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Neuroimaging Lab

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In a small house, at the edge of a wood, lived a little bear called

Pluto longed to visit space and see the stars and planets. Each night
before bed, Pluto would look out of his window at the moon and
dream of flying into space.
One day, Plutos mother received a letter inviting Pluto to ride in a
rocket ship at the Childrens Hospital. This rocket ship was called
the MRI.
Would you like to ride in the rocket ship? asked Plutos mother.
I dont know Pluto replied. Suddenly, he felt nervous.
This rocket ship is designed for little bears, his mother
explained, and you can watch a movie while you are inside.
Can I watch Space Teddies? Pluto asked.
Space Teddies was his favorite movie about space adventures.
One week later, Pluto and his mother arrived at the Childrens

Lets go look inside, said Plutos mother, taking his hand.

Okay, said Pluto.

Inside the hospital, Pluto and his mother met Ashleigh.

Ashleigh showed Pluto the special celling in the hospital decorated

with the stars and moon.

Wow! cried Pluto.

Pluto showed Ashleigh his movie.

What are space teddies? Ashleigh asked.

Teddies that fly into space in a rocket ship! Pluto replied.

Perfect, said Ashleigh smiling, you are going to ride in a rocket

ship today.
Ashleigh took Pluto and his mother to see the rocket ship. Ashleigh
showed Pluto the special space helmet with a tiny screen attached
where Pluto could watch his movie.

The engine of the rocket ship makes funny noises, Ashleigh

explained, like beep beep beep and chuga chuga chuga, so you
will wear headphones to hear your movie.

Okay, said Pluto.

Pluto hopped up onto the bed of the rocket ship. He lay down and
Ashleigh put the space helmet onto his head. She tucked him in
with a cozy blanket so that he would be warm during his flight.

Then she pressed a button and the bed moved up and into the
rocket ship.
Plutos mother held his hand and Ashleigh played Space Teddies.
The engine of the rocket ship began to make funny noises.

Beep, beep, beep, chuga, chuga, chuga.

Pluto watched space teddies whizzing past stars. Pluto watched
space teddies exploring planets. He even watched the space teddies
flying close to the sun.

Were almost done, said Ashleigh, youre doing great.

A few minutes later, Plutos flight was finished.

How was that Pluto? asked his mother.

Great! said Pluto, hoping down from the rocket ship.

You were so brave! said Ashleigh, I think that today you were
the best space teddy of all!

Pluto smiled. Now he was a real space teddy!

That night, when Pluto lay in bed looking up at the moon, he
remembered his wonderful time in the rocket ship and looked
forward to his next ride.