after the All of our brothers, all of our sisters, and we the Trump administration was what she
By CHRIS JOHNSON election, Fanning said, and she Im have to sweep up and use our voice and use expected, Jarrett replied, Frankly, It was
paraphrasing a little bit points up at me our eort, and this balcony is a beautiful hard to know what to expect.
President Trump may have declined to sign and says, Get over it. She said, I started sight. Were going to take the feeling from I think one of the reasons why I wanted
a Pride proclamation or host a White House voting in 1947. She goes, We made progress this balcony and were going to go out in to be here today was to say Pride month
Pride reception, but that didnt stop former and we got knocked back a little bit, but we the streets of this great District of Columbia, is not just about celebrating the enormous
members of the Obama administration from keep ghting and we will be back. where we are going to remind everybody progress that weve made, but its also about
celebrating the occasion. Also speaking was Valerie Jarrett, senior what it means to be an American. recognizing we still have a lot of hard work
Hosted by Obama White House adviser to former President Obama who Other speakers includedMara Keisling, to go, and its no time to let up, and we have
LGBT liaisons Gautam Raghavan and oversaw LGBT issues for the entire eight executive director of the National Center to be as committed as ever to bending that
Aditi Hardikar, the celebration years of the Obama administration, who for Transgender Equality; lesbian comedian arc of the moral universe, Jarrett added.
dubbed Not the White House Pride said shes feeling a little nostalgic over the Kate Clinton; and Precious Brady-Davis, Jarrett cautioned clearly, we could
Reception in homage to Samantha Bees past ve months as you can imagine. activist and organizer. Stephanie Rice, lose ground and the only way to ensure
competing event with the White House Recalling pro-LGBT moments of the musician and contestant on NBCs The progress is preserved would be solidarity
Correspondents Dinner took place Obama administration like Dont Voice, performed afterward. with the progressive movement.
Saturday at the Brixton in D.C. Ask, Dont Tell repeal, winning marriage The celebration took place on the same The only way were not going to lose
Among the speakers was the rst equality nationwide, and the nal White day as the D.C. Pride Parade and days after ground is if we build a big, inclusive tent
openly gay Army secretary Eric Fanning, House Pride reception Jarrett said the former FBI Director James Comey testied and we help everybody understand why
who recalled meeting Edie Windsor, the most important thing now for members before Congress that he believed Trump equality for the LGBTQ community is
octogenarian plainti in the lawsuit that of the LGBT community is to be a citizen. urged him to discontinue the investigation equality for us all, Jarrett said.

Polis announces bid to become Colorado governor

Could become rst openly teacher and a former state senator. LGBT Equality Caucus and a co-sponsor of
My life has been about taking big ideas the Equality Act.
gay person elected to post
and turning them into results, Polis said. If Polis were to succeed in his bid to
Im running for governor to preserve what become Colorado governor, hed be the
By CHRIS JOHNSON makes Colorado special. Were working to rst openly gay person elected governor
make sure our state works for everyone, in the United States and the only sitting
The most senior out member of the U.S. not just a few. openly gay governor.
House on Sunday announcedhis intentto Among the goals cited by Polis are However, the more general milestone of
run forgovernor of Colorado. If successful, making Colorado completely energy an openly LGBT person winning election
hed be the rst openly gay person elected independent and ensuring the state as governor has been achieved. Last year,
governor in the United States. entirely runs on renewable energy by 2040 Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, whos bisexual,
Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), whos served Rep. JARED POLIS (D-Colo.) is running with green energy jobs that he says cant won election after being appointed to the
in Congress since the start of the Obama forgovernor of Colorado. be outsourced overseas. Polis also pledges position in 2015 following the resignation
administration in 2009, formally declared BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY free full-day preschool and kindergarten of her predecessor.
his bid Monday to become governor and to for Colorado and an inclusive economy Another governor came out as gay after
succeed retiring Gov. John Hickenlooper. we can build an economy that works for where workers make more, not just CEOs. having been elected and serving in oce.
Im running to be your next governor everybody not just those at the top. As a member of Congress, Polis took In 2004, New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey,
because I want to turn bold ideas into Included in the email blast is video the lead on legislation seeking to enhance came out as gay prior to resigning amid
real results for your family, Polis wrote featuring Polis as well as supporters the LGBT rights, such as the Employment Non- scandal involving an aair with a male aide.
in an email to supporters. Colorado can owner of Jones Scones, a graduate of the Discrimination Act and the Student Non-
lead the way into the future and, together, New America School founded by Polis, a Discrimination Act. Polis is a co-chair of the CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM

Rep. Maloney introduces data collection bill on anti-LGBT violence

PRIDE Act would authorize measure was needed so that we know whos of decedents. LGBT advocates there in support of the
been made a victim because of their sexual Two states Colorado and Nevada bill were David Stacy, the Human Rights
$25 million for CDC
orientation or gender identity. have instituted policy for data collection Campaigns government aairs director;
This is the season for Pride and on anti-LGBT murders and suicides in their Amy Loudermilk, associate director of
By CHRIS JOHNSON for determination, and part of being states, but those are pilot programs. government aairs at the Trevor Project;
determined is being smart, and being Rep. Dina Titus (D-Nev.) said at the news and Diego Sanchez, director of policy for
Amid observances of the anniversary of the smart means you need to have the facts conference Nevadas system of data collection PFLAG National.
Pulse nightclub shooting, Rep. Sean Patrick and that data, and thats all were doing on anti-LGBT homicides and suicides was on Loudermilk said the legislation represents
Maloney (D-N.Y.) reintroduced legislation on today, Maloney said. Were saying we systemic fashion and additional funding will a landmark shift in the way LGBT deaths are
Tuesday aimed at improving data collection want to know nationally the statistics of help with that eort at the federal level. reported and signals to LGBT youths their
on violence and suicide among LGBT people. violent crimes when its related to sexual Other states do bits and pieces of it as lives matter.
The legislation, known as the PRIDE Act orientation and gender identity. they collect data from local entities, but Right now, its as if were in the dark
to Combat Violence, was rst introduced Under the current system, the National this funding will allow us to have a more ages of LGBTQ youth suicide prevention
last year in the aftermath of the Orlando Violent Death Reporting System collects only systematic approach and do it the way that because we dont have a baseline number
massacre and would authorize $25 million for a small amount of information on sexual Nevada does it, Titus said. of deaths from which to assess the
the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention orientation and gender identity. The lives lost Other lawmakers present at the news eectiveness of policy and interventions
to collect information on the LGBT status of in the Orlando attack werent recorded as conference in support of the PRIDE Act to and appropriate distribution of resources,
deceased individuals through the National anti-LGBT murders in any data collection. Combat Violence were Rep. David Cicilline Loudermilk said.
Violent Death Reporting System. According to Maloneys oce, all data (D-R.I.), whos gay and a co-chair of the LGBT The Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr. Hate
During a news conference on Capitol collection at the National Violent Death Equality Caucus; Rep. Carolyn Maloney Crimes Prevention Act, signed by President
Hill announcing the introduction of the Reporting System is performed on a (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Al Green (D-Texas), who Obama in 2009, in addition instituting federal
legislation, Maloney, a gay lawmaker whos a voluntary basis and the results are only recently called for the impeachment of penalties for anti-LGBT hate crimes allows for
co-chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus, said the released in aggregate to protect the privacy President Trump on the House oor. data collection on those acts.

AMA denounces anti-trans bathroom bills

Trump tweets never forget The American Medical Association has put its weight behind opposing bills in state

on Pulse anniversary legislatures that would bar transgender people from usingthe restroom consistent with
their gender identity.
The organization, which represents physicians and medical residents nationwide,
On the one-year anniversary of armed its position Monday during its annual meeting in Chicago by approving a resolution
the Pulse massacre, President Trump rejecting legislation that would disrupt bathroom access for transgender people.
tweeted on Monday an image of the 49 The resolution, titled Access to Basic Human Services for Transgender Individuals,
individuals killed at the gay nightclub, makes the case that policies that base access to public facilities on biological sex place
urging his followers to never forget undo harm on the physical and social well-being and safety of transgender individuals.
the victims. Under the resolution, the AMA resolves to oppose policies preventing transgender
We will NEVER FORGET the victims individuals from accessing basic human services and public facilities in line with ones
who lost their lives one year ago gender identity, including, but not limited to, the use of restrooms.
today in the horric #PulseNightClub Further, the resolution commits the AMA to advocate for the creation of policies that
shooting, Trump tweeted. promote social equality and safe access to basic human services and public facilities for
Trump also used the hashtag transgender individuals according to ones gender identity.
#OrlandoUnitedDay, which is one Jesse Ehrenfeld, a medical doctor and member of the AMA Board of Trustees, said in a
of the hashtags used by those blog post the resolution seeks to address laws and prejudice against transgender people.
remembering the massacre in Prejudice and discrimination aect transgender individuals in many ways throughout
Orlando, Fla., as well as 49 people their daily lives, often in the form of physical or verbal abuse or bullying, Ehrenfeld said.
killed and 53 wounded on that day. Laws and policies that restrict the use of public facilities based on biological gender can
Trumps tweet is consistent with have immediate and lingering physical consequences, as well as severe mental health
remarks he madeover his presidential repercussions. To protect the public health and to promote social equality and safe access
campaign invoking the mass shooting, to public facilities and services, the American Medical Association is opposed to policies
the deadliest in American history, that prevent transgender individuals from accessing basic human services and public
as evidence of the need to confront President DONALD TRUMP tweeted never facilities in line with their gender identity.
forget on the anniversary of the Pulse
Islamic extremism. During his shooting. According to the AMA, the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association was responsible for
acceptance speech at the Republican BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY introducing the measure in favor of allowing transgender people access to the bathroom
National Convention, Trump recalled consistent with their gender identity. The 555 delegates who comprise the AMA House
the shooting and said hed protect our of Delegates, the associations policy-making body, deliberated the measure before
LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of the hateful, foreign ideology. approving it.
But the tweet contrasts with anti-LGBT policy initiatives from Trump over the Andthe resolution on access to public facilities wasnt the only pro-trans measure the
course of his administration, such as the revocation of Obama-era guidance AMA approved. The AMA also approved a resolution titled, Medical Spectrum of Gender,
assuring transgender kids access to school bathrooms consistent with their which says gender is currently incompletely understood as a binary selection and seeks
gender identity, as well as anti-LGBT appointments like U.S. Attorney General Je to better education the medical community on the issue amid growing visibility of non-
Sessions and Secretary of Housing & Urban Development Ben Carson. binary people.
As similar violence inspired by violent extremism takes place across the globe, Also approved was a separate resolution committing the AMA to work with the Food & Drug
Trump has promoted the idea of a travel ban temporarily banning refugees Administration to develop a gender-neutral patient categorization model in risk management
and immigration from six Muslim-majority countries. Courts have enjoined the plans for pregnancy to accommodate transgender men who can still have children.
enforcement of the ban on the basis that it violates due process and freedom of Lastly, delegates to the AMA meeting called for future AMA meetings to take place,
religion and litigation challenging the ban has reached the Supreme Court. whenever possible, only in those counties, cities and states that have nondiscriminatory
A White House ocial told the Washington Blade via email the tweet represents policies, according to the blog post.
Trumps opposition to violence and commitment to defeating terrorism. Mary Beth Maxwell, the Human Rights Campaigns senior vice president for programs,
The president has been clear that he condemns all acts of violence against any research and training, hailed the AMA in a statement for approving the resolution in favor
American and what happened in Orlando should never happen again, the ocial of transgender people.
said. He will always ght against all acts of terrorism against any American. The AMA, one of the most respected associations of medical professionals in the world,
In response to a Blade inquiry on the origin of the photo Trump tweeted, the knows better than most the harmful consequences of ill-conceived anti-transgender
White House ocial professed to be unaware, but was looking into that. actions, Maxwell said. Policies that seek to restrict access for transgender people to vital
CHRIS JOHNSON programs and facilities can result in negative physical and mental health outcomes for
those targeted for discrimination and mistreatment.

The Summer of
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In her essay about LAs powerful SENIOR CONTRIBUTING WRITER
#ResistMarch, Karen Ocamb says the KAREN OCAMB
spectacle of 100,000 people gathering as CONTRIBUTORS
a community to celebrate their refusal to CHARLES KAISER, ALAN MILLER, TIM MILLER, MAER
budge even an inch on our equality and DAVID EHRENSTEIN, STEVEN ERICKSON, LILLIAN
civil rights gains, reminds her of the 1967 FADERMAN, ORIOL GUTTIEREZ, SETH HEMMELGARN,
People of all ages, colors and MUNDY, ROBERT WILLIAMS, DAN ALLEN, BRAD FUHR,
backgrounds called each other brother WINSTON GEISEKE, RICHARD ANDREOLI, DREW
and sister and joined together in CHIBBARO JR., MARIAH COOPER, ABBY DEES, REBEKAH
protesting the Vietnam War. Death feared for their lives or were killed. It was of the social contract this country has SAGER, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MIKE CIRIACO
was a constant far away terror with the a densely packed era of resistance that achieved. Perhaps the best evidence of that PHOTOGRAPHY
government lying to keep the illusion of came as a shock for America. is his administrations sta; each member CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
winning alive as bodies of our drafted The Summer of Love also saw an of his cabinet is opposed to the missions of AZERCREATIVE.COM
friends, family and loved ones came home unpopular rst-term president choose not to the very department they govern. DISTRIBUTION
silently, as if each was an image of national run for a second term, giving rise to Richard #ResistMarch wisely focused its eorts All material in the Los Angeles Blade is protected by federal copyright
shame, she wrote. Nixons moral majority and setting the stage on intersectionality. The organizers law and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Los
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Indeed, the summer of love happened for years of conservative pushback. recognized that the LGBT community writers and cartoonists published herein is neither inferred nor
implied. The appearance of names or pictorial representation does not
during an era of massive resistance, an era An important dierence between now is not alone in feeling threatened. They necessarily indicate the sexual orientation of that person or persons.
Although the Los Angeles Blade is supported by many ne advertisers,
in which the American equality movement and the era of the Summer of Love (at invited every marginalized community to we cannot accept responsibility for claims made by advertisers.
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Angeles and Stonewall in New York. Donald Trump has tried to force upon we have made in the country. Letters should be fewer than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer
than 750 words. Submissions may be edited for content and length, and
But the era also saw its leaders come our country an agenda that would seem If they come for one of us, they come must include a name, address and phone number for verication. Send
submissions by e-mail to
under re. Martin Luther King and Robert intent on reversing those gains. He has for all of us, was the true theme of
Kennedy emerged as powerful leaders empowered some of our worst enemies, #ResistMarch.
and both were assassinated. Others eliminated key paths to equality and The intersectional summer of love has
were demonized to the point where they continues to take aim at the very fabric begun, brothers and sisters.
wherever you are ...

... so are we.

J U N E 1 6 2 0 1 7 V O L U M E 0 1 I S S U E 0 7 A me r i c a s L G B T N e w s S ou r c e L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M 2 1

David France (How to Survive a Plague) probes the mysterious death of early LGBT activist Masha
P. Johnson.

Outfest presents diverse, exciting lineup for 2017

Gender parity, tran s ju s ti c e and ra c ial equality


With its just-announced 2017 schedule, in this years lineup because of how The Outfest Los Angeles filmmakers are these films. And Im so proud to be able
Outfest presents one of its most diverse socially conscious and relevant these politically engaged much more urgently to say that 50 percent of the features are
and inclusive slates ever, with nearly 200 films are, says Lucy Mukerjee-Brown, this year, and as a result their films really directed by women. Its about time!
films from more than 30 countries, and director of programming for Outfest, demand attention. Gender parity, trans Outfest kicks off this year on Thursday,
several world and regional premieres. one of Americas longest running and justice and racial equality are all themes
Im really excited about and invested most important LGBTQ film festivals. that are coming though loud and clear in ContinueS ON page 30
2 2 J U NE 1 6 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM 2 0 G A Y Q U E ST I O N S F O R: P E TE R C R UZ

How long have you been out and who What historical outcome would you a body. Our souls are eternal. What
was the hardest person to tell? change? happens to our souls after our time in
I have been out since the age of 16 (19 I was heartbroken when I heard the news this physical world is something that I
years). My coming out experience was that Donald Trump was elected the 45th believe no one has an answer to.
a dicult one. Coming from a devout president of the United States. While his
Catholic family, no one in my family that election resulted in a waking up moment Whats your advice for LGBT
I told accepted me. They told me to keep for the LGBTQ and other marginalized movement leaders?
my sexual orientation hidden so that communities that will benet us in the To not let ego and personal agendas get
the family can save face. Eventually, my long run, I was very distraught in the in the way of reaching an ideal outcome.
mom forced me into reparative therapy, weeks after the election.
which was a very traumatic experience. What would you walk across hot coals
Though my relationship with my mom is Whats been the most memorable pop for?
a lot better today, she was denitely the culture moment of your lifetime? To help someone I love.
hardest person to tell. Im a big EDM fan, so going to EDC 2013
was a big moment for me. That was What LGBT stereotype annoys you
Whos your LGBT hero? the rst time that I went to EDC since most?
My hero would be anyone who doesnt let it moved to Las Vegas and I was blown That there is something wrong with us
PETER CRUZ is surrounded here by trans activist
Karina Samala (L) and Congressman Ted Lieu. societys arbitrary standards dictate how away at how big and extravagant it had and that we are sinners for choosing to
they live their life, which is why I have become. Nothing compares to the energy live authentically.
so much love and respect for the trans of 100,000 people dancing and spreading
By TROY MASTERS community. love. Whats your favorite LGBT movie? Prayers for Bobby. That movie hit very
Whats Los Angeles best nightspot, On what do you insist? close to home. I sobbed for hours after
When Peter Cruz took the microphone past or present? I insist that people be honest and to work watching that movie. It was a cathartic
as the very rst speaker at Resist March, The place that my friends and I would with integrity. moment.
it was electric. Not just because the crowd always go to was GAMeBoi. This nightclub
had been waiting months to take to the has become an institution in our What was your last Facebook post or Whats the most overrated social
streets, but because his upbeat attitude community. I have a lot of fond memories Tweet? custom?
immediately charged the atmosphere. of Friday nights at Rage with my friends, I posted about what an honor it was to Making small talk.
Cruz, a rst-generation Filipino- letting go after a long week of work. kick o the Resist March with Karina
American, has devoted his life to Samala and Congressman Ted Lieu. I also What trophy or prize do you most
community service, rst in Orange County Describe your dream wedding. shared my experience with reparative covet?
where he worked in HIV prevention My dream wedding would consist of therapy and shared the great work that I dont really have one. I always let my
services and advocacy. After he moved to having my mom and dad present. It Rep. Lieu is doing in Congress to get the work speak for itself. If Im able to make
Los Angeles he became deeply involved doesnt have to be extravagant. I would practice banned nationwide. an impact, great! If not, then it simply
in community services for the Asian just want both of them there to share that means I have more work to do.
community and joined the Asian Pacic moment with me and my husband. I think If your life were a book, what would
AIDS Intervention Team (APAIT). that will be the moment where I know for the title be? What do you wish youd known at 18?
Peter is now Associate Director at sure that they love me and accept me for Resilience. That my life was going to turn out just ne
APAIT. In 2016, Peter and his colleagues who I am. and that I didnt have to worry as much.
at APAIT established and organized If science discovered a way to change
#NotOurPride, a coalition of LGBTQ What non-LGBT issue are you most sexual orientation, what would you Why Los Angeles?
groups and individuals who spoke out passionate about? do? The Resist March was a perfect
against proposed changes that were I have become very spiritual in the past I would remain exactly as I am. I would representation of our city and
planned for that years LA Pride Festival year, and it has become my passion. not trade being a member of the LGBTQ community. The LA LGBTQ community
by Christopher Street West (CSW). Becoming a member of Inspire Spiritual community for the world! is unique because of our size, diversity,
As a result of #NotOurPrides advocacy, the Community in West Hollywood really and our willingness to leverage our
proposed changes were rescinded by CSW helped me transcend all of the trauma What do you believe in beyond the skills, talents, and life experiences to
and approximately 17,000 LGBTQ individuals and limiting beliefs that I held on to for 18 physical world? help improve the lives of other. This
and allies were oered free admission to that years as a result of reparative therapy. I believe that we are energy. We are not community has embraced me, mentored
years Friday night festivities. bodies with a soul, we are souls with me, and made me the person I am today.
2 4 J U NE 1 6 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM F I LM

It Comes at Night, a fright lm for the Trump era



The greatest horror lms are never just imagine for themselves. This results in an
about scaring us. ambiguity that forces us to draw our own
The Exorcist or the Babadook may conclusions about which approach is right
present us with demons, but they are or indeed, whether it ultimately even
really showing us the hidden evil in our matters which one we choose.
own lives; every slasher ick is really a While this opaque approach lends itself
morality tale in which the smallest sins are well to multiple interpretations, it can
harshly punished; and even Frankenstein also create the risk of muddy storytelling.
or Dracula, in all their incarnations, are Unfortunately, this is the case with It
more about the twisted pathways of the Comes At Night. Shults leaves a little
human psyche than they are about the too much to the imagination, resulting in
terrors of the supernatural. enough uncertainty about the plot to leave
Such movies, like fables from the CHRISTOPHER ABBOTT and JOEL EDGERTON in It Comes at Night.
us more confused than stimulated when
Brothers Grimm, are cautionary tales PHOTO COURTESY OF A24 the credits nally roll. Indeed, this lack
that teach us lessons by tapping into of clarity makes the lms ending seem
our deepest fears. Good lmmakers microcosm in which to explore the hot- with devastating immediacy. abrupt, and audiences are likely to go
understand this, and they root the scares button issues of the day. The parallel is Apart from its opening and climactic home with the feeling that they must have
they deliver onscreen into something highly apt to todays world; in the age of sequences, however, It Comes At Night missed something important.
deeper than the articial scenarios that Brexit and Trump, with its resurgence of may fall short of expectations for hardcore This is particularly disappointing in view
provide them. It Comes At Night, the new nationalism and xenophobia, existential fright-seekers. Although he provides plenty of the movies deeper ambitions. Though
thriller from writer-director Trey Edward fear has boiled to the surface of our of creepy moments and jump-out-of- comparison is seldom fair, one cannot
Shults, aspires to follow this example. communal awareness much in the way it your-seat scares along the way, Shults has help but be reminded of this years earlier
A grim parable about human nature did during those precarious days of the taken a less-is-more approach. He seeks to social-commentary-as-horror oering,
masquerading as an apocalyptic Cold War era. disturb, not to terrify, and as a result the lm Jordan Peeles brilliant Get Out, a lm
survival tale, it centers on a small family Shults has adapted this time-tested plays more like psychodrama than horror. which dazzled largely because of the clear
(Joel Edgerton, Carmen Ejogo, and formula for contemporary audiences; the This, of course, allows us the opportunity and concise lines between its sensational
Kelvin Harrison, Jr.) that have boarded conict he presents reects the concerns of to recognize the allegorical threads of plot and its slyly satirical observations.
themselves up at an isolated house in the our own time, but he doesnt hammer home his story and connect them to the issues, The intentions are dierent here, of
woods after the outbreak of a terrifying his point. Rather, he invites us to make the which is his real agenda to address. course, but Shults has chosen to blur his
plague that brings an agonizing death to connections for ourselves, and focuses his To a point, those connections are pretty lines instead, and the result is a promise
anyone who contracts it. eorts instead on frightening us. clear. The two families live in a world of fear, that never feels fullled.
When a surprise intruder turns out to be He begins his lm with a traumatic and must decide whether to cooperate or This is not to say that It Comes At Night
seeking water for his own nearby family, sequence that establishes the horrors of isolate, to help each other or look out for is a failure; Shults is a gifted lmmaker, and
they decide to invite these strangers to its disease-borne threat while emotionally their own interests; the choices they make he has succeeded well in crafting a moody
live among them. At rst, the newcomers bonding us to the family at its center; are clouded by paranoia and mistrust, and engaging thriller. His cast is excellent,
(Christopher Abbot, Riley Keogh, and he builds a tense and oppressive and their ultimate survival likely depends and the cinematography by Drew Daniels
Grin Robert Faulkner) are a welcome mood throughout, creating a sense of on how well they are able to overcome is a master class in atmosphere. The
addition to the household; but after claustrophobia even in the open forest those obstacles. You cant come up with pieces are all there, even if the lm as a
a mysterious event sows the seeds of outside the house which underscores a plainer metaphor for the challenge of whole is unsatisfying.
mistrust, the family begins to fear that the pervading fear that there can be living in a global community than that.
inviting these outsiders into their home no real escape; he evokes a feverish From there, though, things get a little
may have jeopardized their own survival. delirium by progressively blending vague. Following the lead of such recent Director: Trey Edward Shults
Such a premise has direct connections scenes of nightmare and reality until we horror eorts as Robert Eggers The Cinematography: Drew Daniels
Screenplay: Trey Edward Shults
to the kind of double-edged dramas have diculty telling which is which; and Witch, Shults deliberately masks the Stars: Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott,
featured on shows like The Twilight he brings us to a ferocious climax that specics of his story in such a way that Carmen Ejogo
Playing: Pacics The Grove, AMC Dine-In
Zone, which often presented a what if undercuts its inevitability by surprising us many key events are left for the audience Sunset, ArcLight Hollywood
2 6 J U NE 1 6 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM G O SSI P

Billy Masters, post-Pride edition



TONY AWARDS: Im coming, January in Las Vegas.

wait...Im going into makeup. Kevin
Spacey sings from Sunset Boulevard ASK BILLY: Our Ask Billy question
during his Tony Awards opening number. required a bit of research.
There were quite a few coming out jokes. George in Fort Lauderdale writes, Do
P.S. He didnt. you remember Jon Fleming? He appeared
on an episode of Will & Grace as a really
RESIST MARCH: As cities around the hot shirtless guy in Jacks acting class.
country are poised to celebrate Gay Pride, There is a gay porn video circulating and
Los Angeles eschewed the traditional people say its him. Is it?
parade to join in the nationwide Resist Many of my readers will remember
March. While I appreciate the sentiment, Fleming from Dantes Cove, where he
why did this march have to start at 8 replaced original cast member Stephen
a.m.? Couldnt I resist just as easily at Amell. He also turned up on CSI: NY,
noon? Perhaps it was a trac issue, in Medium, and other shows - usually
which case might I suggest something KEVIN SPACEY is not quite out but he is frequently on Hollywood Boulevard. as corpse No. 2. The porno video was
more reasonable - like 5 a.m., when Im allegedly lmed on March 5, 2017. The
just about to doze o. Given that this was props from numerous gay-centric works, guy calls himself Luke and claims to be
inspired by the Womens March, I suspect OUTBREAKS: Hours before the Resist such as Transparent, RuPauls Drag 27 years old - those were 27 hard years!
the early starting time was the work of March, the Los Angeles Department of Race, Orange is the New Black, and a Fleming, on the other hand, is 36 - and for
some industrious lesbians. Im a proud gay Public Health announced that there was an number of items from such luminaries that age, he looks OK. Luke says hes 6
man, but I must draw the line somewhere, outbreak of mumps in the gay community. as Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbra feet tall, as is Fleming. With the stats out of
and resisted getting up at such an ungodly Are we living in some Dickensian alternate Streisand, Bette Midler and many others. the way, I did more research. Turns out, I
hour. universe? Since Im ignorant on the subject At the opening, I ran into some of my wrote about him in 2011 when he played a
But I did manage to join the throng as it of 19th-century plagues, I had to look this favorite people, like the ageless Ruta Lee, male stripper on Femme Fatales. Its not
petered out. I even sponged down a few of up. Alison Arngrim, Judy Tenuta and Roslyn a HUGE leap from full-frontal on Cinemax
the hotter Resisters. Apparently the virus is transmitted Kind, among others. The exhibit runs to gay porn. Except this time, his full-
through saliva. Just when we have PreP through Sept. 4. frontal has been fully ued - and theres
PRIDE FESTIVAL: After the Resist March to help ght HIV, we have to worry about a whole lot more of him to see now on
was the Pride Festival, which yours truly catching mumps from sticking our tongues BACK TO TONY AWARDS: This column
hosted from 2003-2010, but enough about down strangers throats. went out in the middle of the Tony When CSI could stand for Cock Scene
me. Adding insult to injury, LAs gay Awards. The sight of Andrew Rannells HD- Investigation, its denitely time to end
This year, the powers that be at LA community got another health alert - enhanced basket reminded me how much yet another column. Heres a Tony Award
Pride did not even return inquiries about meningitis! Once again, this is transmitted my readers enjoy the theater. But another question - was I the only one rooting for
my attending the Festival, let alone being via saliva. Im going on summer vacation awards show is coming back from the Patti LuPone to win? Sure, she didnt
involved. But I bet they would have gotten in the nick of time! dead. The long-dormant GayVNs are back! have a chance opposite Bette Midler, but
back to me if I brought a famous friend. These awards were given out as part how delicious it would have been to see
Now, this is just between us - I had GAY ICONS: Just a stones throw from of the popular Adult Video News Awards. Patti accept an award from Glenn Close!
broached the idea to a friend that she where the Resist March started is the Eventually, the GayVNs got their own Moving along, be sure to check outwww.
might want to make a special appearance Hollywood Museum in the legendary show, and what a show it was. They were - the site where no bulge
at the Festival. And that friend was Kathy Max Factor Building. For the fourth year, the premier gay porn awards, sporting not goes unturned. If you have a question for
Grin! Ultimately, it was a bit too soon the museum has a special exhibit for Gay only the top (and bottom) names in gay me, send it to and
and probably would have created a Pride Month. Real to Reel: Portrayals porn, but also people like Kathy Grin, I promise to get back to you before Bette
security issue. and Perceptions of LGBTQs in Hollywood Bruce Vilanch, Margaret Cho, and even nishes her acceptance speech. Until next
Take note, LA Pride - responding might opened last week with a swanky VIP aair. moi. The last show took place eight years time, remember, one mans lth is another
be a good thing in the future. This exhibit features clothes and ago, but AVN is saying they will return next mans bible.
2 8 J U NE 1 6 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM CA LE N D A R

E-mail calendar items to Permanente, Al Ballesteros, Adelante members, $40 for non-members. and the impact her death had on those Magazine and JWCH. Drinks, food, and close to her and her fans. Admission is
two weeks prior to your event. Space is
limited so priority is given to LGBT-specic dance music! $75 per person. JUNE 23 free. RSVP
events or those with LGBT participants.
Recurring events must be 7th Annual Celebrating All Life & What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
re-submitted each time. Creation Pow Wow Jun 17, 10 AM - 6 PM Jun 23, 7 PM -10 PM @ Hollywood Forever JUNE 29
@ Plummer Park (7377 Santa Monica (6000 Santa Monica Blvd) Join the Los World Premiere of Jean Cordova:
LOS ANGELES CALENDAR Blvd). Community change occurs in many Angeles LGBT Center for our OUT UNDER Butches, Lies and Feminism, Jun 29,
ways, and one way Red Circle Project THE STARS lm series, kicking o with a 7:30 PM @ West Hollywood City Council
JUNE 16 is changing the face of HIV/AIDS is by special screening of What Ever Happened Chambers (625 N. San Vicente Blvd.). Join
Trans Pride L.A. Kicko Jun 16, 7 PM - bringing many minority groups together to Baby Jane? Come early to relax and picnic One City One Pride for the world premiere
10 PM @ Villages at Ed Gould Plaza (1125 by hosting an annual pow wow. with a live DJ, free swag from our sponsors, of Jeanne Cordova: Butches, Lies, and
N. McCadden Pl.). Trans Pride L.A. kicks and undoubtedly a few surprises. Feminism, a new documentary on the life
o with the Centers ongoing community JUNE 18 Outfests UCLA Legacy Project and accomplishments of activist & author
forum series Big Queer Convo. This years Into the Hollywood Closet: A book presents Love, Valour and Compassion, Jeanne Cordova, directed by Gregorio
speaker is Aydian Dowling. signing and discussion with author Jun 23, 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM @ Hammer Davila. The director and Jeannes partner,
HOLD THESE TRUTHS, Jun 16 - Jun 25, 8 Boze Hadleigh, Jun 18, 2 PM - 4 PM @ ONE Museum (10899 Wilshire Blvd). Outfest Lynn Harris Ballen, will participate in a post
PM - 10 PM @ The Pasadena Playhouse (9 Archives at USC Libraries (909 W. Adams members receive free admission. screening discussion. Free admission.
S El Molino Ave, Pasadena, CA). Hold These Blvd.) Boze Hadleigh is the foremost writer
Truths tells the inspirational true story of a civil on lesbian, bisexual, and gay Hollywood. JUNE 24 JUNE 30
rights hero who took his ght all the way to His 22 books have been translated Sing Along Sound of Music, Sun Jun Twisted L.A., Jun 30, til 2 AM @ Eagle
the Supreme Court. An exceptional evening of into 14 languages and yielded 11 TV 24, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM @ The Hollywood LA (4219 Santa Monica Blvd) Silverlakes
theatrical storytelling, Ryun Yus brilliant solo documentaries and three plays. He holds a Bowl (2301 N. Highland Ave) Melissa favorite bar brings a bit of London to Los
performance has captivated audiences and masters degree in journalism, speaks ve Peterman hosts all nuns, goat herders Angeles. This is the second US tour of the
sold-out shows from coast-to-coast. languages, has visited over 60 countries, and baronesses: Sing along with Maria year, with a full on party aimed for like
WeHos 17th Annual Diversity and has been a winner on Jeopardy! and wave your Edelweiss (from the minded Bears, and their admirers. Muscle
Employment Day Career Fair, Jun 16, (donating his winnings to a re-damaged complimentary Fun-Pack)! Bark at Rolf! boys, cubs mix with hot daddies and
11 AM - 3 PM @ Fiesta Hall at Plummer library). His titles include Hollywood Gays, Snuggle up with Gretel and join in choruses music by UK spinner Paul Coals and local
Park (7377 Plummer Park). The largest The Lavender Screen, Sing Out!, Broadway of My Favorite Things, all along with boy Ryan Jones. $6 cover.
and best diversity and inclusion recruiting Babylon,Celebrity Lies!, Marilyn Forever, thousands of fans who love the Oscar-
event in the United States! This event is and An Actor Succeeds. The Los Angeles winning movie as much as you do!
free and open to the public 18 years of Times called him a pop culture dynamo.
age and older. Multicultural/Bilingual, RSVP: JUNE 25 PALM SPRINGS CALENDAR
People with Disabilities, Women, LGBT, Go West!!! West Hollywoods rst
Veterans and Mature candidates are JUNE 20 #SundayFunday MiniBall, Jun 25, 3-8 JUNE 16
encouraged to attend. Herbalife, City of Los Angeles Benet for National PM @ RAGE Restaurant and Bar (8911 Sharon Sill: Sass, Sex and Songs:
West Hollywood, KSWD 100.3 The Sound, Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, Santa Monica Blvd). Hosted by Evan The Story of My Life, 6 PM Dinner, 8:00
UCLA, KABC-AM Radio/KLOS-FM Radio, June 20, 6:30- 9:30 PM @ Village at Ed Kent Mizrahi, this events showcases the PM 9:00 PM Show, Michael Holmess
Multnomah County Health Department, Gould Plaza (1125 North McCadden Place). migration of House/Ballroom Culture Purple Room Supper Club (1900 E Palm
U.S. Customs and Border Protection, NLGJA will present E! News reporter Marc from the East Coast to the West Coast. For Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA.) Sass, sex
Spanish Broadcasting System, American Malkin with the 2017 Lisa Ben Award for more information, visit and songs! The story of my lifestarring
Guard Services, US Bank, La Peer and Achievement in Features Coverage. Join arts or follow via social media WeHo Arts. Sharon Sills as youve never seen her.
NLGJA for cocktails and conversation in Whitney: Can I Be Me? Outfest
JUNE 17 support of fair and accurate coverage of WeHo Screening, Jun 28, 7:30 PM - 9 PM JUNE 17
Purple Lily Awards, Jun 17, 6 PM - 11 LGBTQ issues in the media. Registration is @ West Hollywood City Council Chambers Art Laboes Summer Love Jam VI,
PM @ Los Feliz Estates (1714 Hillhurst Ave). available online at (625 N. San Vicente Blvd). WeHo Arts Jun 17, 7 PM - 8:30 PM @ The Show at
The 2nd annual Purple Lily Awards partners with Outfest and Showtime Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa (32250
garden party is a celebration of the Latinx JUNE 21 Documentary Films to present, Whitney: Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA.) Join
community and LGBTQ pride month. LA Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Can I Be Me? a powerful lm about Whitney us for the Art Laboe Summer Love Jam
The event is a Latino Equality Alliance Commerce Networking Luncheon, Jun 21, Houston from acclaimed BAFTA Award VI!Featuring: Zapp, Midnight Star, MC
fundraiser to be held at a private Hollywood 11:30 - 1 PM @ Ocean Prime (9595 Wilshire winner Nick Broomeld (Kurt & Courtney). Magic andLighter Shade of Brown.
estate in the Los Feliz Hills. Honorees are Blvd). Advertise your business ideas, Using behind the scenes footage, candid
Gizella Czene, PFLAG en Espaol, Mario skills and entrepreneurial connections interviews, and performance footage, the
Ceballos, Que Viva!, HONOR PAC & Kaiser at LAGLCCs famous luncheons. $30 for lm explores all sides of Whitney, her life, CONTINUES ON PAGE 29


June Pride Mixer on Arenas Road,
Jun 19, 5:30 PM 7:30 PM @ Hunters
Palm Springs (302 E. Arenas Road, Palm
Springs, CA) Palm Springs Chamber
invite you to Celebrate our Pride with our
many businesses on Arenas Road. Happy
Hour Specials and Entertainment! Win
prizes when checking in at participating
businesses with a mobile scavenger hunt.

Palm Springs International Shortfest
2017, Jun 20 - Jun 26, varying times @
Camelot Theatre (2300 East Baristo Rd, Palm
Springs, CA.) The Palm Springs International
ShortFest -- now in its 23rd year -- is the
largest short lm event in North America.
ShortFest has presented more than 100
shorts that have gone on to receive Oscar
nominations and/or awards.

Thursday Night Village Fest in Palm
Springs, 7 PM - 10 PM @ Downtown
Central Palm Springs (Palm Canyon Drive
between Baristo and Amado, Palm Springs,
CA) Every Thursday evening, Downtown
Palm Springs transforms into a diverse
array of artists, artisans, entertainers,
and purveyors of fresh fruits and veggies,
owers, jewelry, snacks and sweets along
with the great shops, restaurants, clubs, San Diegos JONATHAN KARRANT pays tribute to Ella Fitzgerald.
and entertainment venues located along
World Famous Palm Canyon Drive.

JUNE 23 Atrium (69930 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage, tribute to the First Lady of Song, Ella of geometric Western abstraction which
Party - A Comedy By David Dillion, CA.) With musical direction by Shelly Markham Fitzgerald Jonathan Karrant is one hip a decade later was identied as minimal
Jun. 23 - Jun 24, 8 PM - 10 PM (Fri & Sat, 8 ,singer-actor Perry Ojeda performs the music jazz vocalists, born to sing and swing art or Minimalism.
PM 10 PM, Sun 2:00 thru Jul 30) @ Desert of Betty Comden and Adolph Green, the with style.
Rose Playhouse (69-620 Highway 111, composer and lyricist of such great Broadway JUNE 29
Rancho Mirage, CA) The wildly popular musicals as: Bells are Ringing, Subways are For JUNE 25 Chill Out Dance, Jun 29, 6:30 PM
comedy depicts a group of gay men Sleeping and On the Town. John McLaughlin: The Tamarind 8:30 PM @ Hunters Palm Springs (302
getting together for their monthly evening Prints, Jun 25 - Oct 25, 10 AM - 5 PM @ The E. Arenas Road, Palm Springs, CA)Palm
of drinks and games. This production is JUNE 24 Palm Springs Art Museum (101 Museum Springs Swing & Mixbrings in 800+ LGBT
recommended for mature audiences due Jonathan Karrant: Celebrating Ellas Dr. Palm Springs, CA) John McLaughlin square dancers to Palm Springs for the
to nudity and sexual situations. 100th! 6 PM - 9 PM @ Michael Holmess (1898-1976) is acknowledged as one of week of June 29th to July 4th. The Chill Out
Perry Ojeda Sings the Music of Comden Purple Room Supper Club (1900 E Palm the most important artists of the post-war Dance at Hunters will feature local square
& Green, Jun 23 - Jun 25, 7 PM - 9 PM- @ Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA.) Song period. Working in southern California, by dance Caller, Terri Sherrer. Come and
Coachella Valley Repertory Theatre at the stylist Jonathan Karrant returns to pay 1948 he had pioneered a distinctive style dance or just watch!
3 0 J U NE 1 6 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A RT S & E N T E RT A I N ME N T

Outfests 35th year spotlights diversity

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21 party-boy producer of Grease; The Untold
Tales of Armistead Maupin, a look back
July 6 with Gods Own Country, a lm on the life of the Tales of the City writer; and
thats received rave reviews since its debut No Dress Code Required, which follows a
at Sundance earlier this year, and one that gay couple from Mexicali, Mexico in their
many are dubbing the British Brokeback frustrating quest to get married.
Mountain. Twenty-ve-year-old Yorkshire A slew of additional buzz-worthy feature
sheep farmer Johnny leads a bleak life lms will be part of Outfest 2017, including
resigned to lonesome toil, until romance Hello Again, an adaptation of the same-
comes along unexpectedly in the form of named 90s musical that traces ten eeting
migrant Romanian farm worker Gheorghe. New York City romances across the course
Following Outfest tradition, the opening of a century, and stars Audra McDonald,
screening takes place at DTLAs iconic Martha Plimpton and Cheyenne Jackson;
Orpheum Theatre, and will be followed Saturday Church, the tender musical-
by the outdoor Opening Night Gala party, esque and vogue-infused coming out
always one of the most important events story of a Bronx teen; I Dream in Another
on LAs LGBTQ summer calendar. Language, winner of the Audience Award at
Closing Outfest on July 16 this year will this years Sundance Film Fest, the Mexican
be Freak Show, based on a young adult tale of linguist on the trail of a nearly extinct
novel by James St. James and starring Alex indigenous language, who discovers that its
Lawther, who appeared as the young Alan last two speakers havent communicated in
Turing in the Imitation Game, and starred half a century due to a gay lovers quarrel;
Freak Show, directed by Trudie Styler, will premiere at Outfests Closing Night Gala at the Ace Hotel
in 2016 Outfest entry Departure. Its the in Downtown Los Angeles, July 16. Beach Rats, a Sundance favorite about a
tale of amboyant teen Billy, who faces deeply closeted working class teen along
high school ridicule when he moves to his Brooklyns seaside who hooks up with
fathers conservative town. Directed by older men; The Wound, a groundbreaking
Trudie Styler (a.k.a. Mrs. Sting), it costars story between older Sam (Alan Cumming) festival, says Mukerjee-Brown. Chavela South African drama (and yet another
Bette Midler and Laverne Cox. and younger Braeden (Zachary Booth is a loving homage to hugely popular Sundance darling) revolving around a
Appearing as Outfest Centerpieces of Keep the Lights On); The Revival, a Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, who came tribal manhood initiation ceremony; The
this year are Kevyn Aucoin: Beauty world premiere that also stars Zachary out as a lesbian in 2000; Strong Island is Pass, an intense and often scorching-hot
& The Beast In Me, a world premiere Booth, this time as a drifter who strikes a Sundance Award winner in which trans UK drama featuring Looking hunk Russell
documentary about the famed celebrity up a romance with a young minister in an director Yance Ford explores the murder Tovey as a closeted soccer player; Tamara,
makeup artist who died in 2002 at just 40 Arkansas town; Fathers, a Thai lm about of his 24-year-old brother; A Womb Of the fascinating biography of Venezuelas
years old; Behind the Curtain: Todrick a perfect gay couple who face prejudice Their Own explores the burgeoning rst transgender politician, Tamara Adrin.
Hall, a doc (in its West Coast premiere after they adopt a son; the rst US showing world of pregnancy by masculine folk; and Outfests numerous shorts programs
here) proling the YouTube dance and of Body Electric, the sensuous debut from Queercore: How To Punk A Revolution highlight a broad range of emerging talent
performance superstar; Close Knit (also director Marcelo Caetano, that follows (part of Outfests annual bold and queer this year. Programs include Girls Shorts,
in its West Coast premiere), the Japanese the carefree life of young Elias; Paths, a Platinum Section) showcases a generation Boys Shorts, Trans Now!, Boys Be
story of an 11-year-old girl being raised German lm that traces the breakup of of outside-the-box queer artists like John Trippin (obeat gay shorts), Girls Gone
by her uncle and his trans girlfriend; and a longtime gay couple; and Eastsiders Waters, Bruce LaBruce, Pansy Division and Genre (quirky shorts about queer women),
Strangers, a web dramedy series about Season 3: Go West, the world premiere Peaches. Other worthy Outfest 2017 docs LOLgbt (LGBTQ comedy shorts), Growing
newly single and bisexual Isobel and her of the third series of the very popular LA- include The Death and Life of Marsha Up Queer (LGBTQ coming-of-age shorts),
adventures in roommate-nding. based gay web series Eastsiders. P. Johnson, which traces the legacy of Silver Shorts (LGBTQ elder shorts), Latinx
Other premieres at this years Outfest A number of stellar documentaries the New York City-based LGBTQ rights Ladies (female Latin shorts), and Q&A:
include the North American debut of the are part of Outfests lineup this year. champion, and probes her mysterious Queer & Asian.
spooky Icelandic thriller Rift, in which Chavela, Strong Island, A Womb Of Their death in 1992; The Fabulous Allan
someone or something is stalking a pair Own, and Queercore: How To Punk A Carr, the latest from doc genius Jerey Outfest runs from July 6 to July 16, 2017.
of young ex-boyfriends; the LA premiere Revolution are all examples of the activist Schwartz (Vito, Tab Hunter Condential), Tickets for screenings and events are on sale
of After Louie, the May-December love spirit that is still the beating heart of this showcasing the over-the-top LA life of the now on Outfests website.
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