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INTRODUCTION :Project Brief This feasibility shows the launch of a new business for providing the services and products for installing security cameras and other related accessories. Products: The main products of the business will be to provide security cameras and other security accessories. The different cameras will be installed according to the requirements of the customer. It includes day cameras, night cameras which requires some artificial light and infrared cameras that work both at day and at night. Other equipment includes DVR or digital Video Recorder, burglar security systems, alarms and also access control systems. Services: The business will provide installation and solution of CCTV cameras, Door phones, burglar alarm systems, access control systems and maintenance of all the equipment that will be provided. Opportunity: There is a strong opportunity of making this business a success due to the current security situation in Peshawar which is posing a great threat to both domestic and commercial areas. Due to the lack of appropriate security, people are getting encouraged to do small level crimes, out of which street crimes are increasing with the greatest ratio and also breaking into private properties and offices day by day.

Total cost of business: The total cost of business will be decided at the time when we get our initial demand from the customer. Cameras or security equipment will be bought as per demand, 50% payment will be collected from the customer at the time of order and the rest at the end of the installation. The tools needed for installing the security systems are already acquired worth 5000 rupees, the cost of printing brouchers is approximately Rs.2000, and cost of running the add on cable will be Rs. 3000 for 15 days. So total cost will be Rs.10000 initial. Target market: The business will is to aim mostly the Peshawar region. It will be targeting domestic and commercial customers as they will be interested in installing security accessories in their homes and offices.

Advertisement: The add for the business will be run on Cable as we will be targeting the local community of Hayatabad, on Cable World private channels. It will be launched on June 14, 2010 Monday and will be on air in the commercial breaks for 15 days after every half an hour duration. Brouchers: Brouchers will be ready on the evening of June 12, 2010 Saturday and will be distributed on Sunday in areas of Hayatabad and Town.

Organizational Structure

Kastir Shah Head of the Operations

Muhammad Amad

Head of Marketing

Fahad Jan Accounts incharge

Azam Zahid Incharge of HR